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7. Bumpin' and Grindin'

Bumpin' and Grindin'

Song written by Neal James from Call of the Wildman performed by Dillon Carmichael. Song is about the bumpin' and grindin' life of a dirt track racer and all of the LiveAction that goes into making dreams happen. LiveAction Motorsports: Jake Ison, Owner Dillon Carmichael Neal James, the Banjo Man Photo by B. Myers

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10. "Follow You To Vergie" Tyler Childers (cover)

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13. Work in Progress

Work in Progress

Instrumental at this time but I'm working on the lyrics

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14. Machoman Christmas Mix

Machoman Christmas Mix

A little Holiday Treat from The Macho Man (or me impersonating abovementioned)

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17. good stuff

good stuff

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