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1. 7 Years Cover - Originally Performed by Lukas Graham [Lyrics] PredZ ft. Roberto Fusco Di Maso

7 Years Cover - Originally Performed by Lukas Graham [Lyrics] PredZ ft. Roberto Fusco Di Maso

Singer/ Songwriter- PredZ Composer - Roberto Fusco Di Maso ( ) 7 Years Cover Originally Performed by Lukas Graham Rights to Image above reserved entirely to : PredZ In a world where people are dying, kids are starving, politicians lying just to secure a profit/ Many Prophets have fallen while simply standing for something, Even though we acknowledge it in the end we do nothing/ Some people give up everything, every dream ,sell their souls to the devil for valueless things ,you see them diamonds and rings will never clean your soul, at the end of the day see all we have is our Goal Im talking G.O.A.L../See I was was born by myself but I would fall in the trench if I could help someone out/ Why can't we aim for peace?/ Always aiming for that Piece Even Police using that steel to quiet the streets? We fight violence with violence, what happen to all the options,we was given this world, not to fill it with corruption. Somebody had to address it, and it just had to be me, You see I had some dreams but I am not Martin King, But in these dreams he appeared and he said he agreed/ That the step to a better man starts with me, and the Success of a better plan starts with We. Even though our shade's different we play for the same team The world is falling to greed, kids are roaming the streets, parents constantly battling infidelity…the trend is killing me/ Hopes a good thing, Usually its all we have, when darkness overwhelms it is that light ahead./ It's that feeling you get, when the world starts to makes sense, you realize you only receive what you are putting in/ Put in love, put it trust, and on your path of self discovery discover more.../ Look outside your core, if this world is a symphony your heart's the score. It is harder alone and we are nothing but drones if all we do is our best to keep up with the Jones,/ -ess starting to get better, consider the history, slavery's abolished, American President African. Who wouldda thought we could marry the same sex, Black kids play with white kids at recess. I struggle with the concept that we are not blessed, see we are Kings and Queens our lives will be etched in Stone images, statue appearances, Hope ensures the world never forgets our existence.

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