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1. Up In Arms Lyrics

Up In Arms Lyrics

After all my walls burn down After all my sins are found out After all is said and done Im up in arms Still up in arms Hideing from my life The struggle down inside Is burning me alive Drowning in my

2. Restore Lyrics

Restore Lyrics

My heart is bleeding out From all this fear and doubt Shelter me from the storm My heart's so cold and and torn My pain is more than I will ever confess Save me, restore all this faith that I had What

3. Bleed Lyrics

Bleed Lyrics

I'm amazed How your love Washes over me On the waves of your tender mercies I will sail in peace I was naked I was left alone to drown in my despair I was dying from a fatal wound and I could only sta

4. Stay Lyrics

Stay Lyrics

It's the way you roll your eyes It's the way your smile spreads across your face so slight It's the way you shyly hide You look down at the ground and I I've loved you more than I ever knew I could be

5. Burn the Virgin Lyrics

Burn the Virgin Lyrics

They heard the virgins weeping, Down to town square we go! There they'll be cleansed by fire! I know your yearning to burn the virgin! Let's bring the morales back to, Back to the town we know.

6. The Cleansing Fires Lyrics

The Cleansing Fires Lyrics

[I - Reconciliation] Night betrayed the day I collapsed into my shell As the scars reshaped my face Mercy reared its head And forgiveness lost its charm As the cries at once fell dead And i

7. Lost Lyrics

Lost Lyrics

Blackin' out... I feel like I should be packin' now Cause sometimes I feel like I'm Pacquiao (Or) Like the president of Urugway I see these ants climbin' on me And I hear them shout But I don't

8. Flesh of the Earth Lyrics

Flesh of the Earth Lyrics

Desperately digesting discourse, To discharge the deviant decadence, Dimly lit dens of dishonour and dishonesty, Diminish, the dying desire, As I delve through defiance, into darkened dominions of dea

9. The Molag Ballad Lyrics

The Molag Ballad Lyrics

Mortals of Mundus, bend to my will Lend me your souls, blood shall be spilt Dreadful Dremoras of Coldharbour Sharpen your blades and fasten your armor All shall kneel before me! I am Molag Bal Behold

10. Blood Red Lyrics

Blood Red Lyrics

We want it We take it It's ancient We break it For glory and Empire We trample the Globe We drain it For profit We leave it Exhausted For glory and Empire We trample the Globe Savages will die or kn

11. The Tides of November Lyrics

The Tides of November Lyrics

The heralds of starfall, they've known it for long The woundwalker's footprints, all faded and gone On the shores of nihil, there's no sand but in our eves Still we cry The tides of november, th

12. Clang of the Yankee Reaper Lyrics

Clang of the Yankee Reaper Lyrics

The sun never set on the empire Prince Albert came in a can If you expire before you retire And end up an "also-ran" It's fine time to drink tea from China Do drop a line Let me know I am fine Sun in

13. Help Lyrics

Help Lyrics

I, I wrestle with what to say Nothing comes out right anyway You know my tendency to complicate So I'll shoot straight, I'll keep it simple, yeah Help, help I need You, oh, oh, I need You Please help

14. The Ottoman Empire and Turkey Lyrics

The Ottoman Empire and Turkey Lyrics

1924 The truth about the state It wasn't always like this Let us look back in time History reminds us One army One land One central authority Crushing the romans persians put in fear The Ummah like

15. Out Went the Candle, and We Were Left Darkling Lyrics

Out Went the Candle, and We Were Left Darkling Lyrics

"As an artist of any kind, it is one's job to regularly peer into the abyss. Eventually, the lure becomes too great and the wish becomes to never emerge. In order to exist wholly within this space,

16. Nomad Lyrics

Nomad Lyrics

Deserts of ice to be crossed Mountains of iron scrap to be climbed To find a way through Just to start it all over again Kill – and you might live Fall down – and you are done with Lim

17. Serpent-Angel Lyrics

Serpent-Angel Lyrics

From the night crawled the serpent Seduced to it's toils Plunged wisdom into mind, entangled into body Moved in silence like the wind Was present everywhere Watching over your every step, the Serpent

18. Harvesters of Death Lyrics

Harvesters of Death Lyrics

Humanity carries the knowledge of the beast The living cannot teach the dead But the dead can instruct the living Empty faces Bodies moving but hearts are not beating Nor is their blood warm Legion th

19. Traveler of Unlight Lyrics

Traveler of Unlight Lyrics

Traveler of unlight Tremble the cosmic order Unleash the black beast To the halls of golden temple Bloom in rays of black Sun From within the void And from void within Summon the starless sk

20. Point of No Return Lyrics

Point of No Return Lyrics

Delusion and lies have marked my life Filled with difficulties and negative thoughts I just think about the true meaning of it all And i can't find no answers, and I feel so alone Locked in my room w