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1. Flouresein Lyrics

Flouresein Lyrics

Abandoned Pools Humanistic Flouresein Wipe away the summer air You don't wanna see That's you in that Photograph from 1973 And you don't even know me God only Knows I wanna be The other side of

2. From Long Sleep Lyrics

From Long Sleep Lyrics

(Tommy Walter): On a distant shore In the morning undertow All the ships around awakening I have not forgotten Even more determined now I will wake you up from long sleep When I am king I wi

3. The Remedy Lyrics

The Remedy Lyrics

I could use a shot Your novocaine My soul's a fuse Blows away your name Then you can be the remedy And I can be the enemy And he can go and live as nothing Then you can be the wanna be And I can be t

4. Suburban Muse Lyrics

Suburban Muse Lyrics

Blue sky us holding down There's no why Only the sound of happy TV land Cue the canned applause Sidewalk fall through the cracks to China Never get back I'm nothing in these blues and laceless Velcro

5. L.V.B.D. Lyrics

L.V.B.D. Lyrics

Welcome to the world My little virgin baby doll Can you save me? I set you off With the tip of my tongue Spinning Never coming back I wanna dig for gold Wear the crown of forever lost souls I'll be

6. Start Over Lyrics

Start Over Lyrics

What a mess our lives turned out to be It was at its best when you and I were only 3 We can start with all the things that turn us out And we can go right down the list and throw them out Can we star

7. Seed Lyrics

Seed Lyrics

Hey, you know I really liked your show And hey, I know a place where we could go And you don't have to do this if it's all you want is love But hey, I know you really wanna go How you wanna do this b

8. Sunny Day Lyrics

Sunny Day Lyrics

Hiding inside a crowd My head is inside a cloud Go where the music's loud And all these talking heads are Blurred in violet hues Another sunny day She doesn't know wrong from right She doesn't know

9. Ruin Your Life Lyrics

Ruin Your Life Lyrics

Time to give it up No one needs this any day Your life's a half-filled cup You'd never drink from anyway Well, I say And if you want me to I'd love to ruin your life There's nothing else to do Start

10. Blood Lyrics

Blood Lyrics

i see the happy family tree it sways so easily we're smiling all the time this world just isn't mine we watch it burn and we never learn this can't be what your waiting for staring into the sun we ea

11. Blood Lyrics

Blood Lyrics

i see the happy family tree it sways so easily we're smiling all the time this world just isn't mine we watch it burn and we never learn this can't be what your waiting for staring into the sun we ea

12. Compass Lyrics

Compass Lyrics

Friends they come and go and then you know which ones are But I am on your side out on the frontline trenches Days go by and nothing changes High and low we're mending fences/friends We surviv

13. Occupy Lyrics

Occupy Lyrics

All the thoughts Down one way streets How they plague us and lead to nothing All aboard with just one cause To occupy your heart and so-called mind Start to say I know what's on your mind It'

14. If Only Lyrics

If Only Lyrics

The weight of the world gently hangs above your head The consequence slowly spins in words you've said And it feels like if only the sun and the moon would explode Everything would be all right

15. Red Flag Lyrics

Red Flag Lyrics

You corporate thugs don't know how to love I only hope you get what you're after I'm casting out just like a dove (I'm casting outward) You're glazing over waiting for the hereafter (Just like a

16. Breaking Horses Lyrics

Breaking Horses Lyrics

This is not what I consider winning Luxury cars don't stop at stop signs I am not afraid of boogie men Underneath the tires of monster trucks you can get stuck Out there breaking horses Just le

17. Pep Talk Lyrics

Pep Talk Lyrics

Somedays I'm not myself Somedays just not myself Bring on the bad news These days it's nothing new And I know the drill Remind me of what could have been if only I knew better and kept my head on

18. Walking Disaster Lyrics

Walking Disaster Lyrics

I'm fighting it Let it sink in I'm glazing over A golden hum the smallest of things I'm glazing over Hunker down I'll get you through when the sky's falling on you If you needed a reason befor

19. I See the Math Lyrics

I See the Math Lyrics

I feel the weight of all the hours The clock runs in reverse for us The hum of silence deafening All colors turn to grey for us I see the math the forumlas the lines the graphs What's yours is

20. Arms Race Lyrics

Arms Race Lyrics

Waiting for a chance to fight Shaking bones will rattle Sharpening up all the knives Take you out to battle Lay it on the line (Arms race out of control) Cricle up the wagons The human animal