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2. (Advance Bravely) Wildfire

  • Published: 2018-02-23T01:14:07Z
  • By Kyuuem
(Advance Bravely) Wildfire

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5. #209 - God-tracking is bravely following God's call

#209 - God-tracking is bravely following God's call

"God may not be calling you to risk your life for his kingdom purposes but I believe you and I need to be willing to bravely seize every opportunity to advance God’s kingdom."

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6. Double Cup Love by Eddie Huang, read by Eddie Huang

  • Published: 2016-04-20T06:17:24Z
  • By PRH Audio
Double Cup Love by Eddie Huang, read by Eddie Huang

From the author of Fresh Off the Boat, now a hit ABC sitcom, comes a hilarious and fiercely original story of culture, family, love, and red-cooked pork   Eddie Huang was finally happy. Sort of. He’d written a bestselling book and was the star of a TV show that took him to far-flung places around the globe. His New York City restaurant was humming, his OKCupid hand was strong, and he’d even hung fresh Ralph Lauren curtains to create the illusion of a bedroom in the tiny apartment he shared with his younger brother Evan, who ran their restaurant business.   Then he fell in love—and everything fell apart.   The business was creating tension within the family; his life as a media star took him away from his first passion—food; and the woman he loved—an All-American white girl—made him wonder: How Chinese am I? The only way to find out, he decided, was to reverse his parents’ migration and head back to the motherland. On a quest to heal his family, reconnect with his culture, and figure out whether he should marry his American girl, Eddie flew to China with his two brothers and a mission: to set up shop to see if his food stood up to Chinese palates—and to immerse himself in the culture to see if his life made sense in China. Naturally, nothing went according to plan.   Double Cup Love takes readers from Williamsburg dive bars to the skies over Mongolia, from Michelin-starred restaurants in Shanghai to street-side soup peddlers in Chengdu. The book rockets off as a sharply observed, globe-trotting comic adventure that turns into an existential suspense story with high stakes. Eddie takes readers to the crossroads where he has to choose between his past and his future, between who he once was and who he might become. Double Cup Love is about how we search for love and meaning—in family and culture, in romance and marriage—but also how that search, with all its aching and overpowering complexity, can deliver us to our truest selves.Advance praise for Eddie Huang’s Double Cup Love   “Another punch of passion . . . With his gift for conversation, edgy humor, and deeply knowledgeable palate, readers get a sense of a young chef on a serious quest. . . . His passion for food and determination to get things right—in the U.S., in China, and in his heart of hearts—mark every page.”—Publishers Weekly   “Huang possesses a fiery descriptive flair capable of splicing disparate cultural references with the acuity of a yakitori grill master. . . . A challenging author continues to bravely bare his soul along with his best dishes.”—Kirkus Reviews   Praise for Fresh off the Boat   “Brash and funny . . . outrageous, courageous, moving, ironic, and true.”—The New York Times Book Review   “Uproariously funny . . . emotionally honest.”—Chicago Tribune   “An artful work of personal history.”—Entertainment Weekly

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7. Stand Up For You

Stand Up For You

Listen to the advance release of Rise Shine #Woke from Alphabet Rockers. STAND UP FOR YOU © 2017 School Time Music Written by Kaitlin McGaw, Tommy Shepherd, Derrick Okoth, Torrance Esmond Produced by D.O. Speaks & Street Symphony VERSE Step back and listen Be allies If it’s not about you Then you know why Everyone is different No one’s the same From gender to color to how we pray Ask yourself is the world really fair? Ask yourself what’s going on over there? Ask yourself who’s really alright? Ask yourself how can i open my mind? Ask yourself who do I stand up for? Ask yourself do I wanna do more? Ask yourself - am I woke? If you’re woke then Stand up speak up! CHORUS I'm 'a stand up for you! VERSE To be together and stand as one Gotta wanna know each other Everyone It takes mad courage And that fierce love To bravely stand up and Defend someone Ask em now do I say your name right? Ask em now are you really alright? Ask em now did you get your turn? Ask em now is there more for me to learn? Ask em how can I stand up for you? Ask em how can I do more for you? Ask yourself - am I woke? If you’re woke then Stand up speak up! CHORUS OUTRO We are the ones we’ve been waiting for We gotta change things now Right now. not some other time I don’t look like you, but I still got your back. I don’t look like you, but I still got your back. Do something. Make a difference. Don’t wait.

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8. I Am Silence (Mark Ferris / Lucy Prasad)

I Am Silence (Mark Ferris / Lucy Prasad)

I am Silence Verse 1: I am silence Fragile and precious In war I’m the greatest of treasures Through trenches I’m walking waiting my turn I hear them praying for me to return There’s nothing they won’t be ready to sell To have me at last in this deafening hell Verse 2: I am silence Weak and defenceless In a war that’s so brutally endless When the roll is called, just a handful remains I’ll be the reply to the missing ones’ names A beautiful dawn but I don’t stand a chance Undone by a whisper, the line will advance Chorus: How I wish that I could come to them in a forest Where no sound is foreign How I wish that I could be the kind they discover In the arms of their lover Instead They are drowning in lead Till their world has no colour Instead I am laying my head On the chests of the fallen Verse 3: I am silence Following bravely All these boys who are too young to crave me What will this valley be like when it’s over? Will it be bursting with poppies and clover? In the sky there’ll be stillness and light fleecy clouds They’ll have me at last under sad little mounds Chorus Ending: I am silence Flooding the pages Of their letters that won’t fade in ages I am silence War’s grip unclenches I walk alone through those trenches I am silence

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9. A Knight Amidst Chaos

A Knight Amidst Chaos

A KNIGHT AMIDST CHAOS A carnival parade, a joyous way to spend an evening But what transpired, you'll have trouble believing It was the 29th of February, as I recall Ash colored clouds produced a light rain fall The showers wouldn't stop revelers from celebration Multitudes assembled at the festive occasion Elaborate floats with extravagant sculptures at the helm Of mythical creatures from mystical realms Men and women made merriment, children laughed excitedly Then from the sky came a great blast of lightening A lofty live oak collapsed on a power main Cables writhed on the street like worms split it twain Wind sent the flayed wires sparking up the block Delivering to what they touched such powerful shocks The stupendous floats received tremendous jolts of what I estimate to be about 1 billion volts! The next occurrence I feel batty to attest Bare with me good listener, and hear out the rest The fearsome float figures made of paper mache awoke and from their crafts and began tearing away Two fire breathing dragons and a hulking harlequin a jewel encrusted elephant, and an immense suited skeleton Also the Minotaur and a most hideous demon Ran rampant in the rain sending those revelers screamin' The police fired shots at the colossal foes Most were trampled to it goes Buildings were crumbled, vehicles overturned People fled pell mell as their homes were burned As the city saw the reaper's sickle come into view I sprang into action, as I am one to do Between the two dragons, bravely I stood Taunting them to burn me as best as they could With dog like agility I leapt from my place And the dragons engulfed one another in flames The giant jester, jumped along, juggling cars Smashing 'em on the floor like quick draws guitars I raced to the next the one he chose for his play Stuffed my shirt in the gas tank and set it ablaze An explosion ensued enveloping the clown A hail colorful confetti fell to the ground The gem-adorned elephant was running amok When I noticed an abandoned concessions truck I packed 50 fifty pounds peanuts into a sack And motioned the mighty mammal over for a snack As the elephant dined, I gently petted his trunk Then he wrapped it around me and lifted me up Friends we became and onward we strode Sparing no effort, in the chaotic episode The over-sized skeleton danced in dapper clothes Knocking down lampposts and telephone poles Toward the finely dressed Ghost of John on my gold-tusked elephant I charged head on Colliding full force into the base of his shins All of his bones flew this and that-a-way like bowling pins The Minotaur stomped about city ramming in store front doors and windows, eating mannequins I propped a model up behind an open manhole And unleashed a shout to the unwitting manimal He raced forth and fell down into the sewer system An impossible labyrinth he'll never escape from One day I'll have a son to teach my sword techniques He'll descend into the foul maze and decapitate the beast A single menace left, the most dastardly one The bat-winged demon with the black snake tongue Mounted upon an old, decrepit cathedral The dark general directed a battalion of evil A throng of cadavers he amassed in force By robbing every grave in the city of it's corpse An army of this many was too much for one man So using my mind I devised a plan I sped to the city outskirts by the wharf To the warehouse where old parade floats were stored The figures of gods who inspired great poems Slumbering there in their fiberglass forms Dionysus, the god of wine and revelry Proteus, mutable god of the sea Morpheus, the god who appears in your dreams Mercury, the god of success and trickery My wish was to awaken these divine four to assist in vanquishing the archfiend in war With a couple copper cables hooked to a battery I jumped the first one, then zapped the other other three Instantly the great sculptures came to life And desperately I told them of my current strife Eager to serve, we marched on with courage To save our fair city from the maleficent scourge The demon divided his army into four separate flanks Each one stationed behind fortified banks His red skin flared, his tail pointed with a spike signaling his troops to advance and strike Our band was ready, we held our position Proteus loaned me his three pronged spear for the mission The first god to act was he from the vineyard Pouring from his endless jug he flooded the contenders The first flank was drowned in the rush of Merlot The few who could stand were too drunk to stone a throw Next to turn the tide was the god from the ocean summoning a thousand seals in one swift motion The canines of the sea were commanded to attack Then in the form of a wave he washed away the second pack With half an army left Morpheus took a stand Cast a spell of hypnosis learned from his old man Vaulting into their minds he cast horrible sights The third flank ran frantically from the fight Now Mercury stepped up disguised as the demon leader And ordered the last few soldiers to follow He led the regiment directly into the river And by the violent current the fourth flank was swallowed The demon's ire swelled as he watched his troops fall With the weapon on my back, I scaled up the wall Reaching the perch where the heinous one sat I challenged my horned adversary to combat Without a hesitation he whipped his tail around Which I skipped like a rope and gave his skull a fierce pound In a rage he rushed right at me full-fledged I dodged and speared his wing as he fell over the edge Plummeting like a rock for a twelfth of a mile When he landed his heart was pierced by a sundial Down below a crowd of spectators cheered I thanked my four allies, who winked and disappeared A ceremony was held in my honor the next day both peasants and royalty had this to say: "Long Live Devlin, the Noble MC" "Who guides us through chaos to peace and safety" And so I responded: Hear ye, hear ye, my kindly neighbors You need not thank me, but do me this favor Raise up your vino, your ale, or your spirit And lend an ear for a toast, should you care to hear it May your waters be clean and your moons be many Your foes be few and your pals be plenty A toast to all of those elevated to knighthood by raising their sword in the fight for good

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10. Blackjack and Poker

  • Published: 2013-11-02T15:10:16Z
  • By airup
Blackjack and Poker

i see your name, i feel the warmth from that flame fade as its never to be felt again i think, spiral, drink, spiral, blink, night day think, about the way, we left, the note, you kept, how easily you slept, i was cold, excuses makin, pills taking, thought was so fresh should feel blessed to say i shared the same room as you as we got dressed but i feel distressed, heart broken, not jokin, you meant the most, you dont get that, you are the host for happiness denying me a roaming ghost i shall forever be no nightmares, living the worst, ill try to swim the sea that parts us i know drowning doesnt hurt, i know, because i am now no light above me, or around this town fuck love and other drugs wanna be alone with broken bones in a broken home, be normal, ignore doors knockin say three words without a feelin clockin in or out, my wife recieving the words has no doubt that they're meaningless meant for some other and that other is a mother with a comfortable life with two kids and a dream that went under the knife took out the soul, replaced with compromise, to the right eyes she did the only thing that could keep her alive but shes looking left, not at the husband or child but outside the window and she stares for a while im staring too we're both locked into our crater on the moon our place, on the face of a small rock in outer space i dont feel alone there, nor does she, since there isnt a her and there isnt a me, its we, together, forever, the promise every friday night, even in bad weather, i tried to get a life for myself, so i could fly over to show her my good health, buy her gifts, laugh like kids when someone asks the secret to our love we say we dont know what the recipe is, but the truth i have kept hid, i tried and won, got lucky and then some, got the first flight late at night, be there by the morning no sleep for 30 hours champagne pourin, toast to the woman im adoring mind racing, dream chasing, then caught it and took it down arrived at her street, cant contain myself but somehow sat there praying, to see if she had changed and was she still waiting door opens, man steps out holding one baby, she follows bravely they smile and kiss and at that moment i feel one thousand fists, pound every inch of my body, tell the driver to drive or ill kill somebody we drive past i feel the weight of her glance cant catch a breath, no oxygen can advance look down and bloods pouring clenched nails in my hands thoughts of her married so close on their first dance their first meet their first kiss the time he was locked out so they talked all night on the street that led him to give her a key, from now on, alone they didnt sleep snap back to hell, i can hardly breathe, only denial, no belief i get home, blackjack and poker, addicted to alcohol, now avid smoker fortune getting smaller sorrow getting taller, broken man needs a supporter, first woman that reminds me of her i win wedding night guests were vodka whiskey and gin after a few years of the same thing i look to the moon when its awful bright the thought i used to fear now keeps me warm at night ill take this pistol and end my life death do us part, i need distance between us, a lifetime a far you wont know im gone, ive always known you're there its me who couldnt get over, nothing you have to fear never did anything out of line, i just thought fate dealt me a winning hand at the right place and at the right time without you there is no i, there is no sun in the sky only one emotion remaining in my life, i tried to get the others back, believe me i tried i tried to get over you, but one half of a heart cant survive, ive chosen you

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11. Converse Coupon Code August 2013

Converse Coupon Code August 2013

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