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2. My Afternoon Dream

My Afternoon Dream

Happy 3:16...for my 26th birthday I wanted to share with you... "My Afternoon Dream". Written and performed by Jhené Aiko Produced by Key Wayne

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4. Blazin on a Sunny Afternoon ft. Mod Sun

  • Published: 2011-03-31T04:53:38Z
  • By G-EAZY
Blazin on a Sunny Afternoon ft. Mod Sun

G-Eazy "The Outsider" released: 3/31/2011 Find more music, tour dates, and other cool stuff at Big thanks to our sponsors Good Music All Day & ThisBonusTrack Check them out at

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5. {afternoon bike rides}

  • Published: 2015-02-13T00:07:25Z
  • By high eyes
{afternoon bike rides}

blaze 1 and take a ride

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6. Lazy Afternoon

Lazy Afternoon

"Lazy Afternoon” from the album, Bright Side of Life. Get this album and more in the Rebelution web store: Follow Us: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Tumblr:

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7. The Afternoon

The Afternoon

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9. so mean ft. mxmtoon, samsa, love-sadKiD

  • Published: 2017-07-12T16:02:51Z
  • By afternoon
so mean ft. mxmtoon, samsa, love-sadKiD

Now on Spotify & Bandcamp! All revenue earned will be donated to charity. Huge shoutout to @iamsamsa, @mxmtoon, and @love-sadkid for making this happen. Mixed by @ibr Art by Produced by me & mxmtoon Lyrics: [Hook (mxmtoon)] The weather, oh oh the weather ruining my plans come on and get it together. your so mean, so mean. The weather, oh oh the weather waiting for the sun but it's not getting better it's so mean, so mean. [Verse (samsa)] i don’t miss the woolen jackets and the winter caps scratchy scarves, bulky boots, how every day my lips were chapped my dermatologist’s a firm apologist of winter weather i used every type of cream and lip balm and i’m still not better ‘side from skin, i don’t miss my itchy thermal sheepskin socks, i’d been waiting since december for the vernal equinox and thankfully it’s here, no more driving through the permafrost, i don’t need a coffee thermos, i can turn my furnace off, and note to self: i’ve been waiting months for all this snow to melt, and finally it’s gone and I can venture out of our room frolic in the foliage, kick back and watch the flowers bloom and breathe the open air as the heavens shine bright in powder blue there’s just one little problem though that I didn’t account for every fucking weather forecast has chance of downpour just one little issue, and yes, i’m a bit impatient but i haven’t waited all this time for more precipitation like weather gods, there’s just one little thought i’m tryna get across, i don’t expect things perfect but at least just give me better odds, like lately i’d been hoping that the tones of grey would fade and that sky would yawn cerulean, not rain on my parade and I know I’m being harsh on you but I’m not tryna scapegoat it’d just be nice to go outside without wearing a raincoat without holding umbrellas, the sidewalk nice and chalky with no puddles there to waddle through, wearing nothing waterproof, but maybe on on the bright side it’s a fair bet to think the sun is over on her way here but not here yet so let’s go get our hair wet, fuck it, let’s go dancing in bare feet on the rooftops super carefree with the patter of the dewdrops as our jukebox, and run for cover at a nearby coffee shop where we can dry our parka and our rubberized galoshes off and we’ll just take a rain check for that picnic in the grass and sip our lattes by the window as the drizzle hits the glass Full Lyrics.....

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10. afternoon bike ride

  • Published: 2015-06-15T16:23:36Z
  • By Dixxy.
afternoon bike ride

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11. sunday afternoon

  • Published: 2016-01-29T13:54:42Z
  • By Jef
sunday afternoon

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