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WATCH THE OFFICIAL #SELFIE MUSIC VIDEO HERE: ITUNES HERE: GOOGLE PLAY HERE: BEATPORT DIRTY DROP VERSION HERE: BUY a GO FUCK YOUR SELFIE SHIRTS: How To Take a #SELFIE video here: This is our first ever label release :) Please show us the support you have given us so far with our other music and buy a copy of the full song via ITUNES its all we ask after all the Free Downloads... Quickie from us: "HOLY SHIT, FINALLY THIS FUCKING SONG IS OUT... This song was meant to be an Edit to promote a show we had at LIV in december. Initially we had Disclosure's 'Fire Starts to Burn' over the track and thought the drop was way to hot to use someone else's vocal. So we had this ridiculous idea to create a song around the concept of the #SELFIE. We really weren't sure if this was the most brilliant idea, or worst idea we ever had... So we had our home girl Alexis come over and within an hour we had 2 verses and the song done. At that point in time we thought it was hilarious but we were quite sure how it would be received, but seeing as we aren't pussbags and music is about experimenting and having fun, we put it out. 2 days later the song had 200k plays and about 1% negative feedback. So we went to Dim Mak who we always loved as a label and asked them if they were interested in it, if we went back in added a new verse and changed the drops. 6 Weeks later here we are, with an amazing Music Video compiled with all this great submitted #Selfies from Fans, Friends, DJS and Celebs. So we hope you all enjoy the tune as much as we did putting this whole project together. This is our first EVER Original release and it would mean the world to us if you all bought the song, shared the video and took #SELFIE video... ” Quickie from us... "GO FUCK YOUR #SELFIE" Vocal by ALEXIS KILLACAM FUN FACT(s): 1) Every time we asked someone special for a #SELFIE they said yes, but then said they would send us one later like it was some chore, when all they had to do was turn their phone around on the device they were texting us from.... 2) About 15% of the submissions we got from ppl involved Nudity 3) About 5% involved animals 4) #Selfie was named word of the year in the USA and The Netherlands... 5) Drew's loves describing the taste of water in different cities. 6) Shower Pressure is very important to Alex MANAGEMENT: [email protected] [email protected] BOOKING: [email protected] INSTAGRAM: FOLLOW US AT: Go LIKE our page:

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3. Thinking Out Loud (Alex Adair Remix)

Thinking Out Loud (Alex Adair Remix)

Buy the original on iTunes: Also available on Google Play: Follow Ed on: Spotify: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

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4. OMFG - Hello

  • Published: 2014-11-23T05:28:06Z
  • By OMFG
OMFG - Hello

Download: Spotify: Available on All Stores ! Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: @AlexSavageOMFG Instagram: @AlexSavageOMFG

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5. Que Va - Alex Sensation Ft Ozuna

Que Va - Alex Sensation Ft Ozuna

LINK DE DESCARGA : LINK DE DESCARGA : Redes Sociales GRACIAS POR EL APOYO Instagram - Facebook…_nax_wizard=true Youtube - Download for free on The Artist Union

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6. Roses (feat. ROZES)

Roses (feat. ROZES)

THIS IS ONLY HALF THE SONG STREAM AND DOWNLOAD THE FULL VERSIONS BELOW Music Video: Buy on iTunes: Stream on Spotify: ---- This is just us... we hope you enjoy! Rozes: The beautiful and talented singer and co writer... find more of her at.... FUN REAL FACTS 1) Drew actually sings on the hook for this song... its his first time singing on one of our tracks... 2) We produce all our music (duh) but this is the first track we co wrote the lyrics for with Rozes... 3) Adam our manager lost 14 pounds in the last month cause he isnt eating carbs anymore... go adam 4)Our new production is called The Full Monte ($20 bucks to whomever figures out why) and we are debuting it at FireFly Music Festival 5) The Hamptons Long Island Police dept purchased a de-commissions Virginia class submarine to be their patrol submarine boat. Its first arrest was a group of teenagers smoking weed and playing rap music on their boat. A high teen said of the arrest by the submarine, 'I have to say, it was pretty cool riding back in that thing, especially being totally baked...' MANAGEMENT: Adam Alpert [email protected] BOOKING: [email protected] INSTAGRAM: FOLLOW US AT: Go LIKE our page:

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7. Life Of Dillon - Overload (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Life Of Dillon - Overload (The Chainsmokers Remix)

We remember the day our manager came into our studio aka drew's living room apartment to show us this new band he was going to sign to Disruptor Records. The first record he played us was this tune Overload and we were hooked! We had never heard of them before but we proceeded to listen to 10 more songs of theirs and we were blown away. Their sound was so refreshing from the instruments to their vocals. There was a summertime quality to all their music that couldn't be denied. Flash forward a couple months and we had the chance to meet them in LA. We proceeded to do what any dudes meeting for the first time would do, we through a mansion party at a buddies got totally blackout and missed the call time for what was our Let You Go music video. Flash even more forward and Overload is taking over top40 and they are about to drop their next single Dreams! The boys were cool enough to let us take a shot a remixing overload and putting our touch on it. The song itself is already just so amazing and vibey... its like drinking coconut water on a beach while getting a foot rub and someone somewhere else transferring large sums of money into your bank acct. SO we figured why change that and just change the foot rub to a back massage and money to a kiss from a chick you really are into but didn't know she was also into you.... So without further adieu... our remix of Overload! Quickie From US: "So LOD is our fucking brothers you see... these dudes are total gems! Mark our words these guys are going to be absolutely massive by the end of the summer and we are proud to be their friends and supporters" SUPPORT THE ORIGINAL ARTIST: Life of Dillon socials here! @lifeofdillon FUN FACTS: 1) RORY KRAMER FROM THE NIGHTS AVICII VIDEO IS ACTUALLY BALD AND WEARS A WIG 2) WE HAVE A NEW TRACK COMING OUT IN 2 WEEKS!!!! YEEEHAW 3) FIREBALL IN JAPAN TASTES LIKE FIREBALL IN THE US 4) LIFE OF DILLON MAY BE ENGLISH BUT THEY DRINK LIKE THEY ARE FROM FAIRYLAND MANAGEMENT: [email protected] BOOKING: [email protected] INSTAGRAM: FOLLOW US AT: Go LIKE our page:

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8. Alex Adair - Make Me Feel Better (Don Diablo & CID Remix)

  • Published: 2015-02-18T15:37:10Z
Alex Adair - Make Me Feel Better (Don Diablo & CID Remix)

Alex Adair - Make me feel better (Don Diablo & CID Remix). Out March 2nd on Don Diablo's brand new HEXAGON label! Follow Don Diablo here: Follow Alex Adair here: Follow CID here:

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