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1. Alone - Oscar Inside

Alone - Oscar Inside

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7. Sound Decisions Behind "Gravity," "Inside Llewyn Davis" Earn Oscar Noms

Sound Decisions Behind

You won't see Skip Lievsay's work on screen in either of the two movies for which he is currently nominated for Oscars - but his work as one of Hollywood's leading sound mixers doesn't go unnoticed.

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8. Oscar Jones - Alone With You

Oscar Jones - Alone With You

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10. Better Left Alone - Going for the Oscar

  • Published: 2012-07-03T16:34:28Z
  • By Furchee
Better Left Alone - Going for the Oscar

Sharing is caring. You're welcome. @BetterLeftAlone , Don't hate me, 'cause I bought it !

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11. Oscar G and Lazaro Casanova feat Leslie Cartaya - Alone (LC Dub)

  • Published: 2011-06-22T16:26:29Z
  • By Leftroom
Oscar G and Lazaro Casanova feat Leslie Cartaya - Alone (LC Dub) The Leftroom project started by Matt Tolfrey now has three imprints going strong, and with this package they make their boldest statement yet. Fusing retro leanings with today’s dynamics without losing sight of its key values, this is a taster from the 5 Years Of Leftroom compilation that lines up the label for the next five years of forward thinking dance floor mischief. The retrospective compilation features 20 standout tracks that have worked floors worldwide and includes 4 that are completely exclusive to this release. Centering on a core of producers, Leftroom is also adept at cherry picking the hottest up-and-coming talent, having picked up on Ryan Crosson in 2006 and Jimmy Edgar in 2008. Matt Tolfrey’s tireless A&R skills have allowed the label to seamlessly update their sound, scoring hits at every stage of their evolution. For the exclusive tracks, MURK legend Oscar G and Lazaro Casanova, direct from Miami USA, unload a whole load of tricks into ‘Alone’ aimed right at the heart of the floor. From incessant tribal drumming to a bright organ sample this will light up the fattest systems. Once the percussion grabs you and allows the bass to work your hips it simply wont let go. INxec and Matt Tolfrey turn in one of the hypnotic builders that have made them such a formidable partnership. This is a track to rally the floor behind it and captivate them as it unfolds. Looping tightly, ‘In Excess’ welcomes in sweeping melodies with clinical fills and sets them off with precise percussion. Subtly building and announcing layer upon layer with another flourish; this is a real burner for attentive audiences. Waifs and Strays return with their warbled vocals and strutting rhythms for another crack at the peak time. Bringing an infinitely elastic bass line to the fore and letting the forementioned vocals unfold, ‘Heartbreak’ has an immediacy that will give it considerable mileage. Think 80s synth pop swapping notes with the funky drummer at The Marcy Hotel and you are close. ‘Military Buzz’ is a light and bouncy number with jazzy chords that illuminate tight rhythms. With an inquisitiveness that hints back at the early days of Leftroom, Matthew Burton and Kate Rathod probe the floor, sending wave after wave of rolling sub bass through the room. Focusing on the subtleties of dance floor dynamics in enticing fashion, this is a smooth tool that has enough dirt under its nails to make it a versatile weapon. That each of the cuts here will find a disco to work is an understatement. The special exclusive EP release gathers behind it influences and intentions in equal measure and opens the next chapter for the imprint in blistering form.

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12. Dreams


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13. Inside the Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Inside the Vanity Fair Oscar Party

In this special pre-Oscars episode, we're joined by Vanity Fair's executive director of public relations Beth Kseniak to share stories from inside Vanity Fair's annual Oscar party, from attempted gate-crashers to the good old days when a wall was knocked down every year to make the party happen. From there we dive deep into the complicated math that determines best picture: what is the preferential ballot, and why does it matter? Allow us to explain.

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14. Alone Inside

Alone Inside

Written By - Nigel Geden / Arno West / Andrew Maskell The Players: Nigel Geden - Guitars / Wine Glasses / Vocals / Mixing / Mastering Arno West - Guitars / Bass / Drums / Wine Glasses / Mixing / Mastering Andrew Maskell - Lead Vocals Gail Wilson - Additional Backing Vocals

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15. Oscar G & Lazaro Casanova - Alone Feat. Leslie Cartaya (LC Dub)

Oscar G & Lazaro Casanova - Alone Feat. Leslie Cartaya (LC Dub)

Out 7/04/11 as part of 5 Years of Leftroom! Out on Digital & Vinyl

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