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nothing at of , which is

3. Chill


nothing at of , which is

4. Drop it

Drop it

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nothing at of , which is



Sharing is caring, isn't that how it goes? This is a track that has been in the bin for quite some time, and hopefully it will get released really soon in someway. Hope you like it! Enjoy! / Otto Blücker [email protected]

nothing at of , which is

9. Awesome dubstep

Awesome dubstep

nothing at of , which is

10. Amanda Alexander on Show #4: Meditation, Crossfit, British Military Fitness and Fitter Food

Amanda Alexander on Show #4: Meditation, Crossfit, British Military Fitness and Fitter Food

What We Recommended: Apps Headspace – for meditation Dragon Naturally Speaking – for dictating to the phone and answering emails whilst doing other things Tools Evernote – can use it for dictating notes and for storing recipes using the web clipper Freeagent – software for bookkeeping Buffer – for social media scheduling, an alternative to Hootsuite Optimum 9000 – a blender that Amanda recommends as a cheaper version of the Vitamix Other Resources Working Families – Charity Forward Ladies – a membership organisation unleashing potential in professional women. Psyllium husks – an ingredient in life changing bread Books Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani – Amanda says, “it’s about a near death experience and if you read the book you’ll find out more, is that the thing that we need to do in our life, the one thing we need to do, is to be ourselves”. The Fear Cure by Dr. Lissa Rankin this book comes from a medical perspective, and she’s talking about the link between fear and cancer. The Paleo Primer – a book with very tasty, very healthy recipes Tips “my morning routine is I wake up and the very first thing I do is I meditate” “The yoga bridge”– to retain flexibility “The 5 Tibetans”– from the blog by Brian Clark, the key to lifelong youthfulness and health. 5 exercises to do in under ten minutes, yoga/tai chi based” “Eat the frog first” “What is the one thing that if I do it today, it’s going to make the biggest difference to my business?” “I love the way, for me, fitness and community and friends and living, they are one and the same thing. They absolutely lift me. Being in a group of people, testing myself, pushing myself, I love doing that.” British Military Fitness – “involves mud and beasting sessions, lots of really really pushing yourself” Crossfit – ORE in Telford Tough Guy Nettle Warrior “involved electrocution, running through fire, climbing up things, jumping into pools, running through nettles” Open water swimming – life affirming Chi-running – a workshop on running Paleo lifestyle– “a way of life, It’s about trying to cut out the crap, trying to cut out processed foods.” Recipes Life Changing Loaf of Bread – gluten free amazing bread full of nuts and seeds. Websites Fitter Food – a community to find out more about eating well and general health and exercise. To Contact Amanda Alexander ‘The Imposter Syndrome Quit Kit’ Amanda’s Facebook Amanda’s LinkedIn Amanda’s Twitter Amanda’s phone number +44 (0) 1829 752004

nothing at of , which is