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1. The Story of Jester

The Story of Jester

The story of Jester Text and drawings by Valentin Cristescu Uninvented Theatre wishes to promote for the first time in Romania the concept of theatre Muppets show. Thus, the play “The story of Jester“ is the first episode from a series of amazing adventures, full of extraordinary characters inspired by human typologies. Jester, the main character of these adventures, is a real hero of our days and, at the same time, each viewer’s best friend! Sprinkled with gags and comic situations typical for Commedia dell’Arte, the play “The story of Jester” melts even the most frozen hearts! “The truth is that there is not really anything special to tell. I remember seeing on the internet a site with old toys among which …. a harlequin in a box. And this is how Jester was born.” Valentin Cristescu First a drawing, then the hero of its own books, and finally only one step away from the stage. So, Jester’s journey seems to change and acquire new meanings. The collaboration between the dedicated designer and the passionate puppeteers brought to life a Muppet style/type puppet endowed with original handling systems allowing unique manipulation skills. Left alone on a road with no direction, Jester, accompanied by the knight, takes off in order to fulfill its destiny – “I like to make people happy, to laugh with joy!” If you can to fall in love with a porcelain doll or if you wish to rediscover the sense of true friendship, we invite you to watch “The story of Jester”, a play created from the heart. Distribution Ana Maria Vlad Ana Maria Cucuta Ana Craciun Eduard Sandu Production/Direction Ana Craciun Scenography Andrei Hernest Adina Barbu The play “The story of Jester” is a part of the Waking Art Project initiated by Uninvented Theatre.