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My latest installment to the Power106 FM JumpOFF Mix tradition. Many...many...MANY thanks to E-Man, Jeff Garcia, and my lil bro Nick Ferrer and the entire programming/on-air/mix show department. My guys Felli Fel and Disko Drew for running a tight board. And the wonderful Rikki Martinez from Big Boys Neighborhood in the morning (Biggeth). Absolutely none of this would have been possible without their love and support. They put me ON, so I make sure to JUMPOFF twice as hard for them! Also super high fives to my folks Vice (GUVNAH)/Angela, Vinny Pagan, Eric Dlux, Yesi Ortiz, Liz Hernandez, Johnny Barba, Armand AA Acuna, Diana Jason, Brian Elms, Cory 'ThirtyTwo' Copeland, all of the traffic and promotions department, Val Maki, Candice, Fernando, Inferno, Ever, Sourmilk, Mando, Nikki Geezy, Cassie, Coke!!! Saul (Saul good!!) Oscar, Jorge, Stace, Jenny Luv, Flava Unit, Precise, Johnny 'BigBoy' Palafox, MZ. And of course the one DEE YAAY they call FUZE, he taught me the JumpOFF ropes, and guided me towards a more creative way of thinking and producing, FUZE I love you bro. Mr. Justin Credible and Mr. Reflex I would like to thank for working hard at their craft and in return inspiring me to work harder, make it better, do it faster. The entire Power Mixers crew, the most talented and strange group of guys I've worked with in my radio career thus far. Mr. Jimmy Steal....I salute you sir, hard work always pays off, and you were right! Appreciate the rest of my POWER106 FAAAAAM! GET EM! Tracks in this mix provided by Big THANKS to Phenom, Kid Spinn, and Mr Brian Quickie Wong for the immaculate site and tracks that are sizzling hot on a daily basis year round!!! In addition I would like to say SUP, to Renee Ghafoori of Louie Vuitton, she is the first drop you here at beginning of the mix, and boy do we have an epic history. to my BOY SPLYCE, my VO's Abby De La Rosa, Nena, Brandi Garica, and Mo Dave for being the best voice overs a intro man could ever ask for on my team, thank you guys SOOOO MUCH! Shout to Vick One, Carisma, Jason Lalu, J-ry, Krystal Bee, Louie G, Nao, my bro Dj Ray who taught me how to mix back in Culver Days in the garage, remember bro!?! Big Boy for introducing me to DJ'ing, letting me borrow his records and hiring me at Power106 in 98 and making my dreams of working in radio, a reality. Gusto, I miss you papo!!! All the S.K.A.M. Artists for keeping a brother working on intros n drops, year round. Sujit Kundu for inspiring me to work as hard as he does, which I don't think any average human can do, and for that I thank you sir. My dude Junior "Your FACE" Moreno, his girl and Belasco L.A. Fam crew Amanda P. Max Rebo, Brandon, Ruxpin, Steve Verdugo and my lil brutha LBC and Santa Ana crew! Traga! Sup to Big Weezy, and the Space Camp crew! Epic Twelve, for showing me how to use Ableton better than I could have imagined, and he was only 17 when he explained the Ableton science to me. Kid is a genius! DJ Skee, J-Love, Base, Tony A, my home girl Caroline D'Amore....and the best whistler on the planet...DC!!! Mike C...the whole Skee Lodge family...for still giving me a chance to shine and believing in my work. I will always be grateful to you for that, Skee/J-Love. Premiere Networks fam...The Eric John Frost Eric Caver, and the whole PremiereRadFAM thanks for letting a brutha freelance to make ends meat, for years and years you guys come through in the clutch. Sup to Eddie Bower and Eric Edwards prod GODS. DanceWorldWide Knas my soldiers representing in Kuwait, taking my JumpOFFMix to new shores. Thank you faaaaam! To my Momz, I miss you...the old you. Wish she could now how much I loved when she wasn't abusing alcohol. When Diana Rey was in control. This mix I made because she always told me, I can do what ever I wanted...all I had to do was focus, and thoughts can turn into reality....if only she did the same thing she taught me. But I suppose there is no reward with its consequence, just wish it wasn't my family. Non the less, I love you Mom. Even if it doesn't seem that way sometimes. To my Uncle Jerry, Rob Neason, Erik Neason...Brad..., Wendy, Chris n Ayres, MARTIN the incredible KITE FLYER! Thank you for everything guys! Super high fives n chest-bumps! The Lily of the Valley, aka Lily of Studio City...I love you sooo much it hurts sometimes. But you are truly the most loveable pooch I've ever been lucky enough to know. Mooch n Max....stop barking! aha! No keep barking...fuck is good and should be lived LOUD! Arsen, Mr. Dean, and Big Mark/Ellie..thank you for keeping the party going at all hours of the craziest times, all with a warm welcoming smile--luv ya faaaaam! ;) Mssg me for download link. There are too many movie/TV samples n copyright stuff to dwnload from Soundcloud. They may have to take it down, gotta try n follow the rules somehow! Finally I wanna thank Mr. Richie Wagner from the East Coast side! Also known as Dj Drastik, he is the man who put the logos you see now on my soundcloud, facebook, and this mix. He's solid, and like me, always on the hunt for the next creative project! Hit him up on FB, tell em Sketch sent ya! =] And TO ALL my DJ clients, friends, promoters, and are ALL appreciated, this JUMPOFF IS FOR EVERYONE WHO LOVES GOOD MUSIC!!! Hope you enjoy the mix, and CRAAAANK ITTTTT UUUUUPPPP =]

nothing at of , which is

3. my original music to non existing film

my original music to non existing film

This is little piece of music that sounds like a flm music soundtrack I create live without any remastering, I play on my keyboard acuna88 using vienna symphonic library - dimension violins, dimension brass, horn ensemble and mir pro 24 reverb system.

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4. Demo 1 - Dreamless Nights (raw)

Demo 1 - Dreamless Nights (raw)

DEMO NO. 1 - Dreamless Nights © 2013 Catherine Kintanar-Acuña, April Berba All Rights Reserved Title: Dreamless Nights Lyrics: "Kintoy" (Catherine Kintanar-Acuña) Music & Arrangement: "Bebang" (April Berba) Date Recorded: February 25, 2013 Crying myself to sleep at night seems the best thing that I can do Just like a drug, shutting the whole world on you As soon as I open up my eyes I'd wake up without vivid dreams of the love, That could have been Oh, dreamless nights are all I've ever wanted Coz there is no pain, there is no shame No thoughts of you remain So as I bid goodnight I close my eyes, and turn my mind around Drift my soul to slumber Keep myself from pain Reality's a nightmare Being without you here Oh like adjacent stars, You and I Forever bound apart So let this be the moment To freeze my heart with time I'll say it when it's over But for now let me say goodnight... Every waking day is an agony of love Oh why did I have to fall for you, fall for you Coz I cannot resist my mind having thoughts Of you and me together, would it make my days any better? So tell me how can this be, that fate isn't on our side? I need to walk away, Escape from the pain, Just for tonight **As I sing this lullaby, I say goodbye To these feelings locked inside Coz finally at this moment, I've come to realize I promise this forever, I'll be over you.... COPYRIGHT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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5. Desayunos 08/11/2016

Desayunos 08/11/2016

Tema: "¿Hillary o Trump?" Invitado: Tatiana Benavides, politóloga. Olda Acuña, cofundadora de Cid-Gallup Latinoamérica. Sinopsis: Este martes de Desayunos conversamos sobre las elecciones que se llevan a cabo el día de hoy en los Estados Unidos. Los medios de comunicación han jugado un papel preponderante en estas votaciones, Del mismo modo, y a pesar de existir amplia presión por parte de la población en contra del candidato presidencial Republicano; esta contienda político-electoral se ha desarrollado con una amplia disputa y gran especulación. Producción y conducción: Djenane Villanueva y Any Pérez. Controles: Fabiola Cordero González. Asistente: Carlos Daniel Solano Pérez.

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6. Woods (Bon Iver Edit)

Woods (Bon Iver Edit)

We do not own any of the lyrics in this song, the audio containing these were made by Bon Iver. The credits of the Image belong to Mauricio Acuña. Please listen with headphones for better quality Edition made by The Indie Go-go's The Indie go-go's are Carlos Uriostegui and Mauricio Acuña

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7. Players We Love; HUMIDOR!!!

Players We Love; HUMIDOR!!!

Want more? Subscribe to our Podcast for free! It's Valentine's Day, so let's spread the love and talk about some of our favorite players (2:24). Zack Godley and Wilson Ramos made the list, find out who else we love ... The humidor is coming to Chase Field! We talk about the impact it could have (18:15), when to draft Paul Goldschmidt, if any other ARI hitters are worth taking and what this means for the SPs ... We answer important Fantasy questions about prioritizing steals (31:31), how strategies change in different formats (36:30), when to draft Ronald Acuna (43:25) and much more ... Your emails at [email protected]

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8. Tucson School District Releases List of Banned Ethnic Studies Books, Includes Shakespeare

Tucson School District Releases List of Banned Ethnic Studies Books, Includes Shakespeare

In news from Arizona, Tucson school district officials have released an initial list of books to be banned from the school system following last weeks' vote to suspend the district's acclaimed Mexican American Studies program due to a state ban on the teaching of ethnic studies. The banned books include: "Rethinking Columbus: The Next 500 Years" edited by Bill Bigelow and Bob Peterson; Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest”; “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” by Paolo Freire; “Occupied America: A History of Chicanos” by Rodolfo Acuña; and “Chicano!: The History of the Mexican Civil Rights Movement" by F. Arturo Rosales. reported teachers have also been informed to stay away from any books where “race, ethnicity and oppression are central themes." To watch the complete daily, independent news hour, read the transcript, download the podcast, and for the additional information about Democracy Now!, visit FOLLOW DEMOCRACY NOW! ONLINE: Facebook: Twitter: @democracynow Subscribe on YouTube: Listen on SoundCloud: Daily Email News Digest: Please consider supporting independent media by making a donation to Democracy Now! today, visit

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