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1. As We Are - Matthew Mohr 2017

  • Published: 2017-10-06T17:33:49+00:00
  • Duration: 134
  • By Matthew Mohr
As We Are - Matthew Mohr 2017 “As We Are” is a fourteen-foot, 3-D universal human head made from ribbons of ultra-bright, LED screens. In the back of the neck is a photo booth capable of taking 3D pictures. Once a visitor has their picture taken, they step out of the booth and their head is displayed on the giant head. The sculpture addresses the relationship between self and representation of self, asking the subject of the portrait to reconsider presence through magnification. It is intended to provide amusement and evoke larger discussions around the phenomena of social media, diversity, and the power dynamic of public art. Matthew Mohr outlined the design and interface and it was engineered and fabricated by Design Communications Limited in Boston. Imaging by Direct Dimensions, interface by Creosphere. Screens were custom made by Sansi North America.

2. Gliding Barnacles - Free as we are

  • Published: 2017-08-26T02:44:11+00:00
  • Duration: 508
  • By COBA

3. We're Not As Colorful As We Think We Are- Joshua Petker- Shooting Gallery

  • Published: 2010-09-27T19:13:06+00:00
  • Duration: 102
  • By Colin M Day
We're Not As Colorful As We Think We Are- Joshua Petker- Shooting Gallery

We're Not As Colorful As We Think We Are September 11 - October 2, 2010 We're Not As Colorful As We Think We Are, a solo exhibition by Los Angeles based artist, Joshua Petker. The new body of work continues the artist's ongoing exploration of color abstraction, negative space, and the human form. Petker explores the way humans use color to manipulate their physical appearance in order to transcend their reality. Through these new works, Petker's colors expose the desire for human metamorphosis all the while reminding us that underneath the layers of color, we are more alike than we may think.

4. We Are Royale - Manifesto

  • Published: 2015-06-30T19:36:26+00:00
  • Duration: 92
  • By We Are Royale
We Are Royale - Manifesto

We are a design company. A creative production company. A digital production company. We are here to help connect people to the brands they love. We focus on the idea, and let design lead the technique. We are a group of diverse artists. We’re lead by our common love for creative problem solving... And compulsive late night archery. We’re kind of like Voltron. We work as a team, slaying creative problems with our mech-tiger swords. We can do a lot of things. Not all of them involving swords. But above all, we’re here to help. And make sure we all have fun while we’re at it. We do what we do. Because we love what we do. Thank-you EchoLab for providing an AMAZING soundtrack.

5. The Cameras We Bring

The Cameras We Bring

The photos we take are an expression of what we're looking for not necessarily what we're looking at. Every camera we use, we use as an extension of who we are. By: Fidelity Format

6. We Are Made As One

  • Published: 2008-08-19T20:11:43+00:00
  • Duration: 562
  • By Phil Eastman
We Are Made As One

Documentary short shot in the Spring of 06', following the lives of the New Directions Choir--a Los Angeles based group of formerly homeless, recovered drug addict war veterans that find solace and healing through the power of song. There are over 27,000 homeless veterans living in Los Angeles, and the number of vets returning from Iraq with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), is on the rise as the occupation continues. For more information on the New Directions rehabilitation facility (where the choir was formed), check out this site:

7. Wilson Miner - When We Build

  • Published: 2011-12-21T10:41:58+00:00
  • Duration: 2334
  • By Build
Wilson Miner - When We Build

“We shape our tools and our tools shape us.” As more of the tools we live with every day become digital instead of physical, our opportunity – and responsibility – as designers is multiplying. We live in a world of screens, and we are the ones who decide what goes on them. We are in a unique position to have an impact – one that lasts longer than the next redesign or the latest technology. What happens when we stop thinking of ourselves not just as developers or experience designers, and take up the mantle as a new generation of product designers for a digital world? About Wilson — Wilson Miner is a designer and web developer based in San Francisco. Currently the head of design for Rdio, a new social music service, Wilson has also previously been responsible for co-founding neighborhood news site EveryBlock, leading the first comprehensive redesign of in more than 10 years during his time at Apple, and co-creating the original version of the Django web framework. Wilson is returning to Build after speaking at the first conference in 2009. Recorded at Build 2011

8. We Are Shining "Wheel"

  • Published: 2013-10-31T09:52:20+00:00
  • Duration: 208
  • By The Mill
We Are Shining

Mill+ Director Carl Addy directs this eclectic debut music video ‘Wheel’ for the London based duo We Are Shining as a way to visually articulate the band’s mesmerising sound. Working closely with We Are Shining, the Mill+ team visually represent the band's influences and inspirations in this video through a montage of stills and video material derived from multiple sources made into hundreds of gif sequences. The psychedelic video tells the story of a primitive man who stumbles upon modern tribalism; fashion, music, sex, booze. As he tries to escape this world he encounters a temptress who breaks his resolve. The film then breaks down into a larger global party where everyone is dancing along to the end of the world, everything descends into a chaotic orgy of destruction leaving the tribal man broke, yet enlightened, and so the wheel continues.

9. Linnea Vizard - We are here: designer as cartographer

Linnea Vizard - We are here: designer as cartographer

Humans have always made maps; to tell us where we are, to show us how to get somewhere we want to go, to understand the bigger context. More and more, designers are creating maps for these reasons, and others. We make maps to draw insight, catalyze ideas, to get on the same page, and as tools for understanding complex experiences and processes. We make customer journey maps, empathy maps, mental models, experience maps and strategy roadmaps. Maps are a pure form of sense-making. This is in our past and is undoubtedly in our future as a discipline. What’s next for these tools? How will they evolve? What cartography capabilities do we need to develop as practitioners? What makes a map useful? Let’s talk about maps, baby!

10. Wes Anderson // Centered

  • Published: 2014-03-17T13:32:06+00:00
  • Duration: 143
  • By kogonada
Wes Anderson // Centered

“I have a way of filming things and staging them and designing sets. There were times when I thought I should change my approach, but in fact, this is what I like to do. It's sort of like my handwriting as a movie director. And somewhere along the way, I think I've made the decision: I'm going to write in my own handwriting. That's just sort of my way.” – Wes Anderson Music: The New Lobby Boy by Alexandre Desplat

11. WES


A compilation of Wes Anderson´s slow motion shots. SONG; New Slang - The Shins

12. Tonight We Are Born As Stars

Tonight We Are Born As Stars

Follow the plight of two young thugs on the night of their lives as things go too far and their world spirals out of control. The stars of heaven will fall from the sky and the heavenly powers will be shaken. Tonight we are born as stars. Created in 24 hours for the 2012 Knoxville 24 Hour Film Festival Written, Directed, and Produced by Brandon Langley Shot and Edited by Andrew McGary Winner Best Film Drama - 2012 Secret City Film Festival Best Film - 2012 Knoxville 24 Hour Film Festival Audience Award - 2012 Knoxville 24 Hour Film Festival Best Director - 2012 Knoxville 24 Hour Film Festival Best Actor - 2012 Knoxville 24 Hour Film Festival

13. Who We Are

  • Published: 2014-09-09T18:47:26+00:00
  • Duration: 430
  • By Sicmanta
Who We Are

"Don't confuse me with being anything else other than proud. Proud to be a hunter. It's time we stop apologizing for how we get our protein. This is who we are. Unless you’re a small time rancher, small time farmer, a hunter or fishermen... you really have no idea where your food comes from. Most people don’t even think about it. Well, we think about it. ” - Donnie Vincent. If you’re like me and hunting is part of who you are, share this video and hopefully we can get some people thinking differently about how they acquire their food and maybe, just maybe... we'll change their opinion about hunting. More can be seen at Follow Donnie on Facebook:

14. Junkerry - As We Are

  • Published: 2016-11-16T10:12:05+00:00
  • Duration: 289
  • By Junkerry
Junkerry - As We Are

2D VERSION The drawings have been made by artist Patrick Morgan using the Google Tilt virtual paint brush - big thanks to the Google Tilt team for letting us play/experiment. We are now working on the full immersive VR version! Press: [email protected] Management: [email protected]

15. the predicament of always (as we are) - excerpt

16. As We Are Away - Collating Party

  • Published: 2013-08-14T00:50:01+00:00
  • Duration: 149
  • By Lisa Lorenz
As We Are Away - Collating Party

NOUS magazine invited their friends for two days of collating, folding, stapling and numbering. Thank you to everyone who helped make our circles wider and The Disconnection Issue happen. [email protected]



Client : Bonobo Jeans. Directed by BEAUREPAIRE STUDIO.



Strap in and hold on! DIRT CO MEDIA HOUSE presents a Dirt Motion film. "We Are Dirt" is dirt track racings first feature length documentary film. This film will take you to the ragged edge of dirt racing and leave you breathless! Before NASCAR, drivers raced on dirt and still do at tracks across the country. Competitors ranging from long time veterans Danny Lasoski to NASCAR super stars such as Kyle Larson share their love and passion for the rawest form of racing on the planet! With 800 tracks in 49 states, 30 million fans and a billion dollars a year in revenue, dirt track racing is the biggest sport in America. "We Are Dirt" is an inspiring celebration of the dirt track racing community, a documentary film that shares the passion of dirt track racing and shows the addiction of both triumph and tragedy. As told by many racers, crews, and fans in the sport, the story weaves its way through generations of racers from sprint cars, late models, flat track motorcycles and beyond. These dirt track warriors live each day to the fullest and push the limits of both man and machine. The creative visual message about the life of dirt track capture's the imagination and sets the soul in motion. Step inside this full-speed world of cushion pounding, dirt slinging , fire breathing dirt cars. WE ARE DIRT" is to dirt cars, as "ON ANY SUNDAY" is to motorcycles! An Iconic work that will "never be recreated" for the sport we love so much! ~Jon DeBenedetti~

19. “The Church We See”

  • Published: 2011-09-11T23:15:42+00:00
  • Duration: 282
  • By Churchome
“The Church We See”

Who we are as The City Church.

20. We are Bito

  • Published: 2014-04-30T04:52:08+00:00
  • Duration: 41
  • By Bito
We are Bito

A little intro project about us, and what we do. Enjoy! PRODUCTION COMPANY: Bito CREATIVE DIRECTOR : Keng-Ming Liu 劉耕名 DESIGN : Keng-Ming Liu 劉耕名 / Chu-Chieh Lee 李竺潔 / Showme Lin 林筱敏 ANIMATION : Chu-Chieh Lee李竺潔 / Aexers Lin 林思翰 / 陳威霖 Wei-Lin Chen