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1. Beautiful Motivation (Royalty Free Music Track)

Beautiful Motivation (Royalty Free Music Track)

Inspirational, corporate track, perfect for your amazing projectes: slideshows, commercials, sports videos, corporate videos, YouTube videos, films, TV, advertising, inspiring, motivating, promotional, presentation videos etc.In the zip folder is an mp3 file. Download link:

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2. Beautiful Motivation

Beautiful Motivation

Is your product and/or brand being singled out? Separating itself from the pack? That's unacceptable, and dangerous. Buy one of these songs! Upon download, it'll automatically find your marketing media and graft itself to its DNA, bestowing upon its visage the same relentless, grim rictus smile of positivity worn by your major market competitors. Sit back, relax, and watch the sales gush in!

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3. You're Beautiful- Motivation

You're Beautiful- Motivation

MY YOUTUBE CHANNELS- For business inquires- [email protected] Social Media’s: Instagram- Twitter- MERCH ACCOUNT- FOLLOW THIS TWITTER FOR EVERYTHING I’M DOING- CHECK THEM OUT-

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7. Beautiful Sentimental Motivation

Beautiful Sentimental Motivation <(Royalty Free Music)>

Download “Beautiful Sentimental Motivation”(non water mark version) : My Portfolio : "Beautiful Sentimental Motivation" is a beautiful inspiration & sentimental tracks in Pop style with Acoustic guitar, Piano, Strings section & Percussion in warm mood. Have 2 versions 1. Beautiful Sentimental Motivation : Full version (2:52) 2. Beautiful Sentimental Motivation : No percussion version (2:52)

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8. Beautiful Life: Upbeat Corporate Motivation

Beautiful Life: Upbeat Corporate Motivation

A beautiful, bright, and clean corporate motivational track for electric guitar, electric bass, guitar harmonics, drum kit, and reversed guitar samples. This track is ideal for presentations and commercial advertisements with an upbeat and positive feeling. Four versions included: "Beautiful Life" complete: 2:04 "Beautiful Life" abbreviated edit: 1:32 "Beautiful Life" 1-minute edit: 1:00 "Beautiful Life" 40-second edit: 0:40 "Beautiful Life" 20-second edit: 0:20 120 BPM

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10. #7: Get A Better Butt, Motivation To Workout, Bikini Bod In 1 Week, Diet Rules - Ricky Jasper

#7: Get A Better Butt, Motivation To Workout, Bikini Bod In 1 Week, Diet Rules - Ricky Jasper

Health and fitness coach, Rickey Jasper of 4:13 Health & Fitness, talks about how he finds motivation to workout, ways to get a better butt like Kylie Jenner, get a bikini body in 1 week, diet rules to live by, plus more. The Nubry sisters sit down with Rickey to find out more about working out on their own vs working out in a group setting. Rickey explains how he uses My Fitness Pal to track calories and diet in general, but gives another way to keep track of what to eat for us normal folk...such as knowing that a fist is 1 serving of chicken. Want to know how many meals you need per day to keep your metabolism performing optimally? Want to know when to pull back on your carbs? More details in podcast... Rickey tells Gretchen how she can get bikini body ready in 1 week, just in time for her hot tub sesh in Aspen in 2 weeks. He explains what high intensity workouts are and why they're what you want to do for fat burning. Find out what a dynamic warmup is and why you need to be doing it before every workout. Rickey is a Athlete and knows everything about training, fat burning, getting a bigger and better booty, plus diets. Listen to this podcast with Rickey to find out all of his best-kept secrets! Please send us your questions on Snapchat and Instagram. Username: @nubry.

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12. My Motivation

My Motivation

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