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1. Biohazardous Disease

  • Published: 2011-11-09T10:51:27Z
  • By Earsplit
Biohazardous Disease

Official Single Release

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2. My Pacman Remix

My Pacman Remix

Just a crappy remix

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3. Sun Chaser II: A Farewell

Sun Chaser II: A Farewell

A heartfelt journey through a selection of auditory environments. Enjoy. Photo Credits: Tara Lundrigan Photography, Squamish, BC, Canada. Jacoo - Cosmos Dabin & Koda - The Take Down Lon Lon - Things Don't Sparkle Like They Used To The Human Experience - Dusted Compass (Phutureprimitive Remix) Astro Ralph - Inside Your Arms Greta Svabo Bech - Shut Up & Sing V2.0 ft. Zeds Dead Demented Sound Mafia - This Is How I Feel ill-esha - Dominoes (sAuce Remix) Minnesota - Stardust Redux (Perkulat0r Remix) AstroLogical - Starlite ft. Firefly Okiru - Holding On Oliver - Night Is On My Mind Small Town DJs - See Thru ft. Lisa Lobsinger (Neighbour Remix) Scatz - Trade My Things For Wings Haywyre - Nocturne Cast - m ft. Woolymammoth Zebbler Encanti Experience - Neuron Dialect L'homme aux 4 lettres - Vegabondages SAVOY - Prey for New York Dysphemic - Moon Cave Party Arpyem - Speak Lowryder - Sea of Green Brownz & Requake - Creep (N-Type & Surge Remix) Tara Walsh - White Flag (Whitebear Remix) KOAN Sound - Trouble in the West Pretty Lights - All I've Ever Known (Two Fresh Remix) The xx - Shelter (Flinch Remix) Jacoo - Dreamcatcher The M Machine - Superflat Trumpdisco - Depraved Ra Ra Riot - When I Dream (Xristo Remix) Fractal - Itvara Taiki & Nulight - IAEATD ft. Herve (It Ain't Even About the Dough) Compuphonic & Kolombo - Antimatter (Unreleased Edit) Zhu - Stay Closer The M Machine - Just Like Justin Martin - The Gurner (Justin Martin vs. PillowTalk - DJ Version) Son Lux - Flickers (Zeds Dead Remix) Civilian Sol - The Heart Of A Lion Govinda - Sonic Muse My Nu Leng - Knowing (DJ Break Remix)

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4. Dafuqex - Biohazardous Bacon

  • Published: 2016-08-09T17:51:54Z
  • By Dafuqex
Dafuqex - Biohazardous Bacon

Haven't uploaded something to Soundcloud in a while so have some bacon

nothing at of , which is

5. Biohazardous Ooze

Biohazardous Ooze

industrial track. Released 4/7/2013

nothing at of , which is

6. Bwompwupwupboom


nothing at of , which is

7. minecraft


nothing at of , which is

8. Funny Things

Funny Things

nothing at of , which is

9. Biohazardous Demo1

  • Published: 2015-07-10T14:54:05Z
  • By NeilBurns
Biohazardous Demo1


nothing at of , which is

10. Relics of the Past

Relics of the Past

The time for research is nearly complete. I have found a formula that will help to control my condition. It is time to test and perfect the science. The old ways must be forgotten, to make way for the new... [These tracks are not professionally mastered - use at your own risk]

nothing at of , which is

12. Biohazardous Bass

Biohazardous Bass

My new and first Dubstep track, no wubs really, but I would say it's Dubstep c: Enjoy!

nothing at of , which is

13. great and awesome

great and awesome

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