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1. Breakthrough (Remastered)

Breakthrough (Remastered)

Originally released in 2013 for my score of Finding Home, I decided to revitalize and resurrect the original ideas in April of 2016. Here's the remastered version of Breakthrough: Vocals: Elizabeth Navarra-Varnado & Tony Anderson Guitars: Richard Wooldridge & Curt Vernon Mix & Master: Chad Wahlbrink Licensing can be brokered through Music Bed |

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2. Tony Anderson - Eyes Wide Open

Tony Anderson - Eyes Wide Open

Tony Anderson Picture by Shane Black Sheepy on Spotify

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3. Immanuel


It is, once again, the most wonderful time of the year. For all of us struggling to feel like it's Christmas, let me whisk you away to a magical land for just a few moments with "Immanuel." I chose to blend my favorite melodies from two songs: Carol of the Bells and Veni, Veni, Emmanuel (O Come O Come Emmanuel) into a seamless piece of music. Because of the complex nature of these songs, I decided not to include lyrics - rather to accentuate my favorite pieces of each song with cello, fiddle and mythical vocals. Enjoy - I've made downloading free as a celebration of everything good, wintry, Christmas and magical... Tony Cello: Chris Coleman Fiddle & Textural Vocals: Maggie Lander Voice: Timbre Cierpke Art Direction: Luke Atencio The melodic content from Carol of the Bells and Veni Veni resides in Public Domain - Immanuel has been published through Tony Anderson Music, all rights reserved. Licensing can be brokered through my representation at Music Bed:

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4. Tony Anderson - Journey

Tony Anderson - Journey

Tony Anderson Picture by Max R Sheepy on Spotify

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5. Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open

I was commissioned by to score a film for Florida State University and then things got out of hand... Guitars: Curt Vernon Vocals: Brooke Elaine Anderson & I Drums: Jeremy Weldon - tracked @ Haxton Road Bass: Carson Childers Celli: Jerram John & Seattle Symphony - tracked @ Creatio Keys, Synths & Other Strange Noises: Myself Mixed by Ryan Ceola @ Haxton Road Studios Mastered by Tony Anderson - apologies in advance :)

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7. The Gift Of Life

The Gift Of Life

A prelude written for "The Changing of Seasons." License exclusively through | All Rights Reserved // Tony Anderson Music, 2015

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8. Dreamlife


Composed, Mixed & Mastered In-House Acoustic Guitar Plucking & Harmonics: Adam Taylor Vocal Presence & Fiddle: Maggie Lander Violins 1 and 2: Andrew & Morgan Quick Viola: Sarah Grindle Cello: Jerem John The plucked/felted piano you'll hear in this is something I modified in my studio - I used felt from the bottom of adhesive furniture savers (the things you put on the bottom of chair legs to keep them from scratching the floor) and adhered them to different piano strings - made for a magical experience! Available for Licensing Exclusively through Music Bed:

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9. Dwell (Snowfall Remix)

Dwell (Snowfall Remix)

This is truly the most wonderful time of the year - purely magical. And I think it ought to be accompanied by music which beckons nostalgic warmth. This version of Dwell was born of late nights at a piano...always wondering if the melodies of the original could be rewritten in a rather free and spontaneous fashion. This is what emerged. It is best enjoyed under a star-lit sky as the snow falls - of course with several angels & baby deer in your midst as you sip hot drinking chocolate. Merry Christmas and enjoy the free (and uncompressed) download! Tony Fiddle: Maggie Lander Album Art: Luke Atencio

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10. Butterflies - Piano Sonata

Butterflies - Piano Sonata

The first of a three part re-imagining of "Butterflies."

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11. All Is Not Lost

All Is Not Lost

Originally written for "Onward," a film by Director Cale Glendening - the imagery he captured is the most beautiful thing I've ever had the pleasure of writing to. Easily. Written alongside my friends Maggie Lander, Adam Taylor & Curt Vernon Vocal Presence: Maggie Lander Additional Structure: Curt Vernon Classical Guitar & Mandolin: Adam Taylor Strings: Maggie Lander & Chris Coleman Art Design: Luke Atencio Mix & Master: President Frank Underwood Available for licensing via Music Bed: Buy in FLAC or Lossless on Bandcamp: Link to Cale's film:

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12. Rise (Snowfall Remix)

Rise (Snowfall Remix)

A special Christmas mix I just finished of my track "Rise." Textured & re-written from the ground up to be played on a cold winter's night - preferably while it's snowing :) Violin: Liz Navarra Cello: Maria Navarra Vocals: Liz Navarra Composition, Piano Performance, Recording, Mixing, Mastering: Tony Anderson Artwork: Salomon Ligthelm Available exclusively for licensing at

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13. Mc Backdi e Bio G3 - Bonde da Tony Country

Mc Backdi e Bio G3 - Bonde da Tony Country

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14. The King

The King

A single from my score for "The Heart of Man." I came out with 21 pieces of music for this score, each with its own offering to the broader story, and this one continues to draw me more deeply into mystery and wonder each time I hear it... Recorded at Slovenský Rozhlas in Bratislava, Slovakia Engineer: Peter Fuchs Conductor: Johannes Vogel Music Supervisor & Orchestrator: Brandon Collins Copyist: Paul Nelson Pro Tools: Josh Auer & Jordan Critz Orchestral String Mix: Satoshi Noguchi Solo Violin: Camille Faulkner Album Art designed by Austin Eidson: Available for licensing through Music Bed:

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15. Like A Child

Like A Child

Written for my Bride, Brooke Elaine. She and I are on a journey back to a place in our hearts before we knew fear and pain. We are, indeed, being made like children in the middle of a war. Vocals: Tony & Brooke Anderson, Maggie Lander Guitars: Jonathan McKeown & Curt Vernon Drums: Jeremy Lutito Bass: Carson Childers Cello: Jerram John Fiddle: Maggie Lander Reverb: Angels of Neptune Mixed & Mastered by Chad Wahlbrink: Artwork: Luke Atencio: Vocal and piano melodies were extracted from my previous song, Relentless. Licensing can be acquired through the wonderful people of Music Bed:

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16. Journey


Originally written for Facebook as they prepared to launch their new streaming service called Facebook Mentions. Thanks to Delve Creative for the opportunity to write this. Written & Recorded by Tony Anderson Vocals: Brooke & Tony Anderson Mixed by Chad Wahlbrink Art Direction & Design: Luke Atencio Available for Licensing via Music Bed: Available for purchase on BandCamp, iTunes & Amazon

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17. Spiriteaux


There are no words to describe what happened in Paris on November 13, 2015. This song (translated "Spirits" in English) was birthed to honor the beautiful people of Paris. Written with my friends Chris Coleman (cello) and Timbre Cierpke (voice) Photo taken in Le Marais, Paris - Art Direction by Luke Atencio Licensing can be acquired through my representation at Music Bed:

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18. Rise


Somewhere between the setting and rising of the Australasian sun is a rest for the soul that can't be described with words. I've done my best to give it to you audibly. "Rise" is the opening track from Movements of the Heart | now available on iTunes Additional programming and composition | Salomon Ligthelm | Sydney, Australia Hear "Rise" with the film "Where is Your Wilderness | Artwork | Salomon Ligthelm

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19. The Prophecy

The Prophecy

The instrumental of my take on "O Come O Come Emmanuel" - originally written for Willow Creek & Salomon Ligthelm. I had so many requests for just the music that I exported a version without the lyrics. This track has been featured on some powerful films - check some of them out: 1) Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus: | Jefferson Bethke 2) The Prophecy (Willow Creek Christmas) | Salomon Ligthelm, Bjorn Amundsen & Blaine Hogan

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