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1. CharlestheFirst - Quiet Seeds

CharlestheFirst - Quiet Seeds

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3. Bae and some Quiet Seeds

  • Published: 2016-05-13T20:02:02Z
  • By HU Beats
Bae and some Quiet Seeds

this is a mashup

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4. Quiet Seeds

Quiet Seeds

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6. Quiet Like Seeds

Quiet Like Seeds

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7. Secret Recipe - The Ingredients Mixtape Vol. 1

Secret Recipe - The Ingredients Mixtape Vol. 1

Hey fam, thanks for all the support on what I've put so far. I've been working hard on getting even more brand new Secret Recipe music together, so I recorded you this fresh mixtape of my favorite newness from myself and others, including most of my upcoming Street Ritual release "Post Dystopian Renaissance," a brand new collab with Spoken Bird, a few other exclusives, some killer tunes from homies, and a whole lot more. Hope you enjoy

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8. Secret Recipe - Live At Wormhole Halloween 2016

Secret Recipe - Live At Wormhole Halloween 2016

A couple nights ago I had my album release party, and I had the pleasure and honor of playing the largest Wormhole Wednesday of all time alongside Noisia, Anklepants, Eprom, Tsuruda, Noer the Boy and more on an incredible stage at The New Parish in Oakland. I recorded my set and wanted to share it with you guys, so I hope you enjoy! Also wanted to remind you that you can grab the new album here: TRACKLIST: Secret Recipe - ??? Secret Recipe - So Juicy Seppa - Supa Jon Casey - Controlla Chops Junkie & RZL - Burnt Psymbionic - A-S-L Pacific Patterns & Wolfkin - Upside Down Secret Recipe - Dirty Deeds Secret Recipe - Drug Reference Secret Recipe & Spoken Bird - Bedroom Analysis Secret Recipe - Need to Be Dr. Knobz - Purple Gangsta (DZ Remix) (Secret Recipe mini edit) Razat - The Upside Down Shield - Horrormovie (Dirty VIP) Secret Recipe - Stacked Up Secret Recipe - ??? Secret Recipe - ??? Secret Recipe - Become Invisible Secret Recipe - One of a Kind Secret Recipe - Rainy Day Secret Recipe - Fried Ice Cream Secret Recipe & Ancient Mermaids - Pirate Ted Shield - My Flava Razat - dbeat Secret Recipe - Luscious Lavender Secret Recipe - Bright Tomorrow Secret Recipe - Project Spunway Monty - Brighten Up CharlestheFirst - Quiet Seeds (Secret Recipe mini edit) Secret Recipe & Jumbii - Telefrenetic Zimbu - Gutter Kid Secret Recipe & Spoken Bird - Bird Secrets

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9. Morganite Macaron Minimix

  • Published: 2016-11-21T02:51:24Z
  • By Av8triX
Morganite Macaron Minimix

A sweet journey through layers of chilled out future bass & twinkling dreamscapes... Tracklist: Chelsea Jade - Night Swimmer (Tetleyroad Remix) HUNTS. - Windows by The XXX FORTUNE - Blow Drake - Too Good (Conor Maynard & Sarah Close Cover) CharlestheFirst - You Know Nothing DUCATIBOI - LETUGO Spire - Reverie (feat. FAWNA) Whispa - Hamārā FORTUNE - eating ramen with my shorty Ordnry Yngstr w/ HXNS - Feels CharlestheFirst - Quiet Seeds Spire - Since You Left (with JPB)

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10. throwin shade 001

throwin shade 001

Øfdream - The Great Beast eugene cam - be your girl Late June - Worthless Eastghost-D'vocean Telepopmusik - Breath (Fhin Flip) SENO & HUCCI - EXALT Wolf Grey & KOMPRA - Trust, Lately Darci - Come Around El G - Diversão CharlestheFirst - Quiet Seeds

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11. Downtempo Mix

Downtempo Mix

Hey guys check out my short little downtempo mix, although it does get pretty wompy at the end. Tracklist below. 1. Stolen Snares - Echo 2. Clozee - Drip 3. CharlestheFirst - Azure 4. CharlestheFirst -Step 5. Thriftworks -Girls with Paperclips 6.Stolen Snares - Regrets 7.Stolen Snares -Demolition (ft. JJ) 8.Kermode - Tribes 9.Kayla Scintilla - Osiris 10.Levitation Jones - Casino 11.CharlestheFirst - Quiet Seeds 12.Andrew Luce - Until Then 13. Mindex - Boeing 420 14. Levitation Jones - Echo

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12. Talkymix

  • Published: 2017-09-26T03:24:19Z
  • By noxy

A mix comprised of songs that all have talky samples. All songs belong to their respective owners, this mix was made purely for the enjoyment of mixing. Phoniks - Satellites Getsomerest Sleepwell - Quickly, Quickly Solid Doctor - Faustian Bargain Skalpel - Sculpture Dj Slave - Original Beats Rhian Sheehan - Cosmology CharlestheFirst - Quiet Seeds Atiq EnK - Sim One M-Seven - Shift Dionysu5 - Verward Welder - Purple And Orange Forss - Journeyman (Cribs Remix) Jazz One Beats - The Jazz Process

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13. Cosmic Counterpoints Vol II

Cosmic Counterpoints Vol II

Cosmic counterpoints is a project I put together to share uplifting forward thinking sounds. After the first one went over well, I wanted to make sure Volume II was just as special as the first. Tracklist: Lost For Words (Original Mix) - Synkro Quiet Seeds - CharlestheFirst Fucertc - Notuv And Breathe - Gould Pastel - Katuchat & Rusty Hook Peccadillo - Aztek Bae - Chahine Left Alone feat. Chet Faker (Ta-Ku Remix) - Flume Roller (Lindsay Lowend Remix) - Mr. Carmack Don't Copy US - Um.. Tunnel Vision - Ambassadeurs Ganja Tent (Original Mix) - New Walk Leaf - Clams Casino Gemini (Feat. George Maple) - What So Not Fall In Love (Moody Good Remix) - Slum VIllage Fool - Geek Boy Buy You A Drink (Ascendance Remix) - T Pain ft. Young Joc Infinity - Dirty Chocolate Junk In That Thang - Exmag Smok'n - COFRESI TORN - LUCA LUSH x JUPE Folie À Deux (G Jones Remix) - GANZ Acid in tha Freezer (VIP) - Bleep Bloop Super Heady Spiritual Gangster - Soohan Looks Like Rain (Space Jesus Remix) - Greatful Dead Push - Herzeloyde Tmrw - redHat Holy Basil - thefaded Strong (Manila Killa Remix) - London Grammar

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14. Rise and Ascent Mixtape

  • Published: 2017-12-09T00:54:24Z
  • By AniMAL
Rise and Ascent Mixtape

Tracklist: CharlestheFirst - Quiet Seeds Gladkill - Feel So (feat. Erica Dee) Morillo - Jungle Patrol (feat. PAWZ) Lemon - Your Friends (Dimond Saints remix) Soulacybin - Moldavisions CharlestheFirst - Meadows Gladkill - Not Perfect CloZee - Get Up Now Dimond Saints - Apex SuDs - Frostbite Shlump - On the Block Chase Manhattan - Zero G Of The Trees - Mekanos CloZee - Path to Heaven Bogtrotter - Jamais Vu CloZee - Black Panther Dimond Saints - Torches CharlestheFirst - Roots CloZee - Harmony kLL sMITH - Ferhoodle Shuffle DJANK YUCCA - ShineFeel Kermode - Rewind Ananaki - DNA Machine SuDs - Entropy Of The Trees - The Chrome Knight Gladkill - Chapels Chase Manhattan - Mathematics Zebbler Encanti Experience - Vimana (Paradigm Theorem remix) Elevated Mind - Out For Justice G Jones - Voltage Spike Liquid Stranger, Space Jesus - SPACE BOSS Space Jesus - Hydra Bad Man Of The Trees - Kick Back I do not own any of this music. All of the copyrights go to the producer(s)of the music

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15. 140-150bpm Freestyle Mix

  • Published: 2018-04-01T01:40:27Z
  • By Sweetboi
140-150bpm Freestyle Mix

Tracklist: 1. Juice - Woolymammoth 2. Blades - JUDGE x X&G 3. Quiet Seeds - Charlesthefirst 4. Weapon (Tantrum Remix) - LV 5. I Want You (Quix Remix) - Chris Lake 6. Tacc - Sfam x Splice Sample Pack Demo - SOPHIE 7. YAIMT - Project Paradis 8. The Forest With No Name - Charles The First 9. Gravity ft. Josh Pan - X&G 10. I Forgive - Grynpyret 11. HiLow (Charles The First Remix) - Minnesota 12. Alaea - Party Wave 13. SXH - Shlump x Holly x Hotel California (Acapella) - The Eagles 14. Hollow - Sumthin Sumthin 15. Power Moves (VIP) - Gentleman's Club 16. Xian's Cat Palace - Aztek 17. Conch - Aztek 18. Pulse ft. Kenny Loften - Black Carl 19. Ichabod Crane - Space Jesus x Bleep Bloop 20. Swamp Stomp - MONXX x Stabby 21. Red Ops (Brillz x 2Scoops Remix) - 21 Savage 22. Arab Money (Shlump Remix) - Party Wave 23. Timezone - Enschway x LUUDE 24. Gotta Push on ft. Basstracks x Eric Crasno - GRiZ

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