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1. Tau Tau - Quantum (Original Mix) [Club Cartel] #44 Beatport EH Charts

  • Published: 2016-01-05T05:34:27Z
  • By Tau Tau
Tau Tau - Quantum (Original Mix) [Club Cartel] #44 Beatport EH Charts

Quantum. #44 Beatport Electro House Charts #32 Aria Charts Grab it Here: Much Love x Insta @tautaumusic Facey:

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2. Electro & House Club Mix (October 2013) Ep.44

  • Published: 2013-10-09T18:37:59Z
  • By PeeTee
Electro & House Club Mix (October 2013) Ep.44

new dance music 2013,October Club mix,Dance Songs follow me: Facebook ► Youtube ► Twitter ►!/djPeeTee Mixcloud ► DJList ► TRACKLIST ---------------- 00:00 Alex Hide - Get Away (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix) w/Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso - Together (acapella) 02:15 Tiësto ft. Kyler England - Take Me (Alex Balog Remix) 05:37 Don Diablo,Matt Nash Ft.Noonie Bao - Starlight (Could You Be Mine) (Otto Knows Remix) 08:07 Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. Sander van Doorn - Project T (Martin Garrix Remix) 12:14 Nicky Romero, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano feat. Fast Eddie - S.O.T.U. (Original Mix) 14:09 Akami - GTFO (Original Mix) 17:01 Rick Mitchells - Rockin' Steady (Original Mix) 21:52 Oliver Heldens ft. Alvar & Millas - Onyva (Original Mix) 25:40 Loken - Calut (Original Mix)

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3. Schlager Club 2016.Discofox Party.Megamix.DJ Shorty 44

Schlager Club 2016.Discofox Party.Megamix.DJ Shorty 44

Schlager Club 2016.Discofox Party.Megamix.DJ Shorty 44.Zusammenschnitt.

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4. PREMIERE | Pardon Moi - Inside The Outside (Dombrance Remix) 2017

PREMIERE | Pardon Moi - Inside The Outside (Dombrance Remix) 2017

Berlin-based duo, Pardon Moi's latest release seamlessly combines Classic 80's Human League synthesisers and electro-disco spanning decades. Be sure to purchase and download this hot floor fillers now. Or become a backstage exclusive member and get the whole Pardon Moi back catalog on Here now you can listen exclusive premiere of remix from Bertrand Lacombe aka Dombrance - very talented french musician, who is also taking a part of famous french collective DBFC. Inside The Outside dears. Enjoy Pardon Moi - Inside The Outside EP A1 Inside The Outside (Original Mix) A2 Inside The Outside (Dombrance Remix) B1 Hot (Original Mix) B2 Hot (Alda Remix) Masters on Cotton Bud Mastering:

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5. 44 Future Club

44 Future Club

The Soundtrack of Hotline Miami 2 all Credit to them

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6. PREMIERE | Pardon Moi - Power To The People (Damon Jee Remix)[Roam Recordings] 2017

PREMIERE | Pardon Moi - Power To The People (Damon Jee Remix)[Roam Recordings] 2017

The latest addition of Roam Recordings offers three stunning remixes of Berlin based 80s New Wave inspired band Pardon Moi. Following the success of their singles “Addiction” on Emerald & Doreen Recordings and “Inside the Outside” on Nein (which has been featured on BBC Radio) the Berlin duo Pardon Moi consisting of Thomas Freudenthal and James Brook have penned the evocative “Power to the People” along with “Touch2Much” which have been released in original form on 7” vinyl from Hoga Nord Rekords. In the “Power to the People Remixes” EP, Roam Recordings has gathered together a dream team of top remixers - Damon Jee, Markus Gibb, and Curses - who each put their own spin on the originals. Damon Jee starts it out with an an energetic and anthemic version of Power to the People that’s sure to get people on their feet. Markus Gibb moves Power to the People into slightly darker and heavier territory with exquisite production that has become his trademark. Switching gears, Curses takes on Touch2Much and keeps the 80s vibe alive with a stylish upbeat dub that’s both quirky and fun. All three of these remixes come together in an action packed trio of tracks that will surely be a go to when looking to get the dance floor movin’. Mastered by Rich Lane at Cotton Bud Studios. Pardon Moi - Power To The People Remixes | ROM045 | Roam Recordings 01. Power To The People (Damon Jee Remix) 02. Power To The People (Markus Gibb Remix) 03. Touch To Much (Curses Remix)

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7. 44,100Hz Social Club #34 - No Strings Attached

44,100Hz Social Club #34 - No Strings Attached

Steve Cass & Justin Wilson met at high school in the late 80's and began listening to each other's music collections whilst bunking school. Their taste spanned everything from Simple Minds to The Egyptian Lover but they really started getting serious about their music after hearing cassette tapes that were going around their local town and in particular a DJ from Windsor called Richard Bell who happened to be living with some older friends who had travelled South really caught their attention. They started collecting the records they were hearing on the mix tapes and clubs and over the years spent a fortune mail ordering records from London's Flying, Fat Cat & Tag records, Frankfurt's Delirium and Glasgow's Bomba records and are still in touch today with some of the guys who worked or owned these shops. As the record collections grew they wanted to share the sounds with friends so fast forward to May 1995 when they opened the doors to the first ever NSA night in the basement of a local football club. The night was a huge success and quickly evolved into a fortnightly party which was when the journey began. In between the NSA parties they frequented Edinburgh's Pure at the venue where NSA went on to relocate and SLAM that happened on a Friday at the Arches in Glasgow hosted by Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle who go by the same name and have played with the guys on a good few occasions. The foundations of all these nights depended on the residents who knew how to set the scene and NSA offered the same opportunity for Steve & Justin to hone their skills in the art of the warmup as well as playing longer sets as they rotated between resident only parties and the guest DJs they would ask along to the club. Track selection was the key thing for them and is still very evident in their sets to this day as they opt out of playing the latest big records and try to select music that will stand the test of time or has a bit more depth to it. This is a far cry from a lot of clubs you go to these days with the music being banged out as soon as the doors open with little thought going into it. The same ethos is applied to the careful selection of the guests they would ask to play and the night must also have had an impact on them as leading names on the circuit return time and time again as well as contribute to their recent soundcloud series that was launched last year. Andrew Weatherall is one DJ who has been regularly playing at NSA for over 15 years now after guesting at their 5th birthday party back in 2000. He described it as "a proper acid house party" after his recent appearance with Sean Johnston. SLAM are another example of world class DJs who return to play with Steve & Justin in the small basement which is worlds apart from the huge events they play week in week out. These decisions are rewarded as the NSA parties always fill up and get going early rather than people just turning up for the main guest. It has also resulted in a loyal crowd that spans a couple of generations and is still supported by people who came along to the early parties as well as new people discovering it all the time. The people make NSA and it has one of the friendliest crowds who really know there music and has been the birth place to a lot of great friendships. Tracklist: Die Wilde Jagd - Drachenfels Hardway Bros - Argonaut VoX LoW - I Am a Strange Machine Sometimes Daniele Baldelli - Chop and Roll Plastic Fantastic - The Dark Of The Moon Simple Minds - Someone Somewhere In The Summertime (Dj Steef & Relatif Yann edit) Rigopolar - Sistema Lunar V Hotel International - 9 Semaines 1/2 Axel Boman - The Chains Of Liberty Inigo Vontier - Friction Colder - Your Kind (Kasper Bjørke Remix) Le Carousel - Winter Months (The Hacker Remix) DJ Richard - Vampire Dub Hodge - Forms Of Life Javi Redondo - Narcotic Luv The Chaplin Band - Il Veliero (Black Light Smoke Remix)

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8. PREMIERE | Curses - Pedal To The Metal And Don't Look Back [Bordello A Parigi] 2018

PREMIERE | Curses - Pedal To The Metal And Don't Look Back [Bordello A Parigi] 2018

A new year means new musical horizons at the Bordello. Curses formed his sound in the distortion and sweat of back alley dive bar bars amidst the crash of guitars and the audible gulp of beer. Hints of disco and wave balance this rougher edge, smoothing down those creased lines for a style that adheres to no boundaries. “Pedal To The Metal And Don’t Look Back” is a perfect introduction to Curses’ multifaceted sound. Beats orbit burbling bass and brash strings in a work of dreamy hypnotics. “Knife in Teeth” comes from a similarly shadowy lair. Dark bars are further inked by industrial percussion in a track born on the factory floor to strict EBM parents. Terr takes on “Pedal To The Metal And Don’t Look Back” and does the original proud. Bass rumbles to the tune of a guttering engine before lighter notes take hold. Murky currents are cleared by bright synth blasts in this uplifting remake. The Bird of Paradise closes the EP with his psychedelic take on “Knife in Teeth.” Drums take on a more sinister tone as tribal rhythms give rise to jungle imagery and the immediate threat of what might lurk behind those supposedly innocent sounds. Listen to the premiere of titule track "Pedal To The Metal And Don't Look Back" and don't forget to order it here: Curses - Pedal To The Metal And Don’t Look Back EP | BAPXX2 12″ | Bordello A Parigi 01. Pedal To The Metal And Don't Look Back 02. Knife In Teeth 03. Pedal To The Metal (Terr Remix) 04. Knife In Teeth (Birds Of Paradise Remix)

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9. PREMIERE | Imaski - Hyperloop (Moderna Remix) | OUT NOW ON Establishment Records

PREMIERE | Imaski - Hyperloop (Moderna Remix) | OUT NOW ON Establishment Records

Imaski is the self-titled debut of a new project from Peter Kirn - flirtatious, techno-tinged hyperreal pop. Here, Kirn - known as the technologist behind CDM ( and co-creator of the MeeBlip synth - reveals his creative side, honed in live club sets in Berlin and beyond. “Sisters” opens with lush, synthetic vocals and trippy bass beats. “Don’t think of me” and “Hyperloop” continue with chopped-up, original texts read by Berlin native voice over artist Laura Helm. The tracks pivot from cinematic melancholy to rhythmic pop. Remixers Jamaica Suk (L.A.G., Face to Face) and Moderna (Ghostly International) contribute dancefloor-friendly takes on “Sisters” and “Hyperloop,” respectively. Jamaica Suk produces a heavy, hypnotic take on “Sisters.” LA based rising techno talent Moderna applies her signature amorous touches while teasing the darker side of sounds and vocals on her massive “Hyperloop” remix. Crossing media, Imaski is also an audiovisual project, including two original music videos by Wroclaw-based photo artist and filmmaker AnnaMaria Olech. With bright, saturated colors and a sensitive, intimate relationship with her models, AnnaMaria provides fanciful portraits of “Don’t think of me” and “Sisters.” @moderna --------------------------------- Imaski - Imaski EP 1. Sisters 2. Don’t think of me 3. Hyperloop 4. Sisters - Jamaica Suk Remix 5. Hyperloop - Moderna Remix Establishment Records / EEST001

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10. PREMIERE | Permanent Wave - Lunar Lost (Black Light Smoke Remix) [Nein Records] 2017

PREMIERE | Permanent Wave - Lunar Lost (Black Light Smoke Remix) [Nein Records] 2017

Permanent Wave present their third ep - "Last Wave" Featuring 3 originals + remixes from Mexican Fausto and this one from New Yorks - Jordan Lieb aka Black Light Smoke who takes the original and crushes it into a dark bass groove, with his own elegant synth touch. Enjoy

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11. 44,100Hz Social Club #44 - Dreems & Jamie Blanco

44,100Hz Social Club #44 - Dreems & Jamie Blanco

The Multi Culti label has been dropping multicultural disco bombs on us since 2013. The inaugural release was 'soon we'll be found', an infectious, seemingly aboriginal tale told over equally infectious beats. The track solidified Multi Culti as the go-to label for folk in need of a more off kilter, tribal sound. It also catapulted the names Dreems and Jagma into the spotlight. The former has since been carving a real name for himself, not only on Multi Culti but as a DJ talent too. So when we heard from our friend and previous guest mixer, Jamie Blanco, and he mentioned he fancied sending us a back to back mix from him and Angus Gruzman aka Dreems - to support their recently released EP "Studio Glucose" on Futureboogie Recordings - of course we said 'hell yeah' or words to that effect! So, without further play! listen "Studio Glucose" EP here: buy "Studio Glucose" EP here: Dreems: Jamie Blanco:

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12. PREMIERE | Timothy J. Fairplay - Jennifer Has Some Strange Ideas [Höga Nord Rekords] 2017

PREMIERE | Timothy J. Fairplay - Jennifer Has Some Strange Ideas [Höga Nord Rekords] 2017

Timothy J. Fairplay is revisiting Höga Nord Rekords to release the 12” EP Mindfighter: photosensitive electronic music from one of the pillars of the modern meaningful dance music scene. Together with Scott Frasier, T.J.F. is running the record label “Crimes Of The Future” and he is also known as one half of The Asphodells together with Andrew Weatherall. This is his second release on Höga Nord Rekords and his first EP on the label. The feeling of full control characterizes every second of Mindfighter. As usual, T.J.F picks up influences from everywhere; House, techno, electro, kraut rock and psychedelia forms the sound of this release and creates a unique sound. Drips of discrete and contrasting nuances colours the monotonous and hypnotic groove and creates the effect of double exposition, like in the track Jennifer Has Some Strange Ideas that develops in to a love affair between Hi fi and Lo fi. The build-ups are exquisitely balanced and compassionate and in Nightmare City the melodies resounds from some horror movie soundtrack by John Carpenter or Fabio Frizzi. The title of this EP comes from a cult computer game from the eighties. The game is about a boy with supernatural psychic abilities who wakes up in a post nuclear war Southampton, in an England run by right wing extremists. A theme not impossible to put in present time. Mindfighter shows once again that Timothy J. Fairplay is on to something different. The craftsmanship is undoubted on this trip into a dystopic Europe, in a not so distant future. Tracklisting: A1. Mindfighter A2. Nightmare City B1. Lost In The Mirror Maze B2. Jennifer Has Some Strange Ideas

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13. PREMIERE | Coco Monad - Melchizedek (The Two Mamarrachos Remix) [Nein Records] 2017

PREMIERE | Coco Monad - Melchizedek (The Two Mamarrachos Remix) [Nein Records] 2017

Berlin duo Coco Monad release their debut on Nein Records. Two tracks of dark slow motion eastern magic, wouldn't disappoint you. Nein invites The Two Mamarrachos take the key elements from the original and ramp up the electric tension, pulsing rhythms and echoes percussion, The EP completed with remixes from Lithuanians Roe Deers and label boss Tronik Youth. Another belter release from Nein, full of energy with fresh and cool sounds.

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14. 44,100Hz SC #005 - Kezokichi

44,100Hz SC #005 - Kezokichi

@kezokichi @blindetonation Kezokichi (@Blindetonation / @Neinrecords / @melomana-records / Join Our Club Records) Having spent time in London, Kezokichi made quite an impression - regular sets at his own "Back To Back" events held in the hippest quarters of the capital have built a feverishly dedicated following for what Time Out calls "a darn killer party". Now back in Tokyo Kezokichi’s label called ''Blindetonation'' imports some of the best underground music from all over the world. The Disco of Randomness. Balearic, Drug Chug, Slow Motion, Weird Vibe is key. First Compilation LP is made by our favourite artists and friends. Tracklist: 001. Rich Lane - Sweat Out The Suicide (Cotton Bud Remix) 002. Sebastien Tex - Mohtel 003. Rework - Too Forward (BALD Remix) 004. Damon Jee - Cuir Rouge (Il Est Vilaine's Cuir Ré-Interpretation) 005. FLXXX - Exodo (Juan Soto Mix) 006. Vito & Druzzi - Deep Into It (Lokier Remix) 007. Maceo Plex - Mirror Me Feat. C.A.R 008. Mugwump - After They Fall (Eskimo Twins Remix) 009. Principles of Geometry - ISM (Pilooski Edit) 010. Cyclist - Incoming Instructions (Brioski Remix) 011. Broken English Club - Casual Sex 012. Daniele Balldelli & DJ Rocca - Pink Ghost (Jamie Paton Dub) 013. Rework - Overdosed 014. Kasper Bjørke- Forever (Moscoman Remix) Download for free on The Artist Union

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15. 44,100Hz Social Club #30 - CURSES

44,100Hz Social Club #30 - CURSES

@cursesforever Curses, AKA Luca Venezia, plays dark, romantic house and techno, punctuated by ethereal melodies, pounding rhythms and flashes of ’80s Italo disco. Venezia’s DJ sets and productions are anchored in house and techno, but pull together everything from cinematic film scores to post punk, whilst incorporating live singing in his own rockabilly like style. These eclectic influences collide in a unique blend of hard-hitting grooves and dreamy, nocturnal vibes. Venezia runs a monthly Rinse France radio show, which has featured an ever-changing lineup of guest DJs including Pink Skull, Crimes Of The Future, Tronik Youth and Ian Blevins to name a few. He releases via his own Safer At Night imprint, but also with labels such as NEIN Records, Let’s Play House, Throne Of Blood and OFF Recordings. Tracklist: 001. FLVN - Orasol Fate 002. Brian Eno & David Byrne - The Jezebel Spirit 003. Sanfuentes - Artslave 004. Alberto Sola - Failure! 005. Tulioxi - Bring The Funk To The Punk (Cabaret Nocturne Remix) 006. K-Effect - Acid Drummer 007. Veneno - Solo Vino 008. N.Y. House'n Authority - Ravenswood House 009. Chateau Flight - GRN Aventurine 010. Conor - China White 011. Alejandro Molinari - StereoMatches 012. Red Axes - Boosha Gdola 013. Reboleldo / Matias- Ritmo Especial 014. Curses - Spanish Dollar 015. Curses - Spanish Dollar (Posthuman Remix) 016. Front De Cadeaux - Front De Cadeaux Theme 017. Alda - Roger 018. La Baronessa - Nu Fazzu Cchiu (Acapella) 019. Brothers Black - Argan (Curses Remix) 020. Andrew Claristidge - Automated Motion (Relecture By Baroque) 021. Soft Touch - Crime Of Passion (Curses Edit) 022. JackWasFaster - Curmudgeon 023. Sylvester Loop - Dungeness Crab 024. EU Cannibal - Lucifer Drums 025. Kenji Kawai - Ghost in the Shell - Koukaku Kidoutai 026. Stiletti Ana - Universe Carrier 027. The KVB - Silent Wave 028. Low Manuel - The Squid 029. Curses - Practice Makes Perfekt 030. Cardopusher - Gatekeeper 031. Tronik Youth - Never Said, I Never Said (Cabaret Nocturne Remix) 032. Suicide - Wild In Blue

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