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1. coopahtroopa

  • Published: 2017-06-27T18:11:13Z
  • By CHIDDY304

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2. Dropical Vibes Volume 20

Dropical Vibes Volume 20

What's up guys! Stoked to present the newest edition of Dropical Vibes jam packed with some of my favorite tracks from start to finish. Starting off with a high paced up-beat vibe, this mix keeps the energy flowing ultimately ending with a laid back chill vibe to help alleviate any stress you might be experiencing. As always, be sure to help yourself to a FREE DOWNLOAD and be sure to

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3. Dropical Vibes Volume 22

Dropical Vibes Volume 22

What's up everyone! Stoked to present July's edition of "Dropical Vibes" a day early! Wanted to start this mix out on a heavier note and slowly shift it to a more relaxed melodic vibe as time goes on. I hope you guys dig the heavy stuff and if not skip ahead of 15 minutes as I promise it's all pretty kosher from there :) Hope you guys enjoy and if you like this mix be sure to help yourself to a FREE DOWNLOAD! Please help spread the love with a

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4. Mugatunes Guest Mix

Mugatunes Guest Mix

Hey guys! Just wanted to upload a guest mix I did for my good homies over at Mugatunes for anyone who missed it! This mix is jam packed with heaters from start to finish. Just a few minutes in and I guarantee you'll already be hooked! Super appreciative of the opportunity to work with these guys and I hope you enjoy this mix as much as I did making it! As always, be sure to help yourself to a FREE DL and be sure to hook it up with a

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5. Dropical Vibes Volume 10

Dropical Vibes Volume 10

Buy = FREE DL Hey friends! I've created this account to avoid having my account taken down due to copyright infringement. Although I don't take any credit for any of the tracks used in my mixes, Soundcloud tends to view it from a different angle. I'll be uploading mixes to this account that have some questionable tracks in but to your benefit these mixes are as jam packed with awesome tunes as possible. This mix is pretty quick to pick up and only gets better and better as time goes on. Take an hour out of your day and listen in its entirety, I promise you won't regret it ;) If you like this mix, be sure to help yourself to a FREE DOWNLOAD and help spread the love with a

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6. Mugatunes Guest Mix - Coopahtroopa

  • Published: 2017-07-30T14:34:09Z
  • By Mugatunes
Mugatunes Guest Mix - Coopahtroopa

@coopahtroopamusic hits us with an absolutely fire future bass mix to help deal with those Sunday Scaries. Tracklist: Intro - Odesza Dillon Francis - Anywhere (Luca Lush Remix) Cashemere Cat - After Coachella (Krane Remix) Drops - Run Away Ye. & Squired - Bye Bye Zeds Dead - Ratchet Tim Gunter - First Breathe Nitti Gritti - All of the Lights Skrillex - Voltage (Slushi Remix) Skrillex - Cinema (Luca Lush Flip) CRAY - BTFU RL Grime - Reims ARMNHMR - Farewell Win & Woo - Recognize (Stratus Remix) Vanic - Can’t Sleep

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7. Dropical Vibes Volume 14

Dropical Vibes Volume 14

CLICK BUY FOR A FREE DOWNLOAD! Hey guys! Decided to pack a bunch of my favorite trap tunes into a 30 minute mix. For as heavy as this mix starts out, it gradually cools off to a very chill vibe towards the end. I think you'll really enjoy so I strongly recommend listening in its entirety! Here's to hoping this one doesn't get taken down! If you like this mix, be sure to help yourself to a FREE DOWNLOAD and be sure to help spread the love with a

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8. Neon Owl Radio 51: Coopahtroopa Guestmix

  • Published: 2017-02-07T03:48:13Z
  • By Neon Owl
Neon Owl Radio 51: Coopahtroopa Guestmix

Check out this week's mix by Coopahtroopa! Coopahtroopa specializes in bringing you the best melodic bass tracks every month via a mix series entitled "Dropical Vibes". Drawing inspiration from artists like Illenium, Vanic, graves, The Chainsmokers, and Two Friends, Coopahtroopa plans to release original tracks and remixes in early 2018. While it may seem like a long way out, his page is sure to keep you entertained with some of the best music Soundcloud has to offer. Stay tuned and be sure to regularly check in for your monthly dosage of Dropical Vibes.​ Tracklist: Milk N’ Cooks - Thunder (Totally Normal Remix) Marshmello - Want U 2 Drops - Run Away CRAY - By Your Side Ookay - Thief (Habu Remix) Lookas - Apollo Big Gigantic - The Little Things (Luca Lush Remix) San Holo - Light Vincent - Only Marshmello - Alone (Contrvbvnd Remix) Not Your Dope - 5 AM graves - Sheep With Wolves (Awoltalk Remix) graves - No Sunshine Post Malone - Patient (Awoltalk Remix) Kill Paris - Operate (Illenium Remix) Shaun Frank - Let You Get Away (Shaun Frank & Shoolz VIP) LIONE - Leave This Place (ARMNHMR Remix) Bassnectar - Ephemeral Shape of You (NOTD Remix) Bass Physics - Old School Melody Nola Wren & Kill Dave - Knife (tofü Remix) Elenne - King of Thebes Autograf - Heartbeat Kid Froopy - Four Missed Texts Real Friends Remix Bringing you a variety of dope music and amazing talents across genres in EDM each week! Interact with us on twitter or snapchat @neonowlco or use the hashtags #neonowlco & #neonowlradio Turn up the volume and get a little crazy every Monday with us on Neon Owl Radio. Don't forget to check out all our artist interviews on itunes and give us a rating so that we can bring more cool guests on!

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9. ~ Dropical Vibes Reborn ~

~ Dropical Vibes Reborn ~

This playlist contains all "Dropical Vibes" mixtapes to date. Be sure to continually check back in for any mixes you may have missed :D

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10. coopahtroopa

  • Published: 2017-12-08T01:16:56Z
  • By KP

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11. Tropical Sensation Vol.2 - AMAD (Sonder Guest Mix) [Free Download]

Tropical Sensation Vol.2 - AMAD (Sonder Guest Mix) [Free Download]

Hey Guys ! Welcome to the Second Volume of "Tropical Sensation" which is A Mix that Features Artists in the Business from All Over the World. In this Volume i proudly Present "Sonder" in a smooth Melodic Journey,so sit Back, Relax and Enjoy. Where each song provides a different feeling. Staring out with a euphoric feeling, the mix gets deeper and deeper as time goes on. While keeping you engaged, the music aims to make you think. As the sounds progress, you forget about the basic beat (120 BMP) and instead you begin focusing on the different organic elements that each track contains. If you enjoy it, LIKE and click the [↻ Repost] button! It helps a lot and Don't Forget to Leave a Comment ;) Also, FOLLOW me for New and Hot Mixes. Like on Facebook: Check "Sonder'' account: or at his main Page: Track List: 1-Dickystixxx - Make Me Feel Better 2-Filous - How Hard I Try 3-FlicFlac - Swim 4-Mozambo - Latch 5-Odesza - Beat Connection 6-Win & Woo - I Can’t Help It 7-Hotel Garuda - Passenger 8-Bender - My Love 9-Say Something Sebastian 10-MOWE - World Without You 11-Kids Sowlmate 12-Alex Brandt - Close To You 13-FDVM - Waiting Here 14-Doing It Right - Lukas Grinys 15-Dinner Date - Catherdral

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16. Mob Barley Beats Vol. 1

Mob Barley Beats Vol. 1

Here's an upload of our first mix Coopahtroopa and I (NotezArt) ever did. Hope you enjoy :)

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17. Dropical Vibes (11.30.15)

Dropical Vibes (11.30.15)

New week, New Tunes! Enjoy! PS: Coopahtroopa is back!! Follow here,

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