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2. Let's All Give Black Cats the Love They Deserve!

Let's All Give Black Cats the Love They Deserve!

Let's All Give Black Cats the Love They Deserve!

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4. Black Cats In Love 1

Black Cats In Love 1

a selection of tunes from "Supernova". Available on iTunes:

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6. A Tale of Weird Love

A Tale of Weird Love

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8. Love Songs For Ghosts

Love Songs For Ghosts

Wet Device- Love Songs For Ghosts

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9. 10,000 Bars (Instrumental)

10,000 Bars (Instrumental)

This isn't the actual mix by DJ Raj Smoove, I just found all the beats he used and put them together in the same order and about the same length; the tracks are listed here, above the lyrics. Redman - Let's Get Dirty Jay-Z - I Just Wanna Love U Ludacris - Southern Hospitality Ludacris - You's A Hoe Mystikal - Danger Mya feat. Jay-Z - Best Of Me Lil' Mo feat. Fabolous - Superwoman G Dep - Let's Get It Jay-Z, R. Kelly, Boo and Gotti - Fiesta Remix Notorious B.I.G. - One More Chance Nas - Oochie Wally MOP - Ante Up Royce da 5'9 - Boom Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek feat. Vinia Mojica - The Blast Prodigy - Keep It Thoro Xzibit - Front 2 Back Snoop Dogg feat. Nate Dogg - Lay Low Dr. Dre - Xxplosive 6 Shot - Itz Ya Dog Shyne - Bonnie And Shyne Lil' Kim feat. Diddy & Notorious B.I.G. - Queen Bitch Part 2 Missy Elliot - Get Ur Freak On OutKast - So Fresh, So Clean N.E.R.D. - Lapdance Timbaland & Missy Elliot - Lick Shots Lyrics: Go Weezy Wee, bitch S-Q-A-D Siddeven (Seven), holla at us, underground Muhfucka, what you know bout Weezy huh? Holla at me dawg I got it, it's right here, listen Holla [Let's Get DIrty] I'm off the rocks squat the box throwin' rocks The Sqad pop 'em I'ma fuck with the hottest Diamonds drop the temperature, bitch I'm one of the finest And to be honest, I got all these hoes stocked up like ??, Now who you fuckin'? Ice shining, colorful, like a sack of fruit or something With no heart for bitches like ??? or something I be the true to nothing thorough nigga, young, raw, and famous Get money 'til I'm dead or 'til the day of my arraigning Spittin' game through the platinum smile You can see the fuck I'm saying from half a mile How I hop out of the colossal Tahoe filled up with models Poppin' bottles with pussy poppers that gobble until they swallow See I'm a pimp playboy when it come to these hoes 'Cause all I give is cum to these hoes and run from these hoes I comfortably roll in the latest sleepy eye Mercedes Beat up for the haters beat up for the ladies Miss, so watch your back, and watch your mouth cat Weezy shit, this our click You 'bout that? I send my Sqad to where your house at All of a sudden niggas G's, why the fuck is you trippin'? I cock and shoot up one of your knees, why the fuck is you trippin'? [I'm A Hustler] You listening? I'm official pimpin' Be lowkey dippin', Range Ro' be twistin' on blades I'm O. J. Simpson, pretty limpin' Big fucking cannon holding me back With some shit from off the Discovery Channel on my back My niggas drowned in smoke, underground, pound daily My hoes like Nelly cause they go "Down, down baby" I used to dog chickens, cluck 'em, fuck 'em, and duck 'em But now I'm more mature, I fuck 'em, fuck 'em, and fuck 'em Stuck inside of the game for damn near two decades And I'ma make you see the insides like a x-ray, aww FUCK, aww shit Huh? Drunk off Cris', mami on e Weezy on e, mami cummin' on me The diamond long links sparkle topping the light You do a lil' something tonight, I buy you something with ice And I ain't stunting a price, shawty I can afford it I been had dough before I was recorded Started to order you a Mercedes C 240 But I thought it would be more nice for you in a Ferrari, peep me It's whatever, holla I ain't stopping, I aint stopping Check it, check it Muhfucka bet' not fuck with this nigga I'm itching, clutching the trigger Muhfucka you can end up in a river, shit I'm like a tornado I twisted off of shit And my pistols off my hip but I give a shit about who I hit, fuck I'm fucked up, I'll fuck you up for fucking up Guns up like "What's up?", get your fucking guts cut Tough luck bruh Wonder why your bitch act stuck up? 'Cause the slut got Weezy nuts stuck up in her fucking butt, young mack [Southern Hospitality] Look like quicker than acrobats, get at me mane Boom, look call me Wayne a. k. a. Big Daddy 'Caine Nigga can't tell me nuttin' 'bout the game Been in that deep shit, every year I'm M. V. P. It's just in me Rims on the 'Lac like 22 inches Play with me, I open up your back like 22 inches Guerrilla pimpin' And it really isn't wise for niggas to start poppin' At any given time them niggas could start droppin', peep it I'm off the strip muhfucka what you want? This a freestyle coming from the top out the trunk Niggas be like Mase and go to Church But I go to the trunk and then I go to your shirt Holla at me, I'm the don bitch Look we can get it on bitch Gotta get another rap to flow on bitch. Hold up, aight, aight, aight Listen, Playa, all I do is get bread, I'ma head to them cowards And if they ever try me, I'll bring y'all the head to them cowards This big spending, see the heads on them dollars It's big pimpin', you see your bitch lipstick red on my boxers Choppers pop at any time for any given reason Leave 'em not breathing, under cement for one disagreement ?? we ride on them bitches, rollin' through sittin' high on them inches My mission's to make sure Sqad get expensive ??? You niggas better get defensive, your care will get intensive Shot put humps on top of your head like Bart Simpson I spark instant, now who want it? I'll light your set 'Cause I'm all about money cocksucker, my life a check I'm spectacular, I let the Tec tackle ya I spit 16 after ya like I rap with ya Put your chest in the back of ya You would think a truck hit 'em, it's Weezy, don't fuck with him [You's A Hoe] Better lock me up or get me to the graveyard quick Come and get me I spray, spark, spit and straight walk Bitch niggas is hoes like they take long dick I wave chrome shit at home, shit make domes split and may I say These fake niggas on some Ray Charles shit- Blind to the fact, 9 to ya cap *blat* put ya mind in ya lap I ride wit the gat for hard times crimes and rats This mind of the crack my sqad I'll die for that I climb in the 'Lac drunk off 190 dax don't try me, cat I'll take this shit beyond the rap an' this extacy is why my eyes are black Don't like baby mom's but the x make her thighs look fat but fuck the bullshit I grind for scratch, I scrape and scruff, I bake and cut You hatin' us, we tape ya up I'll spin ya corner make ya duck from blades and bucks Bandanas, braids and cuts, I'm gangsta'd up Muhfucka Oh, oh shit Oh shit What they want? I dont think they want weezy Do you think they want weezy? Check it, check it Lil' nigga pass slow in a S-430, ya ho be like thats so purty Fuck wit' me I'll show ya chest no mercy Sqad gets so dirty, but still we do it clean Bring action to these fake ass niggas like Movie Scene [Danger] I pop so much X, man, I feel like Wolverine Wake up in the morning, lips burning, can't move my spleen See this lil' dude is mean, strapped up with tools and things I'll get you different drugs mixed up like Smoothie King The heavy platinum jewelry bling over the white tee Watch your wifey, she's mostly likely to blow me pipey I'm so exciting Money, murder, steal, kill, rape You should do like the Internet and start to Bill Gates This whole world gon' end up with some bad fucking tumors, listening to these Cash Money rumors I'll blast, bust, and shoot you, hit your block without the mask, fucking screw you Treat you like a bitch, bitch look at me while I do you Ok, ok, homie, ok Peep it out, Squiddad Let me catch my breath, let the Danger track roll And let me holla at you, now let me holla at you, check it out S-Q-A-D Don't fool with any niggas like me We pull triggers like weeds Swigger off the Piña Colada Dreams of having cream and the power You need a problem? I'm the meanest to start with And got grams the size of the head of Gina on Martin For any discomfort the Ninas is sparking Be in your apartment, many assault men and semi-revolvers Keep it clean, I'm a young Sqad street teen, only into green If you intervene I'll leave your ass colder than Winter Scene [Best Of Me] And y'all just look like bitches You get fucked then I nut up And just like bitches, I leave you face down and butt up Nigga what up? I just bought a record to say fuck hip hop I spit it for them niggas who grip glocks Dip cops, flip rocks, and when the bricks drop We fix blocks, suddenly watch the income Fuck with me, watch the outcome Niggas don't wanna hear the glock rung That's that real shit, that's that- K, ok, ok Yea, holla at me, holla at me This for all these niggas, you know me Listen, let me tell you who the Sqiddad 7 is... bring it It's Weezy Wee, Lil' Jay, Lil' Tez, Lil' Fee Fee, Lil' Yo, Lil' Sammie, T-Redd Holla at us, holla at us, holla at us Can't forget ???, don't forget it Check it, check it Playboy I pimp huge See the whip cruise on big shoes Slide out the shit, cool, frostbit jewels like igloos See Weezy gets loot, that be why your bitch choose But dude, I ain't got nothing for her but some dick juice I stick tools in the pocket of the S. Q. leather They gon' have to rescue this fella if he stress my pleasure I tells you once, I'm the don, you can trust my word I say with a herpes dick, nigga fuck the world I be with niggas that can get me years I be with hoes and bitches that favor Britney Spears Listen here, you see the Sqad Minked up, Platinum S. Q. linked up With a freak slut who'll drink nuts 'til my dick shrink up [Superwoman] You think it's soft? Let the thing bust 'til I'm seeing pink guts Niggas watch them pigs come, they trying to sink us You know who I be, Weezy Wee muhfucka I ain't gon' stop the flow until the end K we got a new game, I'm running, punting, I ain't passing the ball You other niggas just be crashing the boards With a team full of great players, but I'm veteran, all-star And let's be real man, I'm better than all y'all I'm the truth, I'm the reason, I'm the meaning, I'm the shit I'm the alleged convict in any Sqad incident Last name Carter like Vince and shit But I don't slam balls and goals, my life's money, cars, and hoes Cadillac white walls and 'bauds, pimpin' partna Plus I can get more work out than a fitness doctor Let's get this partna, I'm the young don these niggas honor And those of you who ain't cheap can't buy a vowel It's 'cause the child's mom will eat me up like Jeffery Dahmer Liable to find my condom inside of dry vagina I'm kinda calm, drama goes with my persona A minor with intentions to harm ya, holla Ok, ok Switch it up right here, switch it up, switch it up Listen, listen, take this money, make this money, get this money Puff [Get Money] Holla at me! Homeboy it's Sqad shit It's gon' be Sqad shit, swallow it He who disrespect, hollows follow him Flash the pistol, watch 'em stop and pose like they modeling Blast 'em, watch em stop, drop, and roll like they firemen Seriously man, I got enough money to buy ya men Turn 'em against you and make 'em kill ya mom and them, don't fuck with me Buck 50 on the dash of the box but that's only approximately 'cause it really do like two ?, blue fire Wrist looking like blue fire Piña Colada got me spiked like barb wire, Weezy Wee, Sqad rider Holla at me, you know you know me Got out the streets and start hustlin', there's still some fiends who owe me Blow me some dro, nah I ain't smoking I stopped that My niggas still get puffed out, I catch the contact I'm kinda fucked up, fuck with me and I ain't gonna leave you kinda fucked up I leave you fucked up, believe the stuff bruh, it's Sqad shit, bitch Oh shit, I ain't finished Oh shit, I ain't finished I ain't finished dude Check it, listen I come up from a shit deep town, where you hear sounds like "Click", "Squeak", "Pow" Get down or you dying, niggas tote iron Got that coke flying like birds, not the ones with feathers, I'm talkin' weight like Fiesta: And you might get served for just poppin' up Or find your nerves on the curb if you a cop or something A baller blocker or something, I'll send your noggin a hundred Have the whole block sprinting, dashing, jogging, and running Type of life I live, Gotti would love it Sqad property buddy, some young niggas with a mafia budget Can't nobody put nobody above it And if they do, they find they body with your body above it Fuck it, let's take the public, nah leave it the gutter Fuck it, let's go and dump 'em, nah leave 'em in the gutter Hustler, keep it thuggin', why the fuck you niggas buggin'? The hot 9 slug it, dug inside of your fucking jucket (jacket) Call me Weezy you bitch Ok, ok The d. j. just informed me that I got 20 more minutes to rap How the fuck I'ma do that? Holla at me, if you feel me holla at me Sqad, I gotta talk to make some of the raps look more long, you know, holla at me I'm a real nigga, you know, you know me D. J. Riddaj (Raj) Smoove 'Bout to blow your head smoove off, cool off, dude you soft You know me, let's go Is y'all ready? Check it out, check it out Listen, I keep the pistol hidden in the big pockets, hear shit cockin' Better get flocking or get gotten Dawg I speak with the gun, nigga's holla in the street like "What's up?" I tell 'em "*chika* *buck* *buck* *chika* Get the fuck" The crowds come bring the pots out, let's do what we do You fuck with me I send more shots out than D. J. Clue Now who seeing me? Not a person Got a person to grudge with these commercial thugs No student with me, true [One More Chance] I shine hard and I be flossin' very sweet But I'm like Iverson, dawg, I be ballin' but very street Keep my name out ya yapper, or you gon' have to try to Keep my flame out ya capper I ride around with, like, two bodies framed on the clapper The tool cocked for heat, dude pop for beef Move out for cheap, supply two blocks a piece two blocks apiece My crew watch for cheese, now do stop my G's Do, do ...fuckin' with me, man Check it, check it What up world, they say ya people weezy holla at the don Real nigga, dude i promise that to god When i swallow after dawn, i go loco, stressed, hopin i'm not cursed Walk around with teks poking out my shirt, nigga show off for them hoes Try to play hard with their chest poking out their shirt Try me and i'll send shots leave their chest poking out they shirt Yes, expect the worst, when you fuck with the squad right Pull you out ya car at a stoplight Catch you in the waist, make you my height it's just not nice, i'll have you chopped twice for a hot price Or i can take off my ice and hit ya block and stop life Can you see that? properly under my seat is where the heat at Directly in your head is where the bullets meet at I be that cat who make sure my squad ball gracious, till the lord take us We gon all get paper, just stay faithful Cross the gate bitch, and we rape ya Ain't nothing suga nigga, we all salt Fuck y'all, and that's y'all fault Holla at us Man, this Sqad shit is real, real biddig (big) Tunechi I ain't- oh, oh, oh Check it, check it, check it Follow me. Listen Homie i speak for the streets, scream for the ghetto, and holla for my folk Die for my squad, kill for my dough My attitude is fuck bitches, fuck haters, fuck cops And my real father is a ho, my attitude is fuck pops I'm livin it up in a nice home, ridin in trucks Tuck drops, and i'm a young nigga, I don't even know how to do the bus stop But i got my money right, when I hit the club I make it a sunny night See the fake flossers, bum ballers, is a funny sight Watch dudes front for these hoes in they chevy, right? I pull up next to em in the 500, bumpin' betty wright I keep my shit spaghetti tight, playboy put the hood on that We buy sports cars and put the fuckin' hood on that My bank got too high to sit on so I stood on that Any place you be careful, 'cause I could on that Moet and e, I'm good on that Your bitch lookin at me, I should bone that Y'all niggas know where the fuckin don at Ahh, holla at me Weezy wee, holla at me Weezy wee, yea, yea, yea Check it, check it, check it S-Q-A-D-S-H-I-T, that's what I represent 'til I die Muhfucka bust one in your eye Flip pies, I used to do that shit in like '95 But I'ma switch it up to '99, 2000, 2001 I ride cars that's 2000 and fun You know the motherfucking whip be cruising on shit, 22's And hoes be losing they mind, boy It's about to come It's about to come, what y'all want? What y'all want? Check it, check it Fee fee fade it [Ante Up] Flippin' in the whipper Peel the top back like a zipper Skippin' on them chrome dipped slippers Grippin' on the lips of stripper If that's ya bitch mista, don't kiss her If so you might as well kiss a pistol 'Cause all I do is shoot off in her whistler She fixin to get my name on her shitter And I ain't even hit her My nigga fat did her, and slid her to the rest of the squidda Forget her, another bitch is cajun Weezy blazin, come thru in somethin amazin I ball so good I need a sports agent Look at me and squint ya eyes like asians, what's wrong? My jewelry's like a white boy-- always stoned I got a big home but I'm always gone That's why your bath towels is always gone Hoes i meet nowadays, panties always gone And baby after I fuck, I'm always gone I mean, I got a wife at home, you know Holla, heh, holla Bitch I can't love you Holla, listen Homie I go hard, push a whip with no hair on its head So all I'm feelin' is air on my head With some hoe that you might know, she suckin' all the air out my head Bitch you close and knock you square out your head [Boom] Clear out my head and try to get my loot up In Cuba with a translator ?? coke newer Plus the prices is cooler I come back through the hood with that dirty And tell 'em I'm like Tiger Woods, all I got is birdies Got bitches in they 30's calling Weezy partna But Weezy not daddy bitch, 'cause Weezy in and out ya Weezy never spouse ya, Weezy give shit about ya And Weezy don't Master Suite, Weezy living room couch ya How about you be a good bitch, and take these pies I just cooked up And tape 'em to the perfect form of your thighs I gets high 'til I can't focus But a man focused to remain focused, they ain't focused, muhfucka Holla, shit, holla, oh shit, oh shit Boy, boy, boy Ok I spit it for them niggas who run the corner, palm the revolver with honor Any beefs involving homie, your momma Homie we swarm out the Eddie Bauer thoughts to devour Spark and shower, we get more stupid than Austin Powers Smell the aroma of marijuana, Coronas when upon us We do just what the neighborhood have shown us We murder opponents and don't think about it, forget about it Niggas won't do shit about it Wave the pistol, get the bitch up out 'em I'm off the ????, chicks on my dick, proper than Cindy Crawford Any problems I pop the chopper and knock the appendix out him Hit the block with bricks of potta What you know 'bout doing that? And splitting a key with flour, making it two in fact Dawg I'm off, if you want hip hop, here's what I give you instead I'll make you hip out when them fuckin' bullets dig in your leg Positive niggas talking spooky, y'all ain't scaring nobody Y'all love Mos Def, I love fucking John Gotti, holla [The Blast] Yeah, yeah, yeah Aight Listen I wish that there was no taxes, no cases, no police, and no races No rapists, wish they had a 700 Mercedes Wish my Sqad live happy I wish my kids grow stronger than me I wish my momma live longer than me I wish the cops stay off the corner this week I wish the gutta, ghetto neighborhood hunger would cease I wish them niggas who ain't got shit would stop hating on niggas who got shit And you know I wish for Pun, Biggie, and Pac shit I wish that I could get high but when I'm high I wish I wouldn't get high Sometimes I wish I wasn't alive I wish for Heaven gates to enter Wish for Lakers' tickets at the Staples Center My seats floor me Wish Chris Childs wouldn't hit Kobe When I see Lauren, I wish I knew why my heart burns Wish 22 inch rims wouldn't rub on sharp turns I wish these hoes stop lying I wish these niggas stop lying Wish dope heads stop using, as if they not dying Fuck it. That's just some shit I wish for, fuck it. Aight. That what you want? Aight, listen, listen I wish I ain't have to go on tour to sell records I wish I ain't have to sell records Fuck, I wish I ain't have a jail record Wish every bitch gave head I wish I could've saved Dad I wish I make money 'til I'm a dead man I wish my chain wasn't heavy around my neck Wish hoes wouldn't suck dick and try to kiss down my neck Wish I ain't have to get locked up for slapping her to the ground for that Bitch I wish you wouldn't wanna be down for that [Keep It Thoro] I wish there wasn’t no droughts I wish there wasn’t no fucking coke ?? I wish Shyne, Suge, and fuckin’ – oh SHIT Don’t stop it though Shit, boy Fuckin’ D. J. Raj Smoove haha Listen Nigga respect Weezy I leave everyone of you bustas to suffer Fuck with me I’ll touch any fucker you got love for The Sqad’s a motha – shut your dicksuckers Kick up the ruckus, find your mother stuffed in nature Oh I can’t do that one Ok... ok What you know about Weezy dawg? What the fuck y’all know about Weezy? Holla at me, holla at me, holla at me Let’s switch it up Holla at me, Weezy is the muhfuckin’ don [Front 2 Back] Don’t get it tangled or twisted Your head will get splitted Tell the whole world that I did it You bullshitted We don’t front; is Sqad shit exactly what you want? We bring it to your head and your - Boy, boy, check it, check it Nigga we peel guns, and homie we fear none Intentions to kill some, from bitches to children For real we will come inside of your buildings With glocks and M-1s, and pop and then some Let them 4s blaze My niggas blows haze Guzzled better shit ever since we heard Jay Be dying the worst way Who want it? You bitch you Sqad is the official shit Pistols spit behind little shit I get a bad bitch who lick And keep her posted up on the low She never cook pork but only cook coke Die for respect and hope, look beyond I’m a celebrity Hold moms for ransom, head sold separately I’m a ape dawg Trapped in the jungle, can’t escape dawg But I bet you be the last man standing like a 8-ball And I ain’t worrying ‘bout balin’ no more, I’m past that stage 18 years old, I got cash that age Who fuckin’ with me? I’m 18 years old and I got cash that age... muhfucka Shit, ok, ok, listen This how we gon’ do it S-Q-A-D-S-H-I-T [Lay Low] Ok, yeah, yeah, hahaha I like that, I like that Lay low muhfucka I can’t live forever And so forever I’ll forever be thuggin’ And if there’s ever any trouble then the metals be bustin’ I swear to Gwod, let ‘em be fuckin’ with me and see something My Sqad ride, I bet we be up on the street to heat somethin’ We peace nothing cousin, this here is war and we battle Big guns with deep barrels, bullets leap and leap at you nigga Bricks go for 10 g's on street value Patience is fragile, niggas be glad to come smash you The S Class is casual for the summer Let me redeal, I bring out the 64 on three wheels Holla at me dawg, holla at me, holla at me. Nigga we gon’ be here for a long time ‘Cause we done been here for a long time Now who want it – some problems? Uhh, uhh, oh shit I ain’t finished Check it, check it I’ma free’ ‘til the bars’ gone, free’ ‘til the bars’ gone Holla at me Ready for the track to switch up Bitch play with me I’ll smack your bitch up Bitch suck my dick up ‘Til she get the hiccups *Hiccups*, excuse you hoe Now I got to lose you hoe You know how Sqad dos you hoe Move you through the shit smooth and slow Now you gotta do the whole click You know how to fuckin’ go, suck the whole dick Catch the whole nut until you never don’t spit This some freestyle shit until the track gone Bitch I’ll fuck you ‘til your back gone I shoot the gun ‘til the Mac gone Rap on Oh, I’ma rap on Oh, I’ma rap on Oh, we gon’ take it back to the streets with this one [Let Me Blow Ya Mind] 17th Ward nigga My balls thicker, scars and hard liquor Revolve quicker if I’m involved in war nigga Fuck the laws and fuck peace We all live raw And we duck them boys and run streets This shit won’t cease You got a problem when you fuckin’ with Weezy the don nukka ‘Cause this shit that I palm in my arm is going blucka And I’m young but a wise nigga But in the meanwhile I’m wild going at it Fuck it, tryna join my daddy Automatic weapons, pow You can call the paramedics now And if any test the child he stepping on deadly grounds I’m repping Hollygrove to my fucking grave woa’ And chase dough, slave hoes, and keep my head low We can’t let the feds know nothing We keep it quiet as kept If someone frontin’ you find him dest I’m sorry What the fuck is “find him dest”? I meant, “If someone frontin’ you find his death”. Death 7, S. Q. Holla at us, check it. [Xxplosive] Pistols burning Pop the barrel, turning It got the faggots squirming We closing any open shop we ain’t concerned in Coke the size of Sherman Klump we flipped and doubled And dropped the whip on dubs and dipped in Bubble Get a bad bitch to hustle and move product And split them niggas quick as fuck if them dudes try her Not behind the hoe, but only behind the dough And behind the dough I kill whoever stand behind the door You ain’t tryna go that route with the Sqad, it’s rough, I promise We kidnap your mommas and sit our johnsons on her tonsils Keep heat inside the S. Q. bombers And we leave families emotional like Carl Thomas So stay from ‘round us And to be honest, ain’t nothing for me to do away with you I be the same nigga that blow a Tre with you Then let a K hit you Fuck you nigga, I ain’t got no love for none of y’all Make you my underdog, put you under, dawg Under dawg, holla This shit we doing is under dawg Man, listen Bitch I’m explosive All this niggas know this Weezy, I’m your woadie Holla, guns is toted Never fucking loaded But I keep more E You know how I do it bitch, I do it for me I do it for the streets, I do it for my peeps I do it for Sqad I do it ‘cause I ride I do it ‘til I die I never gets high I’m always on my toes I never fuck bitches, I never fuck hoes But I only gets my dick sucked That’s because I got a real bitch that’s on my siddide Down with the Squiddad [Itz Ya Dog] Oh, oh that my nigga Six Shot Yeah, bout to run it Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh Check it, check it Listen I do just what I motherfuckin’ want I never live with regrets I speak from the shit that bleed on the left side of my chest Take heed to the shit that gleam on the left side of my waist Or take three to the left side of your face A multiplatinum artist still riding with TECs and 3-8s A hustler, you can see the crack residue left on them plates They fucking with me, I’m predicting death on them snakes I ride in a frenzy Ride in a Benzy Fuck it, tryna fire my enemies Fire a sack, recline back, and feel me I spit that filthy shit That gutta, guilty until proven guilty shit, get back at me Let’s just spit rapidly at chests, you better fucking halt Or the glocks with the thunderbolts make you do somersaults Holla at me muhfucka, holla at me Holla at me muhfucka, holla at me Holla at me muhfucka, holla at me That’s my nigga, yeah Listen, listen This is for the Sqad I sip Moët with This is for the Sqad that I pop X with This is for the Sqad I be in the house of blues with This is for my Sqad that I usually fools with This is for Lil’ Jay, this is for Lil’ Yo This is for Lil’ T-Redd, this is for Fee-Fee though This is for my nigga Sam, all call him Supa This is for my nigga Tez, stupid ass nigga Haha holla, holla I was feeling that one, that was real nice Was real nice Ok, ok Listen [Bonnie And Shyne] We carry automatic machine objects in jean pockets And glocks with beams cocked and fuck with me - seeing doctors The Sqad be in monster trucks with screens and bobbers Passing green and brown chocolate like John Stocktan Who stopping these lil’ niggas? Nobody, it’s impossible Find me in a Benz – aqua blue Rims colossal dude And right under the seat’s a glock or two Don’t make me pop at you And got two Hawaiian tropical bitches that will swallow you People ask me “Weezy, why you do it so big?” I pop my collar, drop the roof off the 6, then shoot up the bridge Listen, I’ve had loot since a kid I ain’t just start having dough As a matter of fact, I started having dough I’ma be fancy, send some warnings at folks Be very cautious or them Glock 4s get pointed at throats I bet he choke What you don’t know? It’s Weezy the Squiddon squiddy Get with it Holla at us Oh shit, holla at me Ya, ya, ya What these niggas know about that nigga Weezy? What these niggas know about that nigga Weezy? Fat, I got us Is you ready? What these niggas know about that nigga Weezy? Not a muhfuckin’ thing They don’t know that I got a muhfucking thing right up inside my pants and I’m ready to make a bitch dance Holla at me listen [Queen Bitch Part 2] Nigga fuck with me, get washed away Glocks and revolvers spray Cats get they corners blazed Blast with enormous Ks Understand Weezy be the don an' ain’t no fading him Play with him, shots turn him dome into a stadium Beef with me and my gun immediately bust repeatedly Unleash this pop one in your bitch Victoria Secre- ‘Atures creepin’ without the lights on Doo rag, G Nikes on Hope the choir sing your ass a nice song Niggas ain’t tryna collide with the Squiddad It is not wise I’m robbing your block with Glock 9s Pull out, cock, pop moms Drop bombs You niggas nut up or ride this ??? Sqad bitch, ain’t no replacing me Come to take shit We be on some money make shit Simply basic, you hate, I put more designs in your head than Anthony Mason Have you parents in the front emergency room pacing Crying an' waiting for the doctor to come out and say “Miss your motherfuckin’ son didn’t make it”, holla *Moans* all y’all better know no disrespecting Weez’ Come to your fucking street, and kill families Holla at this muhfuckin’ nigga You know me And ask your bitch, she blow me You know I’m in love with Kobe And Hovi [Get Ur Freak On] Ok, ok What they want? Check it, check it Nigga it’s pistol play regardless of the matter I’m a heartless lil’ bastard Since Rabbit died my life’s been darkened and shattered Fuck all of you faggots Regulator, warrior, bandit, gun busta Spit the cannon make you fall to the canvas muhfucka It’s Lil’ Weezy in the flesh nigga, Hollygrove candidate Running with The Sqad scavengers, we on some family shit Niggas ain’t understanding it but they will in a minute Or my K peel in a minute, make your head drill to your tennis I’ma stay trill for the spinach Tremendous when I’m on that green shit Menace when I’m on that green shit for that green shit I’ma a soldier, some Army, Navy, Marine shit My appearance is Tunechi, but I got Korean chips Fuck with me and I blast you idiots Let the Mac and Semis spit like Pakistinians muhfucka Muhfucka, ok, it’s real time It’s real time. I know what's on next. I fuckin’ know what's on next. Check it, check it [So Fresh, So Clean] Nigga I crash parties crash – Oh I ain’t know that was next. I ain’t know that was next. I really didn’t know that was next. Sorry. I’ma freestyle to it Ok ain’t no nigga like this nigga Weezy Ain’t no click like the Sqiddy Sqeezy You know how we do it, we dos it easy but we gets loot And if a muhfucka fuck with us we shoot We do the things, we do it big, we ride big And if a muhfucka fuck with us he die quick I make your momma and your child spit up blood I make shit come up to your thighs This The Sqad I don’t fuck with niggas. I only fuck with six niggas. I only fuck with rich niggas. I only fuck with C. M. B. dawg. And they only fuck with Weezy Wee dawg. I’ma freestlyle ‘til the beat’s gone. I’ma freestyle ‘til the cheese gone. I’ma do this shit ‘til I’m gone. And I’ma rhyme on, muhfucka Here’s my dick, you can climb on Fuck, holla at me, holla at me Full of that Mo’ Now I’m full of that dro. Yeah, yeah; what’s next Smoove? [N E R D] Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, shit, shit, oh, oh, oh, shit, shit Check me, check me Listen I’m a outlaw I’m quick on the draw I’m from the motherfucking graveland 17th Ward I go hard, these niggas can’t play with me I got a whole bunch of guns, you can’t spray with me I spit this shit like a K spit rapidly I make your fucking family live unhappily Who the fuck wan’ fuck with Weezy? They know what I’m fucking ‘bout They know I run up in they house, gun up in they mouth I keep it ‘bout it, ‘bout it, not like No Limit But this fucking shit I roll with ain’t got no gimmicks This Sqad shit ‘til the motherfucking end you bitch And I’ll kill your motherfucking best friend you bitch I put the - Oh shit, I ain’t ‘bout to finish spittin’ I ain’t ‘bout to finish ripping it up I’m about to giving it up to my nigga motherfu - Oh, oh, we living it up We doing it real fucking big We will kill fucking kids If you ever fuck around with these mill’ fucking ‘ions You get it? Mill’ fuckin’ ‘ions Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh What they know about me? Listen Got some shit coming Y’all niggas, if you listening to this, sit down and prepare. ‘Cause here it come, ok Let’s do it. [Lick Shots] Oh shit, oh shit What you know about that nigga Lil’ Weezy? Oh shit, oh shit What you know about me? Listen Nigga I crash parties, crash shorties, crash Bacardi, crash Ferraris Crash authorities, crash sororities, crash quarter keys Infected with a raw disease, call it H. I. V. That stands for Hoes, Incoming Violence That’s what I die with I pop shit, don’t fuck with Sqad shit We on some mob shit Some lil’ niggas who seem harmless, but nah bitch Glocks spit behind anything Bitch lick anything ‘Cause I got plenty change like Bill Gates’ piggy bank Got a young pretty thing sitting beside me in the whip With Limo tints to hide me in the whip Told mami you can keep your clothes on, I wan’ see where your head at In other words I don’t wanna fuck, I wan’ see where your head at You can catch me laid back in the cut with ounces and bundles Bouncing from hustles, doubt me I’ll fuck you, fuck it Lounging in bubble Rocky watch resemble mountains or something Fronting get your body found behind some mountains or sum’n Aye, when you fuckin’ with me you fuckin’ with cheese You fuckin’ with Streets, you fuckin’ with heat You fuckin’ with Sqad, you fuckin’ for free You touching your knees And if you hate, you’ll be lucky to breathe Now how you like lookin’? When the double gauge is sawed right crooked you get your fuckin’ life tooken Despite the business, fuck rap Picture block on a motorcycle wheeling But the glock ain’t right for kidneys I don’t like you bitches, I hate you hoes Date you hoes, bust nuts in your facials hoes Then replace you hoes, that’s the type of shit that makes you hoes All the women in this nation hoes Hot since my creation woa’ Who the fuck want him? Bitch niggas with no nuts on ‘em I got pistols with blood on ‘em Whips with dubs on ‘em Niggas with chips and drugs on ‘em Got bitches with hips and tits on ‘em Lips with dicks on ‘em Chicks with bricks on ‘em Chicks with chicks on ‘em I’m big shit homie, wide body chrome 6 Get dome while driving home, shit, shit, shit This shit, Weezy Sqad shit, shit Some chicks can make a hit the way they tongue twist, shit Pimp shit, no spit shit, raw shit A bunch of Lil’ Waynes in your fucking jaw shit Holla at me, I’m still not done Holla at me, check it, I’m still not done Nigga holla at me, holla at me Listen, listen, listen Don’t get it twisted ‘cause I’m younger than most I come with the toast Get it hot like summer was close I’m hanging out the Hummer with Sos’ Exploding missile glock ringing at the front of your door like Jehovah Witness’ Sober? Forget it This C. M. B. thing, I’m over committed The youngest soldier come with it Cock back, guns put holes in your fitted Nigga I told you to quit it I load it with 50 I blow ‘til it’s empty The dro and Henny got me lokin’ and limpin’ Ropin’ up when I drink ‘til I’m over the limit Hoppin’ out the Rover with Semis Wildin’ out, go straight to your momma’s house With a rag on my face with more 9s than dialing out Now who hating? Niggas cheapskating, underestimating The heat take him, put him under extra pavement Some one week in Jamaica, come back with a accent like - Whoo, whoo, fuck it That’s 10000 bars for y’all bitches Holla at me Weezy Wee, Raj Smoove And that’s the end of that story One Shit Maan, man

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10. Party Essentials Oct 17 - DJ Billy McD

Party Essentials Oct 17 - DJ Billy McD

1. Ku De Ta vs Degrees of Motion - Do You Want it Right Now 2. Martin Solveig, Michael Jackson, Sum 41 remix - Hello Black or White 3. Sosumi ft Kelly Rowland - Love Takes Over The Bits n Pieces 4. LMFAO - Party Rock Blade (Splash Bootleg Mix) 5. Morris Corti & Praise Cats - I Rock I Sweat I Dance 6. The Killers vs Keane & Alesso - - Silenced By Mr Brightside (Hardwell Mashup) 7. Steve Angello & Laidback Luke ft. Robin S vs Florence & The Machine - Show Me You've Got The Love (Avalonn Mashup) 8. Robert Miles ft. Louisa-Johnson - Childrens Tears 9. Ultrasun - We Can Runaway 10. Sol Fiesta - Ibz (GBX v Sparkos Remix) 11. Nalin & Kane - A Game Of Kicking & Cruising 12. Ferry Corsten pres System F - Out Of The Blue 13. Jan Johnston - Calling Your Name 14. System F - `Cry' 15. Oceanlab - `Satellite' 16. Simon Patterson vs Coldplay - Missing Scientist 17. Plummet - Damaged (Antillas Remix Edit) 18. Paul Van Dyk - For An Angel 19. Y-Traxx - Mystery Land 20. Ayla - Ayla

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11. Got Me Dreaming (feat. Equipto)

Got Me Dreaming (feat. Equipto)

NjS - Got me Dreaming (feat. Equipto) From the album, "Soular Power" Produced by Armitage Connect with NjS: ***PLEASE READ BELOW*** Our music is available on iTunes, Amazon, etc., but it would be waaay more helpful to us if you purchase it from our bandcamp page. You get the same quality (or better, you have a choice) music files and the money goes directly to us instead of iTunes taking a 30% cut. It's the same end result for you (you get the digital download instantly), but we receive more money from bandcamp purchases compared to iTunes. Thanks so much y'all, we truly appreciate everything you do! Available at LYRICS HOOK (Flow Zen) Grew up in the SFC// So you know that's where I gotta be// The one place that keeps me believing// City life's like dreaming// VERSE 1 (Kuga) Born and raised in the city where the mix is dope// It’s like a dream watching the Golden Gate from Twin Peaks when we smoke// The city skyline, the view of Market// On the left you got the Richmond, on the right’s where Barry Bonds hit// 661 home runs they went flying// Black and Orange still stay killing on the diamond// Right down on Polk’s where we get our drink on// Freestyle with Schiffy, sip cups till our drinks’ gone// Go back to the avenues, check on the fam’s biz// Pops cutting fish, fresh cut like our music// We serving hot plates, sushi on a platter// My everything’s here, now nothing really matters// The city lights expanding, cop lights flashing// But to the sound of sirens I just can’t dance// This the city that I found my dream in// SF natives always keep believing// Verse 2 (Flow Zen) Bright light cityscape view from the bay bridge// Usually pushing 90 but I'm trying to appreciate this// Top down with the fog cooling our faces// OG stuff lit up, we getting faded// Ain't no place that I'd rather be// San Fran savages, that's my family// It ain't that lavishness, but it's where I have to be// Fast life in the slow lane keep my sanity// Bumping that bass so loud inside my own car// It's like a dream when you're basically living in a post card// We go hard from the streets to where the boats are// And so far it's like a movie and I'm the city's costar// My Warrior mentality is Giant, 49ing// Until the day that I'm dying// Cruising, we driving making the rounds and getting hyped up// Living the fuck out of this city until the night's up// VERSE 3 (Equipto) To the city where the tourists chill// where the natives have lunch and can’t afford the bill// Unless you make a quarter mil a year, it’s a struggle for a resident// Harder for the brothers, the Filipinos and Mexicans// Mission to Potrero, Ocean, Divisadero// I recall when none of y’all were players on O’farrell// Us cats just want to kick it, steady hustle for that ticket// So we can stay home and not trip of getting evicted// But times change, mom and pop stores they not around// And those who paid dues, they had to move up out of town// And rappers love to claim the city really just to make a penny// Off us, and labels worth a penny any offers?// Now, we got some cats that carry on tradition// And others that don’t ever give the city recognition// They cross game, then they owe the OGs a payment// So take pride in the home you were born and raised in, Frisko//

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12. Lisa & Luke you Truly are Lucky

  • Published: 2017-11-11T05:59:58Z
  • By Cibby
Lisa & Luke you Truly are Lucky

Lisa & Luke, Hey you two lovelies! What a privilege it was to spin some tunes during your wedding reception. Thank you for letting me be a part of your incredible celebration. The entire weekend was a reflection of your special connection both to one another and your community of friends and family. As I said at the wedding... Garage Sale Romance When getting to know a sweet pair I always ask how they met and where Some romances start in a bar Others while traveling afar The tale of Lisa and Luke’s love affair Started while shopping at a garage sale for some burning man flair Who knew stepping up your playa game Could result in finding such a great man and fine dame? I first me this lovely couple cruising around San Francisco on bikes Luke was towing a sick sound system and I thought of this groovy duo, me likes! We really got to know one another as our two burning man camps came together You can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep Meeting all of your Debo family made my playa heart leap Your collective energy has been a shot in the arm of pure Wow I think I’m well on my way to learning the right way to Plow This band of misfits, I mean bright souls Are led by your endless creative goals Planned Playahood has been so much fun to help build with you In every dusty place of our camp I see you two Sperm pillows, teal flags, birthing canals just to name a few Thank you for making it so much more meaningful and fun for us Cats And Luke you make my favorite and the worlds best trucker hats Your passions aren’t just for black rock city days They carry over into all aspects of our default world ways Just last week while I can only imagine the final wedding planning mess Lisa rallied our village to help the people of Napa under such unimaginable stress Thank you both for your warmth, your friendship and boundless spirit I can’t imagine my life without you, following the Casbah as we all keep Plowing it Your energy is like Carlos’ remote controlled ducky That you found one another to share it, well Lisa and Luke, you truly are lucky A toast to this amazing and lovely couple, who met on a burning man shopping date May your life together be filled with the same joy and wonder, that for all of us you both create Mad love to you two sexy bitches… Cibby

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13. Strive To Stay Alive

Strive To Stay Alive

Hook Strive to stay alive no surprise in a world that’s criminalized Realized life's are hypnotized grabbing nines for dollar signs Until there realigned over crimes and tried time Visualize my rhymes why you get hi inside Synchronize your third eye live life wise Verse 1 Traumatized times are trife Criticized for advising Christ Describe right in your eyes of pride Homicide suicide government spy's Never relied in lies I just get hi and strive to stay alive No excuses with music execution proving our movement Is the truest reunions for you and who think loosing Something I would choose refuse cruising to tunes That don’t include the coolest dude Rolling with my homies having no attitudes pursue loot In our youths not being rude just the truth Blasting boombap tracks at the max react were the cats Bring it back until our pencils crack foreal need fat stacks that collapse from raps/ Worlds trashed they tell me relax have some laughs buy a pack of wraps Dispatch has gats attacking Blacks and Hispanics tatted sagging black Collab for are fans passing blunts of platiunum plat/ Spend weeks on beats unleash the beast leaving heat when I speak melodies burn to the third degree It's an emergency mcs seek peace or see defeat call me scalice/ Hook Strive to stay alive no surprise in a world that’s criminalized Realized life's are hypnotized grabbing nines for dollar signs Until there realigned over crimes and tried time Visualize my rhymes why you get hi inside Synchronize your third eye live life wise Verse 2 Traps rapping whack master classics and platinum tracks Madness what's this planets at Savages blasting cannons for racks Got me panicking back at the lab Flow riddled so official get doe without Pistols Real man solving issues like a Professional Go show to show flows explode like a volcano From the tip Young indigo blowing os of indo Out the windows taking risks No doubt dimes what the info to get low to blow like a whistle but ones already picked Just proud to announce I'm a lyricist Wake and bake grape ape fuck cocain Dedicated in being medicated never on lace shit Use your brain make change maintain through pain Educated for any situation watch me demonstrate it Forget fame explain for the game Don’t need a chain to prove anything Haters underestimate shake estates like an earthquake with tapes Money got everybody dummy Corrupt for bucks just keep a head up Take some rum in the tummy and puff a nug fine love Hook Strive to stay alive no surprise in a world that’s criminalized Realized life's are hypnotized grabbing nines for dollar signs Until there realigned over crimes and tried time Visualize my rhymes why you get hi inside Synchronize your third eye live life wise Peace and love stay safe

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14. 02 Fire (Final)

  • Published: 2014-10-15T22:15:41Z
  • By pmac
02 Fire (Final)

Fire in this bitch, not a liar in this bitch Cause I’m dying in this bitch, haters crying in this bitch Got em lying in a ditch, Spying with the four fifth Or if, forthwith raise this bitch like forklift The more give I get, the door isn’t set I can drive in and out in my gorgeous corvette On the forgis I’m set, with my gorgeous brunette And my tour just forget cause I’m horsewhipped to death This girl I call her my pride and joy Make sure she knows how I feel though I may annoy Her sometime, these punchlines, for unsigned rappers On my crunch grind I’m hunchback, like lunchlines I launch back Out the door of the god damn cafeteria It’s scarier because I’m not in the exterior I’m in this damn building with a bunch of damn children And I know the camp’s chillin, cause I am a vamp spillin Blood on the door of the house of Paine And then knock that shit down, peel the house’s paint And they point fingers to me like that man’s to blame But they so unattractive like some cankles, damn Ride in a stolen whip and ain’t get pulled over I’m in a Bugatti rest in peace the Range Rover And I’mma Rock-A-Fella in this bitch call me Hova Shouts out to Amy Winehouse: 3 years sober Administration hates my raps, swear they’re on their period If they love “shitting on my dreams” why don't they marry it The mary with the joints man just take these points These tips are just tip top, bitch lip locked, like lipstock Damn I mean lipstick, hater suck on this dick But this shit is more than a game to me, And my homies all my boys yeah it’s plain to see People look at me and sigh like it’s a pain to be Me but I just laugh and I’mma gain money As long as you think my raps so damn funny Even in the wintertime I’mma stay warm I never get hit by rains of stray storms Others don’t know who they are their way’s torn And other rappers run like my fuckin prey’s warned And my shit gets banned like Norma Jean Spit such Fire I stay warm for free, In formal attire like performing heat I give you education, college dorm to me This one of my favorite beats, I can hear it in my sleep I can hear it on repeat, I can swear that I ain’t weep For this shit but BIG Sean is the Don Make a run for some cover but I’m hot like the sun Overdone like meat that’s been cooked for so long Anyone who say that they ain’t shook is so wrong So gone in the present, so faded in the past Yeah my presence is present kiss my ass with a gas Can and some lighter call this bitch a fuckin igniter Lift off I’m bout to go fight a jet fighter You say you are correct, well bitch I’m righter You pretend your rhymes are good, man mine are tighter In a cadillac and I’m cruising down the back streets Yeah I run this motherfuckin game like athletes Yeah in fact I run this shit back like track meets Kicking up turf got soil in my black cleats In football I snap back like fifty nine fitty You say my girl look like a pretty fine bitty Once I blow up I perform at city on city And they all agree that I’m pretty darn witty My bars lock them up gotta get their bail fixed Nobody wants them like raisins in trail mix Like I’m a boat its this shit I asSail with, And once I take them out I guarantee you that they’ll snitch I’m loving this shit romantic comedy And I’m bo ut to blow up like this dude Mohammed be I’m shooting for the damn stars like a comet, see And I’mma remember everyone who was kind to me And even if you wasn’t I ain’t judging I don’t give a fuck You ain’t a friend to me that’s just your own shitty luck Never out of place like a chicken in the city cluck Screw the world, nah I find two mountains and titty fuck Oops I try to keep my fuckin raps clean, But it’s hard when I always keep my raps mean It’s no fun with no guns and no gats and that theme Makes cats scream that they got cream Or that they’re so fuckin bored While I’m out in dubai on a fuckin world tour And I’m bout blow up like a fuckin world war This song won’t close like a broken old door Roar And I’m back on this beat like a police inspector Like a yeast infector I’m a beast and Lecter Couldn’t even do to me what other people do for me My house so small but I swear to god there’s room to see Room to be yourself and never listen to the haters Call me MLK man fuck discriminators Always repping for this mixtape shit I go insane kid but I been brain dead Veins been split and my name’s been spit So long that I got frankenstein in my basement Running base kid, base like coke I’m the great white joke if you hate white folk But the bass tight though, I ain’t gonna lie Get the right flow, and I am gone fry Imma die before I let you copy my shit Like Thai you try to Bangkok with my shit Making money ASAP like Rocky would get Spitting jet fuel like a rocket is lit Unsafe like the North Star hallway Getting that money all day, what they all say Doing foreplay fuck if your girl gay Throw this money up like schoolboy sling yay Haters say I can’t follow up P-Mac Gettin greenbacks like these stacks Are where they find me at, please scat Or at least hold your piece at the priest gat, believe that Sippin lean like the tower of Pisa Gettin green by the damn hour homie G’s up These nuts, worth like 45 grand on the visa And I be up on my shit I bought mona lisa And I’mma leave this saying be yourself That’s the only way you’re gonna free yourself And to all the doubters who be calling me a liar Ain’t no way I could get any higher You think you smart I guarantee that I’m slyer Listen what the beat say, I spit fire

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