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1. Fine . Line(S) . Feat. Alex Isley [remix]

Fine . Line(S) . Feat. Alex Isley [remix]

// Neon . Summer . // . out . NOW . - ∂ e ƒ

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2. ıllıllı i N e e d Y o u 2 K n o w . ıllıllı

ıllıllı i N e e d Y o u  2 K n o w . ıllıllı

☾Prod. by . Z∆ck Sekøff // ∂eƒ // additional vocals and strings by Kadhja Bonet // mixed by Brandon Kilgour☽ W A T C H . T H E E . V I D . ∆∆∆'s.of.Neon // OU T . N O W .

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3. (A)Gain .

(A)Gain .

WATCH . THEE . VID . An oldie but goodie produced by my brother RC // From thee △nything.thee.idea.Machine. album . [ a r t . w o r k (s) by Andre Power ]

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4. BL▲CK . MIRROR( S ). ☾Prod. By . Z∆ck Sekoff☽

BL▲CK . MIRROR( S ). ☾Prod. By . Z∆ck Sekoff☽

produced by Support thee track here All proceeds going live & direct to The ACLU. ∆∆∆.2. s ∞ n .

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5. People . [ A ] Go . (prod. by ®C)

People . [ A ] Go . (prod. by ®C)

Watch thee lyricvideo by Joe Merrell "△nything.thee.idea.machine" is available NOW & "△nything. d e l u x x x ." CD's NOW available b u i l d . y o u r . ∆ . See you in 2020. ∆∆∆'s.of.Neon. -∂eƒ

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6. †rILL . △LL▲H ☾ Prod. By . Z∆ck Sekøff ☽

†rILL . △LL▲H  ☾ Prod. By . Z∆ck Sekøff ☽

☾Prod. by . // mixed by Brandon Kilgour☽ ∆∆∆'s.of.Neon // O U T . N O W . - ∂eƒ

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MUSIC from every artist that touched stage at thee STRONGER Benefit. High vibes .

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8. Boogie.Board. feat. Brook D'Leau // ☾ Prod. by . Z∆ck Sekoff ☽

Boogie.Board. feat. Brook D'Leau // ☾ Prod. by . Z∆ck Sekoff ☽

@zsekoff ( x ) @deffery . art . twerk . ed . by . Casey Kauffmann ☾ hook ☽ I'm out in LA on my own wave And all I can say Is I might need a boogie board Verse . uno . // ZACK Sekoff :: Im icee like a hi c flavored icee Money long like the state fish of Hawaii That's that humu humu Nuku nuku Apua a Bitch I'm a star Drivin a car Down boulevard They know who i are Like Bruno Mars Boogie boardin More important Michael Jordan Michael kors is All absorbed in All my organs All my horses All are foreigns Coups with doors then Soup de jour whips If you're bored than Check the score kid That right there's what the score boards for Can't score more me and Def full court Excellent at sports Hook: I'm out in LA on my wave And all I gotta say is I might need a boogie board Verse.2wo. // Def :: Young Deffery wavey on the jet ski’s she text me she down to kick it like she messi I put that on my momma next year we at thee MoMa man I swear thats thee mantra need some extra grammer’s that’s extra commas dead serious no parenthesis in my paragraph period I was super saiyen now i’m super shaman designed by me i call that super shopping this beat is knocking like who thee fuck is that? these basic rappers on basic labels is basic channels on basic cable I'm glowing up blowing up that flow so dumb like i don't even know enough HOOK . - ∂eƒ

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9. . . . If Thee WHOLE World Took A Selfie .. .

. . . If Thee WHOLE World Took A Selfie .. .

CITIZENS OF CULTURE PRESENTS :: . James Blake - Bonnaroo Opening . Def Sound & ®C Combined Minds- Scream Instrumental . Danny Brown - Break it . MIA - Baddy Girl 2 . What So Not - High You Are (Branchez Remix) . Young Thug x Evian Christ - Stoner Remix . Young Fathers - The Guide . Hud Mo - Structure . Pegasus Warning - Change . Iman Omari - LookatChu . Anderson Paak - Drugs . Tink feat. Jeremih - Don't Tell Nobody . Hippie Sabotage - Sunny . J*Davey feat. Def Sound - Love ? Yeah ! . Vic Mensa - Down on My Luck . Zack Sekoff - Drake's Days in thee east remix . Mac Miller Feat. EARL - Faces 2 . Dessert - Lovelink . Def Sound x Zack Sekoff - Shepard Fairey . Caribou - can't do w/o you . ASAP Rocky - Cockiness Remix . Branko - Silly Bitch . Galleghar - Up The Wall . Picasso Biggie . Childish Gambino feat. Problem - Sweatpants . Drake feat. James Blake - 0-100 . Lukatis - Chinese Slippers . Dj client - To Let Go . Kanye West - Bound 3 . 2Chainz - shoulda cudda woulda . Kid A - Blckrsechll . Marcos Valle - Estrelar . Little Dragon - Killing Me . Mac DeMarco - Chamber of Reflection Whole mix done on Native Instruments TRAKTOR for iPad. -∂eƒ

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10. UNDO.magazine.issue.ii.MIX :: B R E A T H E .

UNDO.magazine.issue.ii.MIX :: B R E A T H E .

#UNDOmag Issue ii drops 12// 9//14 ∆ Static Major Jam Session of Unreleased song "I Got You" ∆ Eric Lau feat. Rahel - I'm Fine ∆ Ahu - To :Love ∆ Tokimonsta feat. Anderson Paak- Realla ∆ Amel Larrieux - Foreal.IAMNOBODI remix ∆ Dojacat - So High ∆ Flying Lotus - Turtles ∆ Jai Paul - Zion Wolf ∆ FKA - Numbers ∆ Genevieve Artadi featuring Aya Toyoshima - Get Through It ∆ Zack Sekoff - hot in the house ∆ inc - Your Tears ∆ The Cults - high road ∆ TekDOTLUN - Midnight ∆ Drake - How Bout Now ∆ Les Sins - Do Right ∆ Mothica - Ableton Didn't Save This ∆ James Blake - Building It Still ∆ Mndsgn - Cameblues ∆ Kyle - Don't want to fall in love (paper water remix) ∆ Sylvan Esso - Hey Mami ∆ ∂eƒ Sound (x) Nikko Gray - ∆ BadBadNOTGOOD - Kaleidoscope ∆ The Hics - Cold Air ∆ Jarell Perry - Own It (COVER) ∆ TALA - Everybody's Free ∆ Muhsinah x Flying Lotus - Lose My Fuse ∆ Phantogram - Fall In Love ∆ Anderson Paak - The City ∆ Mos Def x Vinia Mojica x Hi Tek - Get Ta Steppin ∆ Kadhja Bonet - Tears For Lamont ∆ Versis x Kid A x B.Lewis - Deep Seated ∆ HXNS - Window Shopping ∆ Ibeyi - Better In Tune w/ Thee Infinite ∆ ∂eƒ Sound x Toy light - Fall(en) water //sketch.demo.// -deƒ

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11. UNDO . MAG . MIX :: PULSE .


UNDO . ORDINARY . MAG . VOL . IV very available now on ∆ Abjo - Fade ∆ Kanye West - Fade ∆ Mary J - I Can Love You (KAYTRANADA remix) ∆ Tolliver - SC Shirt ∆ Flume feat. Vince Staples - Smoke Retribution ∆ Kendrick Lamar - untitled 07 ∆ Planet Giza - Farao ∆ KELELA - Rewind ∆ Brook D'LEau x Def SounD- White Rice ! ∆ Doja Cat - Try ∆ George Duke - Brazilian Love remix ∆ Tensnake - Pressure ∆ Ta-Ku - Electronic Relaxion ∆ Tye Tribett - He Turned It (LIVE) ∆ Fuego x Sango - Se Me Nota ∆ TiRon & Ayomari - Get Free Revolt ∆ Kyle Hall - Girl U SO Strong ∆ Open Mike Eagle - "Ziggy Starfish (Anti-Anxiety Raps) ∆ Scatta - I KNOW i need (Jill Scott Remix) ∆ Suzi Analogue - Creation ArgumeNNt ∆ Young Fathers - Shame ∆ Stevie Wonder Obol remix - Superstition ∆ Kate Bush - Why should I love you? ∆ Anderson Paak - Off The Ground

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1. Movement 1 ☾Prod. by . feat. ☽ 2. Mvmnt 2 (I thought it would be funny to not use vowels, because that's cool) ☾Original Prod. by . James Blake ☽ 3. Movementation tr3s ☾Prod. by . A. CHAL ☽ 4. Finale Movement 4 ☾Prod. by . Def Sound feat. Live Bass by ☽

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13. ∂eƒ sound - Birds.i.View. feat Nikko Gray

∂eƒ sound - Birds.i.View. feat Nikko Gray

Opening Hook You remind me of a ceiling so high so high you remind me of a feeling so high so high A birds eye view me time you equals you're, my equal babe Opening verse: you're affecting me skitsometrically I made that up effectively so what would you call this awhatchamacallit? what should be call this ? no really Hook Closing verse: You fluctuate my thoughts people think I'm off everybody's right and we really are? you're my favorite memory I'm touching You're the sky whens theres nothing Hook/outrance credits Artwork by Andre Power Written & Arranged by: Emmanuel "∂eƒ sound" Ricketts Produced by: Brook D'Leau (of J*Davey) Inspired by: The thought of my eyes as a projector, Bilal, That MmmmHmmm, white leather couches, feeling alone, and missing someone I never met. Recorded by: Brook D'Leau Mixed by: Brook D'Leau Mastered by Nevin Thomas

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14. ☾prod. By . RC☽ ☾prod. By . RC☽

" y e s . t e r . d a y . " is a song by Def Sound & . Written in Chicago talking to thee sunrise . . - ∂ e ƒ

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15. iKnow.Em.All.


Demo of a remix of a thing I did....

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16. idontevenlikerap .

idontevenlikerap .

... I'm . just . deffery . that's . it ... WATCH . Thee . VISUALIZER . -∂eƒ

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17. ∂eƒ x VERSIS - c l o u d . 9 9 . -

∂eƒ x VERSIS - c l o u d . 9 9 . -

☾ Versis x ∂ e ƒ. ☽ // produced by :: L!sted // art . work . ed . by . westside . TY .

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18. Loose . Change . Vol. BLESS !

Loose . Change . Vol. BLESS !

It's Oct. and you are far too busy to find music so I found new vibes inbewteen the couch cushins of thee internet LOOSE CHANGE . Vol . Bless includes music by QUIÑ , DUCKWRTH, def.sound, Radiohead, Godfrey Atlarge, Braxton Cook, Princess Nokia, Open Mike Eagle, Steve Lacy and many others you may have never heard or the algorithm has hidden from you. See You in Nov. For thee full tracklist

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deffery deffery deffery deffery I am on a new wave can you get a jet ski *phone call sound* can you please just text me black star black card everywhere I go accept me , now out here changing music Sway can’t tell me how library thee lifestyle baby you can check me out thats so Raven she’s so Racist i will never get pour some extra henny for all thee homies that miss we marching for justice they say that we thuggin white guys in Oregon thats not reported thats not a problem no one arrested fox news and trump is nothing but puppets they so redundant heres a real questions how is it funded? x2 police are violent where thee justice? deffery deffery please can change thee subject I will when they stop killing us in public WOW not indicted tell me did you see thee footage WOW my timeline timeline all thee time I can’t even block it out (le go) off the top of thee dome w/ thee yeep man I be doing this thing in my sleep bruh I been do my thing while they sleep fresh and so clean like i’m fresh out thee sink they bars are like bargain make em so cheap assembled in china i don’t rewind em where did you find em ? look at thee pattern we rappers or athletes gardeners or nanny’s you trying to make currents Trying 2 make some antiques gentrified where are you? where am I? breaking your paradigm I don’t listen to ppl that listen to ppl only freedom will free you ’they say that he cold i say that he frio ( wipes thee sweat from my forehead ) deffery deffery deffery I am on a new wave can you get a jet ski prayer hands prayer hands sending you emoji blessings black star black card everywhere I go accept me , please these other rappers all selling you selling is cd’s they selling you a dream that they them selves could never be they waiting my time and my data on a nothing page in a chapter charged up like phone is thee rest of ya'll phoned in i zoned out and then zoned in on vegan life on my casey veggies like oh man i over stand they under plans pitching work that's under hand I’m working hard so my kids ain't gotta sell protein powder on that instagram ✌ - ∂ e ƒ

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