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1. D pit stop

D pit stop

nothing at of , which is

2. Ensemble Top to D (pit)

Ensemble Top to D (pit)

nothing at of , which is

7. Draigo & Yung 3D- PIT STOP

  • Published: 2017-11-08T21:10:33Z
  • By Draigo_GL
Draigo & Yung 3D- PIT STOP

New Artist!!! New Music!!!!

nothing at of , which is

12. 02 頭文字マッハD

02 頭文字マッハD

Tokyo Lovedolls webpage: 頭文字マッハD - Pit-in Sawaguchi feat. Huckleberry Mitani & Ochazuke 君の名前を指でなぞるBABY 窓の外はまだ暗く、独り深夜よ時 ザラ灰にピース真っっ白なノートページ  君への気持ち 描き切れないぜ 知ってんのか?  恋にはないぜサイドブレーキ 始まってたヨあの日 きみが落とした定期 恋の予感はハジけるサイダー君の 視線で溶けるアイスみたいな 時計の中飛び込み幻想トワイライト風景ミッナイト見参! 月刊「藤原のりか」つかんだらぶん回しながら闇夜に(GET DOWN 毎週コンビニまんびきくじかん かく週コンビニバイト三時間 阿久悠みたいな悪友すかさず集合@パーラーしもきた ぶっ飛ばしてゆく真冬のハイウェイ 加速エンジンは君との愛で 環状線に点線で描く変幻自在の星座アルテミス  ねえ、君はさそり座の女?どうも、俺、おとめ座の男 フェイクなギミックとまらん おっとそろそろ焦る時間じゃん 俺とダンシンブギ 屋上に寝そべって 過ごした時間が僕らのすべて OK LETS GO!!!!!!! 夢ならさめないでよお願い神様 俺は恋と共に沈んだ 夜の海に あなたの髪の匂いが今も部屋に残った あーなたの切ないハート 僕におくれよ SAY MY NAME! (track from TRUTH - T-SQUARE)

nothing at of , which is

13. Straight Swag Clackin'

Straight Swag Clackin'

K- That's one fine fuckin' porpoise right there, bitch D- I'mma try to get in that blowhole W- Yeah boy I'mma be like *flipper noises* K- What? Whatchyou say to me? W- Straight gettin' it, son D- Goin' hard in the paint, nigga what's good? D- Pit stop a cop in a drop top rental, saw that shit on tv so I copied like a stencil Chop off your head, yeah I call it getting mental, Forensic labs are busy cause I'm always leavin' dentals Straight swag clackin', nigga what's crack a lackin' I be in the shop truck with a duck fat quackin' Bitch you know you lackin' you ain't stackin' like I'm stackin' When I step onto the track I get it epic like McKracken I'm king of all swagger, nigga fuck mick Jagger I'm stab him in the throat with a mother fucking dagger Listen for his screams between the stabbings and my laughter and pour hydrochloric acid in his wounds after I'm a hater, grade A debater and I go so hard that I get my brother tazered Sippin' on a Swisher while I'm chugging on that Jager Someone take this bottle I've been putting in some labor {CHORUS} Clack, Swag, Clack, Swag, Clack Clackin' and swaggin' W- Straight clackin' n swaggin' and the occasional tea baggin' I gave it to yo momma and now the bitch is saggin' Ever since I saw her, she wanted me to stab it I get her on the floor, and I'm a rabid jack rabbit Yea, I'm vanilla, but I'm hung like a gorilla My dick is soft, chinchilla I'm livin' out west and I'm a fuckin' drug dealer Like a gold digger nigga, I'm comin' for yo skrilla K- Fuckin' lochness while I'm smokin' some endo Play your bitch hard like fuckin' nintendo Double fist that bitch like I'm holdin' akimbo When I'm fuckin' done I throw that bitch through a window Call that ho nessie, smash it with a drilldo Ride that slut fast like a candy red enzo (You don't even deserve that money for that abortion bitch Shut the fuck up my $700 ain't goin' towards that) {CHORUS} W- The penis on a humpback whale is fourteen feet long D- Aye fuck that shit nigga my mom is fourteen foot long K- Cornbreads and Caterpillars {CHORUS} W- Your mother's three vaginas, are most fruitful, on Thursday. Thank you.

nothing at of , which is