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1. Farewell to Eternal Life Lyrics

Farewell to Eternal Life Lyrics

Dark sky, empty nights One of those nights you're haunted by fright But the moon is bright Let your sins scream louder than the night You hope you'll live 'Cause life is your precious gift You can run

2. Ghost from the Past Lyrics

Ghost from the Past Lyrics

Every morning I face up my frights The sun is dark And the wind is silent I was hoping To feel the sweetness Of your soul And your angelic chants [CHORUS:] I will cast spells and magic To bring you

3. The Man Without Soul Lyrics

The Man Without Soul Lyrics

The emptiness of dawn I see you're looking pale You must hear You do hear? The wolves that howl in the night for us A serenade of lust is tempting our senses This true pleasure of lust is charming li

4. Our Sweet Oblivion Lyrics

Our Sweet Oblivion Lyrics

Tell me the truth about what's left behind Tell me that I'm alive When I can't breathe, when I can't sleep Tell me that you will stay here When all the stars will vanish into our sweet oblivion Sweet

5. Shameless, I Breathe Lyrics

Shameless, I Breathe Lyrics

Now I see the light... How long have you been gone? Seems like centuries When I asked for you All I got was the wind's lullaby I was there waiting for you But the other side seems so far Everything

6. Bleed In Silence Lyrics

Bleed In Silence Lyrics

This hell-raising path that's pumping through my veins Lying in my bloodbath it's my paradise again They asked me to bleed in silence At least they showed some mercy Like it's my only sentence I just

7. Walk the Walk Lyrics

Walk the Walk Lyrics

Why is my heart in sorrow? All I did is to follow the leader Why do I feel so sad? For the tortured minds of our innocence [CHORUS:] We walk the Walk Every night and day We follow our footsteps In ou

8. Eden-Sweet Devilry Lyrics

Eden-Sweet Devilry Lyrics

Eden-sweet devilry Little evil things of beauty Will you give in to those strange smiles? Will your heart sink to their faded lullabies? Painted scenes of mercy Pretty faces hiding envy Carnally froze

9. I Am the Night Lyrics

I Am the Night Lyrics

I am the Night I am your dreams I'm the one who makes you scream I'm the tormentor Twisting your mind into my nightmare The violator In all men's stare You have entered my dreams Now you see through

10. Carnivorous Lunar Activities Lyrics

Carnivorous Lunar Activities Lyrics

No need to run - No need to hide Blood rivers of ages Blood rivers of an end This body is too restraint for the two of us Light up this one night With the strategy of your fangs relations Which are f