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3. 03. Urination / Frozen Mikan

03. Urination / Frozen Mikan

NEW+IN Records Release... 入院EP Vol.1 - 2016.11.08 -

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4. Let it Go ( Frozen )

Let it Go ( Frozen )

Voilà! Je chante au micro dans une salle de micro avec comme seul enregistreur, mon portable, pardon pour ça. Here it is! I sing with a mike in a music room, with my phone as a recorder, sorry for that.

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5. LOVE LAIKA - Memories (TanezukeBugyo's "T.W.S." Bootleg)

LOVE LAIKA - Memories (TanezukeBugyo's


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6. Honesty Pay

Honesty Pay

クリスマス サムネ(@killcy_ )

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7. Reven-G - 桜 (Frozen Mikan Remix) [DEMO]

Reven-G - 桜 (Frozen Mikan Remix) [DEMO]

F/C M3秋2016 Cardinal Foundation:03

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8. Euphoric Depth

Euphoric Depth


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9. 【DEMO】 Plastic Fruits - Vendetta (Frozen Mikan Remix) 【F/C "AQUATIC"】

【DEMO】 Plastic Fruits - Vendetta (Frozen Mikan Remix) 【F/C

Plastic Fruits 2nd Album『AQUATIC』 Follow Plastic Fruits→@sprout_h

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10. The Peace Day & Night Jingle

The Peace Day & Night Jingle

movie : Scolour

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12. [F/C M3春2016 Cardinal Foundation:02] Theory of Eternity (Frozen Mikan Remix) [DEMO]

[F/C M3春2016 Cardinal Foundation:02] Theory of Eternity (Frozen Mikan Remix) [DEMO]

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13. Wip


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14. 【春M3】NU-STYLE GABBA EP Disc1 XFD【F16a】

  • Published: 2016-04-17T13:10:19Z

ガバキックが欲しいか!!! 古今東西のNU-STYLE GABBAがここに集結す! 歪みきった旋律をご堪能あれ。 春M3、F16aでお待ちしております! Disc1収録曲 1.Variant / Rai 2.Bang Boom / S-miley 3.Tomboy Princess / HAMA 4.SSENDAM← / STRAW 5.A smell of napalm / HALkas 6.What Time is it? / Frozen Mikan 7.silencer / sugipamo 8.NUSTYLER JOCKEY / samiyama 9.Behringer / Mitsu*mon 10.Oriental Fantasy(self Nu-Style RMX) / deneb 11.Phantasmagoria / Sucre. 12.キュートとハードを兼ね備えた全く新しいそんな事はどうでも良いからGababaっとGabba!! / YMDB(Ceg*da-bo+Gyuniku) 13.aspilation / HALLPBE.S 14.GIGA SPIRAL / UNLIMITED TROOPERS 特設サイト

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15. [datfile-031]Cardinal Foundation:02

[datfile-031]Cardinal Foundation:02

2016/04/24 M3-2016春で頒布予定 「Cardinal Foundation:02」クロスフェードデモです。 M3-2016春 第二展示場一階 あ-16b 「dat file records」 にて頒布予定! 詳細はBuyをクリック! TRACKLIST 01 !? Jade - ! (In The Groove) 02 Gott -Aprico*T*rance RemiX- Apricot X - Gott (SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH) 03 Fujin Rumble (adaptor Remix) adaptor - Fujin Rumble(GROOVE COASTER 2 HEAVENLY FESTIVAL) 04 Theory of Eternity (Frozen Mikan Remix) Frozen Mikan - Theory of Eternity (jubeat knit APPEND/DDR X2) 05 天空の夜明け (CinnabaRed Dubstep Remix) CinnabaRed - 天空の夜明け(beatmania IIDX 19 Lincle) 06 BAD MANIACS (ikaruga_nex remix) ikaruga_nex - BAD MANIACS (beatmania IIDX 17 SIRIUS) 07 Erosion Mark (Kokomochi Remix) Kokomochi - Erosion Mark(ポップンリズミン) 08 tripping contact (Funkot Remix) りす - tripping contact(beatmania IIDX 13 DistorteD) 09 Harmony and Lovely (True End Arrange) 餅屋 - Harmony and Lovely(beatmaniaⅡDX 13 DistorteD) 10 Wisdom (Hum_A Remix) Hum_A - Wisdom(O2jam U) 11 SCREAM SQUAD(KL Remix) KL - SCREAM SQUAD(beatmania IIDX 12 HAPPY SKY) 12 Sakura Reflection (DJKurara Remix) DJKurara - Sakura Reflection(REFLEC BEAT) 13 Star Trail (NaiveDog Remix) NaiveDog - Star Trail(beatmania IIDX 18 Lincle) 14 FLOWER (S9s Remix) SLK-9888.sys - FLOWER (jubeat knit APPEND/REFLEC BEAT)

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16. [datfile-036]CardinalFoundation:03


2016/10/30 M3-2016秋で頒布予定 「CardinalFoundation:03」クロスフェードデモです。 M3-2016秋 ケ-05a / 科学世紀のカフェテラス 倶32 dat file records にて頒布予定! 01 FLOATED CALM(REX Remix) REX - Floated Calm(PacaPaca Passion) 02 LIFE SCROLLING(K-Factory's Ambient Dub) K-Factory - LIFE SCROLLING(beatmania IIDX 18th Resort Anthem) 03 Another Chance (adaptor Remix) adaptor - Another Chance(CROSSxBEATS) 04 Amnolys - Aprico*T*HC Remix - Apricot X - Amnolys(beatmaniaIIDX 22 PENDUAL) 05 お願いアインシュタイン(nmk Eurobeat mix) nmk feat.かなえゆめ - お願いアインシュタイン ―my relative gravity-(beatmania IIDX 21 SPADA) 06 Narcissus At Oasis (Ark-Z Uplf remix) Ark-Z - Narcissus At Oasis (beatmaniaIIDX 10thStyle) [ChallengeWinner] 07 My name is TSUMABUKI (RiraN Remix) RiraN - My name is TSUMABUKI (SOUND VOLTEX III GRAVITY WARS) [ChallengeWinner] 08 怒れる大きな白い馬 (Funkot Remix) りす - 怒れる大きな白い馬 (pop'n music 11) 09 Oshama Scramble!(Noukyou-Gyunyu Arrange) 餅屋 - Oshama Scramble!(maimai ORANGE Plus) 10 Kailua(KL Remix) KL - Kailua(beatmania IIDX 18th Resort Anthem) 11 卑弥呼(アカマツ 2016 Remix) アカマツ - 卑弥呼(beatmaniaIIDX 16 EMPRESS) 12 The Sampling Paradise (DJKurara Remix) DJKurara - The Sampling Paradise (beatmaniaIIDX 19 Lincle) 13 1950 -Impossible- HALLPBE.S - 1950 (Pump It Up) [ChallengeWinner] 14 桜 (Frozen Mikan Remix) Frozen Mikan - 桜 (beatmaniaIIDX 8thStyle) 15 INFINITE PRAYER (NRTK Remix) yoshiki-narutaki - INFINITE PRAYER (beatmania APPEND GOTTAMIX2) [ChallengeWinner] 16 サヨナラ・ヘヴン (S9s Remix) SLK-9888.sys - サヨナラ・ヘヴン (pop'n music 11 CS) (※pv版では16曲目をEXとして公開しておりません)

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17. AQUATIC 【Crossfade Demo】

AQUATIC 【Crossfade Demo】

2018/04/29 1,000JPY (Event) / 1,500JPY (Download) 14 tracks 01, Starlights 02, Counterdependency 03, Night Stroll 04, Vendetta 05, ShootingStar (Aquatic Edit) 06, Grief[er] 07, spring snow 08, Lonely blue (StringEve Remix) 09, Summertime Seaside 10, Hello Alone 11, Starlights (Refound) 12, Night Stroll (noissucrep mix) 13, Starlights (Syunta Remix) 14, Vendetta (Frozen Mikan Remix)

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18. OCT HARD150 Mixed by たま子

  • Published: 2018-10-26T06:25:27Z
  • By たま子
OCT HARD150 Mixed by たま子

やっぱりハードスタイルって最高やな・・・ Camellia feat. Nanahira ロウスタイルボム DA PUMPUSA1.9 Slushii - LUV U NEED U mihimaru GT - H.P.S.J.(Handsup Bootleg) Punch Mind Happiness ura-seal LADYS ONLY - Digital Tattoo (NGHTHYP denoise) Midnight Blast up! Metropolis 01 Yuta_Imai Sex On The Beach (anubasu-anubasu 2018 Hard Edit) Chicken Soup (BADWOR7H Hard Bass Edit Crack (Chavalo Flip) The Commanders[Extended Mix] USAO 奈落の花(Frozen Mikan Hardstyle Bootleg) Take Me Higher feat. Kanae Asaba (Remaster) Edelritter Ever Free Massive New Krew Zombie Ran-D

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