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2. Mad Trips - Burn Me (original Mix)

Mad Trips - Burn Me (original Mix)

Mad Trips- Burn Me

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3. TLNH Dr Dawn Harper

TLNH Dr Dawn Harper

We have a Bank holiday treat. Dr Dawn is a leading media medic best known for her work on Channel 4’s award winning ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ & ‘Born Naughty?’ and has been a media doctor for more than 10 years – frequently on This Morning. Dr Dawn is expressive and friendly, impressive and knowledgeable, whilst being totally down-to-earth, warm and funny, and the subject of her book is one that can appeal to everyone. Growing old is an inevitable process that a lot of us try to avoid thinking about. Live Well to 101 is all about accepting and embracing the inevitable – teaching us achievable and most of all unintimidating steps that everyone can take in everyday life to enjoy optimum health and happiness as we reach our older years. These are steps that we can all take, starting now, no matter what age we are each at. Dr Dawn teaches us that health is a bit like a pension; the earlier you invest the more you will have in the bank later. And there are lessons for all generations. It’s a fact well known that we are living longer than ever – statistics show that a girl born today can expect to live beyond her 83rd birthday, and a boy half way into his 80th year. But, as Dr Dawn Harper, with over 21 years in General Practice, teaches us, living longer doesn’t necessarily mean living well and, in Live Well to 101, we will learn the simple tips that can make a substantial difference if practiced as part of daily life. Alongside these simple tips are inspiring, heart-warming case studies of centenarians who live full and healthy lives. Buy Dawn’s book: Twitter: Instagram: Subscribe to The Lifestyle News Hound on iTunes: ...and follow us on instagram @thelifestylenewshound Follow Emma Forbes (@emmaforbeslifestyle) and Gemma Sheppard (@sheppardstyle) This episode of The Lifestyle News Hound was recorded by Matthew Waltho and produced by Daniel Lucas of Dpict Media (@DpictMedia). Music by Rebecca Huston (@romantic_thriller).

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4. Gemma Louise

Gemma Louise

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