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1. gong songs

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gong songs

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2. Gong Songs

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Gong Songs

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3. Richard Hite - Icaros

Richard Hite - Icaros

The moment I try to describe what happens in words the image dims and I am no longer in the experience. Instead it is as if I look through a window that limits me to understanding. In the experience itself, understanding is overwhelmed by the wonder of it all. Words, understanding the how and what to do to enter fully into the experience are important to prepare others before they too have entered into their own experience. No words are necessary nor are they enough afterwards. The patterns of pulsing beat waves, deep resonance and layered overtone have no boundaries or limitations as they guide awareness into deeper connections With the life energy that becomes us. Experiencing the pure energy of life is to experience an unconditional love, blowing out all previous conditioned responses. This is the source of everything in our experience in this lifetime Unconditional life energy, unconditional love.... everything is one. - Richard Hite

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4. Paiste 28" Jupiter Gong - played by Don Conreaux

Paiste 28

This is NOT your average Jupiter Gong! One like this would have to be Hand/Ear-Selected from a large stock. Key Words: Expansion, opening, optimism, affirming, abundance, opulence, enthusiasm, growth, learning, understanding, social consciousness (moral, ethical, philosophical), the big picture, success, achievement, good luck, fearless, wise ruler-ship, wisdom through understanding, leadership, and tolerance. Basic Function: To stimulate growth and expansion on all levels and break illusory boundaries between spirit and matter.

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5. Dhan Dhan Ramdass for Hari Simran Singh

Dhan Dhan Ramdass for Hari Simran Singh

Dhan dhan raam daas gur jin siri-aa tinai savaari-aa Pooree hoee karaamaat aap sirajanhaarai dhaari-aa Sikhee atai sangatee paarbrahm kar namasakaari-aa Atal athaa-o atol too tayraa ant na paaraavaari-aa Jinee too sayvi-aa bhaa-o kar say tudh paar utaari-aa Lab lobh kaam krodh mo maar kadhay tudh saparvaari-aa Dhan so tayraa thaan hai sach tayraa paisakaari-aa Naanak too lehanaa toohai gur amar too veechaari-aa Gur dithaa taa man saadhaari-aa Dear Members of the Sikh Dharma/3HO Family, Sat Nam and best wishes to all for a blessed New Year. I am writing to request your prayers for a beloved young member of our Sangat, Hari Simran Singh, who is currently lost in the hills above the Sat Nam Fest Mexico camp site in Tepoztlan, Mexico. On Tuesday, he left the site at about 11AM to go on a short hike. His last communication was a text message to his wife, Ad Purkh Kaur at 2:20PM indicating that he was trying to find his way back. When he didn't return by nightfall, search and rescue teams were called in, and since then there has been an intensive effort to find him. Search teams on the ground, and three helicopter searches have so far been unsuccessful in finding him. The search has resumed today with a team of 150 people being organized by the local police. A website has been set up by his wife to keep everyone informed of any new developments in finding him at We are requesting that members of our global community chant the shabd "Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru" throughout this very critical day in the search to locate him, and that we continue to chant this until he is found. This shabad has the power to bring a miracle and calls upon the divine protection of Guru Ram Das. A track of the shabd to stream or download can be accessed from the link above. Hari Simran Singh took the following picture during his hike and texted it to his wife shortly before he went missing. His father, SS Sat Jagat Singh from New York, and SS Satwant Singh from Virginia are en route to Mexico to assist in the search efforts. Please hold him in your prayers, and may Guru Ram Das protect him and being him safely home. Blessings to all, SS Gurujot Kaur Khalsa Secretary General Sikh Dharma International by Freedom, Live in Vancouver '94

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6. Massive Gongulence

Massive Gongulence

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7. Paiste 40" Symphonic Gong - audio sample - - IN STOCK NOW!

Paiste 40

First, if this recording isn't blowing your mind, the fault rests in your sound system. Please use good head phones or speakers. The Paiste Symphonic Gongs have a slightly raised surface, which gives a beautiful harmonic and universal sound structure. The fundamental note of the gong is balanced with its rich, dynamic overtones. Symphonics produce a smooth, harmonious sound, with overtones and a clear fundamental bass tone. The Paiste Symphonic is the gong of choice for many Kundalini yoga practitioners and sound therapists. These larger Symphonics will often produce an Oceanic presence, conducive for creating a sense of space, ether and of floating. Truly a remarkable instrument! Gong Songs Sessions - Training Sales and Support (508) 306-1969 Skype: pranasaurus $3,876.00 takes this very gong home

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8. UFIP - Om Flat Bell Earth 136.1 Hz - Ed Mann

UFIP - Om Flat Bell Earth 136.1 Hz - Ed Mann

Cast Brass from UFIP in Italy imported by Ed Mann. UFIP history goes back to the renaissance, casting church bells in the very same foundry they were in 600 years ago. The process is very intensive and expensive. The only reason they can even do this is because they are supported by the Italian government as an historical artisan collective. What you are hearing in this recording are: OM plate...which is flat bell C#3 (retuned), then at about 03:13, UFIP ARTII 28", @ 3:40, is added flat bell C#4 concert pitch, later on there is an UFIP ARTII 20" Fire-tuned UFIP Tiger Custom Tuning is available These plates are designed using sand to measure wave activity, to insure that the fundamental and harmonic frequencies are in tune. Luigi showed Ed Mann when he was there. When the sand forms perfect diagonal lines, it is in tune. Luigi and Damiano Tronci are the cymbal and bell designers and makers with their 20 workers.

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9. april '12 full moon ~ luminescence ~

april '12 full moon ~ luminescence ~

A well matched 32" Chau and 30" Symphonic Gongs, mostly. Also 38" Earth, 24" Symphonic and Singing Bowls the mantra is Chattra Chakkra Varti

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10. UFIP Targo 28" Gong (played by Ed Mann)

UFIP Targo 28

Any serious gong enthusiast has to have a Targo - Ed Mann Looks kind of like a Chinese wind gong but it is very different. It is not pounded out from a pancake of bronze like an Asian gong, it is cast-to-shape like a church bell, then lathed and hammered, like a cymbal. It is manufactured like a bell (cast to shape) but in the shape of a gong, but without a border, which makes it also like a cymbal, but because it is not thin like a cymbal and does not have a center-drilled hole, it is like a chime. So, it is a bell/gong/chime. It is best played like one plays a cymbal, harder/smaller tapping mallets like Balter M1 or M3, or Paiste M9. That type of mallet brings out a variety of tones, and then you can play each area of the gong to get different harmonic combinations. Good with super balls and amazing with a bow, it has massive low drone bow tone (I do not have any recordings of that). The highlight of this gong is extremely long sustains. Listen to the slow envelope of the mid and upper harmonics. There is a 3rd sound which is like a roar... there are some of those strokes at the end of the recording. This gong, more than any other, is a teacher. It will show you how to use finger and wrist movements to articulate new sounds, that is like cymbal technique for a drummer. This 28" cast bell-bronze (B20) disc is poured, lathed and hammered by the master artisans at UFiP in Pistoia, Italy. The instrument is like no other -a combination gong, cymbal, bell and chime that gives the sound explorer a huge range of tonalities, textures and modulations to sculpt the air with. The sheer mass of this disc allows for slow, medium and fast sound envelopes to occur and sustain themselves simultaneously. This gong is a Trip! and has a lot to teach to novice or seasoned gong players. It is gorgeous to look at, it looks just like it sounds. - Ed Mann $1,270 - (shipping from Italy included) $1060.00 for the 24" UFIP history goes back to the renaissance, casting church bells in the very same foundry they were in 600 years ago. The process is very intensive and expensive. Luigi and Damiano Tronci are the cymbal and bell designers and makers with their 20 workers. -- Gong Songs Sessions - Training Sales and Support (508) 306-1969 Skype: pranasaurus

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11. Accent Gong (Oetken) with Flumi - (Hand-Selected) - USE GOOD SPEAKERS OR HEADPHONES

Accent Gong (Oetken) with Flumi - (Hand-Selected) - USE GOOD SPEAKERS OR HEADPHONES

USE GOOD SPEAKERS OR HEADPHONES This 32" gong is as 'oceanic' and expansive as the finest 36" gong. The face is smooth without the scraping so it immediately lends itself to flumi (friction mallets)playing. Mallets Used: Konklang Yin Yang and Paiste M7 Master Gong maker Broder Oetken, who studied with both Walter Meyer and Rudi Bonness, has handcrafted a planetary gong using the same frequency as the Planetary Sun Gong we are familiar with from Paiste and Meinl. Broder Oetken uses NS12 (nickel silver) also known as Alpaka, a material used in German gong making. This is the same metal (and from the same source) that Paiste uses to create their high quality gongs. NS12 has a wide-ranging and potent sonic quality particularly valuable in Sound Therapy. This very Gong is available through: Gong Songs Sessions - Training Sales and Support (508) 306-1969 Skype: pranasaurus $1,530(shipping included, within the USA)

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13. The Predawn Sounds of Tembok, Bali

The Predawn Sounds of Tembok, Bali

3:40 - 2/8/16

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14. now here ~ nowhere

now here ~ nowhere

Full Moon Gonging Nothing like Kirtan Kriya for keeping your channels open. This particular night there was just enough 'I' to handle the mallets. Lots of Kirtan Kriya helps - A woman came up to me afterward and said, "wow, where do you go?!". I had a typical a knee-jerk response saying about the technology of "tuning in", in that moment. It was two days later before I really understood what she was asking me, as I was heavily into my 'right hemisphere" that particular night that normal linear language wasn't making much sense. -- Gong Songs Sessions - Training Sales and Support (508) 306-1969 Skype: pranasaurus

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15. Audio Samples of some particularly Decent Gongs!

Audio Samples of some particularly Decent Gongs!

We've all noticed how completely a kitten relaxes when carried in the mother's mouth? We too surrender and experience deep rejuvenation as our psyche is invited, through vibration, to resonate in that place where we have known trust, pure and simple trust. The sound and pressure waves of the gongs bring us back to our deepest memories of being in the womb. The beating of two hearts, the feeling of floating and of being completely supported. This "spiraling cocoon of total sound", which is heard through the ear of the body itself, creates a sense of ecstasy and health as energy blockages are released at the cellular level. It magnifies and deeply integrates the power initiated by our Yoga practice, inducing an extended state of effortless meditation. In partnership with the Memphis Gong Chamber

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16. gong songs

gong songs

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17. Spontaneous by Christopher Tree

Spontaneous by Christopher Tree

Before he spent 23 years performing in Europe, Christopher Tree presented more than 600 "Spontaneous Sound" concerts in the United States. The majority were held in California and New York. The venues included theaters, clubs, radio, television, prisons (including Sing Sing and San Quentin), juvenile detention centers, children¹s and mental hospitals, schools for the deaf, blind and mentally handicapped, Native American, Afro-American and Latino centers, old age homes and convalescent hospitals, nursery, elementary, middle and high schools, universities, the Girl Scouts, "Love-Ins", museums, libraries, churches, parks and sidewalks. In Europe, he gave concerts in most western countries. He lived in Greece, Germany and Switzerland; then settled in France for 19 years. Here, Christopher continued to hold children¹s workshops and concerts with children. He also provided music therapy for the mentally handicapped and Schizophrenics. Christopher is back in the United States now, where he has spent the last two years on the southern Oregon coast. Spontaneous Sound was recorded in Bandon, Oregon, where the Coquille River returns to the sea. Listen close and you may hear the fog horn at the South Jetty and the not to distant roar of waves on the south beaches. There are no electronic sounds or over-dubbing. When two or more instruments are heard, they are being played at the same time. Cardboard Voice Drum Rattles Square Drum Xylophone Flute, Gongs, etc. Voice in Drum Drums with Cymbals Bird Calls Bird Calls Bamboo, Bells and Sticks Percussion Box, Maracas Flute Sansa Bull Roar Bass Clarinet Bass Clarinet Hand, Stick, Drums Cow Horn, Scraper Elltara Scrapper on Drum Tambourines Jews Harp Flute Deagan Chimes Orchestral Chimes Gong and Bass Clarinet Xylophone Water Drums Twirl Drums Cardboard Voice

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