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1. Feel Good Inc.

Feel Good Inc.

Feel Good Inc. is a single featured as the sixth track on the 2005 album Demon Days. "Feel Good Inc." charted high in most European countries (including an at-the-time career best of #2 in England, accompanied by a chart run to rival Clint Eastwood's 4 years before). In the US, aided by an iPod commercial featuring the song, and presence on the latest successful "Now" compilation, "Feel Good Inc." took Gorillaz to a whole new level - the track peaked just outside the top 10 in the Billboard Top 100, and it was also top of the Modern Rock charts for a 3 week spell. In the UK, due to a loophole in the chart rules, Feel Good Inc was able to enter the charts before its official release because the record company released 300 copies of the 7-inch single format, meaning that legal downloads would count towards a chart placing for the single ( this was because, according to UK chart rules at that time, a single could only chart if a physical format was available, although download sales contributed to chart placings). A total of 4 new and original songs were available across formats, although "Murdoc is God" was only included on the Japanese CD. The feel of the B-sides was more free and experimental than that of those that had appeared on 'Demon Days' - showcasing another side to the Gorillaz sound. Also, "Feel Good Inc." makes an appearance in Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3 on Wii And Grand Theft Auto 5 On Xbox One, Playstaion 4 And PC Versions.

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2. Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood was Gorillaz' first proper single. A huge smash initially in the UK, where it remained in the charts for months and the top 10 for weeks. At around the same time radio in Europe also went mad for the song. Slightly later in 2001 the song would also become a massive radio hit in the US and central and South America. Bigger than his previous smash, Song 2 (with Blur), this song remains Damon Albarn's biggest hit. In the UK the Ed Case Refix (available on all formats) actually got far more airplay than the A-side, probably resulting in the inclusion of said remix on the debut LP. B-side Dracula was probably the best of the off cuts from the 'Gorillaz' sessions, and tour rap group Phi Life Cypher also contributed a version.

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4. MEGA MASH-UP (MGMT, Daft Punk, Passion Pit, Gorillaz, Bob Marley)

MEGA MASH-UP (MGMT, Daft Punk, Passion Pit, Gorillaz, Bob Marley)

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5. Gorillaz - DARE

Gorillaz - DARE

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6. Andromeda (feat. DRAM)

  • Published: 2017-03-23T20:00:22Z
  • By Gorillaz
Andromeda (feat. DRAM)

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7. Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry was actually the first Gorillaz release of phase two when it appeared as a limited 12" white label vinyl promo with no band name or record label logo (catalog number 'KONG01'), in January 2005. Initial copies were released in the UK but by early February plenty had made their way over to the US. The white label did not bear the name "Gorillaz" or the name of any of their record labels. The track was later selected to be the third single from 'Demon Days' and got a full commercial release in the UK / Europe, and Japan. The extra tracks on the release were this time quite disappointing in that most dedicated fans already had all but two of the tracks across the formats, having obtained them from promos, imports and radio broadcasts, etc.

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8. 19-2000


19-2000 was the second Gorillaz single release. A marked departure from their previous rap-driven hit, this was, in its Soulchild Remix incarnation (the only version to get major radio airplay in the UK and Europe) three ecastatic minutes of pure pop. Whilst not as big a hit as Clint Eastwood, the single charted well in the UK and sold consistently for weeks. B-sides Left Hand Suzuki Method and Hip Albatross showed the more experimental and less immediate side to Gorillaz. Overall this single sustained the momentum that Clint Eastwood had built up, leading to the reissue of the debut LP in mainland Europe, the UK and Asia to include what had become the de facto 'single version' of the song.

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9. 私 Noodle❗️

  • Published: 2017-01-02T15:54:49Z
  • By Gorillaz
私 Noodle❗️

In search of new sounds and new inspiration, I found these kick-ass women who in their own individual ways are true pioneers in the writing, production and creation of MUSIC. They have inspired me, and I hope they inspire you too. Ake Ome!! あけおめ!! Narrated by Delia Derbyshire and Evelyn Glennie Mystere De Voix Bulgares (Bulgarian Women’s Choir) – Kaval Sviri – Nautilus – Slow D’s – Realiti – Ridin Around – Szechuan – Woman is a Word – Molasses – O Superman – Vegas Mica Levi & Oliver Coates – Barok Main Delia Derbyshire – Doctor Who Available as a playlist on: Spotify - Apple Music - YouTube -

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10. Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill

Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill

Lo nuevo de gorillaz exelente

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11. On Melancholy Hill

On Melancholy Hill

On Melancholy Hill is the tenth track from the Gorillaz's third album Plastic Beach. The song is the second single from the album, originally slated for release in late 2010.

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14. DARE


DARE (挑戦 in Japanese) is a single featured as the twelfth track on the 2005 album Demon Days. As early as Demon Days leaked, fans and critics were picking DARE as having 'single' written all over it. It was a surprise to nobody when it was plucked from the album to be the follow-up to the smash hit 'Feel Good Inc.' DARE crashed into the UK charts at #1, becoming the first Gorillaz single to do so. Bonus tracks were spread generously over the 3 formats in the UK, the standouts being the excellent 'Highway (Under Construction)' and the early version of DARE, 'People'. Several big-name remixers were enlisted to corner every possible DJ angle, resulting in some interesting takes on the song (some of these were available on promos and as legal downloads only). All in all DARE represented an excellent package for the fans; and with its catchy lines and stunning video the title song was also a deserved hit worldwide.

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15. Rhinestone Eyes

Rhinestone Eyes

Rhinestone Eyes is the fourth track on the Gorillaz' 2010 album, Plastic Beach and was intended to be the final single.

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16. Kids With Guns

Kids With Guns

Kids With Guns is a song featured on Demon Days as the third track. It was released on 10 April 2006 in the UK as double A-side with "El Mañana" as the fourth and final single from the album. Unlike its Top 10 predecessors from Demon Days, "Kids With Guns"/"El Mañana" reached #27 upon its release in the UK. It features Neneh Cherry on guest vocals.

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17. Tomorrow Comes Today

Tomorrow Comes Today

The beginning of 2002 saw Gorillaz cultural stock in the UK still on a high with award nominations and notably the appearance at the UK BRIT awards, opening the show. To remind the public that the album was still out there, a single was required. Tomorrow Comes Today, although released previously as the lead track on an EP was chosen as there was a video readily available, and also because the original release had not made much impact so it would be new to most people. The biggest treats for the fans on the package were probably the revised Gorillaz biographies and a new original B-side, 'Film Music' a mischevious title which tied in with the Gorillaz movie Damon and Jamie were talking up to any interviewer who'd listen (and, Gorillaz having conquered the world by this point, these were not few in number). As this is the only original B-Side not compiled on any version of G-Sides, the inclusion of 'Film Music' also makes this release more desirable for collectors.

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19. Stylo


Stylo is the first single released by the Gorillaz from their 2010 album, Plastic Beach.

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