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1. Beckers - Switch (Velkro Remix)

Beckers - Switch (Velkro Remix)

We are extremely excited to present you with a brand new remixed version of Beckers’ smash hit “Switch”! The original was released back in 2005 on Sprout and has been one of the biggest success stories for the label so far. Beckers’ (part of D-Nox & Beckers) “2014 Remix” comes in the form of a very sleek, almost floating construct of some naughty, electric vocals and a lush groove. Forward moving and with just the right amount of energy to make this version work throughout the summer. The smooth acid-like sounds are the icing on this very tasty cake. Velkro’s interpretation is a funky one. Adding old school, Detroit inspired chords to provide a bit of an uplifting vibe it. He keeps it simple, while only adding some effect trickery to the vocal parts. The big bassline, that provides the backbone of the mix reminds us of the good old garage days. Flow & Zeo Carioca are closing of the EP with an atmospheric, broken beat version. The mix teases with some rock guitar influences and builds within reverb and delay patterns.

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2. great.stuff

  • Published: 2015-12-07T14:35:07Z
  • By eets

remix of "knockin' niggas off" by the jacka RIP @thejacka art by gangster doodles

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3. UMEK - Move Around (Original Mix) [Great Stuff]

  • Published: 2013-08-19T11:31:24Z
  • By UMEK
UMEK - Move Around (Original Mix) [Great Stuff]

UMEK Move Around Great Stuff Recordings Slovenian star UMEK's latest banger for Great Stuff does away with anything as pedestrian as a featureless beat-led intro, instead dropping us straight into a breakdown/build style scenario. Its energy is all the more potent for it. A cheeky '90s Euro dance style synth hook stabs away at a supremely skippy, feisty percussion section, with a bouncy bassline mirroring its infectious melody in synergistic fashion. Backwards fills, manic drum rolls and colourful FX provide plenty of entertainment in the background, the groove hammers away in the fore. Think names like Kadoc, Klubbheads and Natural Born Groovers given a 2013 update, and bolstered by lashings of that inimitable UMEK grooviness. Brimming over with dancefloor energy, it's set to be a firm favourite over the summer months with those who like their house music rampant and bursting at the seams.

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5. Phonique Feat. Rebecca - Feel What You Want - AKA AKA & Thalstroem Remix

Phonique Feat. Rebecca - Feel What You Want - AKA AKA & Thalstroem Remix

Available here: Beatport: Traxsource: Juno Download: iTunes: Great Stuff is thrilled to present a state-of-the art remix package of Berlin’s deep house maestro Phonique and his smash-hit “Feel What You Want feat. Rebecca”. Originally a club hit more then twenty years ago for the US vocalist Kristine W, Phonique re-worked the track in 2010 for maximal impact on dance floors outside of North America. He re-recorded the vocal with the extremely talented Rebecca and added his seductive magic to the arrangement and gripping groove. Catchy vibes and a captivating minimal aesthetic are AKA AKA feat. Thalstroem’s production trademarks, which they apply in a masterly fashion within their floor-filling remix. They maintain the original’s mojo, while at the same time knitting a tight a web of fresh synth sounds and bass frequencies that is sure to get everyone’s hands in the air! The duo Elektromekanik & Happy Gutenberg take us back to a sunny beach instantly. They deliver an acoustic fusion of layered guitar notes and pleasing piano chords giving it an overall uplifting feel. Making clever use of the vocal, both add effects in all the right places to keep the focus on the lyrics and highlight their infectious thick groove.

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6. Styline & Phunk Investigation - Protest

Styline & Phunk Investigation - Protest

Available here: The Italian Phunk Investigation duo returns to Great Stuff together with the power house phenomenon Styline. The trio present us with their trademark sharp, growling syths and basslines, which will destroy big rooms and festivals alike. The beefy percussion layers and intensely forward marching groove are turning this beast of a track into a dangerous dancefloor weapon. On the flip side Alex Silvestri strips things down and adds a tribal percussion vibe to his interpretation, as well as a bed of perky white noise sounds to his break downs.

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7. KLARDUST - Byou


Available here: Beatport: Traxsource: Juno Download: --- The KLARDUST duo make their return to Great Stuff Recordings, after their summer smash hit remix for The Egg’s “Walking Away”. Their latest creation “Byou” is an adventurous excursion into today’s avant-garde house music landscape. A jiggling bass structure provides great excitement, while the slightly distorted 8-Bit sounds cruise nicely alongside the incredibly warm chords. The female vocal snippets keep things moving forward in a sophisticated way.

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8. Lissat & Voltaxx - Closer to Me (Andrey Exx & Fomichev Remix)

Lissat & Voltaxx - Closer to Me (Andrey Exx & Fomichev Remix)

10 Years of Great Stuff - Lost Tracks & Remixes Great Stuff Recordings How time flies! Great Stuff Recordings turns 10! Founded in November 2003 in Munich by Tomcraft alongside colleagues Erik May and Sebi Bohnenberger, Great Stuff’s reputation as a bastion of quality electronic music rose quicker and stronger than its creators could have anticipated. From its beginnings pushing German talent to flourishing in the electro house heyday with acts like Mason, GusGus, Coburn and The Egg, through helping to break artists in the minimal techno zeitgeist like Butch, Ramon Tapia and Gregor Tresher, through to its current incarnation as an eclectic house and tech label, Great Stuff has always moved effortlessly with the times. Its development has never been forced or contrived, instead focusing on the most exciting house and techno flavors of the moment, whatever the era. To celebrate this milestone the label releases the “Lost Tracks & Remixes- compilation. A special selection of thirty tracks that represent Great Stuff’s history very well. It features a record that has previously never been released digitally - “Great Stuff- by Tomcraft & Eniac (GSR001). Another track that is exclusive to this compilation is Andrey Exx & Fomichev’s remix of Lissat & Volatxx’s “Closer to Me- smash hit.

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11. Vanessa Sukowski - Sputnik Springbreak 2015 (Maincircus)

Vanessa Sukowski - Sputnik Springbreak 2015 (Maincircus)

Here is my Live Set @ Sputnik Springbreak 2015 .. Enjoy ! If you do, please don't forget to love & share ! Amazing You! Best Moment. Fanpage: Booking: [email protected]

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12. Vanessa Sukowski @ A.R.M. Club Kassel (WakeUp 2016) Jan 08, 2016

Vanessa Sukowski @ A.R.M. Club Kassel (WakeUp 2016) Jan 08, 2016

Here's your little Wake up call for 2016 ! Had a great night in Kassel / Germany with legendary "Partyersatzamt" & Electric Sundown! I recorded this with my Zoom H6 with microphone so you can hear all those crazy cool dancing people in the background ! (Thanks again Daniel Stefanik for pluggin' it in)... ↓ Absolutely awesome night :) #whoooooou ! Visit me on FB: Booking: Beatport:

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13. Olivier Giacomotto - Dusk (Original Mix)

Olivier Giacomotto - Dusk (Original Mix)

We are very proud to welcome Olivier Giacomotto to Great Stuff with his brilliant “Dusk & Dawn” release. The French veteran producer and DJ has released countless releases on some of the most respected labels in his long lasting career. With “Dusk & Dawn” he presents a genuine two-tracker, that celebrates the essential elements of house music. “Dusk” is a slow burner that’s built around a bunch of stomach-wrenching bass sounds, that will drill right through your head. The added acid-like weirdness and bleeps make the track even more fun and exciting. The super-tight percussions and vocal snippets provide the right amount of energy. “Dawn” comes along very cool, the bass line was played in a subtle way to make it as funky as possible. Although it’s all about the male vocal verbalizing the sacred meaning of house music & dance. This track will make you want to lose yourself in it’s groove for hours and hours. No big build ups, no effect madness “just” good music.

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14. Muzzaik - Gravy (Original Mix)

Muzzaik - Gravy (Original Mix)

The Hungarian powerhouse that is Muzzaik returns to Great Stuff to kick off 2014 with a fearsome double-helping of pumping house music. Roar leads the charge, with rubbery off-beat bass and rapid-fire riffs hammering away alongside peppy, snappy percussion, all cooked up into a steamroller of a groove. A big snarling breakdown broods with dark tension, with an intense snare roll building things up further and clever FX trickery worked into the fills. It’s got more than a hint of ‘90s hardbag / hi-NRG to it, and is all the better for it. Gravy continues the theme, with classic house rhythm permeating the hard-hitting beats, fizzing stabs and a rampant b-line dusted off with huge swathes of FX. Pulsing pads in the breakdown work their way around an old skool vox cut-up and ever-rising synths to help set up an enormous drop. Supercharged house music for big rooms. If you’ve been looking for a cure for your January blues, try this on for size. Hungarian house at its most explosive.

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15. The Egg - Walking Away (KLARDUST Remix)

The Egg - Walking Away (KLARDUST Remix)

Available here: iTunes: Google Play: Amazon: 
 Juno Download: Great Stuff Recordings is delighted to present KLARDUST’s remix of The Egg’s crossover mega-hit “Walking Away”. Originally released in 2005, “Walking Away” stormed up the charts and became an instant classic. David Guetta’s bootleg “Love Don’t Let Me Go (Walking Away), reached #3 in the UK Singles Chart in August 2006 and helped him kick-start his career. One remix duties are Hamburg’s KLARDUST duo who have gained incredible momentum recently with their dancefloor destroying remix of Ninetoes’ 2014 summer hit “Finder”. KLARDUST preserve the original’s feel, while tailoring an extremely modern, up to date outfit. The snappy, cutting edge groove programming and wobbling bass line provide an extra amount of bounce, while excerpts of the original vocals cut through the new mix like a sharp knife and take us back in time right away.

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16. Per QX & Elias Bravo - Hot Head (Olivier Giacomotto Remix)

Per QX & Elias Bravo - Hot Head (Olivier Giacomotto Remix)

Per QX & Elias Bravo make their comeback on Great Stuff with the trippy “Hot Head” release. A heavy hitting acid bassline marches through fields of modern - effect filled percussion & synth layers. Those provide the perfect surrounding for the pitched vocal, that adds some extra craziness to this peak time beast. Olivier Giacomotto’s remix is a kind of very sleek a slow burner. He stripped down the original elements to a bare minimum and concentrated on just the essentials. That way he made more space for the bassline and chopped up vocal snippets to breath and have an even bigger impact on the dancefloor. Finally Tom Minton is closing out the EP in perfect style. He laid most of his focus on the vocal and placed it in a different scenario. Huge build ups and rougher sounds replace some of the original ideas but still make perfect sense!

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17. Thomas Lizzara & Stereo Express - Up & Away

Thomas Lizzara & Stereo Express - Up & Away

Available here: Thomas Lizzara and Stereo Express both hailing from Berlin, got together to create three super lustrous house cuts in the form of the Up & Away EP. Structured around rough synth lines, haunting vocals and a cutting edge industrial feel, “Up & Away” will keep you glued to the dancefloor with great pleasure. The energetic “Get Up” composition focuses heavily on howling horns of all sorts. Glistening pads gliding a long, provide the right amount of drive, while the shuffled groove keeps us moving forward. The duo add a loser drum programming and a floating feel to Coinshaker, while keeping the vibrancy of the track extraordinarily high. Splashes of mystical piano chords keep things rolling and tasty throughout.

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