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1. hasmukh amathalal - Precious possession

  • Duration: 71
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Precious possession

Someone wrote me to say "God bless always your way" I was moved with sentiment It was more than a wish or comment Not those others can not write beautifully Or lack skill to convey successfully It is internal feeling That is always compelling When you notice good things around You will exclaim on ground Speak two words in praise And wonderfully face Love as usual is natural attachment It can happen at any moment Love is felt with someone's attraction That leads later on with action We need not evaluate But relate When faced with reality It is real grace from an almighty Only fortunate people have When they behave Sensibly with precious possession To be called knee deep in obsession hasmukh amathalal

2. hasmukh amathalal - Dear and precious

  • Duration: 60
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Dear and precious

I consider it auspicious Dear and precious To be always attached And dreamed I spelled and whispered As you had offered Your hand in response I became happy on face I shall only cherish And finish The desire That you had aspired I look at the sun And take back the steps from run It is energy that keeps world alive I wish I can still live People say Sun breaks cycles in many ways To generate energy That is wish of almighty I clearly remember And whisper In reciprocation Our sacred relation hasmukh amathalal

3. hasmukh amathalal - happy smile

  • Duration: 114
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - happy smile

What can bring a happy smile on face? Even this doesn’t happen with sound knowledge and base Despite having firm commitment to the noble cause Person seems to be engulfed with problems as it never was I used to think on this aspect silently Sometimes it may invite opposition vehemently Right person may not like to be reminded often As it hurts his ego and compels to go berserk even Some of the tragic incidences grip a person Make him little off the ground with reason This is one of the critical moments and hard time When special advice is needed sometimes Many friends might have promised words Call him any time in need and look forward But some of the secrets are not to be shared with all It is to be considered as one of the most confidential call It might have put heavy stone on the heart The burden can’t be passed on from the start It has to be held on till the solution is found Go smilingly and make merry go round You neither can cry nor shout loudly It will have to be faced proudly The result may not be liked in essence But it may have to appreciated at once Not all people are blessed with brilliance On the sport reply is a caliber at variance It proves hidden capability of simple man This one is always praised by his woman Women always want their men to be perfect Not to lack even point percent with their act This has brought them near to the basic fact Men must walk with them silently and not to react hasmukh amathalal

4. hasmukh amathalal - Dead nights

  • Duration: 92
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Dead nights

Dark clouds run to cover sun’s face, With sparkling lights to join the race, Descending on earth with malign intent, Fear, destruction all with dreaded content, Pin dropp silence in midst of night, Not a ray of hope or slight light, Little scuffle or fierce fight, All noticed with powerful sight, Dead night represent people pessimist, No hope of revival as done by optimist, Passim is t wait for ship to be sunk, Optimist tries to drag even if drunk, One remains always awake Even nothing is at stake, Person with controlled wishes, Even water is disturbed with movement of fishes, Holy soul departs at mid night, Path is set with precision and right, Evil doer’s absence may not be missed, Good and light will always be noticed, Nights represent bleak future and gloom, Even flowers feel shame and not boom, All wrong doings done at night, People may thin it is path right, Night is not all that bad, Proper time to remain calm and sad, All energy to cool and find some rest, Preparation for next day’s fight for best, hasmukh amathalal

5. hasmukh amathalal - Reality

  • Duration: 123
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Reality

Is it necessary that death is to be contained? Reality ignored and hypocrisy maintained? It is just to please the fallacy Nothing is hidden and kept as secrecy Why are we not exploring the real fact? It is crystal clear and seen as tact We take refuge to satisfy inner ego It was known to all even long ago We always term everything as wish of the God Success or failure by the creation of lord Nothing we accept it as our own folly All blames passed on to the name holy Life and death continue to go along No one is sure what will be the duration long No one leaves the work for the simple reason If it has to come then it will be in any season No one thinks of dying today or tomorrow Prayers are made for long life or time to borrow Everybody is sure of happiness, joy or sorrow Earnest desire to succeed and smooth flow It is wish cycle that goes on searching Different ways of solution and reaching May be sometimes short cuts without blessings Things in anticipation based only on guessing It is absurd thinking to ask for return We have done absolutely nothing in turn It is wishful thinking for things to change No wisdom even after passing of the age We have been sent here for special mission Still not prepared to have guilt admission It is likely to have thought fallout or emission One should have long vision with passion How do we overcome unstable mind? Will there be any ways to find? Has that found simple state of existence? We should avoid unnecessary insistence hasmukh amathalal

6. hasmukh amathalal - A desire

  • Duration: 88
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - A desire

I shall watch you grow With the river to have natural flow I get happiness as cheeks naturally glow take care not to give me any blow I shall bear none as you are special some one it is natural in mind to be borne now it is definitely your turn Garden is about to boom with fragrance spray it with kindness at once I feel happiness and certainly glance bring it at my door …….. I stand to loose for all the time to come As you have chosen me not to welcome But I shall always remain and enjoy Your ardent lover and handsome boy Keep me at one corner but don’t push Don’t take hasty decision and rush I shall watch you through thick bush Little flower coming up in green lush I shall and alone and enjoy from far Love is not game or any war It is beautiful union of two souls How beautiful it would be if we observe as whole I have no where to go I shall not easily make it to forgo Change and fate any how in life are welcome I shall stand fool if i don't understand it at home hasmukh amathalal

7. hasmukh amathalal - Backlash

  • Duration: 110
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Backlash

Neither had I feared a backlash Nor attempted to make eye wash Wished smooth passage and no down fall Prayed almighty not to face any distress call Childhood passed off easily under the protection Parents looked after well without my action I was lucky to have their protective shield Seeds were growing and offering high yield Horizon seemed to me vast and open Blue sky and earth were no less than heaven I could think of major leap forward Acts of brave person and not that of coward I had to be reasonably alert and cautious World and people around seemed to be vicious Making headway was concern and cause of worry Still it did not bother as I was not in hurry I had to learn a lot from rising sun Reaching on the top without making run Not to fall back from destiny under slight pretext It was high time to undergo vigorous test Let it not prove as difficult task Honest dealing without putting on mask I may suffer heavily on this count Difficulties may surface and pressure mount I shall withstand the waves and shocks Sea waters may rush and knock at the rocks Will do everything to wither the storm Brave front always to remain in form Luck or no luck but can weaken the spirit Best efforts should be made on merit We may face down fall or momentary setback It may teach lessons from the drawbacks hasmukh amathalal

8. hasmukh amathalal - Success

  • Duration: 96
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Success

Success lies beneath the popular support If you maintain contacts and good rapport It will be great encouragement and strength If maintained on same wavelength What amounts to failure or success? When you fail to have full access Relentless efforts with continuous zeal It will mark a” finish” with final seal It makes very great difference? If you fail to draw correct inference You must heed and pay to an expert advice When something fails as mechanical device United we stand and divided we fall If you not wake up and not heed to call You can swim against rising waves With resolute action ways may pave People will be frustrated and annoyed If message is not be properly conveyed Close your hand and it will form strength People will follow it with same good length Young may have to sacrifice and die Not to give way and not simply lie It is need of an hour and must rise to occasion Not to wait for chance or battle for succession More you work in peace time than less you may bleed Success may touch your feet and you may succeed Why not take chance and work for peace? Life may be normal and you may leave at ease hasmukh amathalal

9. hasmukh amathalal - Luminous star gone

  • Duration: 79
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Luminous star gone

Luminous star gone Michael Jackson, truly beloved son, You are no more among us as person, History will honour you and vacuumed felt, Bowed head with respect and ice melt, It was rising from the grave with full energy, Society had nothing to offer but only bogey, No cloths left but only white coffer, May mark him as one of the greatest, New pattern with songs newest, Each with message of love and peace, As good morning with cool breeze, You served and loved as human being, Shrouded with mystery but honest living, Nothing is remembered bad or good, Music was life and energy as food, You survived as king of kings, Melodies chorus with beautiful sing, Crowned with jewel and diamond, World was fascinating and almost fond, I salute to soul, who suffered a lot, Offered a treasure hidden in pot, Soul departed with great pain, Died with honour but not as martyrs slain hasmukh amathalal

10. hasmukh amathalal - A good lady

  • Duration: 67
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - A good lady

Humpty dumpy met on a way Oldie my friend with hair grey She was naughty and bad teacher She just advise like good preacher She was clever but headless woman Got so much jealous when did not find good man? When she found she started fighting She wanted good show in day lighting She forgot to know it is selfish world Here relations blew very hot and cold Since she was adamant, rigid and very old We were afraid to face her with initiative bold She will make endless speeches No body could dare to make any breaches She may stand alone and watch the show It was very difficult to convince her and throw She may rise from bubbles even She may claim she is in teens She pretends to be oldie But she is nice and very good lady hasmukh amathalal

11. hasmukh amathalal - A beautiful home

  • Duration: 81
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - A beautiful home

It is my beautiful home All friends visit and we welcome We have lived here from the beginning We have some sense of belonging All the homes may have same set up Some sort of attachment is built up It is not confined to four walls alone To own a home means half battle is won You may have all sweet memories It is possible that you have lived with miseries You have little some satisfaction or solace It may be tiny but still not less than a palace It is lovely and beautiful home You may have lovely feeling from Windows and surroundings always offer You feel some sort of satisfaction and never suffer It is up to us how we make it or spoil Maintain calm and cool and never to boil Peace and happiness must always precede all We should love to strive and make good call Hell and heaven all can be made here You don’t have to search it anywhere It starts from your lovely heart Home provides you good impetus to look smart hasmukh amathalal

12. hasmukh amathalal - Not At Peace

  • Duration: 94
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Not At Peace

It will be unwise not to make choice If so, then you will have no voice Things may go from good to bad Events may turn in disfavor to make you sad Choice can’t be wrong As they are not meant to be cheap song They are to be made out of compulsion Merely to stand fast against the confusion You have choice when things are lying in abundance You have all means to enjoy it at once You are blessed with all fortune Things move in favor with fine tune The choice disappears as soon as time runs out All worries and troubles may surface to worry about You will be pushed in the corner to think seriously The attack will be from all sides continuously Choice is for the rich and not poor They will be shunted from door to door No one may land sympathetic ear You may suffer endlessly for years The sufferer may have no choice As he has to surrender and fulfill the promises That he will abide by all conditions Suppress all views and no more ignitions Only brave people can make choice Rest all may die daily with threat of demise They can do nothing amidst constant threat The choice may be hardly considered great hasmukh amathalal

13. hasmukh amathalal - A answer within

  • Duration: 85
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - A answer within

The answer was just before I had to go no where To seek just an answer The opportunity waited there There is something like conscience It gives light in its presence The soul is awakening to experience All gates are opened hence You may come out from long sleep There may be even chance to silently peep This may keep you in good spirit The light will be dimly lit We are fresh like green leaf Just emerged but stay for brief One slow shake from the wind The virtual ground place to find Whether you understand or neglect Choice is nearly open to select There has to be clear ad visible act This is reality and fact We may not realize it till the end This is negative and suicidal trend We got to think and make amend This beautiful message is to be spread and sent There may not come any warning The answer lies with you for very good morning The night and end cycle may repeat without fail W may seek His blessings and avail hasmukh amathalal

14. hasmukh amathalal - We As Women

  • Duration: 102
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - We As Women

How can one feel better with gender discrimination? When all sorts of abuses, including on body, are thrust upon This assumes grater degree when it is racially oriented Not a word about atrocity is said or ever lamented How I feel as woman is matter of no relevance? One can clearly understand and draw the inference How many countries are still under mental occupation? Color is their main enemy and source of indignation May be lot many words are said in our praise? What ever may be elevation of status and still has transformation phase! We are still target for causing torture, abuse and humiliation End doesn’t seem to be in sight and poses big question You take any where the position of woman and analyze It won’t be happy occasion to take pride and summarize Nature has given them role and has to seek safety At any level they may need shelter as per capacity We have special role to play and adjust In today’s environment it is required and must Females have been assigned with special responsibilities They are in fact adored with respect and assured sureties World has yet to grant them equal status Even though they are coming up fast in radius Yet more has to be done to improve their living Many countries have to take steps to relieve the sufferings hasmukh amathalal

15. hasmukh amathalal - Breeze On Face

  • Duration: 124
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Breeze On Face

I tried to catch blowing wind Only to find wetness of some kind Some helplessness stage to feel internally Some of the worry lines running externally It is stage of anxiety with uncertainty Some of the mysterious stages put by almighty More we try to solve and think Deeper we slide in and sink I feel touch of cool breeze on the face But she is no where near with any of the trace I feel she is some where around Nature to deceive me on the beautiful ground Fragrance is spreading across the layer I am the only one in vicinity as player I think of her and sink in the deep thoughts With nothing new in mind to be brought God has done this only as right thing Even cruel animal can be controlled in the ring Human being has always remained love hungry In absence of it life becomes dull and solitary Dreams to some extent come to the rescue You float with lots of happiness with over views You feel and see the self as mightier man of the universe Only to be let down in morning with tease or curse It is not at all failure but separation That makes you suspicious of relation You want her to be adored in your arm Seek the love and feel the immense charm It is simple way of expression Sometimes to suffer under the aegis of obsession Ups and down take pulse away from controlled rhythm To seek the company without wasting a moment or time Never miss a nature even if it is man made It is closeness of bond and not a trade You may be puzzled but not written off Love is knocking the door to make you laugh hasmukh amathalal

16. hasmukh amathalal - Follow usual path

  • Duration: 87
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Follow usual path

We follow unusual path Without brush take bath Morning tea in side the bed Is this good or totally bad? No prayers in the morning Not even hello in the evening How day can pass with silver shining? Own existence simply undermining Rising early before sunshine, Brisk walking in the meantime Inhale fresh air with deep breathing Meditation, if possible, with eyes closing Set your task before you start Dress up well to look even smart Little smile on beautiful face You stand to win half way race Courteous call and mild approach As you need no special coach Sweet words with eloquent speech Goal you desire and likely to reach Precisely putting thoughts across Avoid uneasy words and never cross Limit to self in restricted area Firmly establish with strong plea Honest dealing with simple way Determined approach with authentic say Makes you to earn nice position Well behaved manner may serve good composition hasmukh amathalal

17. hasmukh amathalal - Rain has come

  • Duration: 129
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Rain has come

Came with bang and ground dashed, Thirsty earth welcomed and dirt washed, New lese of life and frogs born, Water filled in holes and body torn, No water pumps can throw enough water, No heat and drought condition alter, It is might wind with enough speed and rain, Relieve the agony, thrust, heat and pain, Heat burns can be tolerated, Anguish and sufferings can be narrated, Water shortage can be augmented, Rain failure can never be compensated, Rain, air are free gifts from the Almighty, Scuffle; fight lead to quarrel and no amity, It brings enormous joy and happiness, Birds. Animals, human beings pray in oneness, Had it been in the control of living being? We should have died after repeated asking, There would have been no mercy, No feelings, no helping hand and no pity, What keeps them together? Why they pray and bother? It is ultimate prevailing power, That keeps in control from tower, We have strached so much, Intruded in territory by an inch, Result is horrifying and pinch, Havoc, flood and others may follow as such, Nothing is serious than to stop the flow, Blocking the way and waters to slow, Areas may become barren with big blow, How then a system can florish and grow? It is unnatural for us to go against nature, More forests and trees nurture, Hopes and wishes of the future, Hinges on steps how do we care. Had there been no system of seasonal change? No remote control and at will to arrange, The world would have been over long back, The earth would have been barren with developed crack, hasmukh amathalal

18. hasmukh amathalal - A firm hold

  • Duration: 119
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - A firm hold

Holding firmly the tears Even though agony I bear Reaching out to you in anticipation Even though aced with many questions What have I to do with whole world? Where relation is informal and very cold? What is it to me if I gain whole treasure? I miss the happiness and no pleasure I have no will power to hold I am crazy as I have been told I go after certain desires of life What is wrong if I propose you for wife? Will you hold me tight? Stand by me always and fight Not on wrong sides but always on right Clear goals in sight and not deviating slight Stand like rock and take me to safety Not showing weaknesses but always look mighty Tender the advices when I am in crisis Try for not hollowness but with clear emphasis Say no to all what I have put forward Consider only one and not fall backward Life to live with full promises and devotion Non stop journey with running in motion No way out for any other adoption To think of you is the only option I may not rush in for quick solution It has to be dealt with firm resolution To sink or swim is clear way ahead We have to sort it out and lead The future is open and can be visibly read It merely hinges on hopes like thread You are the main factor for all possible courses There is nothing left for future now to discuss It has to be taken and thought over as joint venture We should emerge victorious in shaping the future hasmukh amathalal

19. hasmukh amathalal - A bad feeling

  • Duration: 68
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - A bad feeling

You may be feeling very bad The heart may be filled and feeling very sad It has something to do with on going play We are bound to face something to stay What can be joy if there are no challenges? You come out of it and successfully manage? It is all about success down fall or success story We sometimes go down with anxiety and worry Both sides are necessary and are relevant They may invite adverse and favorable comment We may cry and at the same time laugh it out The life is full of extremes and can termed as all about I wish to cry But then ask why? Why I run away and feel shy? W must stick on, face and try You love to stay in fray It may not push you away It has heavy substance to pull you near It may frighten but remove your fear hasmukh amathalal

20. hasmukh amathalal - No bounds

  • Duration: 61
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - No bounds

Love knows no bounds It is rarely found Its form and purity is above sea level We all need it in life to excel So much big thing is said When to test it is laid No one can prove it But felt without needing to feel "Do this and do that" We come across many tall talks You need to do nothing Keep your heart filled with something Just feel compassion Love for those who have no relation And respect fellow brethren You feel for I and express concern You shall not in position To solve the question Yet simple feeling shall do a change Any given day person shall be able to manage hasmukh amathalal