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1. hasmukh amathalal - Precious possession

  • Duration: 71
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Precious possession

Someone wrote me to say "God bless always your way" I was moved with sentiment It was more than a wish or comment Not those others can not write beautifully Or lack skill to convey successfully It is internal feeling That is always compelling When you notice good things around You will exclaim on ground Speak two words in praise And wonderfully face Love as usual is natural attachment It can happen at any moment Love is felt with someone's attraction That leads later on with action We need not evaluate But relate When faced with reality It is real grace from an almighty Only fortunate people have When they behave Sensibly with precious possession To be called knee deep in obsession hasmukh amathalal

2. hasmukh amathalal - Dear and precious

  • Duration: 60
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Dear and precious

I consider it auspicious Dear and precious To be always attached And dreamed I spelled and whispered As you had offered Your hand in response I became happy on face I shall only cherish And finish The desire That you had aspired I look at the sun And take back the steps from run It is energy that keeps world alive I wish I can still live People say Sun breaks cycles in many ways To generate energy That is wish of almighty I clearly remember And whisper In reciprocation Our sacred relation hasmukh amathalal

3. hasmukh amathalal - Hame jo yaad nahi...I don't rememebr

  • Duration: 40
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Hame jo yaad nahi...I don't rememebr

Hame jo yaad nahi uski aap yaad dilate hai Manhus thi vo raat jo humko barbar rulati hai Hamne kya kya nahi kaha tha aapse Aap to hamara vajud hi bhuld gaye dilse I had forgotten it all but you reminded About the fateful night of tears that had blinded What had I not promised you for the life? You refused to everything to become bride Aapka sochna durasta tha Per hamra khyal bhi galat nahi tha Aapne hame najrose upper utha liya tha Fir aaise hi kyo jamin per patak diya You were perfect in match with thought But I too was not wrongly caught You raised me high up to excel Only to bring down at ground level Aapne kaha chand aur tare kahan milte hai Andheri rat me sirf sitare hi chamkete hai Un dhundhli yaddoko yaad karne se kya faida Jo hame kuchh bhi na de sake vo kaisa hai vada You had thought about ill fate of stars and moon Only stars twinkle often and remain there on What is use of keeping all those sweet memories? If that can’t give us anything sans worries Dost hote nahi bichhdne ke liye Per hote hai ek dusre per jaan chhidkne ke liye Waqt ka takaja yehi hai ki aap hamara daman pakad le Duniya walonki nigah se bachhe aur unki jaban ko tala lagale Friends are meant to be deserted But always loyal and to be asserted Situation demands that you hold my hand Show the world with move and force them to change trend hasmukh amathalal

4. hasmukh amathalal - Colours

  • Duration: 83
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Colours

All different colours absorbed in as VIBGYOR, Choice different but they are choice of yours, Colours do form part of our life and aim, Not particular choice of colour we can claim, When rays pass through particles, form rainbow, Nature’s beauty boom not with angle narrow, All splashed in the sky and across the horizons, No restrictions and can be seen by every ones, Colours not confine with simple object, Adding colour to it means new ideas inject, Who can ignore without praise and reject? Embodiment of love in vastness and subject, Praise of redness on cheeks may add to beauty, Pearls, jewels, diamonds may form part of booty, Colours to all and colours too few, Sweetness in honey dew or morning dew, Colourful fancy dresses always attraction of fair, Pointer always at beautiful well dressed pair, Rose pink or any flower when put in hair, Cooked food smell sweet fragrance and flair, Note: - V..Violet, I..indigo and so on for VIBGYOR hasmukh amathalal

5. hasmukh amathalal - Strong desire

  • Duration: 128
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Strong desire

In one corner lies strong desire, Struggle and efforts more to acquire, Not necessary but still to require, Much to the discomfort and ire, Suppressed artificially but strongly emerging, As if freed bird from forced caging, Burning with emotions and anger raging, Writing on wall but not on paging, It’s inherent to have strong desire, Not the capacity but still hire, Adventure more in burning fire, Never reneging so not called liar, As a child desired to touch sky, Never thought of consequences, why? Birds with wings wonderfully fly All unrealistic things in mind but felt very shy, Raising position to that of tower, Reaching peaks with lot of power, Not enough capacity and means fewer, Strong will power with positive answer, No charm in life without desire, Need not allow dreams on fire, Double the effort with sharp vision, Intent to succeed with strong liaison, Dream and desire almost same, Powerful drive required in game, If succeed may earn you name, Sitting idle may make you duck lame, Striving hard to realize the dream, Desire cools after receiving ice cream, Desire to travel as powerful beam, Desire, dream, ambition to work as team, Nothing can stop from imposing will, Followed it vigorously with intense kill, Efforts pursued is also called zeal, Achievement sure and may look real When life time achievement comes true, Success almost without any clue, Made it possible with earnest drive, Never allowed to die but made they live hasmukh amathalal

6. hasmukh amathalal - I look

  • Duration: 91
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - I look

I look towards sky with helplessness, But life filled with joy and sweetness, For centuries man kind failed to witness, Holy creations lived so happily in oneness, With all merciful act and grace, I raise my head with gloom on face, Request the God not to make us out of race, Allow us to live with peace and great embrace, When I bow before you with so many questions, Find so many wrongs with the season, All the three let loose hell, How do I feel so kind and well? Rain brings so much destruction and flood. As if some demon is hungry for blood, Loose we shelter and out of food, Nothing looks so kind and good, Summer bring scorching heat, Throw the fire balls in form of heat, No one dare to take out the head, Always thirsty and water not had, Death in all winter more severe, Many perish in snow here, How to face and no where to go? Prepare for the worst with season’s flow, What a joy and happiness you bring? Bestowed us with beautiful season spring, Cuckoo and birds with melodious voice, We never fear seasons but have no choice. hasmukh amathalal

7. hasmukh amathalal - Samsher (Sword)

  • Duration: 124
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Samsher (Sword)

Samsher is another name for sword Sharp edged weapons but not mightier than words Old kings and chieftains used along with war lords Protective arm length weapon carried by soldiers on board Whoever had weapons carried the field Surrendered all kings and great influence yield Such was weapon and matter of great pride Always visible on waist and can’t hide Easy to defend and easy to maneuver Straight into action without finding cover Body art and activeness always had upper hand Some times enemies turned tactics and became friends Only one sword became famous in entire world history Tipu (name) Sultan (ruler) had shining past with glory Not only British but French too had to make the way His sword ruled the land and complete sway Anybody may question what specialty the weapon had? It was given to him by another sultan Hyder Ali as dad The legend reveled it had magic touch given by goddess He was benevolent ruler and had always shining success Luck may not favour all the time to come Tipu too had feared and ready to welcome Waged heroic struggle with all his efforts No help could reach him through his ports He had his downfall and was beheaded All rulers did not unite and territory conceded It was lone freedom struggle for unity preservation Nothing could be achieved even with prevention His sword was taken away and kept in museum All efforts to bring it back failed and kept mum Alas! Efforts of one wealthy and businessman restored Sword is back home with its past glory and adored hasmukh amathalal

8. hasmukh amathalal - Welcome

  • Duration: 125
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Welcome

“Dear wake up and get ready” You are air borne and heavenly abode No use of your staying here and spoiling others God has specially sent us to pick you up as HE bothers You have done enough disservice to mankind Among self centered people, you were only little kind We searched many eligible but could not find Would you come along with us if you don’t mind? I couldn’t believe the words as there was no reality I was never kind but ruthless and adopted cruelty Conceded the point that there may be some error I thought of seeing self once more in mirror God may have his own way of tackling the issues Springing the surprise and offering the dues I thought I might be the first person to get the invitation Chest just broadened up with joy and excitation Lavish treatment and extravagance at disposal Not bad, but very good I thought was a proposal Waited eagerly for anxious moments to realize Remembered all incidences of life and summarize Soon I sensed some trouble and gamble Many people were standing and in shamble I too would be just one of them and standing I should have refused, escaped and evaded I was ushered in with all the respect I had enough time to see and inspect May be some special occasion together and call Greet them and ……………. You have done enough damage and harm Your relation with all were hostile and not warm You never thought of helping the poor Confined to self and shut the door You were shame on humanity There was no use of your continuity So you are called here with special mission Call for all your misacts and admissions hasmukh amathalal

9. hasmukh amathalal - Brown Eyes

  • Duration: 126
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Brown Eyes

Brown eyes with sparkling light, Standing before me just to right, Inviting me near but not to fight, May be closer views and clear sight, I could see whole world in it, Two eyes as if deem lamps lit, Why sudden interest in me hit? Muscled body with physique fit, May not be that simple reason, Spring all over as main season, Flowers booming with colours different, Invitation seemed only reason apparent, I too was ready for open meet, Shaking body with crumbling feet, Not knowing what was in store? Nothing was wrong for ground to explore, Miss was not easy but hard nut to crack, Little hurry was sign to pack, Patience was must for not going back, Attempt sincere but confidence not lack, Both realized the gravity of situation, It was real and not first sight or infatuation, Time was critical and need of an hour, Relation to grow and not sour, Kind gesture with open invite, Desires grew with ambition ignite, It was not time to say good night, Grab the opportunity as the time was right, Soon developed intense love and bond, Deep relations and each other fond, Love was to succeed with ultimate marriage, Simple arrangement and not as carriage, All was done with ease and comfort, Both the families had understand and rapport, Extending good will and complete support, Nothing was going bad as suggested report When I look back and simply ponder? No simple answer but only wonder, No clouds to make loud thunder, Simple acknowledgement with easy surrender hasmukh amathalal

10. hasmukh amathalal - Praise

  • Duration: 115
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Praise

Why do you hold me in high esteem and praise? Make me to feel great with status raised I am overwhelmed by your noble gesture As you always wished me for bright future I was no where near respectable mark or level You encouraged me to work had and excel Filled with high spirit, motivation and enthusiasm Inspired me rise beyond certain level and “ism” I was confined to zero energy and confined You infused me with optimism and refined How to express gratitude and acknowledge? I am novice and have no such knowledge Will you pardon me for being so negative? Lukewarm to response and not so sensitive I must learn quite a lot from you and oblige I feel shy to open up but have nothing to hide Is it not the tendency of human being to deceive? No return of thanks when applauses receive We might have scaled new height and glory Still we may forget the past as simple story If we learn to repay good gesture with gratitude People will learn to respect with different attitude This is what is expected from new generation They should rise above all without any expectation It may look as simple form of advice It should not be considered as mechanical device Time may change but not the essence and spirit You may need oil for lamps to lit We shall not last to see it either Storm may come and soon to wither Life has to stabilize and prove the best It must face stand firm and stand to test hasmukh amathalal

11. hasmukh amathalal - Asking more

  • Duration: 102
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Asking more

Whole body is asking more, Never had it happened this before? No lament and feel so sore, May have some reasons therefore, It is generating more heat, Whole body demand something, Nothing is in scarce but still seeks, Feeling inside feeble and weak, May be it has not fully rained, Not poured with strength and drained, In time of need always abstained, Leaving behind worry and pain, Not a slight or slow rain drops will do, I am wanting then is also true, But why it is so desperate? Have no clue, Eyes up in sky to see could blue, Only full rain with tremendous force, Lightening, thunder with wind of course, Strike at body with complete passion, Not to be told but, it is frank admission, Not a body but earth to long, Ready to embrace with sultry song, Whole area to come on with green grass, Show for self and world its class, Rain in short is the only answer, Will come in force to enlighten soul, Complete happiness with cool shower, Body too may feel with shower fewer, So time is answer and timely change, One should adapt and timely arrange, Nature responds with exact time and arrives, It is we only be impatient and connive? hasmukh amathalal

12. hasmukh amathalal - New alternative

  • Duration: 128
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - New alternative

Sound sleep without any noise Day starts with bird’s sweet voice Rest so essential without any choice All ideas stored in mind with next day’s poise Complete body relaxes but not mind Getting new ideas and alternates find May be they are active cells come to action Fight with solution and offer novel reaction Mild sun rays get end dreams to abrupt end Sudden hurry to get up and ways to mend Whole body gears up for the new race Ready to go into action challenges face It is not day to day routine but hard struggle So much pressure and some times to buckle Failure, humiliation but efforts to survive Learning new things with resolve and strive Dead are buried and may not speak Living beings may feel frustrated and weak Sometimes forcing to end the entire efforts Losing confidence and maintain the rapports It is endless struggle to be pressed and kept No wise man have ever lamented and wept It may be fall on ground but resolve to rise again Not to loose hope but try and have solid gain People may laugh and cut a joke Unnecessary meddle and try to poke Sometimes irritations and response evoke May be unexpected result with masterly stroke Steering the course in difficult situation Gaining the ground wit exact and correct evaluation Not missing the opportunity when knocks door Show of satisfaction only after reaching the shore Nothing may come on the way and deny Success may come and opportunities many No looking back with riding on the wings Who knows when poor will be crowned as king? hasmukh amathalal

13. hasmukh amathalal - Exploitation

  • Duration: 116
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Exploitation

World will cease to exist and face extinction, Not to differentiate and make the distinction, It all hinges on the word exploitation, Simple logic and need no explanation. Big fish kills small fish, Small fished are served in dish, Human beings want it as wish, Thus is the end and matter finish, If potters creation remains intact, No place will be left on earth in fact, If all babies survive and not die, People will have to come in open and lie, Crowd all over and no space will be left, Bread will be snatched and increase in theft, Nothing will be secured and disorder prevail, No more opportunities and chances avail, Why rich should bother the poor? Why do we expect open door? If we believe in HIM then it is fate, Opinion to be formed before it is late, We strongly believe and expect, World to change and order arrange, Let every one live happily and manage, Why then bloodshed and ghastly carnage? It is cycle that works and move, No one can stop and no one can remove, We got to accept the universal law, It is His creation and has no flaw, Why one takes birth as king? Lavish marriage and diamond ring, Pomp and show with beautiful life, Luxury at feet and situation rife, One toils hard but finds no bread, Life is sustained only on thread, Death is casual and no one read, Where survival is question then how to lead? hasmukh amathalal

14. hasmukh amathalal - Sheer madness

  • Duration: 126
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Sheer madness

What are criteria to be called mad? Is that one looks so gloomy and sad? Looks so shabby and behaviour so bad Frowning lines on face………….. One way or other we fall in same category Every body is after fame and glory Different attitudes with simple story Nothing to offer but only sorry There is no end to our being crazy Claiming credit despite being lazy Going for all excuses and no regret Novel ideas and impractical ways to suggest Attempt to woo people for straight sympathy Hard line approach with little apathy Knowing not what will be the ultimate outcome? Garnering support with praise and welcome I know it may not help the cause There may be serious setbacks because It lacks sincerity, deep vision and sight What is use of rift which causes uproar and fight? Your lust and ambition should stop somewhere You can’t poke your nose and fight everywhere May be people resorting to unfair means and way What makes you to take course in hand and have a say? Many have tried easy way and perished Beautiful palaces built but razed and demolished Time and tide waits for none and play the part What is use of presenting self clever and only smart? We should not be driven mad and crazy Everything must be taken in good spirit and easy Right will always be right and wrong a wrong Better to keep aside and concentrate for career long Life and glory may have its destined time We should strive for goal and object prime It may not yield the result in near future But it is ultimate destiny and kind of nature hasmukh amathalal

15. hasmukh amathalal - Making sense

  • Duration: 94
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Making sense

No sense in it if you act non-sense People may push you away with sense You may think why people are utterly non-sense? When you are perfectly ok and act wit sense You may fail in your love attempts Some thing may force you or to act prompt Still you act with sense and avoid You may face difficulties which are self maid You may act wise with change of scene Gentleman like approach when publicly seen Is it not the humanly act minus sin? When one tries to project what he has been? What comes to your help or rescue? You may be wondering without any clue You may blink and face may turn blue When projection makes no sense for you Sense is third eye for human being Timely act may make him king Opponent may face defeat in the ring You may survive…………….. What, if nothing suggests or paves the way? Your voice may not be heard or have the say You may stick to position and bat for long Still it makes sense that you are not always wrong You will know what lies ahead? Common sense may stop you to be mislead So even if you are worried or so tense You may act wise and come out with sense hasmukh amathalal

16. hasmukh amathalal - Funny 1

  • Duration: 112
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Funny 1

hei, hei, hei, hei, heih, heih, heih, heih, who says one, is only one? One only one and remain only one, One and one not make eleven, join to make it, only remain one, one will always remain only one, try, try and try, one will remain one One mixing with one make it within one, one minus one will not remain one; life is zero without only one, Even God is one, add no more one, Add more and more, may not look even, Christ is one, Allah is one, They represent one. Mighty only one, Heaven is one, hell also one, universe is one and earth also one, Good is one and bad also one, kind may be different but meaning only one What is continent and what is region? Who is African and who is Asian? What is Chilean and what is Nigerian? Someone may come and say I am Serbian, Not all religions but only human one, Love them all and hate no one, reject no one and extend embrace, No love and hate but smiling only face I continue to bow, Lye always low, Love to man and woman, Oh, God, show me only one Love and hate can’t ever one, sorrow and joy also not one, poles remain apart and not called one, Only HE may appear omni and look only one hasmukh amathalal

17. hasmukh amathalal - Give promise

  • Duration: 58
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Give promise

Nothing wrong in drawing With some changes again redrawing These are initial inputs Those can strengthen or simply cut to size Keep thinking on future lines That shall be base or guide lines You may make changes And cautiously manage The world is demanding more The competition is likely to soar You got prove the worth Then only the support shall be coming forth Life may be short But always report On your drawing able To stretch out the struggle It has constant appeal You must feel Real pulse with practice That shall show the way or give promise hasmukh amathalal

18. hasmukh amathalal - A sweet affair

  • Duration: 110
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - A sweet affair

It was sweet but not one time affair It was also not good on my part to think it as fair It had come all of sudden in life as surprise I thought it prudent on my part to be wise Many may be starving for such an occasion They may not be in position to keep good liaison It requires human touch and gentle care You can’t easily afford to loose or dare I thought how it could happen in isolation? How can we hide or makes its revelation? It is really an embarrassing situation It happens with all when faced with infatuation The relation is not built in a day It is got its own sphere and way We may make move to realize it Time may prove whether it may be sour or sweet After all we are all human This phenomenon is almost common No one can live without human touch There is hidden desire and natural crunch We may last to enjoy it for forever It has got its special fervor Life can’t be dreamed about its exclusion It can lead to happiness and joy If finds inclusion Love means special attachment with full dedication When you go in for it means it is good indication It may mushroom and engulf you with liking It may not be there at all or even slightly striking It may make a living haven on earth Lie may be lived at full length with its worth It may really prove to be strength When you have combination and same wave length hasmukh amathalal

19. hasmukh amathalal - A woman needs...

  • Duration: 129
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - A woman needs...

What woman really does need in life? Merely to stay in house as wife Carry out normal activities throughout Should know nothing what the life all about! Suffer throughout the life with uncertainty Voice muffled and no respect for purity Used as object and authorized medium for nudity Abused and shamed on the count of plurality You can’t have any say or particular choice Complete observance of silence with no noise Do they have no right to surge ahead and poise? Can any one clear their role and help to rise? Right from the beginning she has all the restrictions to face She is not encouraged to have active participation in any race She may be adored in the people’s eyes but is that sufficient? Is it not the simple excuse or termed it as proper and convenient? We call our selves as civilized society and belong to liberal land Still molestation, rape, murder and so on with conniving hands No honorable treatment or public out cry against atrocity? For name sake some good work just to show it as publicity What does she expect from her lover at the first? Is that simple gesture to accept her in good trust? Should that remain as mere spoken words with no surety? It is must and accepted as norms of civilized society Women needs to be raised to an honorable status There is nothing like addition or deletion with plus or minus They have to be there by virtue of their being in whole set up There should be no other option or any let up They need reassurance with full commitment There has to be full fledged action and no comments It has to be our endeavor to grant them what they fully deserve Think of a world and its condition if women properly not serve hasmukh amathalal

20. hasmukh amathalal - A best one

  • Duration: 75
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - A best one

Do you think it is best? If you try to be honest Can any one assure you rest? Will it stand the test? Less said is better You may be called trend setter Soon you may be on run People or friends may make fun It may be considered as best policy You may still be living under fallacy It is like double edged weapon Bad and good consequences to follow on It will be nice to be little partial Approach should be good from initial To remain real honest is cruel joke It can't deliver the entire time masterly stroke It may not suit to all the individuals It has complexity of playing double No one may land sympathetic ears You may later on curse the by gone years Try to follow it s far as possible It can not be made as forcible It is individual preference and choice It must be followed without making any noise hasmukh amathalal