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1. hasmukh amathalal - Precious possession

  • Duration: 71
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Precious possession

Someone wrote me to say "God bless always your way" I was moved with sentiment It was more than a wish or comment Not those others can not write beautifully Or lack skill to convey successfully It is internal feeling That is always compelling When you notice good things around You will exclaim on ground Speak two words in praise And wonderfully face Love as usual is natural attachment It can happen at any moment Love is felt with someone's attraction That leads later on with action We need not evaluate But relate When faced with reality It is real grace from an almighty Only fortunate people have When they behave Sensibly with precious possession To be called knee deep in obsession hasmukh amathalal

2. hasmukh amathalal - Dear and precious

  • Duration: 60
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Dear and precious

I consider it auspicious Dear and precious To be always attached And dreamed I spelled and whispered As you had offered Your hand in response I became happy on face I shall only cherish And finish The desire That you had aspired I look at the sun And take back the steps from run It is energy that keeps world alive I wish I can still live People say Sun breaks cycles in many ways To generate energy That is wish of almighty I clearly remember And whisper In reciprocation Our sacred relation hasmukh amathalal

3. hasmukh amathalal - Something wrong

  • Duration: 98
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Something wrong

Inwardly I felt something has gone wrong, I felt isolated and far from being among, Not at ease to breathe and sing a song, Weakness surface and taking away will power strong, Something I did which my conscious did not allow, I should have acted wise but did not follow, Carried away by temptation which shouldn’t have been? Not shown much interest that I was so keen, It is making me nervous, Reason may not be true but obvious, Never fall in trap any time previous, As I was claimed to be true and pious, No one has seen my guilt, It is mechanism in built, Any good and gentleman will feel pulse, But temptation and greed will have to repulse, Heart may not obey, Mind will not rule and sway, Presence will take you away, Only physical presence will stay, It will constantly bite, Darkness even with light, Weakness even with might, Defeat even without fight, Forever you may feel easily laid, Not attentive even when good words said, It will continue to hurt you more, You admit it to HIM just before, You may have sound sleep and joy, No more guilt but cheers and enjoy, Immediate redressal relieve the worry, Need not feel shame and not to say sorry hasmukh amathalal

4. hasmukh amathalal - Slippery ground

  • Duration: 132
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Slippery ground

Heavy showers make land surface slippery, Cautious walk with alertness and worry, Sudden fall causes injury and makes you sorry, While Children play in street and make it marry, We tend to forget soon the impact of ground, Not heeding to advice even looks sound, In heavy rain you should avoid drive and round, Such joy and happiness may always be not found, Life is such thrilling and so exciting, Lovely butterflies around make it inviting, Youngsters go for side track and easy walk, Wearing rosy smile and romantic talk, Life is more or less on slippery track, Relation may grow fast and develop crack, Easy joy sometimes lands you in trouble, Love disappears fast as water bubble, As rain appeals you to go for easy ride, Romantic mood may appear which no one should hide, Friends sometimes open up and freely confide, Beautiful scenes can be pictures and taken in slide, We may call it love or mere infatuation, Momentary burst of laughter with little fluctuation, Serious relations may not develop and out of question, Going for ride is only for pleasure and not for attraction, It looks easy and but still very hard way, Further relations may grow and have its say, Some relations may also progress and some turn sour, It may come as rain with more water to pour, We may tend to caution but definitely slip, Strong urge may prevent no more fall or skip, One may go for kill but in turn gets killed, Finds only sorrows and joy never filled, Both grounds are same and to be dealt with caution Whoever comes out of it may not face question You may feel so as if come out of cage Certainly it is matter incase of age. hasmukh amathalal

5. hasmukh amathalal - Dirty game

  • Duration: 119
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Dirty game

Dirty game Blaring voice and strong signal came Message from boy aging 9 for playing game What game early in the morning dear son? My uncle/auntie has wished you chase and run You are so small and playing on somebody’s behalf, I said “Not thinking of even your better half You are supporting your poems on other’s name For getting good name and earn the fame” he said Is it not good to have many members in family? Who has suggested you to ask the questions silly? I questioned He was tutored to speak the language of mature We can think at the age of nine what he has the future This is how people are let loose and make messages Is it the only way to find the top passage? Why not they choose creative path and best usage? Whole life will be wasted with the advancement of age I have faced the bitter test of language Unusual methods worth throwing in garbage Still they claim the custodian of heritage? Have they not gone berserk and mentally enraged? Let this poem hunter be only hunting ground New talents with innovative ideas should be found Scrap or throw them who have nothing to offer Let there be thousands of ideas and thoughts to differ They have easy access to bio dates and inlet It will be their Endeavour not anybody to let What is here to gain and loose? Path is open for them to go or choose? Nothing will emerge except dirt and mud It is utter nonsense and not at all good Let there be discontinuance of grading system Only entry with poems and wait for response esteem hasmukh amathalal

6. hasmukh amathalal - Moments after

  • Duration: 116
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Moments after

Who know what will happen moment after? Cries may be all over after day of joy and laughter Destruction all over and mass slaughter When hate spreads its wings and revenge there after No one knows what is likely to take place There may not be any body to offer solace Better to prepare for worst to follow Not let up or uncertainty allow Who ever is alert is bound to succeed? Careful planning cautiously proceed May not yield what is expected Danger may not take over as suspected Half way is through if alertness is there Easy solution and path way clear Full confidence without any fear Mental preparedness for hardship to bear Life is full of uncertainty No one is sure of its continuity Happy moments should he shared fully Life may believed in sense truly “Leave all worries to me” I shall look Every message is thus read in book Why worry today when He is present? Try for best which has got His consent Life is continuity and noble mission Needs some divine blessings with submission? May be there lapses and emission with omission Still lot of joy left with clear position It may happen at destined hour Nothing will be left to claim mine or your This is one of simplest philosophy of life Situation is not bad and time is ripe Moments after and moments now Hangs a balance for to act and how If we can understand and manage Road is open with clear message hasmukh amathalal

7. hasmukh amathalal - Number one

  • Duration: 135
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Number one

I want to be number one poet But how to remain calm quiet Something more important to write Ideas clash and make simple fight Consulted friend to execute the idea Simply he laughed at my plea Have you gone mad or insane? Are you on land or traveling in plane? Why to write to become number one? Borrow few from here and there from someone Add some few words with sugar coating Resort to some unusual method and fake voting What are you talking my dear friend? This will kill poetry and bring an end! It is better not write at all Why simple waste for some body’s call You will die unsung hero, Nothing will happen and you will be zero Your poems may be read posthumously Sometimes it may be published anonymously But this is ridiculous and unfair dear If someone comes to know and hear What impression they will have and bear? Nobody bothers and no one will shed tear So many have become number one? They will be there permanent one You may come and you may go They will follow same but you may forgo I did not heed to his advice, Became on line but found surprise “What the hell you are sending request” Why not beg in street instead go for quest I shivered for a moment and remembered This was for asking trouble and uneasy to remember How person could be so rude and impolite? There was shock for simple delight I really felt for those resorting to unfair means It was not deserving and easy win However they may rate and find top place World may forget but loss difficult to replace What are they trying to prove? Is it for cause or self image improved? Why does all methods needed for? Poems mean poems and not open war hasmukh amathalal

8. hasmukh amathalal - Beautiful World

  • Duration: 122
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Beautiful World

Learned poets have said beauty is to enjoy Like fresh flowers always give you joy Don’t attempt to pluck or destroy Not to play with it as simple toy Thing of beauty is joy for ever Ever lasting and fading never Liked by eyes and smelt by nose Fresh fragrance of flower like rose Is beauty confined to physical appearance? Does inner beauty find no substance? Is that look so important and impose? No matter whether it denies or trust repose? Beauty not to be taken from sex point of view, It is acknowledgement of grace and due What matters most is simple praise and fact? Leaving behind all games and not to look suspect Even God is another name for beauty Universal acknowledgement for kindness but not pity We al raise out hands for its grace Meet all with happiness and embrace There lies beauty in everything around Happiness and joy everywhere found This speaks good and seems so sound Love spell all over relations bound It may not spread hatred but only brotherhood It may not confine to area or only neighbourhood It has its own role to play and not hide Everything so open and nothing to confide History may not repeat the bloody wars fought Beauty has always ruled and cooperation sought Queens, princess were married for the sake of peace Not to shed blood but for stability and life at ease We may not undermine the essence of beauty Protect it from harm and consider it as duty Let us praise and preserve it as God’s gift No fight, no tension and with out any rift hasmukh amathalal

9. hasmukh amathalal - No wait

  • Duration: 65
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - No wait

I can’t make endless wait I follow simple and straight Nothing appeals and falls on deaf ears As if everything has been drained out with the years I was on guard and thought to be always right Considered rivals as friends and decided not to fight Nothing went as pr plan and it failed to deliver I still remained defiant and firm believer Let others go high and dry I shall always look forward and try May be that may not turn into spring Surely it may cripple the wings Life is really adventurous It may prove tortuous too All colors may fade away Darkness all over and not bright day See the goal through vision Expected blasts through fusion Greatness may line in defusing Not to bow and not to make it confusing hasmukh amathalal

10. hasmukh amathalal - Thinking irrelevent

  • Duration: 99
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Thinking irrelevent

I sit under tree and think in isolation, unable to perform or offer consolation, does this matter? or merely a question, is it absured thinking without any relation? I reel under anger and burn with rage, soul so helpless as lion feels in cage, As we see fire weapons only in page, feelings may run high but can't manage, I want to clean up, throw or destroy, All evils, dirts and only pure thoughts employ. Not huge army or battalion for purpose deploy, Put brave front, dashing thoughts and no decoy, I see urgent need to rise in arm, Befitting reply when done some harm, Tit for tat when deceived or no response warm, Tactfully hide emotions with beautiful charm, I may be in readiness and draw weapon, Keep it ready with edge so sharpened, Use it rarly when crisis deepen, avoid conflict and dialogues open, If sword is to be drawn, then it must seek blood, For noble caue and not for selfish end, sacrifice message to be understood and sent When country is reeling under heavy flood, Boats are to be pressed in service for food, , I think no more and jump to serve for good, Improve the situation and bring it out of wood hasmukh amathalal

11. hasmukh amathalal - Health and Wealth

  • Duration: 130
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Health and Wealth

I pursued for the wealth in life till the end Lost emotional touch and very good friends Caused havoc with internal system of delicacy Lost not only good health but complete privacy I have nothing to retain except golden bricks Same is of no use to me now as it kicks I lament blind race for its hold in personal custody No one can judge my mental plight and shaken body No doubt it gave me some standing in social circle But it had deep consequences and impact on its arrival It changed complete life style and brought arrogance Immense fortune is welcome but with only due importance Let business trend not interfere with social fabric It has its own inheritance and lacks some basics What has it to with behavior when you are not going to share? Why do we keep aloof when its close secret is totally unfair? Unknown fear is always gripping mind and shakes body Life is at risk and always feared for it from somebody Even it is not the reality and may have unfounded fears Yet we develop tendency of keeping distrust and loose the dear ones We must consider ourselves fortunate for having fortune Let that be dealt with proper respect and keeping in tune Whatever has come to you is result of hard in put Let that remain with you as reward and not cut the root Preserve health and wealth with balance of mind There is much to gain by remaining kind Life is meant to be enjoyed in all the aspects Not at the cost of alienation but building trust and respect It is takes heavy toll of your complete energy Wealth is not the means to have come that easy It requires life time effort to go just near With lots of sacrifice, determined effort and certainly with fear hasmukh amathalal

12. hasmukh amathalal - A uncharitable remark

  • Duration: 126
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - A  uncharitable remark

Why do people go for uncharitable remarks? unnecessary controversy is raked and sparked does it lead to healthy debate or solution? On the conterary, It weakens morale and resolution Why do they think I am more than ordinary? What necessiates such observation and is necessary? It is ablosutely out of contest and warranted Such thin gs are never desired or wanted We do represent human body It is as good as owned by anybody Nothing is extra ordinarly installed Only beautiful sentiments are walled The lovely blood circulate in mind It infuses new enrgy of its kind Makes body to long for good companion Strong bond with passion as mark of union A desire to be helpful for mankind A force to stand against the unfavoarable wind Get on to the safe side with smooth sailing All opportunites on card postively availing Nothing makes you ordinary or unique Everybody will have to stand in queue It is long wait for opportunity to strike It has to be availed wheather like or dislike We may find many wealthy individuals They may be poor in real sense and exchange wordy duals This is unbecoming of a unique character This is one of the most undesired factor Why do we not see with open eyes? Why do we crate and ask many why’s? We have confusion at every level Tis prevents us from doing well or excel Should we combine vision, mind and heart? Should we untilize it properly from the start? It defintiely will help to make you a strong force There may not be any reason to feel remorse hasmukh amathalal

13. hasmukh amathalal - A poetic world

  • Duration: 69
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - A poetic world

It is poetic world Flow of nice words No creation of upheaval Words to look nice and real It is for peace Life to be at ease New energy to release All hostilities to cease No storm to come and lash No breach in shore and wash It may be with message of danger To come out of it without any anger The world may be facing disasters You may knell down before masters Your feet may crumble You got to be very humble It is platform to spread message Find the place in heart with good passage The world to live in fantasy No use of asking for any clemency Better world with enough humor Not to pierce through shield or armor Rule the heart that needs solace Will it be there in any palace? hasmukh amathalal

14. hasmukh amathalal - Friend named Sahar

  • Duration: 107
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Friend named Sahar

O, dear Sahar, Sahar, < Sahar You are so close still very far I can't reach you by car Bur I can see you in bright star I can’t hear your voice in ear You can' be seen throughout the year I still feel you are here Your fading memory bring in tears I enjoy and don’t fear I love to last with and bear You breathe slowly but I feel it near Is it so because you are so dear? You are like upcoming star You may shine from distance and look very far It may matter very less or nothing I find your message encouraging and something Listen to what others say You may find the way I remember Sahar from that very day She came to me in the form of ray She was thousands of miles away and opposite the bay What a memorable exchange it was on that day? I would love to cherish in golden memory It will bring on fore all cheers and no sorry I may not see Sahar again or be able to find Gesture on her part find unique and kind You had put your little step just forward I always prayed you should never fall backward I see in Sahar bright future and reward... I have nothing but few words as award I feel so much warmth and great feeling I wish her poetic skill to reach new scaling *S A H A R …is..emerging poetess hasmukh amathalal

15. hasmukh amathalal - I lived not

  • Duration: 127
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - I lived not

I lived not up to expectations Thus raised distrust and many questions, Had promised to keep words, In the name of God and also Lords, Promise is simple but after all promise, To be observed till approach of demise, Never to forget any and not to compromise, Not to break any just to sprang surprise, I gave call, not to break and depart, Never to leave amidst and stay apart, Not to cheat soul even in trouble, Pressure may mount but not to crumble I thought my self teen, Sweet age of only sixteen, Never drew line in between, Always thought of loss and win, As we drew closer and closer, Game of not winner but a looser, Option left less how to be chooser, Thought for while to remain lover, Finding no way in sight I preferred to be cool, Chances were more to look like fool, Stars seemed far distanced bright moon, Hopes vapor fast result looked soon, I promised to bring star from sky, Love first at sight could not ask why? Thrilled with joy but felt very shy, It was first chance to ask love as” My” I never thought it may explode in mines, She too failed to read between lines, I am not sure of result, penalty or fine It was intoxication fresh from wine, I still stand firm and make promise sure, I may not gain but words more assure, I have fallen ground but not as coward, May it grim battle without any reward, I stand to loose and also go down, But I also feel precious loss of crown, I played game but player knot known, Result may be loss but you may disown hasmukh amathalal

16. hasmukh amathalal - Term As Love

  • Duration: 60
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Term As Love

Love can't be termed as love Keep trust and believe It is gift from heaven Love can be transmitted even Love can be seen among animals Insects and mammals But why to shun at reality When someone expresses inability Love can be no compulsion It has direct transfusion The love signals are genuine Its impact is clearly seen Eyes speak and respond Face expresses and looks sound Smile rushes and face delights Cheeks experience in day light Not all people can be untrustworthy It has blessings from almighty You might have some worries But ultimately it may make you happy hasmukh amathalal

17. hasmukh amathalal - Same Enthusiasm

  • Duration: 68
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Same Enthusiasm

There is only success and failure No one can make it sure You can make efforts To land at port Let us leave it to self As you are unaware of treasure a sea shelf Same way try to explore And seek for more There should be clear concept And thought should be kept In ready condition For addition or deletion What if we fail to get And what if we totally forget In both the cases It is lost opportunity to face Life shall pose challenges That sometimes may land you in rage But what are we going to do? Think and try to tackle through Let personal wisdom prevail Whether it is success and failure Both are taken as an outcome With same enthusiasm and welcome hasmukh amathalal

18. hasmukh amathalal - Only star

  • Duration: 53
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Only star

It makes sense When speak loud any nonsense But love can not be hidden That speaks from roof top even Feel either way If you are not wrong any way Treat her like rose And silently suppose How would you react? When see her presence to act Never try to be defensive As you are already possessive You are what you are In horizon only star Powerful in its own sphere There is no reason to fear You are not vulnerable But successful You have made it known Love is after all to be won hasmukh amathalal

19. hasmukh amathalal - First night

  • Duration: 75
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - First night

I knew nothing about love But strongly believed In its origin With feelings I was young then About sixteen When saw her in prime That was the only crime I did But I felt so much power The attraction from rainy shower No fear from bursting clouds I wanted to shout loud What was the main cause? She had only paused From beautiful smile To lower the eyes meanwhile Yes, this could be the girl That may slightly turn My destiny As decided by an almighty I lost no time Gave nod for any time She was to wed in ceremonial way The tradition style of taking girl away First night and all that I remembered She was part and permanent member I hesitated first time to disclose But was there any option than to repose? hasmukh amathalal

20. hasmukh amathalal - Feel Bad

  • Duration: 82
  • Channel: music
hasmukh amathalal - Feel Bad

Wise people always advise To keep mum and surprise With no comments This is biggest achievement Even friends feel bad When they are not adored Given few words of praise Or some sweet appreciation of face This can be understood From simple fact that we are all good But alas! Governed by human weakness We need no bitter test but only sweetness I can understand when read through comments There is some change along with improvement It will be best service if we confine to poet's creation And not showing simple favor by daily praising relation Gold needs no polishing as it has its own worth Human life needs no praises as may become known only after death Flowers too may fade with season's show We all are mature enough to think and grow Pick one good point whether one likes or not Weave it in ornamental way for attention to be caught The poem may get additional flavor and praise There may be some more unknown ways too hasmukh amathalal