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1. Heavy Shotgun

Heavy Shotgun

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2. Kick Drum Heavy Shotgun

Kick Drum Heavy Shotgun

Foley recording with H4 zoom microphone

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3. Heavy


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4. A1 SINCE DAYONE- H da Boss, Chris Crosland, Spaz Heavy, Shotgun Ruga

A1 SINCE DAYONE- H da Boss, Chris Crosland, Spaz Heavy, Shotgun Ruga

The whole #AMPent Dojo comes together to bomb on Future's #WICKED track and show Yall they been #A1sinceDAYONE!!

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5. HEAVY SHOTGUN (Free Download)

HEAVY SHOTGUN (Free Download)

This game trash! hahahaha, shoutout Daequan. Thanks for listening and download this track for free if you're down.

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6. Ride Shotgun

Ride Shotgun

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7. Shotgun Wedding

Shotgun Wedding

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9. Shotgun Justice2

Shotgun Justice2

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10. heavy metal

heavy metal

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11. Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain

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12. Yellow Claw ft. Rochelle - Shotgun (Wiwek Remix)

Yellow Claw ft. Rochelle - Shotgun (Wiwek Remix)

To celebrate his first release on Musical Freedom, Wiwek is giving away his Remix of Yellow Claw 'Shotgun'! Wiwek - Salute is available via: Wiwek  is known for  fusing electronic elements  with tropical rhythms to create a distinctive and refreshing sound. His tracks are being weaved into sets from heavy hitters like Tiësto, Laidback Luke, Major Lazer, Chuckie and Afrojack to name a few. In April 2012 he released his EP “Totem” on Mad Decent, a wild mix of hard-hitting drums and suspenseful builds that instantly sends the dance floor into a frenzy – and the pace hasn't slowed down since. He has also had great success with “Intimi” & “Ritual” released on Mixmash and “Angrybirdz” on Rimbu, the label he co-owns with Gregor Salto, as well as “Terminator” (with Moska) on Mad Decent in 2013. Labeled by Dancing Astronaut as the upcoming act to keep a close eye on in 2014, Wiwek still has plenty more for his fans in the industry with new tunes coming up on Chris Lake’s Rising Music & Tiësto’s Musical Freedom as well as remixes on Mad Decent and Ultra. For more information on Wiwek, please visit:

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13. Kris Cayden X Bio Bane - Atomic Shotgun (Bio Bane VIP)

Kris Cayden X Bio Bane - Atomic Shotgun (Bio Bane VIP)

Go insane over the new Bio Bane VIP version of "Atomic Shotgun" by Kris Cayden X Bio Bane. With an overload of all unique and original sounds and heavy bass, this exclusive track can easily get a crowd going. If you enjoy it, please give it a like and click on the [↻ Repost] button to show your support! ▶ Follow @biobane ▶ Follow @kris_cayden ▶ Follow @riddim-network: Audio Cure™ is currently open for song submissions to release here on our page. For the chance to have your music featured, please direct all song submissions by simply sending us a personal message here on SoundCloud or via e-mail at [email protected]

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14. Shotgun Ammo Slugfest

Shotgun Ammo Slugfest

Recording the bullets for my new SFX library called BULLETS HD PRO has been quite an experience. So far I've recorded over a dozen guns from a .22 to a M-60 but nothing had sounded as cool or as strange as recording a Mossberg 590 shooting a special shell called the "Bolo". A Bolo is two heavy duty slugs molded on to each end of a 5 inch piece of steel wire and when fire expands 240%. I took a short ride up the back mountain and found a nice long shooting range. I wanted to get the microphones at least 300 feet away from the blast of the gun but had to settle for around 250 feet. I'm sure with more time I could get more range but since this was a test it worked fine. The range was not level and had a curved rock face along one side and the other side was open to the valley below. I brought along a few Remington 2 3/4 buckshot shells to shoot along with the Bolo and in the audio demo and the difference is very noticeable. I also shot a .22 with 710 FPS ammo and fired off many of those and I will write a in-depth blog post about the slow .22 bullets that I've recorded over the last two months. Read More:

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15. Phil Gerus - She Rides Shotgun (FBR038) [clip]

Phil Gerus - She Rides Shotgun (FBR038) [clip]

Moscow born DJ & producer, Phil Gerus, has already shined this year on Futureboogie, contributing a sterling effort to our Summer Riot IV compilation last month. And so the multi-genre crossing producer returns to the fold with his own 4 track EP, brimming with raw boogie business. Already a regular on the Sonar Kollektiv and Man Make Music labels, Gerus has also cropped up on Kerri Chandler’s Madtech label and the DhARMA imprint. The ‘Now Is Gone’ EP features four funk fuelled cuts, from the bass slapping boogie down of opener ‘One More Button Down’ to the electro tinged ‘Better Sing It To Me First’, filled with synth sweeps, deft guitar licks, heavy claps and syncopated bass, a very authentic slice of 80s groove! ‘She Rides Shotgun’ ramps up the energy levels with a high tempo dancefloor burner, whilst the EP title track, ‘Now Is Gone’, unfurls into a robotic and choppy dub mix style cut, just waiting for the lino to go down on the floor for some serious popping moves! A warm, authentic and lively release then from Gerus, who displays an in depth knowledge and touch for the sound and applies this is droves to all the tracks here.

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