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1. Hybrid Heart - Nano

Hybrid Heart - Nano

Everyday I live a lie to subdue my melancholy I only dream of life in glory By midnight the magic dies Another broken happy every after Tangled up in the strings of fate I’m trapped inside my wildest fantasy Tell me why the heaven seems farther When I’m falling on my own As the lights are fading I can finally see my world of color spin Tell me why the ocean feels wider When I’m searching for the shore I’ve been swimming in tides that are raging But if only I hold on and close my eyes I could fly away I look out the window and I see the faces pass With no destination And still nobody ever wonders why Everyday they live a lie to hide their true emotion They only dream in isolation By daylight the same disguise Another endless masquerade beginning Swallowed up by the hands of time I drown inside my wildest fantasy Why does the journey seem longer When I’m running on my own As the world is silenced I can finally hear the voice of mine within Tell me why the aching feels stronger When I try to heal my wounds I’ve been lost for too long to remember But if only I hold on I could find who I am I’m blinded by a distant illusion I’m chasing after empty ambition I’m torn up by the loss of emotion But now I’m taking the wheel of direction today The higher up I fly, the harder that I fall The closer to the sun, the hotter it burns The deeper that I dive, the better that I breathe In my hybrid heart, my soul comes alive Tell me why the future seems brighter When the past is far behind As the world is turning I can finally find a way to stand again Tell me why the morning feels closer When I’m dreaming next you The horizon is just beyond the shadows So I’ll keep holding on until I’ve found who I am And if only I let go and free my mind I could fly away

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2. Nano - Hybrid Heart

Nano - Hybrid Heart

From the Crossing! One of my favorites :)

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5. She Playing With Your Heart -{Original Mix}-Hybrid Dance

She Playing With Your Heart -{Original Mix}-Hybrid Dance

All New Sounds..With MeGoMix {Club Room\House Festival} #HYBRID #DANCE #EDM Prod By.E.G.M-{Egyptian Ground Music} She Playing With Your Heart {Original Mix}-Enjoy it Free Download

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6. Chachi - Heart is a Warrior (feat. Natascha Bessez) [Sted-E & Hybrid Heights Club]

  • Published: 2014-01-22T16:05:59Z
  • By Tommy Boy
Chachi - Heart is a Warrior (feat. Natascha Bessez) [Sted-E & Hybrid Heights Club]

Featured on ElektroDaily - "a big room track that can smash any dance music club or festival" Every so often a track comes along that is instantly recognized as a floorfiller; an anthem that will set dance floors alight in clubs across the world. “Heart is a Warrior” by Chachi is one such track. As one of electronic dance music’s rising stars, Chachi delivers a club smash that is set to fill dance floors around the globe and have crowds singing along with the chorus at the top of their lungs. With the vocal help of Natascha Bessez, “Heart is a Warrior,” is the latest release by the New York DJ--who has exclusively announced his partnership with Tommy Boy--and tells the tale of a girl getting over the heartbreak of lost love and finding the power to move on with a strong heart.

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7. Hybrid Heart

Hybrid Heart

I hope you feel what I feel ... 'Hybrid Heart' Let's connect: Unearthed: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

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8. Cloudeater - Hybrid Heart (Mesck remix) [FKOF free download]

Cloudeater - Hybrid Heart (Mesck remix) [FKOF free download] 's review of 's remix of 's 'Hybrid Heart': “An immediate set of captivating soundscapes fade into the mix along with a mesmerising vocal, adding instant deepness and beauty to the intro. A nice filter and reverb is placed on top of the vocal, making it sound glitchy and ultimately enhancing the goosebumps caused by the first drop. 

“The first drop is out of control; the low-end is straight pressure, working great along with the powerful mids cutting through the mix – great variations are implemented and all leave their mark. The mid-range growls leave serious damage, slicing their way through the track, definitely a signature of Mesck's! The kick pounds heavy leaving space for the snare to slice the listener apart, a deadly combination. The percussive elements in the mix sound very clear and the minimal approach is splendid, and the same counts for the drum patterns. 

“The break is powerful, with the vocals returning, but also with the growls appearing shortly after the voice disappears. The soundscapes develop well, adding much to the journey that Mesck is portraying. The second drop is rock solid, now the vocals have disappeared and the other elements kick back in to finish the track off with aggressive growls and heavy sub-bass patterns. "Great progression shown throughout the track with an emotive yet deadly touch. Mesck is just insane to give this one out for free... He delivered another dark gem that we're stoked to share with you!” Not much to say after Korrupt's fairly comprehensive review. This one's a beauty... 48MB WAV. 320 download here:

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9. You are who you choose to be PtII (The Heart Within)

You are who you choose to be PtII (The Heart Within)

Due to countless messages asking for another "You are who you choose to be", I have decided to take up that up and create a second one! Here now is part 2 of a brand new motivating song that I hope not only motivates you, but inspires you to live out your dream as well. One love and happy listening. Cheers.

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10. EL NaNO - Hybrid Progressive @ EDC's Hybrid seeds

  • Published: 2015-10-28T17:07:22Z
  • By EL NañO
EL NaNO - Hybrid Progressive @ EDC's Hybrid seeds

Voici le set joué lors de la derniere grosse soirée des Ethereal Decibel Company: la Hybrid Seeds ! Enjoy ! (Playlist sur demande)

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11. Little Heart #7 (Hybrid Child OST)

  • Published: 2015-03-09T07:38:51Z
  • By LamBo
Little Heart #7 (Hybrid Child OST)

Đưa anh đi, đến một nơi chỉ còn hai chúng ta ... Nắm tay em, chúng ta cùng đi tìm hạnh phúc ...

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12. Carbon Nanotubes Make Hybrid Heart Tissue - 2013/02/16 - Pt. 5

Carbon Nanotubes Make Hybrid Heart Tissue - 2013/02/16 - Pt. 5

Heart cells and carbon nanotubes are combined to create a hybrid tissue for repair.

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13. [Heart Attack] Amp Head Overview Demo - Hotone "Nano Legacy" Series Amplifier

[Heart Attack] Amp Head Overview Demo - Hotone

Heart Attack is the newest member of the Nano line, and it is for metal heads. It is similar to the other Nano amp heads in its compact design and five huge watts of output. But it is unique in sound and feel. The Heart Attack design is based on the Mesa Boogie Rectifier*, offering metal players that classic hard rock high gain sound. You can pull it out of your pocket and unleash an unimaginable mass of energy plugged in, all without losing control. ✪ Sound inspired by Legendary Mesa Boogie Rectifier* ✪ Extremely compact configuration for portability ✪ High quality tone with Volume and Gain controls ✪ 3 Band EQ controls for shaping your tone ✪ Speaker out can automatically fit cabinets of different impedances (4-16Ω) ✪ FX LOOP for using external effects ✪ Headphone output jack is very convenient for practicing and recording ✪ Aux In jack can let you play with an external music player ✪ 18V DC power supply (Adapter included) ✪ Power Output: 5 Watts ✪ Dimensions: 128mm (W) x 75mm (D) x 59.5mm (H) ✪ Weight: 440 g *Mesa Boogie Rectifier is an amplifier model of Mesa/Boogie Ltd. The mentioned manufacturer and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective owners. The trademarks were used merely to indentify the sound character of this product.

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14. Hybrid Heart

Hybrid Heart


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16. Heart of Babaloo Jenkins (Epic/8bit/Hybrid/Fusion/Nuclear/Orchestra)

Heart of Babaloo Jenkins (Epic/8bit/Hybrid/Fusion/Nuclear/Orchestra)

Synopsis: He`s back, he`s mean and probably with a copyright infringement soon to follow. He is Babaloo Jenkins.

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17. Nucleya - In My Heart (Dead Battery Remix) -❤ FREE DOWNLOAD ❤-

  • Published: 2012-06-13T19:09:15Z
  • By highchai
Nucleya - In My Heart (Dead Battery Remix)  -❤ FREE DOWNLOAD ❤-

-❤ FREE DOWNLOAD ❤- ► ► Spotify: ► Beatport: Dead Battery returns to High Chai with his full-on electro-symphonic dubstep remix! - NUCLEYA on FB: - DEAD BATTERY on FB: - HIGH CHAI on FB:

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18. nano ナノ — 「The Crossing」(Full vers.)

nano ナノ — 「The Crossing」(Full vers.)

New Song "The Crossing" Music Video Arrival!! watch on YouTube... 5th Anniversary Album "The Crossing" will be released in May 31th! It's named same title both Live Tour and Regular radio program after nano's 5th Annivesary. Include 12 songs (8 songs will be brand-new song and all English lyrics). It'll be released 3 kind of package. [NA ver.] and [NO ver.] is each limited 10,000 copies! ★5th Anniversary Album "The Crossing" 2017/5/31 Release song list: 1. MY LIBERATION 2. Eye of the Beholder 3. Nameless Nemesis 4. Hybrid Heart 5. Bull's Eye 6. PARAISO 7. Beautiful Disaster 8. DREAMCATCHER 9. Because of You 10. Milestone 11. Pentagram 12. The Crossing [NA ver.] CD+DVD 3,000yen(tax out) DVD included 4 music clips song list: "Bull's Eye" "DREAMCATCHER" "MY LIBERATION" "The Crossing" [NO ver.] CD+CD 2,800yen(tax out) CD inluded cupling songs from released singles and re-arrange songs song list: "Mirror, Mirror" "Last Refrain" "HolloWorld" "bittersweet" "DARE DEVIL" "HAVEN" and "GALLOWS BELL (5th Anniversary ver.) *bonus track" [Regular ver.] CD only 2,400yen(tax out)

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19. My Hybrid Heart

  • Published: 2017-08-29T04:58:43Z
  • By Vaylon
My Hybrid Heart

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20. Black Heart [piano hybrid]

Black Heart [piano hybrid]

A dark and mournful ballad. Sombre piano over chilling and tortured sound design. © Christian Ugenti & Enrico Cacace 2014 - For demo purpose only. Available for licensing on Volta Music, London UK

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