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1. I Am The Light

I Am The Light

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nothing at of , which is

2. Under the White Moon

Under the White Moon

The moonlight falls on me tonight I pray to you dont let me die you gave me light for my whole life you never let me leave your sight now look at me with angry eyes I see the world through fake disguise I'll watch you fall to your demise behind the wall of your green lies (Chorus) Why'd you run away from me then turn around dont look dont see can't go back to how it used to be when you and I were oh so free So how did it end up like this what happened to our faithful bliss you tore it out and blew a kiss to everything we came to miss I feel the pain of all our tears you manifested all our fears you broke up what we've done for years to pave the way for metal spears Chorus Wolves cry under a moonless sky and run through forests all burned dry one looks at me and then walks by his goal is but the same as mine must flee the scene of heinous crimes escape with nothing save some time up the hills and down we climb my soul is something you can't bind

nothing at of , which is