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1. Upbeat


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3. Shower


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4. art


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5. Sentimental


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6. Code Silver [Chaos Remix] Payday 2

  • Published: 2014-06-13T02:31:07Z
  • By Mekeith23
Code Silver [Chaos Remix] Payday 2

My little remix of the theme from the No Mercy level in Payday: The Heist. Original song and some of the content used in this by Simon Viklund.

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7. Workout


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8. cleaning


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9. PaRtY


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10. Code Lyoko Theme Song

  • Published: 2014-09-02T02:46:25Z
  • By Mekeith23
Code Lyoko Theme Song

One of my favorite shows when I was younger. Always loved the music in the show as well, especially the theme song. So I took a go at it and did my best try at recreating it. Wasn't too hard, just the guitar tabs were.

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11. inspiration.


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12. Podcast ø21 : Vegim

  • Published: 2015-04-19T20:24:59Z
  • By Køsmos
Podcast ø21 : Vegim

INTERVIEW ø1 - What is your producing set-up ? Ableton + Sony Acid Pro + Sound Forge Ni Maschine, Ni X1, Ni F1 Tascam DM 4800 Revox B77 ø2 - Where do you pick your inspiration ? Earth, nature, sky, love. Lately I am finding myself listening the contruction workers around my area. There are so many buildings popin and sometimes u can hear very weird sounds :) Besides that, I also listen alot of other productions and mixes. ø3 - How could you describe your own label TMM Records ? Techno in its purest form. Futuristic. Creative. Open for fresh Ideas as long as its Techno. ø4 - What are the upcoming projects? Would like to keep em secret until they pop out. But, I can say that upcoming releases will be very special and suprising. ø5 - How could you describe your ep on Decoy Records ? Tough. Chemistry. Funky. Obsessive. Mathematic. Analog and digital combined together and I can say that the results are solid. ø6 - Some words about your next releases and projects? Tons of them coming but I would precise the one in Primate Rercords. One of my favorite labels of all times. BIOGRAPHY Vegim's journey into the underground began in the early 1990's. At first, music was just a hobby. Once he began collecting records his obsession grew stronger and he invested in his first pieces of music equipment. 1998 was the year Vegim became a full time slave to the underground. He rapidly developed his skills as a DJ and in his Production. By the age of 18 Vegim had already discovered his lust for House & Techno. The desire to tell his story through music took over and Vegim has never looked back. Vegim's earliest experiments in the studio go back to around 2002. After about 4 years of hard work, he released his first EP - Creature 3000 with Nani Killa, this is his first tune which went on to receive support from a lot known World DJs. Today, Vegim is recognized as one of Techno's most influential artists. Not only a skilled DJ/Producer but also a graphics designer and coneptionalist that has a style unlike any other. He has released his own tracks and done countless remixes for many of the best known labels in the Techno realm. His tracks and remixes are well supported by djís like: Dave Clarke, Laurent Garnier, Chris Liebing, Richie Hawtin, Xhin, Joseph Capriati, Mark Eg, A Paul, Gayle San and many more. In addition to being a high demand producer, his live performance is one of the most unique in Techno. His sound and mixing ability combined tell a story that is one of a kind. Vegim has traveled a long road since he began and he is now recognized as a symbol of techno worldwide. TRACKLIST Reggy van Oers - Sinuosity (Ness Remix) [Affin] Slam - Cirklon Bells (Edit Select Remix) [Soma] Andrea Belluzzi - 13 TenGrams - Altered States (Original Mix) [N.O.I.A.] Opencloud - Lines of Weakness (Original Mix) [Emote] Keith Carnal - Objective (Joel Mull Stripped remix) [Affin] Cleric - Seit 1990 (Original Mix) [Figure] Arnaud Le Texier - Continuum [Affin] Fauntleroy - Everything (Len Faki Remix) [Cocoon] Niereich - Placebo Effect (DJ Emerson remix) [Micro.fon] Pfirter - New State Of Consciousness [Mindtrip] Reeko - To The Sun [Modularz] I1 Ambivalent - Our Realm (Q'le Remix) [Shout] Jay Clarke - Vanishing Act [Blackaxon] Keith Carnal - Prospect [Affin] Kwartz - Lost Signal [Sonntag Morgen Modular Phaze - My Reaction Is Not Enterely Negative Mark Broom & Gary Beck - Red [Bek Audio] Par Grindvik - Folium [Stockholm LTD] Syltraxx - Fecal Matter [Cayden] Vegim - Analyte [Promo] Spiros Kaloumenos - Unknown Places [Focus] Oscar Mulero - Mindful Body [Polegroup] Tensal - Ritual II [Ownlife] Vegim - Black Walk [Decoy] Vegim - Tonal Trouble [Decoy] Vsk - Wrap [Planet Rhythm] Axkan - Totem (Morgan Tomas' Maniac Remix) [Format] Bastinov - Pentagon (Luca Agnelli Remix) [Etruria Beat] Kwartz - Form And Void [Polegroup] Mutate - Circle 3 - Luis Flores Remix [Blank Code] Stef Mendesidis - Thrix [Energun]

nothing at of , which is

13. sleeeeep


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14. 006 - Keith Richards And Being A Kid Forever

006 - Keith Richards And Being A Kid Forever

“You're not grown up until the day they put you six feet under.”

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16. Karamo


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17. Mike Speed | Rejuvenation - Leeds | Live In The Trance Lounge | 280614 | 23:00-00:00 | Vinyl Set

Mike Speed | Rejuvenation - Leeds | Live In The Trance Lounge | 280614 | 23:00-00:00 | Vinyl Set

Mike Speed | Rejuvenation Summer Of Love Live In The Trance Lounge | 23:00-00:00 | 28.06.14 @ Beaverworks | Leeds All Vinyl | Mixed On Technics 1210's Check out Mike's Live set playing at Rejuvenation in Leeds again, @ the Beaverworks, this time back in The Trance Lounge playing a old skool euphoric, uplifting & trance set all vinyl on the Technics, top night yet again! - DuMonde ‎| Human | Hiver & Hammer Remix | Bulletproof Records | 2003 - DJ Tom Stevens vs. Koma Squad | Outface 2000 | Lac Terra Remixxx | IDJ | 1999 - Jurgen Vries ‎| The Theme | JamX & De Leon's DuMonde Remix | Direction Records | 2002 - Mac Zimms ‎| L'Annonce Des Couleurs ‎| Vincent De Moor Remix | 2 Play Records | 1999 - Signum ‎| Feel The Pressure ‎| Baby Doc Remix | INCredible | 1999 - Cappella ‎| U Got 2 Know | R.A.F. Mix | Nukleuz | 2002 - The Generator | Where Are You Now? | Moonman Remix | Tidy Trax | 1999 - Nautica | Magic Love Thing | Original Version | Alien Recordings | 1999 - Three Drives | Greece 2000 | Lost Tribe Vs Miro Vocal Remix | Hooj Choons | 1999 - Jon The Dentist Vs Ollie Jaye | Feel So Good | Original Mix | 2000 - Des Mitchell | (Welcome) To The Dance | Part 1 | Code Blue | 2000 - Divine Inspiration | The Way (Put Your Hand In My Hand) | Svenson & Gielen Vocal Remix | Data Records | 2002 - Matt Darey Featuring Marcella Woods | Beautiful | Pulser Remix | Incentive | 2002 Check Rejuvenation & it's hype @ - Downloads & Social Links | Email - [email protected] | @djmikespeed | SoundCloud | | MixCloud | MixCrate | dj mike speed | MixCloud | | Feedback Crew & Share If You 'Like'! Cheers, Keep It Locked! | Direct Mp3 Download Available - Contact me on [email protected] Bookings 07787 164 054 Check Mike Out Live Alternate Friday's 20:00-22:00 | Rejuve Radio Rejuvenation's Summer Of Love line up on the night: OLD SKOOL WAREHOUSE: DJ Sy, DJ Faydz, DJ Vertigo, Greenbins, Jane Angel, DJ Absolute, Butty & Recca, Suddy + MC Domino UNDERGROUND & BREAKS: Greenbins, Pete Monsoon, Rob Thurston, Kershy, DJ Break, Danny D. V Josh J., Tony B, Kippax TRANCE LOUNGE: DJ Absolute, John J Jepson, Marc Wilkie, Pete Monsoon, Gomez, Mike Speed, Keith Laverty, DJ Wilco HARDCORE BASEMENT: Stu Allan, DJ Sy, XTC, DJ Faydz, DJ Break, Andy Ince, Simi Q Base, DJ Clarkie + MC Gesture FUNKY HOUSE COURTYARD: Marc Wilkie, DJ Shauny B

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