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1. M.A.N.D.Y. & Julian Ganzer - Japan (IOAKIM SAYZ Remix)

M.A.N.D.Y. & Julian Ganzer - Japan (IOAKIM SAYZ Remix)

Get Physical Music gives away this IOAKIM SAYZ remix of M.A.N.D.Y.'s & Julian Ganzer's Japan track for free. Follow IOAKIM here: ->

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2. Julian Ganzer & IOAKIM SAYZ - Where I Want It

Julian Ganzer & IOAKIM SAYZ - Where I Want It

Follow us: Press info: While on cusp of summer, as all are gearing up for the 2015 season we’ve been busy putting together the 15th edition of our genre exposé, Full Body Workout. This time around we’ve got amazing tracks from Joyce Muniz, Alican, Julian Ganzer & IOAKIM SAYZ, Tom Peters and more, all mixed delicately by the lovely Seattle native, Camea. The compilation features everything from playful melodies as heard in Tom Peters’ ‘We Are Going Ahead’ to heavier, edgier (no pun intended) moods like ‘Edge Of Infinity’ from Camea herself. Kotelett & Zadak share a driving Acid House vibe with ‘Your Secret’ as Julian Ganzer & IOAKIM SAYZ create a groovy, chilled number called ‘Where I Want It’. For a slightly dreamier ambience, look no further than Jeremy Israel’s ‘Sundried Tomato’, and then ‘Three Sharp Knocks’ from Ricky Leo & Luca Doobie for your dancefloor killer. From beginning to end, Full Body Workout Vol. 15 shows the dynamic range of Get Physical’s sound while presenting the bleeding edge of current trends in the electronic music scene they support and represent.

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3. IOAKIM SAYZ - Hole (Silky Remix) ***FREE DOWNLOAD***

  • Published: 2016-04-19T14:15:32Z
  • By SILKY
IOAKIM SAYZ - Hole (Silky Remix) ***FREE DOWNLOAD***

***FREE DOWNLOAD*** This is a remix I did for my dear friend IOAKIM SAYZ of his single 'Hole'. We decided to give it away for free. I hope you enjoy it. Please follow the FREE DOWNLOAD link below to download a full quality 320kbps MP3.

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4. IOAKIM SAYZ & Ilja Coric - Neon Geisha

IOAKIM SAYZ & Ilja Coric - Neon Geisha

Out exclusively on Bandcamp July 18, 2016: Buy here: Written and produced by Ilja Coric & IOAKIM SAYZ The „Sincere Prayers EP“ is the musical product of a friendship between IOAKIM SAYZ and Ilja Coric that dates back 6 years meanwhile. Ilja, a qualified jazz guitar player who is predominantly known for his music productions for films and documentaries and IOAKIM who's musical focus is rooted inside the electronic music scene have teamed up to see the result of two rather diverse musical orientations coming together. „Sincere Prayers“, „Neon Geisha“ and „Savant“ are diverse indeed and written and produced without any pressure or expectations but only with real dedication to their unanimous conception. Consequently the „Sincere Prayers EP“ doesn't try to serve any given genre and will be available exclusively on Bandcamp, detached from any music label and released completely independent.

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5. IOAKIM SAYZ - When It Was Good [Julian Ganzer Remix]

IOAKIM SAYZ - When It Was Good [Julian Ganzer Remix]

Get Physical’s newest and freshest compilation is back and ready for the summer! We’ve taken our time and carefully selected another handful of genre bending burners. Featuring some of the newest up-and-coming talent from across the globe, ‘Tracks’ has become one of the best places to discover and inspire, not to mention kick-start a new career. We hope you’ll enjoy our selection as much as we do. Find IOAKIM SAYZ here:

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6. FREE DOWNLOAD: Ed Ed - Deep In My Soul [IOAKIM SAYZ Remix]

FREE DOWNLOAD: Ed Ed - Deep In My Soul [IOAKIM SAYZ Remix]

IOAKIM SAYZ delivered a remix for ED ED's dancefloor killer "Deep In My Soul" which is now available for free here on Soundcloud. ED ED: IOAKIM SAYZ:

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There's not much to say: Noha is another product of my enthusiasm for oriental music as well as a groovy basslines. Bringing all sorts of elements I like together is always quite a challenge, but in the end the most honest and authentic result I can deliver. Now exclusively available via my Bandcamp page:

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8. Souvenir Podcast # 21 - IOAKIM SAYZ

Souvenir Podcast # 21 - IOAKIM SAYZ

01 IOAKIM SAYZ - Extravaganza (Julian Ganzer's Deep Mix) 02 Mosca - Murderous 03 William Welt - Vibe & Soal (Melos + Kyber Remix) 04 Aaryon - Chlorine 05 Him_Self_Her - Reflected 06 Richy Ahmed - Sneaky Acid 07 Gel Abril - Chemistry 08 Dachshund - Stones 09 Alex Niggemann - Abaton 10 Satoshi Fumi, Hiroshi Watanabe - Time Lapse (Eric Volta's Psychonauting on a Robot Heart Mix)’

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9. IOAKIM SAYZ - Hole (Pattern Drama Remix)

IOAKIM SAYZ - Hole (Pattern Drama Remix)

This is a remix I did a while back for my homie Ioakim Sayz. Unfortunately the remix was never released Please enjoy the free download! :)

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10. Alexandre Allegretti,Riccii - Dance On (IOAKIM SAYZ & Cusco Peer Remix) Teaser

Alexandre Allegretti,Riccii - Dance On (IOAKIM SAYZ & Cusco Peer Remix) Teaser

We are happy to share with you the second part of Alexandre Allegretti and Riccii’s “The Remixes EP”. The second part will certainly not disappoint as we have a special set of remixers. Back in march we have met one of the most genuine, down to earth DJ/Producers in the industry. Labels such as Get Physical, Souvenir Music and Circle Music are just the first to notice IOAKIM SAYZ’ potential. He was on our “must have” list for quite a while and we are proud and honored that we finally “snatched” him. For his “Dance On” remix he teamed up with his close friend Cusco Peer and the result is nothing short of excellent! The second track that was remixed on this EP is “Out Of This World” featuring the infectious vocals of Ellie Ka. Up and coming French “wizard” The White Shadow (FR) delivers his peak time techno pumper with lots of mad melodies and a fantastic percussions that is sure to become a standout. With more than two decades of experience under their belt, UK based duo Framewerk delivered a beautiful interpretation of “Out Of This World”. Fantastic melodies and tough synth lines, deep, moody and seductive vocals of Ellie Ka, will no doubt send hands in the air. We hope you enjoy this release as much as we do! Mastering provided by CID INC MASTERING

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11. IOAKIM SAYZ - Taboo


Out on Souvenir Music Buy here: More info on:

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12. IOAKIM SAYZ - Aavaa [Ominous 3AM Mix]

IOAKIM SAYZ - Aavaa [Ominous 3AM Mix]

IOAKIM SAYZ - Lion EP Buy here: or IOAKIM SAYZ - Lion [Original Mix] IOAKIM SAYZ - Lion [Javier Logares Remix] IOAKIM SAYZ - Aavaa [Original Mix] IOAKIM SAYZ - Aavaa [Ominous 3 AM Mix] Berlin based DJ and producer IOAKIM SAYZ is back with on Circle Music with a new release which is best described as uniquely superb. As an artist IOAKIM is already a known figure within the club fraternity and has been receiving great applause from his previous releases on labels such as Get Physical, Souvenir and Circle Music. He’s also the co-founder of Studio Kreuzberg which is a real creative hub of Berlin based international Djs, live acts, songwriters, producers and visual artists within the electronic music scene. As with many musicians and DJs in the modern world having a clear understanding of what separates you from the majority is paramount to developing you as artist and giving you credibility. This is defiantly the case with IOAKIM SAYZ who has such an array of influences merged into his sound it becomes very hard to categories his work as just House, Tech House or Techno. This individual creative approach is also carrying him well as a DJ with a new notable injected energy and flair into the club arena. The EP starts with his original track “Lion” which fantastic example of percussive house fuelled rhythms with an almost Arabic sounding evolving pad sequence. There’s real dynamics to this track as it builds uniquely with intricate production techniques and hypnotic builds. Next we have a “Lion” remix by Javier Logares Remix from Spain. Javier is another artist on the Get Physical radar and producing quality exhibits. The mix from Javier takes the theme from the original but molds it around a deeper rounded groove that carries an essence of South American progressive. Again it contains dynamic builds and rises comprised within its own habitat. Track three is more original work from IOAKIM SAYZ titled "Aavaa". Here we have some very clever use of vocals worked around a very radical sounding groove. It got a dark edge to it but with an up lifting feel that crosses multiple boundaries in one sitting. The last mix is “Aavaa” remix from Ominous who are the combined forces of Jonny Cruz & Ricardo Dominguez of San Juan & Puerto Rico. Similar to the Javier Logares remix this a powerful but deep interpretation with hypnotic undertones that absorb you the more you listen. IOAKIM SAYZ uniquely perfected future sound...

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13. IOAKIM SAYZ - Taboo


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14. Circle Radio Show with IOAKIM SAYZ (2015-8-14)

Circle Radio Show with IOAKIM SAYZ (2015-8-14)

Circle Music Radio Show, every 2nd Friday from 2-3 pm (CET) on This time with IOAKIM SAYZ who is also part of the #circle10years compilation with his track "Joker", available here:

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15. IOAKIM SAYZ - Virtuality

IOAKIM SAYZ - Virtuality

"Virtuality" is the title track of my upcoming "Virtuality EP", the first EP that I release on Bandcamp exclusively. Please don't miss to check the other two tracks, "Groova" and "Pumpkin". Thanks for listening everyone. If you like to read more about my decision to release on Bandcamp, check out my blog: Find more tracks via my Bandcamp page: Thanks to my sister for the artwork!

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16. IOAKIM SAYZ — DHM Podcast #228 (May 2017)

IOAKIM SAYZ — DHM Podcast #228 (May 2017)

Presents the podcast, recorded specially for the project Deep House Moscow from — IOAKIM SAYZ (Berlin, Germany). IOAKIM SAYZ: Soundcloud: Home: CONTACT (DHM): Email — [email protected] Follow us:

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17. IOAKIM SAYZ - Palestine

IOAKIM SAYZ - Palestine

'Knee Deep' is a mixture of all kinds of influences I've been confronted with over the past years. During the production it all came together and I'm happy and proud to finally share it with you. As for the B-side 'Palestine' I can say that after my experiences in the Westbank about six years ago as well as my love for oriental music in general, the title came spontaneously during the production and needs no further explanation except for the fact that I've put a lot of thought and dedication into it. Get it here:

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Berlin-based DJ, producer and member of Studio Kreuzberg (a collective of international artists from the heart of Berlin) IOAKIM SAYZ is the next artist to join the Sounvenir family with his new EP, ‘Extravanganza’ featuring special remixes from Maher Daniel and Julian Ganzer. Driven by a continued dedication to electronic music his productions, much like his DJ sets rely heavily on his instincts and intuition, basing much of his technique on the feel, flow and chance that arises from experimentation. Besides remixes for artists like M.A.N.D.Y., LOPAZZ & Alex Flatner, IOAKIM SAYZ has also garnered support for his own productions, which demonstrate his wide musical interest and expression. The ‘Extravanganza’ EP is the perfect example to introduce more audiences to his style. Rhythm & groove perforate this record, with the title track being driven by the warmly produced live percussion and lifted with solid basslines, tinkling keys and skewed vocals. ‘Beautiful’ is another perfect example of this work flow and ethic, with the broad palette of sounds cleverly brought together deployed using forward-thinking techniques. The remixes in the pack come from another ambitious Berlin-based artist, Julian Ganzer, whose first release saw light of day on the powerhouse Electronic music label, Get Physical Music, in the form of a remix for Booka Shade´s "Darko" in 2006. Maher Daniel is no stranger to the Souvenir family fold, with releases on some of the biggest labels in the industry and he still shows no sign of slowing down in the near future. DJ FEEDBACK… - Nick Warren – “This is strong new release from Souvenir. Very cool originals from Ioakim.” - Pirupa – “That original mix of Extravaganza is HUGE!! Definitely gonna play that out!” - Sasse – “Its all about the original of Extravaganza for me – Killer groove! Will play this!” - Ralf – “The Original of Beautiful and the Maher Daniel remix are both really working for me. Will support!” - Anja Schneider – “This is really nice!! Especially into the Maher Daniel remix. Will support.” - Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) – “Lovely sleazy grooves. Extravaganza really stands out, massively funky, everything about it works. Mixes both excellent too. Julian Ganzer having it.” - Benni (Adana Twins) – “The Original of Extravaganza is winning here. Great music from Ioakim.” - &ME – “Extravaganza is standing out for me. Perfect for getting the party started.” - Psychemagik – “Sweet and trippy vocals on Extravaganza... Will try it out.” - Jose Maria Ramon – (Ibiza Global Radio) – “Very nice release from Ioakim!! Will support these on my shows.” - Larse – (WDR 1Live, Germany) – “LOVE the original of Extravaganza!!” - Jonty Skrufff – (Germany Calling,, Germany) – “Beautiful is, errrr, beautiful!! Supporting!” - Shir Khan – (Radio Fritz, Germany) – “Super cool release from Souvenir! Loving Extravaganza!” - Tom Breu – (WDR 1Live, Germany) – “Deep and groovy stuff... Love it!” - Makossa – (FM4 Vienna, Austria) – “The originals here a sounding great! Will support.” - Bramus D – (Delta FM, Argentina) – “Maher Daniel’s rework of Extravaganza is sounding so good.” - Diversions – (CHRY Toronto, Canada) – “Loving the deeply intricate original mixes here.” - Karlos – (Ibiza Sonica Radio) – “Love these... Will play all of the tracks on here.” - Scan Mode – (DJ Magazine, Spain) – “Super nice beats here!! I love this release!” - Rafael – (Faze Magazine, Germany) – “Strong release here guys!”

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