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1. JAC Motors "PopRock"

  • Published: 2013-05-08T18:07:54+00:00
  • Duration: 60
  • By Lobo
JAC Motors

This spot was created by Ogilvy & Mather for the launch of JAC Motors’ new model, the JAC J2. The campaign’s slogan, which can be translated as “When at rest it’s Pop, when it moves it’s Rock”, highlights the vehicle’s two main aspects: visual and performance. At rest, the J2 stands out because of its youthful, lively look; when in motion, it reveals a powerful, sporty nature. This duality is represented both by the spot’s visuals and its soundtrack: Deep Purple’s 70s classic “Highway Star” appears in two completely different renditions, one with an electronic pop arrangement, and the other with a full-blown rock’n’roll vibe – with Steve Vai on the guitar, veteran Purple member Glenn Hughes on vocals and Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers on the drums. Those two deliveries of the song alternate throughout the spot, following the transformations undergone by the comic book-inspired settings where the J2 is driving along: during the “Pop” sequences we see a vividly colored environment, complete with the halftone patterns and bold outlines that inspired the paintings of Roy Lichtenstein. When the car starts to move and the soundtrack  takes on its “Rock” counterpart, the visuals change to high-contrast black-and-white and the environment becomes dark and grim, inspired by Frank Miller’s “Sin City” series. Directed by Cadu Macedo and Mateus de Paula Santos, the original 60-second spot was produced exclusively for the web, with a shortened 30-second version being prepared for television. Credits: Agency: Ogilvy&Mather Brasil Production Company: Lobo / VetorZero Creative Directors: Cadu Macedo & Mateus de Paula Santos Executive Producers: Alberto Lopes & Sérgio Salles Account Management: Márcia Guimarães Coordinator: Maísa Mendonça CG: Franck Falgueyrac & Olavo Chagas Animation: Akira Yashutake, Diego Coutinho, Luiz Gustavo Zanotello, Marcos Silva, Paulo Passaro Concepts: Diego Coutinho, Diogo Kalil, Ernesto Sam, Líbero Malavoglia Modeling: Marcos Smirkoff Post-Production: Equipe Vetor Zero / Lobo Sound Design: SATELITE Sountrack: Deep Purple / Highway Star