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1. Steely Dan - Josie (Fingerstyle guitar)

Steely Dan - Josie (Fingerstyle guitar)

My cover of Pete Hutlingers cover of Steely Dan - Josie

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2. Josie - Steely Dan

Josie - Steely Dan

Cliff Park covers Josie by Steely Dan

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3. Josie (Steely Dan cover with J.Rivas)

Josie (Steely Dan cover with J.Rivas)

Steely Dan studies part 1: I am very glad, that I could convince Jimmy Rivas to take over the lead-vocals. Whenever I stopped at his cloud during the last months I thought, that he would be the right singer for a Steely Dan cover. Visit his cloud at @j-rivas for more examples of his great voice and fine jazzy instrumentals. J.Rivas: Lead vocals Dirk: Arrangement, scat-choir, backing vocals, guitars Many people judge the music of Steely Dan as elevator-music, a perfect produced background for supermarkets and cocktail-bars, and of course their music can function perfectly within these environments. But there is something hidden under the high-polished surface of Steely Dan, something not easy, not light and even dark: Therefore someone called them "The trojanic horses of Pop", because under the glance of the arrangement they transport sometimes nasty and disturbing messages. Often you will observe a contrast between the music and the lyrics in their songs: A famous example is "Everyone gone to the movies", where the Dans offer an upbeat Calypso-groove with a singalong-chorus, while the lyrics telling about an old man showing dirty movies to kids. Other song-themes contain criminals, sex, drugs and alcohol, a whole bunch of adult-themes not suitable for the easy listener, but who is really listening to lyrics? Steely Dan-lyrics are often told from a third person perspective, not very concrete, leaving space for interpretation. At the first sight many listeners will also say, that the music is easy, because everything sounds radio-friendly, relaxed grooves, heart-warming melodies. At first the songs seem not too complicated, not many breaks, steady grooves, singalong-parts. But the more you look under the surface the more you find unbelievable sophisticated constructions. Just the chord-changes are more complicated than most Jazz-standards. Steely Dan have even invented something like a trademark-chord, which is named the "Steely Dan"-chord or the "Mu-major chord". If you want to learn more: Above these long lines of chord-changes the Dans create breathtaking arrangements. They can handle every instrumentation you can think of from professional brass-arrangements to brillant piano-parts and strings, all composed and arranged with an eclectic taste based on old Jazz-giants like Duke Ellington, Count Basie etc. Their music is very much based on black music-tradition: Blues, Jazz, Funk, Soul. But while the black music-tradition is often improvised the Dans are acting like white composers coming up with pre-planned songs. About the cover: Josie appeared on their famous album "Aja", praised by critics, hated by some older fans, because Steely Dan left the field of Soul-Rock of their first albums, and created a kind of Jazz-Pop or better Jazzrock-Pop. The song tells about a criminal woman, which will soon leave the prison (?) and the story-teller imagines, what they could do then like "sleep on the beach and make it" or "lay down the law and break it". While the original is very smooth I want to accent the Rock-side of Steely-Dan, so I try to transform the song into Hardrock. The famous baseline of Chuck Rainey was integrated in the guitars and bass and drums deliver a steady 8th Rock-groove. When I heard the intro again I thought, that it could also function as a kind of Jazz-scat-choir. I transformed also some brass-arrangements into choir-parts like during the outro. Because the Guitar-solos on Steely Dan-songs are instant classics I left the solo untouched and played it note for note. The picture is showing "Patty Hearst", kidnapped at the age of 19 in 1974, and afterwards brainwashed by a terrorist-group and send back to society by them to rob banks. If you want to learn more: Excuse the long introduction and enjoy the music …

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4. Tony Reed "Josie" Steely Dan cover (rocked up a bit)

Tony Reed

Tony Reed: All instruments and vocals. This is my cover of "Josie" by Steely Dan . It's recorded in D standard and as if played by a three piece rock band.

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5. "Josie" (Steely Dan Cover) Chuck D'Aloia/ Melody and Solo

Chuck D'Aloia blowing on Steely Dan's classic "Josie". Thank you Chuck, Jay Molina ,Fran Merante, Bill Colletti, Norman King, Charley Langer, Red Plate Amps and you! Video coming soon!

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6. Steely Dan ---- Josie

Steely Dan ---- Josie

HEY! Like this? Then why not visit to hear and download many more great sounds like this? I've got a page devoted to Steely Dan where I talk about how to play their great guitar solos 'Josie' is another Steely Dan classic off the 1977 album 'Aja'.

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7. Josie - Steely Dan Cover

  • Published: 2011-10-27T20:52:42Z
  • By John NT
Josie - Steely Dan Cover

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8. Josie (Steely Dan)

Josie (Steely Dan)

Recorded live in Shakopee, MN on January 31, 2015

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9. Josie (Steely Dan)

Josie (Steely Dan)

Our Cover of Steely Dan

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11. Mangroove - Josie (Steely Dan)

Mangroove - Josie (Steely Dan)

Enregistrement studio - Prise de son live - Post-prod minimale

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12. Gonzalo Aloras & Machi Rufino - Josie (Steely Dan)

Gonzalo Aloras & Machi Rufino - Josie (Steely Dan)

Esta versión fue grabada durante el concierto en Boris (BsAs) el 24 de marzo del 2012. Machi Rufino: voz / Gonzalo Aloras: guitarra y coro / Juan Chiavassa: batería / Julián Sileone: bajo / León Peirone: guitarra y coro / Edi Dimmer: piano rhodes.

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13. Josie - Steely Dan cover

  • Published: 2011-10-28T14:54:10Z
  • By Scottckr
Josie - Steely Dan cover

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14. Als Josie Steely Dan Jam 03-18-16

  • Published: 2016-03-19T03:39:15Z
  • By alnshn
Als Josie Steely Dan Jam 03-18-16

steely dan? josie?

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15. Josie-Steely Dan

Josie-Steely Dan

Coco Santamaría.voz-coros-guitarras-keyboard.drums program Justo Serrano-Bass

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16. Josie (Steely Dan Cover)

  • Published: 2015-08-03T05:03:04Z
  • By RicoMusic
Josie (Steely Dan Cover)

Bass : John C. Errico Guitar: Paul Mutzak Keyboards: Jamie Rhind Drums: Donnie D'Angelo

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17. Josie (Steely Dan) Solo Guitar

Josie (Steely Dan) Solo Guitar

A bit of jazzy-funky noodling based on Steely Dan' Josie

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