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1. TAK - K-Pop Culture (Mashup)

  • Published: 2013-09-15T14:11:16Z
  • By TAK
TAK - K-Pop Culture (Mashup)

[DOWNLOAD LOSSLESS VERSION + INSTRUMENTAL] [DOWNLOAD ABLETON LIVE PROJECT FILE] Hi, I'm young and dreamful electronic musician TAK. When I was into 'Madeon pop culture' for the first time, I really wanted to make my own 'K-pop culture' for K-pop lovers in the world. Hope you fully experience the essence of K-pops with it! Many thanks! 안녕하세요 일렉트로닉 뮤지션 TAK 입니다 2년 전에 Madeon의 Pop Culture 영상을 보고 우리나라 곡으로 할 순 없을까 생각만 하다가 오랜 시간이 흐른 지금에서야 완성했습니다. Madeon의 영상을 기반으로 하되 K-Pop으로 구성해 보았구요 그래서 이름도 K-Pop Culture 입니다. 많은 시간과 노력을 들인만큼 즐겁게 봐주셨으면 좋겠습니다. Cubase 7 & Ableton Live 9 Launchpad & Leap Motion Tracklist (음악적으로 맞는 부분을 캐치해 넣은 요소가 메인이고! 그 외에 선곡에 있어 제 개인적인 주관적 취향은 반영되지 않았음을 알려드립니다 ㅜㅜ) 2NE1 - I LOVE YOU Ailee - U&I BIGBANG - FANTASTIC BABY CL - 나쁜 기집애 (THE BADDEST FEMALE) Cho Yong Pil - Hello CRAYON POP - 빠빠빠 EXO - 늑대와 미녀 (Wolf) f(x) - Electric Shock G-Dragon - 그 XX (THAT XX) Girl's Day - 기대해 (EXPECTATION) J Rabbit - Happy Things SISTAR19 - 있다 없으니까 (GONE NOT AROUND ANY LONGER) PSY - 젠틀맨 (GENTLEMAN) PSY - 강남스타일 (GANGNAM STYLE) XIA(준수) - Incredible

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  • Published: 2017-10-02T04:50:24Z
  • By Jan K-Pop

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5. 아는 만큼 들리는 노래 2016 반쪽(The Best K-pop Songs In 1 Song : Jan-June, 2016)

아는 만큼 들리는 노래 2016 반쪽(The Best K-pop Songs In 1 Song : Jan-June, 2016)

2016년 상반기 사랑받은 노래를 모아 한 곡으로? 모른다면 1곡으로 들린다는데 나는 몇 곡으로 들릴까? 페이스북 공식 페이지 사클 고음질 감상 트위터 공식 페이지

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6. K-Pop Top 100 (July 5, 2017)

K-Pop Top 100 (July 5, 2017)

Updated July 5 2017 멜론, 벅스와 엠넷 차트 참고해서 1위부터 100위까지 순서대로 정리 합니다 I sort songs by popularity. I refer to Melon Top 100, Bugs Top 100 and and Mnet 100 Melon Bugs Mnet Naver Genie

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7. T-ara-Lovey-Dovey

  • Published: 2012-01-05T12:12:44Z
  • By K pop

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8. [Cover] 아는 만큼 들리는 노래 2015(The Best 31 K-pop Songs of 2015 In 1 Song)

[Cover] 아는 만큼 들리는 노래 2015(The Best 31 K-pop Songs of 2015 In 1 Song)

[아는 만큼 들리는 노래] 2015 히트곡 총정리 모른다면 1곡으로, 다 알면 31곡으로 들린다는 신기한 노래 작년 가장 사랑 받은 명곡만 모아 한 곡의 러브송으로? 지금 몇 곡으로 들려? (달달주의)

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12. DJ Masa & SHIMMixes - HOT K - POP 2013

DJ Masa & SHIMMixes - HOT K - POP 2013

It's that time of the year again where we relieve all of the past year's hit K-Pop songs! This time, I invited another youtube K-Pop DJ! He's Josh, an 18-year old Filipino whose channel goes by the name of "SHIMMixes" to present to you a 2-part mash-up containing 80 of this year's great K-Pop songs! With the first part being managed by SHIMMixes, and the second one being managed by me, we successfully put together a 6-minute piece containing nothing but pure catchiness, and k-pop awesomeness! Living in opposite parts of the globe, we managed to work it through, so it is definitely safe to say that Music makes ONE! Download full track: Follow DJ MASA: Like DJ MASA: Follow SHIMMixes: Like SHIMMixes: - TRACKLIST - 100% - Want U Back 15& - Somebody 2NE1 - Do You Love Me 2NE1 - Falling in Love 2PM - A.D.T.O.Y. 4minute - Is it Poppin'? 4minute - What's Your Name A Pink - NONONO A-JAX - Insane AFTERSCHOOL - First Love Ailee - U&I Alphabat - AB CITY AOA - Confused B.A.P - BADMAN B1A4 - What's Going On Bangtan Boys - NO BEAST - Shadow BIGSTAR - Run N Run Block B - Very Good Brown Eyed Girls - KILL BILL CL - Baddest Female CNBLUE - I'm Sorry Crayon Pop - BAR BAR BAR D-Unit - Talk To My Face Dal shabet - Be Ambitious EXO - Growl EXO - Wolf f(x) - Rum Pum Pum Pum G-Dragon - COUP D'ETAT G-Dragon - Crooked Girl's Day - Expectation Girls' Generation - Dancing Queen Girls' Generation - I GOT A BOY GLAM - I Like That Heo Young Saeng - The Art of Seduction INFINITE - Destiny IU - The Red Shoes IVY - I Dance Jewelry - Hot & Cold KARA - Damaged Lady Kim Hyung Joon - Unbreakable (feat. Jay Park) Ladies' Code - Pretty Pretty Lee Hi - Rose Lee Hyori - Bad GIrls Lee Jung Hyun - V Lim Chang Jeong - Open The Door (feat. Kim Chang Ryul) MBLAQ - Smoky Girl MFBTY - Sweet Dream missA - Hush Nine Muses - Dolls Nine Muses - GUN Nine Muses - WILD PSY - Gentleman Rainbow - Tell me Tell me Rania - Just Go Seo In Young - Love Me Seungri - GOTTA TALK TO U SHINee - Everybody Shinwha - This Love SISTAR - Give It To Me SISTAR19 - Gone Not Around Any Longer SPEED - It's Over SPICA - Tonight SunMi - 24 Hours T-ara - Number 9 T-ara N4 - Jeonwon Diary T.O.P - Doom Dada Tae Yang - RINGA LINGA TASTY - MAMAMA TEEN TOP - Rocking Tiny-G - I Miss You Trouble Maker - Now U-KISS - Standing Still VIXX - G.R.8.U VIXX - hyde VIXX - Voodoo Doll Wa$$up - Wa$$up Wonderboyz - Tarzan XIA - Incredible (feat. Quincy) ZE:A - Ghost of the Wind

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14. TAK - K-Pop Culture 2015 (Live Mashup)

  • Published: 2015-12-05T02:36:36Z
  • By TAK
TAK - K-Pop Culture 2015 (Live Mashup) 안녕하세요. 일렉트로닉 뮤지션 TAK입니다. 2013 K-Pop Culture를 통해 인사 드린 지 벌써 2년이란 시간이 흘렀네요. 군복무 마치고 다시 한 번 영상으로 찾아 뵐 수 있어 너무나 행복합니다! 이전 보다 여유 있는 템포로 편안하게 들을 수 있도록 작업해 보았으니 신나게 즐겨주세요! 사용된 장비 & 곡 리스트 Studio One 3 & Ableton Live 9 Launchpad Pro, Mk2 Novation SL Mk2 61 Novation Audio Hub 2x4 마마무 (MAMAMOO) - 음오아예 (Um Oh Ah Yeh) 블락비 (Block B) - Her 서태지 (SEOTAIJI) - (TAK Remix) 소녀시대 (Girls’ Generation) - PARTY 이유 갓지 않은 이유 (G-Park x IU) - 레옹 (Leon) 이진아 (Lee Jin Ah) - 시간아 천천히 (Time Please Slow Down) 황태지 (HwangTaeGi) - 맙소사 (OMG) BIGBANG - 뱅뱅뱅 (BANG BANG BANG) BIGBANG - LOSER BIGBANG - WE LIKE 2 PARTY BIGBANG - 쩔어 EXID - 위아래 (Up&Down) EXID - 아예 (Ah Yeah) EXO - LOVE ME RIGHT GD x TAEYANG - GOOD BOY HIGH 4 & IU - 봄, 사랑, 벚꽃, 말고 (Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms) Illionaire Records - 연결고리 (YGGR) San E (feat. 백예린(Baek Yerin) of 15&) - Me You TAK - Upper City Zedd - I Want You To Know (TAK Remix)

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  • Published: 2016-01-13T14:54:05Z
  • By SHIMMixes

2015 has been a jam packed year for K-Pop! 2015 is home to some of the finest group debuts we've had in years, and we have seen some of the toughest competitions with the great number of K-Pop comebacks this year. Now let's look back on the awesome year 2015 was with all the great kpop releases! I hope you enjoy this mega mash-up! And I hope you guys like, comment, share and spread this to your fellow kpop and music fans. I'll see ya'll in the next project!! Official list of 123 songs used: I'm on Youtube! Follow SHIMMixes on Twitter! Like SHIMMixes on facebook! Note: Please note that the real goal of this mega mash-up isn't to include every single kpop release we've had this year. Since there is limited space and time for the samples, I had to only put the really "big" tracks, and the really best ones to come out this year, or resort to the track the fits this mash-up the most (lyrically and technically speaking). If only I could put in a lot of the tracks I had to remove, I would, so I'd like to apologize if your favorite song, or artist didn't make the list this year. Maybe next year! I don't own any of the vocals and instrumentals of the songs. I just wanted to share some fanworks, meaning, I do this for fun. All audio, and visuals I used in making these videos all belong to their respective owners. THESE VIDEOS/AUDIO or any MEDIA posted by me ARE NOT FOR SALE IN ANY FORM. They are used for PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. No copyright infringement intended. ALSO, if you like any of the songs that I have featured in this mix, please do support the original artists by buying the songs legally!

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