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3. Doomshoes


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5. Evil Monsters

Evil Monsters

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6. Wool


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7. Devil Music

Devil Music

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8. Shark Infested

Shark Infested

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10. Beauty With Sharp Teeth

  • Published: 2011-08-28T09:21:59Z
  • By Kyron
Beauty With Sharp Teeth

Sometimes flowering and climbing sweetly, sometimes biting, electric guitar mingles with ethereal loops and a driving aesthetic to create a chimera of a musical arrangement.

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11. Angry Horse With Sharp Teeth

Angry Horse With Sharp Teeth

Watch fer them gnashers.

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12. The beast with sharp green teeth

The beast with sharp green teeth

work in progress

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13. Scooby-Doo vs Courage the Cowardly Dog. T.V. Rap Battles 2.

Scooby-Doo vs Courage the Cowardly Dog. T.V. Rap Battles 2.

Originally released: November 19, 2017 @bmrb8c as Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo Danny DC as Courage @mancha-4 as Mr. Pickles Written by: Henry Jones, @swoldow_evgrb, @user-120833346, B O R K, @dannyplaysgames-422800890, @kirbythatisred, Powerpunk Gamer, @samuelcrazyworld, Danny DC, and @king-mewtwo Cover art by: Aaron Peters Beat produced by: @tristanonthetrack Mixed by: @dannyplaysgames-422800890 Lyrics: Scooby-Doo: Ruh, roh! You seem frightened, I’ll leave this one network to crash When I unleash these bars, you’ll head back in the trash Chomp! You’re going down like a scooby snack! You take more abuse than both your owners, and now you make me look bad I guess you're looking for a win, but your victory is Nowhere! While I make kids and adults laugh, you give viewers nightmares! You're facing the top dog on CN?, now do a favour for all of us and me Go back to being cancelled, or I’ll again leave this Ramses as a mummy (Rehehehehe) Courage: When I'm done with you, I’ll kick your ass back to the 1960’s! Once he makes like his million bootlegs, it’ll truly be a treat This’ll be a piece of pie, cuz I spit my rhymes hot You called yourself the top dog? You’re clearly no mascot Your bars are worse than your WWE crossover, and that's a fact I’d rather rap against Scrappy than this Scooby-Dumbass I do the things I do for the people’s love, while you do what you do for snacks What’s New Scooby Doo? He’s dead like his show! And he's never coming back Mr. Pickles: This ain't an April Fools joke! It's Mr. Pickles here to say That there’s no use running or swimming, you bitches will never get away! With sharp teeth to break your bones, and a knife to slice your throats I'll take all of your organs, now I've got this mayor’s goat! I’m the most frightening dog, while you’re just the Goosebumps part While you’re chasing costumes, I've yet to hear you two bark! Now I’ll take you underground, where this world has never seen! And with that being said, boys...HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Scrappy-Doo: PUPPY POWER! Hint: Green villain vs green protagonist. One fails at his plans while the other succeeds.

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14. no escape (freestyle) [prod. by nastradomas]

no escape (freestyle) [prod. by nastradomas]

no one's ready to deal with us. It's startin’ to feel like every week is Shark Week. Great White Shark bitin’ with sharp teeth. No grass stains stainin’ the golf cleats. Came a long way from that carseat. Now I’m servin’ plates, I let 'em all eat. Interns paid to fetch me coffee off of how I write these raps, how I work this app, how I lounge my trap, how I keep so thoro when West is all that I rap. Know the Ridge that I rep. Practically mayor of the Nat. Since Encore, rappers couldn’t’ve mirrored me back. Hearin’ me rap is like hearin’ Hov rap in his prime. Multiple meanings when I say that whip’ll turn on a dime, I mean. ‘Bout to stunt at my five-year. Like stop everything, I’m here, with the Bimmer in the lot like I'm really 'bout to pop. And even if I'm not, I know regardless, I swear I'll be the happiest there 'cause of this art, it's real. Her face looks like Hermione Granger's, but she’s quick to hit you back if her life is in danger. One pop, still five in the chamber. You won't like when I'm angry. I might hang me a Banksy. I'm reckless. I might rob the gift shop and just exit. I might document it. Tryna talk behind my back like God ain't omnipresent. Triple lock it. Got it all protected. Ask Six Flags how much it costs to rent it, get it and then Project X it. We Star Trek of the next generation. Y'all Degrassi, playin’ Rick, tryna shoot for what Drake did. I'd rather be into the trap shit than have my head so far up my own ass that I would trash kids for tryna have fun and do what kids do. Talkin’ ‘bout how you miss the 90’s with a box of tissues. Y'all really sweatin’ music too much. I gave it up. The reason why my shit is so tough now. I bust down, bust back. News won't run that. All me up down left right front back. California, I'm the king of the south. The reason why she got this tip in her mouth. I just hit me my stride. Bitch don't kill me my vibe. Since I picked up this drive, it's just been “Gimme a ride.” I might go Fullmetal Alchemist. Might go Full Metal Jacket. Only speakin’ the truth to you. I just happen to rap it. I let my people tell 'em. I let the brain, I let the fear, I let the voices tell 'em. I let my family, let my friends, I let my tortoise tell 'em. I let my club, I let the Nat, I’m lettin’ Northridge tell 'em. Never stoppin’ 'cause there's always something more to tell 'em. I'll assassinate the president. I said it clear 'cause nothing fuckin’ matters anymore in this election year. Donald Trump is havin' foreign people dread in fear like European bastards didn't get 'em here. That's all I'ma say. I'll leave the politics to people who care. Got my heart inside the music, I'll just keep it in there. I just wonder why I'm workin’ with the hearin’ impaired. You probably couldn't catch the beat if it was tied to a chair. They call me Mr. Master. Mr. Hollywood. I'm Version 2, ever since I hit the factories to earn my suit. Been a goon since Toontown. Do then what I do now. Music loud but not too loud. Shoutout Long Beach for rejectin’ me. Shoutout San Jose State and UC Santa Barbara for acceptin’ me. Said no to both regretfully at first, but the Ridge is where I’m meant to be. Would never be in the place I’m at mentally if I went somewhere else. Would never get for myself this sense of identity. Plagued with a head disease medicine couldn’t remedy. In the midst, I drift through it effortless. No dependency. Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is

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16. Witch - ScrubGod x RicoDiamondz (prod. Lezter)

  • Published: 2018-04-22T03:27:14Z
  • By Scrub God
Witch - ScrubGod x RicoDiamondz (prod. Lezter) ay yoo hang die die wich ay yoo young crusifix flipped ay yoo burn me at the steak ay yoo drownin in the firey lake hell if im rich oh no what is it bitch rose gold hell is my get up wit blood on my wrist nugget my swisher like kids dont follow my lead wont grow let out your rage then go hello the kitty then dick poke drop in the crib an then get smoked ay yoo hang die die wich ay yoo young crusifix flipped ay yoo burn me at the steak ay yoo drownin in the firey lake shut you face your cake hole you aint make no bank roll fuck you bitch i hate you an everything that makes you caving in i break threw hang like what that neck do bang an beat i make moves your asleep you aint smooth 2x...ay yoo die wich flip yo cross quick burn me i live cant drown i swim aint no way that you can save a muh fukkin devil boy dick is large just go an ask ya mama im a hellish boy crusifix is flipped around my neck while snging ode to joy spit like a llamaa with sharp ass teeth like pirahanas you outta say my name when yo go prey you gunna feel a plummit boy blood it glisten off my fangs while standing at the summit boy death it wants you never let it catch you ima help it boy kill like a spider an get inside you like a virus ay yoo hang die die wich ay yoo young crusifix flipped ay yoo burn me at the steak ay yoo drownin in the firey lake

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17. Super - Pan

Super - Pan

i requisition for infinite measures to begin the re-gifting simply stated i'm the embodiment of prose uplifting we could be at a diner and you could make salt grains start sh-shifting drop the beat on the table, rattle plates I'd look you in the face and start spitting I just want bars to be who they are and beat above par for the sake of my pipes i'm long winded and ruthless with sharp teeth newbies are toothless and only gum mics ought-ta go on hunger strikes cause they think they're so phat anorexic mc's don't know that at best they're rocking skinny craft nowadays what's better than rocking calculators on tracks automated auto-tune functions producing trans-humanist crap yeah, let's get into that, i've already spit on the skinny and phat you may think i spit with malevolence, but it's not toward the people trapped It's toward economics as an electronic circuit and filthy banksters flipping switches to further their Insidious purpose I unfold truth say sooth and alert kids and rock new generations of thugs b boys and nerds with a new reality held just beneath the surface the true interpretation of Darwinism and church shit all you really need is a heart willing to bleed and be ready to die for that shit roll up my sleeves the strong do survive but together with their peeps nature selects not for the one but for communities until Warriors are emboldened not at odds with empathy and children no longer molded but empowered to walk free like the image of Saturn I will devour MCS whose speech patterns don't matter in the battle for equity let's change the definition of star as celebrity into bodies of light bringing dignity to beings I focus the mic and extol blights that go unseen in hopes the light goes on for the side of society privileged enough to be in the clouds of a dream a derivative of an otherworldly scheme waiting on heaven above to reward them with peace instead of making love an action done unto others in need now I believe that's something that I can bear to repeat reach your hands in the sky testify if you agree waiting on heaven above to reward them with peace instead of making love an action done unto others in need dispel dissatisfaction with each angered breath I breathe cause when I come to battle it's for those not guaranteed resources to express the paradise they want to see not this paradigm of exploiting the slices of a dream it's super pans prerogative poetically to preach the eternal recurrence of rabble rousing MCs Fuck the G.O.A.T. im the satyr the pan the Ubermensch the Overman a seeker of Truth together we overstand do what I can to abolish power paradigms of man inject the dionysian dookie wearin' hippie stance connect with earth flow like chakra rooted at the first that rise through your desires and drives you to quench your thirst and build a better world in our hearts a rebirth of unbreakable human connection infinite worth open admission to this symphony of ecstatic words shatter convention when the body mind heaven and earth merge new existence divined because god is in the dirt when intentions align we will arise put in the work We're battle strong and pressin on on the front lines no echelon reppin the songs that bring blessins lessons leveraged to level on chess boxing through Babylon defy the king teach the pawn that each move a square at a time yeah the game is on Terra born in rarest form a minotaur wearin horns with ancient Chimera DNA traced to vocal chords a doctorate in rockin it overthrowing the opulence of fiscally monogamous devoted to that dollar shit yeah whores I'm callin it in scores they be followin any narcissist prominent building traps for fallin' in I'm talkin bout white collar men whose Heaven is a hell that others must squalor in yeah word to Baldwin better open your mind catch this flood of intellect or the fire next time

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18. I See You (ft. MD Medley, Tom Schraeder, Ssssnake)

I See You (ft. MD Medley, Tom Schraeder, Ssssnake)

I see you stalk through the edge of my room, You’re thinking I Talk too much to track what you’re doin’, Hide behind Girlfriend block off my advances, Not dancing Back in the corner taking glances You miscalculate the misstep you’re mistaken I ’ve been making plans, preparations I tied up this snare, to the right, right there I’m aware of your weakness, realness, hear this: Let your hair down brown eyes round thighs Makes me wanna hear the sound of your Breath sigh (hmmuuuhhh) Straight out ya lungs your heart hums Don’t say you ain’t down, let’s not play round I got things to do, and you to see And this emcee only got a minute or three so Without further adieu, I introduce thee To the man hunting you, call him 91 or me Let’s go for a walk, face to face and talk I see the chalks of your eyes, but I’m the last to balk Take you out to dance turn the safety off Bring it back to the crib Glengarry Ross It’s closing time, put the coffee down We’re staying up tonight it’s gonna git loud You think you got my number, control the game? You about to gitcha toys took away Poor baby don’t cry, just stay and play, Three rules to abide: Don’t run, don’t hide, Don’t act like you’re shy, there ain’t no denying your lioness physique You’re conspiring, trying to mess with me Think you testing me, But when you’re next to me, I’m all chest and teeth and I See you hiding, hiding in the reeds You pretend not to notice me.. I accept your challenge even though I been hunting you since two hours ago... You stepped into my world, welcome girl Where’s my manners at, let me get that I see you packed bags, you mean to stay Already had your bed made, yesterday 91 steps ahead get used to that way How you think you got here? The seat of your pants? chance or choice? Well Technically yes, but the sound was my voice (MD Medley) Well chicks don't dig geeks, no geeks like me Who speak properly and who wreak like weed "Oh Jeez, another Godforsaken song about weed Like that's really what these Kids On Holiday need to see' They need a vision, illumination of this new religion Like some dope-ass kids who be writing while they be spititn You're a victim of this mission and you're missing the boat But when you're this underground shit Georgie, they all float So just listen shut your mouth lock the doors of your house Before we break em down run around and stretch this tape across your mouth...WOW! See you hiding, hiding in the reeds You pretend not to notice me.. I accept your challenge even though I been hunting you since two hours ago... (Ssssnake) I seen you on the scene, know what I'm saying I think you can see, that I aint playing I ain't afraid to say that I been praying for a lass like you with an ass this true Don't you want out from the thing that you been used to child? You're sharp to answer when I ask you out You raise a tongue and cut me down, The tree fell but you aint heard a sound Cause I ain't one to quit I'm full tilt and unstoppable, Don't know my name but I'm a game until you call it out (It's a Ssssnake!!) Congratulations you been chosen child, Heart frozen I'm a thaw it out Is it so unreasonable to love a beast with sharp teeth in his mouth? It's all sighs right beneath the scales, I wave it out, while you wait it out Believe the style, tip scale with my tail leave a tale to believe about See you hiding, hiding in the reeds You pretend not to notice me.. I accept your challenge even though I been hunting you since two hours ago...

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19. Rock Despot - The End Is Near

Rock Despot - The End Is Near

▾ Lyrics ▾ ·················· The end is near, the end is near They have been sayin’ that for years But this time it feels, yes it really seems Like it is all on its way Whoa, ah But stranger things, much stranger things Must first take place My idle hands, my idle hands Are this music’s plaything Whoa, ah Hurricanes They’re now made to repeat Earthquakes Start to go with the beat Kids on the dance floor Get knocked off their feet Somethin’ is a miss Somethin’ is not right But that’s how it’s been So why am I so surprised Yeah I’m still here, just living in fear Stockin’ up goods, collecting my gear For the day will come like a nocturnal thief All wired-eyed and armed with sharp teeth Ohh, ah... Wait, wait up, wait now It can’t possibly happen just yet, no Haven’t met my one and only Haven’t passed on the name of my family But many have passed before me Wearing same shoes The end is near, the end is here So come get drunk with me my dear We’ll make it be one hell of a night And when the sky drops we won’t hide ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ▾ Rock Despot ▾ ······························ ⌁ Bandcamp ⌁ ⌁ Facebook ⌁ ⌁ Instagram ⌁ ⌁ YouTube ⌁ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ▾ Credits ▾ ···················· Peter Jarecki ⌁ Vocals, Lyrics, Keyboards David Hoult ⌁ Bass James Rogers ⌁ Beat Production Composed by Jarecki, Hoult, and Rogers Recorded and mixed by Jarecki Artwork by Jarecki ·······································································

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