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1. A Night in Kofa

  • Published: 2015-12-18T18:08:08+00:00
  • Duration: 59
  • By Sean Parker
A Night in Kofa

On my way back from Joshua Tree 2 months ago, I decided to make a random detour to the Kofa Mountain Wildlife Refugee. I've seen many great photos from this place so I wanted to see it for myself. I arrived just as the sun was setting so I wasn't able to do any scouting which made shooting much more challenging. As soon as the sun set, the night sky showed itself and stunned me with it's dark beautiful skies. I was able to see the milkyway very clearly and even saw quite a few shooting stars. After shooting for a few hours I took a nice nap in the car and waited for sunrise which is what this area is known for. Watching the sunlight creep through the canyons was by far my favorite experience and I rarely shoot sunrises. I hope you enjoyed this little video! Since this was my first time there, I wasn't able to do any scouting. Now that I h I plan on returning to shoot more soon. Gear: Canon 6D Canon 5DMK2 Canon 16-35L II F/2.8 Rokinon 24mm F/1.4 Motion Control: Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Slider ( Emotimo TB3 ( Music: U137 - Watching The Storm

2. We don't remember days, only moments

  • Published: 2015-09-08T22:20:23+00:00
  • Duration: 55
  • By Kofa
We don't remember days, only moments

Direction, DP, Edit: Kofa Model: Dominique Razon shot on bmpcc

3. Brittney Castro

  • Published: 2015-01-24T00:54:34+00:00
  • Duration: 468
  • By Kofa
Brittney Castro

After seven years working for large financial firms, Brittney Castro started her own company and redefined the definition of a financial planner. Her firm, Financially Wise Women, helps people define their ideal lives, providing support through the structure of financial planning. Now recognized nationally for her savy financial tips and refreshing approach, Brittney is also a member of the Advisor Council for CNBC. Executive Producer: Chad Mann Producer: Jennifer Wang Editor/Colorist: Kofa Boyah Gaffer: David Chung Audio: Kegan Portillo Make up: Mitzi Druss Cinematography: Kofa Boyah // Chad Mann Additional Camera: Christopher Manivong Graphic Artists: Kofa Boyah // Alina Bezdekian // Amy Halvorsen Sound Design: Kofa Boyah Sound Mixing: James Doser Directors: Kofa Boyah // Chad Mann

4. KOFA Arizona - April 5, 2017

  • Published: 2017-04-19T21:39:43+00:00
  • Duration: 158
  • By davo laninga
KOFA Arizona - April 5, 2017

A short Phantom 3 drone flight on a hot afternoon at the KOFA National Wildlife Refuge in Southeastern Arizona. I arrived not long before sunset so I only had time for a few flights before the light became too poor to record video. This is a crazy awesome place to hike and enjoy a day in the wild. Just don't try it in the middle of the summer!

5. Kofa, King of Arizona

6. Move·ment

  • Published: 2012-09-22T14:01:50+00:00
  • Duration: 86
  • By Kofa

Move·ment: The act, instance or change in place or position. Movement defines us. Movement is living. Concept/Editor: Kofa Boyah DP: William Sikora III Freestyle Dance: Carmen Johnson Music: OMR "The Door"

7. I Want More Money: LEGACY x LAW

  • Published: 2018-05-02T06:57:44+00:00
  • Duration: 234
  • By Kofa
I Want More Money: LEGACY x LAW

Senegalese artists Law & Legacy perform 'I Want More Money.' Direction: Kofa DP: Kofa & Bryan Harris 2nd Cam: Beau Stine BTS Camera: Brandon James Stylist: Louise Chea


  • Published: 2014-03-25T19:03:26+00:00
  • Duration: 209
  • By Kofa

Music Video for City Rain's "Join the Human Race" Available on itunes now at Synopsis: A boy from another world arrives on earth for the second time. Director, DP, Editor, Effects : Kofa Assistant Director: Boima Anderson Casting: Karmic Casting Gaffers/PA: Faustinus Boyah, Bryce Campbell, Mike Petrella 3D Modeling: Chuck Chugumlung STARRING: Chris Hagenbuch, Kiana Alvarado, Chris Lozano, Isabella Zulueta SUPPORTING ROLES: Tim Jany, Mikaela Krim, Bryce Cambell, Mike Petrella

9. JUNE GEMINI (Book Trailer)

  • Published: 2017-02-07T08:31:37+00:00
  • Duration: 68
  • By Kofa
JUNE GEMINI (Book Trailer)

A temperamental young man gains supernatural abilities when a string of disasters threaten earth. READ NOW: LEARN MORE: CREW: Direction, Cinematography, Edit: Kofa Assistant Camera: Vic Harris AD: Henry Coleman Drone OP/PA: Jacob Souza Producers: Jennifer Wang, Madia Hill Special Thanks: Carlton Jordan, Renee Stewart, Chad Mann Music: Kai Engel LEAD CAST: Tamario Fletcher Carmen Johnson Mark Hatfield Shaunie Bellasaro Jay Sincere Dominique Razon Chloe Ray Warmoth Lexee Davis

10. 2015 Reel

  • Published: 2015-09-07T22:04:19+00:00
  • Duration: 75
  • By Kofa
2015 Reel

Director - DP - Editor Reel blackmagic pocket cinema camera

11. Camp Lo

  • Published: 2016-09-19T05:09:23+00:00
  • Duration: 225
  • By Kofa
Camp Lo

Geechi Suede describes the concept of his forth coming project 0.9 NYTELIFE FM Available on all digital outlets December 2nd 2016 Direction, Edit: Kofa DP: Vernon F.

12. 제 1회

  • Published: 2013-05-19T15:24:23+00:00
  • Duration: 176
  • By Yonggi Joe
제 1회

(제1회) 상영회 OP 한국영상자료원 KOFA 제 2관 on 9th march, 2013 2012년 겨울 영화촬영 도중 장난스런 즉흥연출과 즉흥연기로 시작된, (제1회) 상영정보_ 이 한기 (계란후라이) 김 우람 (잊어버리는 이야기) 김 영경 (지혜의 샘) 사회_ 조용기

13. WindRams (Dir. Cut)

  • Published: 2016-11-04T23:54:02+00:00
  • Duration: 33
  • By Kofa
WindRams (Dir. Cut)

Direction, Cinematography, Edit: Kofa Producer, Script: Amy Maestri 2nd DP, Gaffer: Vic Harris Drone Op: Jacob Souza PAs: Rebecca Lopez, Kelly Conway

14. 임권택 전작전 개막 동영상

  • Published: 2010-08-17T01:25:02+00:00
  • Duration: 1143
  • By nixon
임권택 전작전 개막 동영상

한국영상자료원의 '임권택 전작전' 개막식을 위해 제작된 영상입니다. 임권택 감독의 영화들을 '전통', '사랑', '역사', '길' 이라는 4개의 테마로 나누어 소개하고 있습니다. 제작 : 영화사 북극성 기획 : 김종원 감독 : 김홍준, 김도연 편집 : 엄윤주 믹싱 : WaveLab


  • Published: 2017-02-12T22:21:59+00:00
  • Duration: 46
  • By Kofa

Behind the scenes of Harold Kensington London's Spring 2017 Photoshoot

16. "Automatic Pleasure" by Cinderella Motel

  • Published: 2012-05-31T18:10:35+00:00
  • Duration: 231
  • By FutureForward

Directed & Edited by Kofa Boyah Produced by Carlton Jordan 2nd Camera: Luke Mines Key Grip: Renee Stewart

17. 주차장 코러스

주차장 코러스

상영 안내 8.29 FRI(금) | 16:00 pm & 9.2 Tue(화) | 18:00 pm 시네마테크 KOFA(한국영상자료원) 2관 주차장 코러스 Parking lot chorus _박경룡 Park, Kyung-Ryong Korea / 2014 / B&W / Optical / 7 mins / 16mm Description 빛과 움직임만으로 소리를 만드는 과정을 보여주는 영화이다. 영화적 장치의 물질적 특성과 조화를 이루는 공간을 발견하고 영화 속 소리가 만들어지는 과정과 그것이 붕괴되는 과정을 나타내고자 하였다.

18. Truck Trailer

  • Published: 2013-05-27T03:17:12+00:00
  • Duration: 140
  • By Eric Coker
Truck Trailer

Film Directed and Written by Eric Coker. Living in a sinkhole with no resources, a non-responsive mother and a little brother, Truck is forced to turn to his corrupt uncle for help. When negative situations conspire, Truck is pressured to betray his manhood by facing a 'TRUTH' that will both save and condemn him. Starring: Robert Cruz(Truck), Alex Arzu(Winter), Daniel Mark Stafford(Uncle Kevin), Stephanie Roede(Atty. Bonner), Norma Burgess(D.A. Reid), Luise Heath(Mrs. Drake), Kaypri(Nancy), Eric Coker(Judge), Mike Cummings(Coach), Neal Orion(Store Owner), Maggie Lou Paul(Atty. Hall), Anthony Prichard(Bailiff), Suzanne Altfeld(Judge), Barbara Roberts(Audience), Roses Prichard (Audience), David Downing(Audience) Cast and Crew: Eric Coker(writer, director, editor), Kofa(editor, assistant director), Kaypri(producer, location, casting), Kimberly Allen(producer), Erica Quintero(make-up), Kimaya Floyd (p.a.), Ray Johnson(p.a.), Mason Williams(script-supervisor)

19. TRAILER: THE LAST WITNESS (Choehu-ui Jeung-in 최후의 증인)

  • Published: 2017-02-01T06:04:13+00:00
  • Duration: 177
  • By Jung Minhwa
TRAILER: THE LAST WITNESS (Choehu-ui Jeung-in 최후의 증인)

THE LAST WITNESS (Choehu-ui Jeung-in ㅣ 최후의 증인) 1980ㅣ2.35:1ㅣCOLORㅣFictionㅣ157min (Restored Version) While investigating the murder of Yang Dalsu, detective Oh works to uncover the truth by getting closer to Man-ho, an ex-commander of a guerrilla unit of the Korean War, as well as Ji-hye, a former concubine of Yang, and Ba-Wu, her long-time companion. The original was heavily censored upon release, but was later restored into this 155-minute version by the Korean Film Archive that has been hailed as Lee Doo-yong’s masterpiece. Cast HAH Myeong-joong, CHOI Bool-am, JEONG Yun-hui, HYUN Kil-soo Director LEE Doo-yong (1941~) has held an unrivaled position as a director of genre films, which included action, melodrama, costume drama and social drama with his unique filming style that includes bold and fast-paced editing and distinctive subject matter. Filmography (1970), (1980), (1983), (1985), (2002) Restoration Note was heavily censored for its original release. The Paju Preservation Center of the Korean Film Archive (KOFA), which opened in 2016, restored its original-length 35mm negative film through 4K digital remastering. KOFA removed dusts and scratches from the image, and repaired other damages such as splicing residue and tear on frames through auto-restoration processing and manual retouching using image restoration and composition tools. Noises resembling crackles and pops that are noticeable in Korean classic cinema were removed by digital restoration. Some unusual noise patterns were also removed by manual restoration in the frequency spectrum domain. The level of ambience, noise floor, and loudness were adjusted to maintain dramatic tension and immersion, following the director’s intention. The overall greyish tone and manner were maintained from the original, but several sequences unintentionally taken with low exposure were adjusted to reflect the director’s wishes. Also, the tone of the car chase sequence was graded to represent the sense of dawn that fit with the flow of the narrative. Korean Film Archive Korean Film Archive’s VOD Service

20. Ερμής Εντυποδιανομή | Λογότυπο

Ερμής Εντυποδιανομή | Λογότυπο

Ερμής Εντυποδιανομή | Λογότυπο Το λογότυπο σας χτίζει το brand name σας! είναι μοναδικό και σας χαρακτηρίζει. Η δημιουργία του πρέπει να γίνεται μόνο από επαγγελματίες. Σας ευχαριστούμε, Ρούπας Κωνσταντίνος Σύμβουλος marketing επιχειρήσεων. Ερμής Εντυποδιανομή | Λογότυπο