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1. NYC LuckyMe X Goodpeoples

  • Published: 2010-12-11T21:00:18+00:00
  • Duration: 117
  • By LuckyMe
NYC LuckyMe X Goodpeoples

A rare showcase from the LuckyMe label in New York, September 2010. Featuring: Hudson Mohawke & Rustie (back to back dj) Mike Slott (live) The Blessings (dj) Machinedrum (dj) Eclair Fifi (dj) Cubic Zirconia (live) Jacques Greene (dj) Lunice (live) Azealia Banks (live) It was on Jacques Greene's 21st birthday and it was hella good fun. Many thanks to Good Peoples for making it all happen, along with Okayplayer, Mishka, Konkrete Jungle, Hifi Cartel, The Fader & more. Thank you. Shot by Kris Rey Talley / Edited by Adam Saewitz

2. LuckyMe x YT Warehouse Party

  • Published: 2013-04-04T01:30:49+00:00
  • Duration: 178
  • By Yours Truly
LuckyMe x YT Warehouse Party

Watch Baauer, Just Blaze, Cashmere Cat, Obey City, and Eclair Fifi storm a dusty warehouse in Downtown Austin for the LuckyME x YT x DJ Dials party. Shot & Cut by Ian Perlman

3. LuckyMe Showcase - Sonar Festival 2010

  • Published: 2010-07-07T00:04:20+00:00
  • Duration: 262
  • By LuckyMe
LuckyMe Showcase - Sonar Festival 2010

June 19th 2010 Sonar By Night Sonar Festival, Barcelona LuckyMe featuring Hudson Mohawke & Eclair Fifi B2B The Blessings Lunice Machinedrum Americanmen Hosted by Olivier Daysoul An 8000 Capacity stage with an estimated 12,000 crowd helped close our stage. We were joined by so many friends and family including Jacques Greene, ANGO, Christina Kernohan, Numbers & what felt like the rest of Glasgow. This was a great night.

4. LuckyMe - Edinburgh Festival Party Visuals

  • Published: 2011-08-15T19:02:33+00:00
  • Duration: 109
  • By Konx-om-Pax
LuckyMe - Edinburgh Festival Party Visuals

Animation by Konx-om-Pax Music - Lunice - I See U


  • Published: 2012-07-12T01:35:04+00:00
  • Duration: 122
  • By CALOR

LuckyMe x Calor present Sonar Special 2012 @ Moog (Barcelona) | Directed by Mi Kee Southern Hospitality / Ango / The Blessings / S-Type / Rustie / BFlecha / Mwëslee / Kigo / Noaipre / Ho$oi / Nightwave / Jacques Greene audio: Rustie - After Light (Warp Records)

6. LUCKYME at RBMA Culture Clash 2011

  • Published: 2011-12-13T01:12:48+00:00
  • Duration: 319
  • By LuckyMe
LUCKYME at RBMA Culture Clash 2011

September 22nd 2011 RBMA Culture Clash in Toronto LuckyMe VS Mad Decent VS Toronto All Stars VS Afrika Bambaataa's Zulu Nation Our lineup was terrifying: Hudson Mohawke, Just Blaze, Rustie & Lunice all together on stage. Many thanks to Mad Decent, Zulu Nation, Toronto All Stars, Manifesto & of course RBMA. Shit was mad fun. And sorry the edit is so long. We took hours of footage on a terrible camera.


  • Published: 2017-07-11T18:32:53+00:00
  • Duration: 184
  • By LuckyMe

Lunice - Distrust ft Denzel Curry, J.K. The Reaper and Nell From the Album CCCLX Out September 8th Video by Sam Rolfes

8. Baauer | GoGo!

  • Published: 2016-03-30T13:53:39+00:00
  • Duration: 214
Baauer | GoGo!

Directed by Thomas Rhazi • Produced by DIVISION™ for LuckyMe Records • Post by Home Digital Pictures • VFX by Mathematic ► AWARD ► Club des DA 2016 | In Book | Art Direction for Music Videos • iTunes → Spotify →

9. Baauer - Live Visuals 2016

  • Published: 2016-06-08T11:02:52+00:00
  • Duration: 204
  • By NIC
Baauer -  Live Visuals 2016

A selection of shots from the 45 minutes of CG produced for the Baauer live show. The concept behind the show was video game backgrounds, taking inspiration from classic fighting games I created 10 settings that each loosely correlated to a different track from Aa. This content was projected and shown on screens and appeared more abstracted in a physical show setting. 2016 LuckyMe Mixed Management

10. BUGG'N [Official]

  • Published: 2012-07-13T00:16:57+00:00
  • Duration: 176
  • By LuckyMe
BUGG'N [Official]

TNGHT - BUGG'N - OFFICIAL VIDEO Made by LuckyMe Arts for the Warp & LuckyMe co-release. Directed by Dominic Flannigan & Peter Marsden

11. CID RIM - DRAW (Official Video)

  • Published: 2012-08-04T10:15:43+00:00
  • Duration: 225
  • By LuckyMe
CID RIM - DRAW (Official Video)

*** XLR8R Magazine PREMIERE *** Cid Rim - Cid Rim LP Released Worldwide Now ITUNES: BLEEP: Film by Dominic Flannigan, Peter Marsden & Martyn Flyn © LuckyMe Records 2012

12. Cashmere Cat - With Me (Official)

  • Published: 2013-12-17T03:53:26+00:00
  • Duration: 238
  • By LuckyMe
Cashmere Cat - With Me (Official)

ITUNES BLEEP - Premiered by Rolling Stone Magazine - Director - Peter Marsden Cinematographer - Scott Marshall Art Director - Dominic Flannigan Photographer - Christina Kernohan Stylist - Éclair Fifi Models - Peter Mackinnon, Melanie Pyne Make-up - Kirsty Louise Little Released February 10th 2014 | Catalogue Number: LM018 1 With Me 2 Pearls 3 Wedding Bells 4 Rice Rain © LuckyMe Records 2014 - "Cashmere Cat is an artist of few words, but he's shared that this release is about true love and specifically, marriage. This video is our first visual for the record and we return to this couple in a follow up video next year for the EP release. For now, this is just pure love: one perfect kiss. Here we're forced to experience just one shot with no narrative. Only a study in juxtaposition and subtle colour to try convey the feeling of young love: equal parts heady romance and sexual tension. There is nothing else."

13. Cashmere Cat - Wedding Bells (Official)

  • Published: 2014-02-11T10:15:44+00:00
  • Duration: 153
  • By LuckyMe
Cashmere Cat - Wedding Bells (Official)

iTUNES → HHV → BLEEP → AMAZON → BOOMKAT → - Premiered by Fader - Director - Peter Marsden Producer - Christina Kernohan Stylist - Eclair Fifi Full Credits Within Film Released February 11th 2014 | Catalogue Number: LM018 1 With Me 2 Pearls 3 Wedding Bells 4 Rice Rain © LuckyMe Records 2014

14. Hudson Mohawke - Joy Fantastic (Warp Records)

  • Published: 2010-04-21T13:16:23+00:00
  • Duration: 190
  • By Konx-om-Pax
Hudson Mohawke - Joy Fantastic (Warp Records)

Directed by Konx-om-Pax Music by Hudson Mohawke Video Production / Direction / Animation - Tom Scholefield / Konx -om-Pax Compositing - Dom Flannigan @ LuckyMe & James Houston Photography - Christina Kernohan & Guy Veale

15. Jacques Greene - The Look

  • Published: 2010-11-30T01:23:57+00:00
  • Duration: 185
  • By LuckyMe
Jacques Greene - The Look

The Look is the EP debut of Jacques Greene. Get to know this legit 21 year-young house producer of deep rnb-inflected modern-house. A serious record. Released worldwide on 12" and Digital - December 14th 2010. Credits: Producer - Vaughn Robert Squire ( Director - Andrew Gordon Macpherson ( Cinematography - Peter Hagge ( Concept and Treatment - Jacques Greene + Andrew Gordon Macpherson. Editing and Post Production - Andrew Gordon Macpherson Locations and Casting - Vaughn Robert Squire Hair and Makeup - Heather Yau ( Model #1 - Nicole Brand Model #2 - Bobbi Kay Special thanks to LuckyMe for their support and input, Josh Pape and Mark Brand for location help on short notice, and to Jacques Greene for making the music.

16. 'Amanallah' - music video for Mike Slott

'Amanallah' - music video for Mike Slott

Credits: Project Title: 'Amanallah' Length: 2:38 Client: LuckyMe Director: Stuart Langfield Music: Mike Slott Performer: Pep Lluis Llado Production Assistant: Jennifer Mackie Thanks to ISO for the projector!

17. Nike IAM1 x INSA

  • Published: 2009-07-08T16:27:18+00:00
  • Duration: 30
  • By Protein®
Nike IAM1 x INSA

In 7 days INSA ran the city of east London, painting 35 pieces on route of Charlie Dark's map for The IAM1 Journey Nike Sportswear project. Produced by Protein and documented by INSA's long time collaborator, photographer Ethel, each of the 35 hand painted pieces form one of the centre pieces of INSAs major London solo show for 2009. This IAM1 Journey animation will be deconstructed within the "Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places" show with behind-the-scenes processes alongside the original painted objects that make up the individual frames. More info at:

18. Jacques Greene - No Excuse (Official)

  • Published: 2014-04-10T14:17:57+00:00
  • Duration: 228
  • By LuckyMe
Jacques Greene - No Excuse (Official)

Premiered by The Guardian Bleep → iTunes → No Excuse from Phantom Vibrate EP Released April 28th 2014 | Catalogue Number: LM021 A1 No Excuse B1 Feel What B2 Night Tracking © LuckyMe Records 2014 Director: TRUSST / Melissa Matos DOP: Jessica Lee Gagné Editing/post-production: Emmanuel Mauriès Rinfret Additional post-production: Matthieu Vanier Post-production studio: 1ONE Asst Cam: Laurence Turcotte-Fraser Gaffer: Jean-Philippe Therrien Best Boy: Marina Klimoff Grip: Pierre-Luc Jobin Production Assistant: Sophie De Freitas Styling Assistant: Frençois Pisapia Special Thanks: Gymnacentre Cinepool 1ONE/ Phi Centre © LuckyMe Studio 2014

19. Hudson Mohawke - System

  • Published: 2016-02-21T02:44:12+00:00
  • Duration: 153
  • By NIC
Hudson Mohawke - System

Hudson Mohawke - System (video edit) Dominic Flannigan x Nic Hamilton ‘System’ from the Hudson Mohawke album ‘Lantern’ “A favourite from Lantern, with ‘System' Hud Mo was inspired by some tear-out Jeff Mills offset with those minimalist classical arpeggios - and when considering an associated film I thought of classic rave visuals and cg stock art of the late 90s where the grid of the city would be superimposed with circuit boards and processors. Here we updated it for 2015, commissioning our own helicopter shoot over Manhattan which Nic Hamilton treated, placing in a CG environment that evokes Philip Glass ’1000 Airplanes On The Roof’." - Dominic Flannigan This video is the second in a series of commissions by Warp Records for Channel 4’s Random Acts.

20. "DOUBLE A" - Baauer Documentary

  • Published: 2016-03-16T22:50:23+00:00
  • Duration: 297
  • By John Merizalde

Read more on DAZED - Directed by John Merizalde Cinematography by Kristian Zuniga Produced by Kevin Staake Executive Producer: Ryan Staake Production Company: Pomp & Clout 1st AC: Mario Mascetti Sound: Dylan Cannon Production Assistant: Alan Capinpin Production Assistant: Chris Gould Concert Photography: Stephen Michael Simon Editor: Andrew Litten Colorist: David Torcivia Head of Dazed Video: Jennifer Byrne Executive Producer at LuckyMe: Terence Teh Production Coordinator: Camilla Mathis