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1. BTY YoungN and HollyGrove Keem- Magazine

BTY YoungN and HollyGrove Keem- Magazine

Ryda Muzik Records and 0017th Presents: "New Warleans" by BTY YoungN & Hollygrove Keem

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2. Monomyth - Faces Magazine

Monomyth - Faces Magazine

Inspired by the distinctive floating sandwich artwork of the Big Apple’s bodegas, the desire to create an updated version of the old timey sampler and our grumbling stomachs (it was almost lunchtime), we asked our current Minties—who call Vancouver, Halifax, and anywhere in between home—to share their favourite songs with us. After that, they nominated their friends to contribute tracks. Together they share the back pages of this here J-card on the first cassette Mint Records has released since Pansy Division’s Wish I’d Taken Pictures in 1996! With plenty of flavours from across the country to choose, we let our roster be the tastemakers and picked up some savoury sounds in the process from Tough Age, Renny Wilson, Monomyth, Jay Arner, Kellarissa, Pick A Piper, and more! Many of these songs are previously unreleased and all are delicious! Photographed and coordinated by our transcontinental label manager, Shena Yoshida, and mastered by our very own Jay Arner, Hot Heros is a sonic smorgasbord for your aural appetite.

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3. Shit Robot "Jack Shit Mix" for Dummy Magazine

Shit Robot

Shit Robot Jack Shit Mix for Dummy Magazine

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4. Vybz Kartel FT. Mon Cherie - Gates Of Heaven - Adidjahiem Records

Vybz Kartel FT. Mon Cherie - Gates Of Heaven - Adidjahiem Records

New Music From Vybz Kartel Featuring Mon Cherie Called ''Gates Of Heaven'' Produced by Adidjahiem Records. 2016 Lyrics - ''I am whatever you make me I love you If you love me, tell mi seh you love me My eyes are open Lover, Our heart has spoken With you the gates of heaven are open That’s why you make my love come down That’s why you make my love come down''

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5. Premiere : Djedjotronic - H+ [Boysnoize Records]

Premiere : Djedjotronic - H+ [Boysnoize Records]

H+ from R.U.R, release date : September 14th Much of the album, however, explores lower BPMs- no good story stays the same pace the whole time. From the ambient opening of “Dr. Rossum”, to the OG electro styling of “H+”, to the aptly jacking “Cockring Robot”, the album serves as a haunting time traveling trip temporally and through genres. It rightfully ends with the titular track “R.U.R.”, Djedjotronic’s own vision of the future. There’s something vaguely human about the pumping lead a crushed violin? and paradoxically both a claustrophobic and cavernous quality to the production. “R.U.R.” feels like a battle, and for good reason. The past’s own prophecies of technology ursurping humanity are all but coming true, and this album is Djedjotronic’s call to arms. Artist: Label:

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6. Tribute 02: Manicure Records - Bjork (#Manicured mix)

Tribute 02: Manicure Records - Bjork (#Manicured mix)

@manicure-records @bjork Tracklist:

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7. Premiere : Julien Dyne - Hours [Soundway Records]

Premiere : Julien Dyne - Hours [Soundway Records]

Hours, from the EP 'Teal'. Release date: 14th october Dyne’s new project for 2018 is an 11-track LP on Miles Cleret’s extolled Soundway label. Demonstrating a shift in gears and movement toward a more uptempo, Afro inspired sound ‘Teal’ melds instrumental flair with astute production and a persistent grain of impassioned, effortless soul. Including collaborations with fellow New Zealander Mara TK, long term band-mate Ladi6, Fat Freddy’s Drop’s trumpeter Toby Laing, Australian vocalist Tim Guy and Jazz luminaries Jonathan Crayford and Jon Bell - this is a body of work for the listener and the dancer alike with a mood as fitting for headphones as it is for the floor. Artist: @ Label: @

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8. Current Value - Plunger Coil (Magnetic Magazine Premiere)

Current Value - Plunger Coil (Magnetic Magazine Premiere)

BUY : Bandcamp : Beatport : Current Value: @Tim-E-aka-Current-Value Othercide: @Othercide-Records Positioned in the gravity well between the main planetary body and one of its outlying moons, the long-range research vessel unfurled its kinetic battery and prepared for the moment for which they had waited for years, the alignment was close. As the heavenly bodies reached the critical moment, the gravity harness kicked into life, the power of a planet’s motion captured and funneled into the portal. Reality yawed away into void as they looked on with the fearful curiosity known only to the truest of explorers. She approached the lens with trepidation... the other unimaginable reality awaited –an unknown destiny. Othercide Records present CURRENT VALUE and his RETHINK EP. With their freshest release, Othercide reach deep into a parallel universe to pluck out some of the hardest hitting sounds from the outer stratospheres of the most hostile environments of Current Value’s territory. Following his much-acclaimed Biocellulose LP on Critical Music, alongside an array of releases on acclaimed labels Blackout, RAM, Bad Taste Recordings and Terminal – the RETHINK EP delivers Current Value’s unique sonic aesthetic in full. With a trademark precise and tech-fuelled sci-fi aesthetic that featuring remix artists Billain, Signs and Dean Rodell riff off to devastating effect, these 6 fresh CV tracks and 3 remixes unleash a torrent of refined audio and synthetic funk aesthetics designed to tear apart dance floors immaculately. Release date 31st October Beatport exclusive 14th November worldwide Vinyl TBC

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9. The Proper Ornaments - Magazine

The Proper Ornaments - Magazine

Pre-order from iTunes: Slumberland Records is pleased to announce the signing of London-based neo-psychedelic pop group The Proper Ornaments. Mining the rich territories of The Velvet Underground and The Beach Boys, their debut album proper "Wooden Head" features fourteen thrillingly taut and melodic pop songs with a deep, dark undercurrent. Comprised of Argentinian Max Claps and James Hoare (also of Veronica Falls) – who both sing and write the songs – and joined by Daniel Nellis (bass) and Robert Syme (drums), the band have already shared stages with the likes of Real Estate, Woods, Crystal Stilts, Toy and Metronomy. Maximo Claps arrived in London in 2008 on a one-way ticket from Buenos Aires, aided by former Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham. Oldham had produced a record by Claps' Argentinian band of the time but the group had fallen apart in a mess of drugs and acrimony and Claps' family were attempting to intervene by sending him to a mental hospital. The only option seemed to be to flee the country. As Claps recalls, "The day before flying to the UK I got run over by a car and had to escape hospital in order to make it so I arrived with bandages and my head all stitched up." A few weeks later Max walked into the vintage clothes shop where James Hoare sat behind the counter reading a book on The Velvet Underground, and attempted to cause a diversion while his kleptomaniac girlfriend stole a pair of boots. “She didn't steal them in the end,” says Max. “They weren't her size”. However, the shop assistant and the would-be accomplice bonded over a mutual love of the Velvets, Love, Felt and West Coast pop and began writing together, taking their name from a song by the pioneering soft psych band The Free Design. In 2010 they released their first single, "Recalling", following it up with a five-song EP for London label No Pain in Pop. In 2013 Lo Recordings released all their output to date on a collection titled "Waiting for the Summer", followed by the single “First Step Out” in February 2014. Their new album was recorded at a studio in Hackney, as well as at home in their old flat in Whitechapel on a broken 8-track reel-to-reel bought off eBay from an angry guy who threatened to shoot them and chop off their balls when they attempted to return it - a terrifying experience for a pair of skinny indie boys. Taking inspiration from Berlin-era Lou Reed, Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Darklands”, The Television Personalities and West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, the songs are breezy and easy on the ear, with sublime harmonies and chiming Byrdsian guitar, but with a darker twist and a pervasive air of melancholy. Stand-out tracks include the beautiful but sad “Summer’s Gone” (about mental illness), “Magazine” (an upbeat number written from the perspective of a bullet in the barrel of a gun) and “You’ll See” (about how when you die you’ll see everyone you know, all there lined up in a row). With "Wooden Head", The Proper Ornaments prove that it is still possible to create an album of pure pop perfection. Max's girlfriend may not have stolen the boots, but The Proper Ornaments are about to steal your heart. “The joint project of James and Max, through romantic drama that borders on that of The Libertines. And when you hear The Proper Ornaments you’ll see why it’s all worth it. It’s like they’re meant for each other, like Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts” - Loud & Quiet

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10. Music by Jóhann Jóhannsson – Mixed by Dave Howell (130701 / FatCat Records)

Music by Jóhann Jóhannsson – Mixed by Dave Howell (130701 / FatCat Records)

A spellbinding tribute from a friend and admirer. To mark the sad passing of composer Jóhann Jóhannsson and celebrate his unparalleled catalogue, FatCat Records and 130701's Dave Howell (who signed some of Jóhannsson's best loved work) has put together this hour-long mix where snippets from interviews and films weave in and out of Jóhannsson's inimitable compositions. Find more exclusive audio content at

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11. Premiere : Perel - Alles (Radio Edit) [DFA Records]

Premiere : Perel - Alles (Radio Edit) [DFA Records]

Artist : Label : Hermetica EP Release date : April 20th 2018 Order : More premieres :

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13. Exclusive Premiere: Leo Lippolis - Nabiria (Rudosa Remix) - Throne Room Records

Exclusive Premiere: Leo Lippolis - Nabiria (Rudosa Remix) - Throne Room Records

Thank you to Leo Lippolis, Rudosa, and all at Throne Room Records. Make sure you follow us at:

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14. Four Four Premiere: Harrison BDP - Untitled [Enclave Records]

Four Four Premiere: Harrison BDP - Untitled [Enclave Records]

Our latest premiere sees a wholesome house offering from one of the genre's most exciting up and comers. Harrison BDP has carved out a name for himself through his exciting productions that first gained traction online via YouTube and more. His latest EP sees him on Enclave Records joined by Garth James, where he drops two deep house tracks, dipped in haze but full of variation.

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