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1. Mamamia Out Loud

Mamamia Out Loud

Named itunes Best New Podcast for 2015, join Monique Bowley and Mia Freedman and a range of guests as they chat about what women are talking about this week.

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3. No Filter

No Filter

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4. This Glorious Mess

This Glorious Mess

The podcast about family life the way it really is.

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6. The Binge

The Binge

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8. No Filter: Elizabeth Gilbert.

No Filter: Elizabeth Gilbert.

When was the last time you felt creative, light and free? Elizabeth Gilbert says we all have a creative genius in us. The writer of seven books, including the bestselling Eat Pray Love, she's just published her latest book, Big Magic, about the flow of creative ideas and how everyone can find their inner artist. Today, she tells us how to live a more creative life without quitting your day job, and how the myth of the starving tormented artist is a load of rubbish. Thanks for listening to the No Filter Podcast series. Subscribe in itunes for more episodes. No Filter is hosted by Mia Freedman and produced by Elissa Ratliff and Monique Bowley. You can find out more about this Podcast on the Mamamia Podcast Networks facebook page, or on my Facebook page Mia Freedman online. You can contact the show via twitter, @mamamiapodcasts, or by emailing [email protected]

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9. My sister, the killer.

My sister, the killer.

"Melbourne woman murders man for cigarettes." It was one of the most salacious headlines to ever appear in an Australian newspaper. But in this episode, we're going behind the headline. That 'Melbourne woman' was Mary K. Pershall's daughter. And she was Katie Horneshaw's sister. Mary and Katie join us in this episode to discuss how their beautiful Anna turned into a murderer. How mental illness slowly stole away the girl they knew. And how they never stopped trying to save her.  Look out for part two of this story next week.  Show notes: Your hosts are Meshel Laurie and Emily Webb With thanks to Mary K. Pershall and Katie Horneshaw This show is dedicated to the memory of Zvonimir Petrovski (Johnny) Emily Webb's books, Suburban Nightmare is published by Echo Murder in Suburbia and Angels of Death are available on Kindle You can buy any other books mentioned on our podcasts from iBooks at, where you can also subscribe to all our other shows in one place. Contact us on the facebook page This is another show from the Mamamia Podcast Network

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10. Libido.


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11. The Recap

The Recap

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