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1. Marc Houle - Live at ENTER, Space Ibiza 2014

Marc Houle - Live at ENTER, Space Ibiza 2014

MARC HOULE @marchoule ENTER. Music. Sake. Technology. Experience. ● 1) Sian - Shame Cube (Marc Houle Remix) 2) Bay of Figs (Marc Houle) 3) Jack n Jill (Marc Houle) 4) I don't wanna know about you (Marc Houle) 5) Tower of Power (Marc Houle unreleased) 6) Green velvet/Phil Kieren - Birds n Bees (Marc Houle remix) 7) Red Axxes - Caminho de Dreyfus (Marc Houle remix) 8) Raybans in Bahrain (Marc Houle) 9) Feelings (Marc Houle unreleased) 10) Techno Vocals (Marc Houle) 11) Like LSD (Marc Houle unreleased) 12) Hot Sauce (Marc Houle) 13) Yonkers (Marc Houle) 14) Salamandarin (Marc Houle) 15) Plastikman - Spastik Marc redux (Marc Houle) 16) Sweet (Marc Houle)

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2. Marc Houle Boiler Room Berlin Live Set

Marc Houle Boiler Room Berlin Live Set

► Download audio on our app: ► Watch here: ► Berlin going off. Marc Houle's work here is done.

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3. Marc Houle - Live at Fuse, Brussels 2014

Marc Houle - Live at Fuse, Brussels 2014

MARC HOULE @marchoule Tracklist: * Unreleased 1) Death of a Pet Owner * 2) Sign of the Cross * 3) Fish Love * 4) Beside Myself * 5) Jack n Jill 6) Softech Lover * 7) This is Love Remix * 8) Birds and Bees Remix 9) Hot Sauce 10) Undercover 11) Where is Kittin 12) Jackson Remix 13)Tower of Power * 14) Amelia * 15) Borrowed Gear 16) I don’t wanna know about you 17) Yonkers 18) Salamandarin 19) Like LSD 20) Dreyfus Remix 21) Feelings * 22) Conbular * 23) Speckles * 24) Paligama * 25) Seeing in the Dark 26) Melting 27) Sweet

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4. Premiere: Claude VonStroke - Who's Afraid of Detroit (Marc Houle Remix)

Premiere: Claude VonStroke - Who's Afraid of Detroit (Marc Houle Remix)

♫ Read More ♫: Set as a release for Claud VonStroke's 10th Anniversary Remix compilation, Marc Houle premieres his spaced out remix on the original classic with a crunchy percussive foundation. To tie in with this years Movement Festival the label have looked to some of Detroit’s finest to give their takes on the classic. Who's Afraid of Detroit 10th Anniversary Remixes will be out 27th May via Dirtybird.

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6. Marc Houle - Techno Vocals | Minus | 2007

Marc Houle - Techno Vocals | Minus | 2007

Download EP here: Release date: 28/09/2007 Why are the vocals turned down so low? This is the way we make Techno! To mark the label’s 50th release Marc Houle gets right back to basics with two raw, stripped down future classics. What’s more both vinyl cuts, “Techno Vocals” and “On It” clock in at under six minutes meaning that this compact 12inch’s sound and message is going to be coming through extra loud and clear. On “Techno Vocals” (as with all Houle productions) each sound is perfectly realised, commanding its own space with metronomic discipline. The rigid drum patterns, analogue explosions, regimented snare rolls, laser guided effects and delayed bleeps interact with supreme efficiency, while the arrangement is mapped out with cool, calculated intent. The result is a totally robust example of A-grade techno that’s really brought to life by the self-referential, pitched down vocal hook! It’s well documented that Marc has more than a passing interest in 80’s electro, New Wave and retro computer games and these influences are somehow more apparent on Minus 50 than on his earlier solo releases or as part of Run, Stop, Restore. “On It” in particular will turn a few heads, making, as it does, a detour into previously unexplored territory. Revolving around a heavily filtered melodic bass riff, Houle punctuates the dry, upfront groove with a choice selection of rough, old school samples before dropping into a series of moody bass variations that give the track its distinctive flavour. To complete the release, dub and accapella versions of “Techno Vocals” are also available as digital downloads offering amongst other things the chance to reformat the vocals over the original beats. Press contact: [email protected] Connect with Marc Houle:

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7. Marc Houle - Fish Love

Marc Houle - Fish Love

"We swim around for hours Looking for a mate Fish Love We're swimming in the ocean Isn't this great Fish Love When I was walking on the ground There was nobody around Fish Love Now where ever I can see There's someone there for me Fish Love." Recorded one night in Berlin, Germany. Video: @marchoule

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8. Marc Houle & Miss Kittin - Where is Kittin (Dubfire Remix)

Marc Houle & Miss Kittin - Where is Kittin (Dubfire Remix)

Marc Houle & Miss Kittin - 'Where is Kittin' with remixes from Dubfire and John Foxx and The Maths. Out on Items & Things Beatport: Vinyl: Official Teaser Video:

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9. 2013-03 Marc Houle (live) @ Boiler Room Berlin

2013-03 Marc Houle (live) @ Boiler Room Berlin

Marc Houle's live performance on March 6 at Boiler Room Berlin! See full video here: Track list: 01- Red Axes - Caminho de Dreyfus (Marc Houle Remix) | Correspondant Rec. (COR15) | out May 24, 2013 02- Phil Kieran & Green Velvet - Michael Jackson (Marc Houle Mix) | Phiel Kieran Recordings (PKRD009) | 2011 03- Marc Houle - Undercover | Items & Things (IT012) | 2012 04- Alexis Raphael - Brickwall (Marc Houle Remix) | Jackathon (HPJJ02) | 2012 05- Marc Houle & Miss Kittin - Where is Kittin? | Items & Things (IT022) | out end of May, 2013 06- Marc Houle - Slowpe | Items & Things (IT07) | 2011 07- Nyma - Kybernetik (Marc Houle Remix) | Items & Things (IT021) | out March 15, 2013 08- Marc Houle - Zorba | WetYourSelf! (WYS! 015) | 2012 09- Marc Houle - Break Down (unreleased) 10- Marc Houle - Time Walker (unreleased) 11- Marc Houle - Borrowed Gear | Minus (Minus23) | 2004 12- Battant - The Butcher (Marc Houle Remix) | Kill The DJ (KTDJ0016) | 2009 13- Marc Houle - Like LSD (unreleased) 14- Marc Houle - Under The Neath | Items & Things (IT012) | 2012 15- Marc Houle - Sweet | Minus (Minus98) | 2010

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10. Red Axes feat. Abrão - Caminho De Dreyfus (Marc Houle Remix) | Correspondant Records | 2013

Red Axes feat. Abrão - Caminho De Dreyfus (Marc Houle Remix) | Correspondant Records | 2013

Download EP: Physical: EP Release Date: June 17, 2013 There’s no denying that a new wave of Israeli electronics is rushing into international DJ crates, with Tel-Aviv’s RED AXES riding its cusp. Producers Dori Sadovnik and Nirv Arzi have already turned heads with their unique style, and now it’s up to CORRESPONDANT’s to host the duo’s psychedelically flavored house antics. Having performed together for over 6 years, Dori and Nirv amassed a considerable amount of experience handling distinctive sound aesthetics that range from post punk to underground electronics. After releasing a string of mutant house jams for well-established label outfits like I’m A Cliché or Clouded Vision, their latest masterpiece CAMINHO DE DREYFUS packs quite some heat, with a weatherbeaten bassline supporting a hand-picked cast of kinky cowbells, raspy guitar hooks and ABRAO’s eccentric vocals. Pachanga Boys’ REBOLLEDO is a certified master of sweaty minimalism, preferably dressing his sand- blasted beats in tight leather pants. His athletic remix of CAMINHO DE DREYFUS is no different, capping the original’s opulent voicework and then spreading a thick layer of digital grease over the freshly shaved legs. MARC HOULE’s approach to the vocals is similarly radical, allowing them to eratically glitch through the aether. In the meantime, a deceptively simple, but alarmingly effective bleep motive sneaks up on the listener, priming the track to shift into freaky madness at any given moment. Together with SPICY STICK, another shimmering afternoon banger from the blessed hands of RED AXES, this makes for a truly exciting package ready to hot-wire your attention span. Press contact: [email protected] Connect with Marc Houle:

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11. Marc Houle - Borrowed Gear (Joris Voorn Remix) - M_nus

Marc Houle - Borrowed Gear (Joris Voorn Remix) - M_nus

My rework of the 2004 Marc Houle classic 'Borrowed Gear'. A great piece of minimal techno form the amazing double LP Restored of which I used the track 'Business' on my 2005 Fuse Presents mix CD. Needless to say I was honored to make a rework Borrowed Gear.

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12. Marc Houle - Girl One (Cosmic Boys Remix) Minus

Marc Houle - Girl One (Cosmic Boys Remix) Minus

Minus. On Beatport 06 April & 4 May on vinyl. w/ Popof, Joris Voorn, Julian Jeweil, Dany Daze, Harvard Bass.

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13. Marc Houle - Broken Wing [#savefabric]

Marc Houle - Broken Wing [#savefabric]

Pre-Order from the fabric website: Pre-Order from Bandcamp: artist: Various title: #savefabric label: fabric Records & Houndstooth date: 4th November 2016 cat.#: FABHTH001 format: 111 track - Digital Compilation The closure of fabric has seen a reaction that has been completely humbling and overwhelming to all of us on the team here, from over 150,000 signing a petition of support to raising in excess of £300,000 in donations to help our legal fight. Support has come from every corner of the industry, with fundraising events at a number of different venues being held up and down the UK. This response perfectly encapsulates everything the electronic music community represents. Both fabric Records and our artist led label Houndstooth decided a release that embodies this spirit would be a further powerful way to demonstrate the collective power of our community. We asked artists associated with both labels to donate a track to the cause, needing to act fast we gave a deadline of just 3 weeks in total, from inception to final master. The brief was simple, we asked for a previously unreleased track, either brand new or an alternative version of an old classic. The response has been far greater than we could have ever anticipated, with an array of amazing artists delivering stunning tracks. Given this generosity every track that has been submitted is featured on the release, meaning an incredible 111 tracks make up the final running order, presented in alphabetical order. Due to touring and time constraints many more artists could and would have like to have been involved, and we can’t give enough thanks to all the labels that have generously allowed their artists to contribute. In the era of the playlist, this compilation represents a comprehensive overview of electronic music from the outer fringes of experimental explorations right through to music aimed squarely at the dancefloor. Ahead of the court date which will determine the long term future of fabric nightclub we’d like to present this compilation as a document of this moment in time but also as the perfect embodiment of everything fabric is and stands for. FABHTH001. ℗ & © 2016 fabric Records / Houndstooth. The copyright in this sound recording and artwork is owned by fabric Records.

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14. Claude VonStroke - Who's Afraid Of Detroit (Marc Houle Remix)

Claude VonStroke - Who's Afraid Of Detroit (Marc Houle Remix)

Video: It’s hard to believe an entire decade has gone by since Claude VonStroke first released ‘Who’s Afraid of Detroit”. But believe it or not, we’ve reached the 10 year mark of one of the biggest hits of Claude’s career, and we felt it’s about time for some fresh takes on the track that helped launch VonStroke and Dirtybird. For the 10 year anniversary, we tapped into the Motor City’s outstanding talent pool and enlisted an amazing lineup of Detroit artists to help us celebrate. Besides Claude VonStroke’s brand new 2016 remix, we also included mixes from techno icons Octave One, minimal techno pioneer Marc Houle (Windsor is close enough!), and the accomplished trio Visionquest. Not limiting the Detroit based artist package to just the music, the haunting release artwork comes to us from Michigan illustrator Dan May. In addition, a dark David Lynch style music video comes from award winning Detroit director, Anthony Ernest Garth. “Who’s Afraid of Detroit Remixes” will be released on the 10th anniversary of the Movement Festival in what city? Detroit, of course. Release date: May 27, 2016 More info: @marchoule @claudevonstroke @dirtybirdrecords

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15. Marc Houle & Miss Kittin - Where is Kittin? (Original) | Items & Things | 2013

Marc Houle & Miss Kittin - Where is Kittin? (Original) | Items & Things | 2013

Digital EP (24 May) -…ttin/id638765522 A collaboration between Items & Things label boss Marc Houle and Grenoble born techno/electro legend Miss Kittin, IT022 sees the release of “Where is Kittin?” a six track EP featuring two original tracks, as well as remixes from Dubfire, John Foxx & the Maths, and two further edits from Miss Kittin herself. Building on the disco-not-disco, industrial and new wave influences of Houleʼs recent Items & Things long-player “Undercover”, the two originals on “Where is Kittin?” demonstrate the wide-ranging influences and potent pairing of the production duo: the title track a jagged hybrid of Houleʼs signature style and Kittinʼs deadpan vocal talent. In sharp contrast, A2 track “Black Star” presents an equally driven, yet slightly more ambient affair: its haunting synth lines, detuned claps and granular vocals a poignant reminder of the pairʼs production abilities both on and off the dancefloor. High profile remix duties come from Sci+Tec Techno mastermind Dubfire, as well as John Foxx & The Maths: a recently formed musical project featuring electronic music pioneers John Foxx and modular synth experimentalist Benge. Dubfire furthers the main room potential of the EPʼs title track, with John Foxx & The Maths bringing the male vocal line to the forefront, turning the track into a roaring techno/electro-pop live hybrid. With “Where is Kittin?” also acting as a succinct accompaniment to Miss Kittinʼs double album “Calling From the Stars”, out on 22nd of April via wSphere/Wagram, Kittin appropriately rounds off the package with a further two of her own edits, a pair of eloquently stripped-down digitally exclusive versions of the EPʼs two title tracks. Press contact: [email protected] Connect with Marc Houle:

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16. Marc Houle- Borrowed Gear (Joris Voorn Remix)

  • Published: 2015-03-09T20:50:06Z
  • By THUMP
Marc Houle- Borrowed Gear (Joris Voorn Remix)

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17. Live @ Desert Hearts - Marc Houle - 016

Live @ Desert Hearts - Marc Houle - 016

This Thanksgiving we're thankful for Marc Houle! It's our supreme pleasure to share with you this ultimate Throwback Thursday set from Marc Houle at our 1 Year Anniversary Festival. His 3 hour live techno set is still to this day one of the best sets we've ever heard in our lives. He harnessed the Desert Hearts vibe as soon as he entered the gates and then completely annihilated the dance floor like nothing we've ever seen before. This was probably the hardest we've ever danced in our lives. After his set when it was time to take Marc to his hotel, he thoroughly declined and said he'd rather sleep in the back of a friends car for the next two days because there was no way he was leaving Desert Hearts. Marc, you're a true Desert Hearts legend. Happy Thanksgiving Desert Hearts!!!

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18. Marc Houle - Salamandarin | Minus | 2009

Marc Houle - Salamandarin | Minus | 2009

Released on Nov 25, 2009. Buy on Beatport: Marc Houle returns to Minus this year with a special digital only release of tracks collectively titled the Salamandarin EP. The purpose here is functionality, as Mr. Houle simply puts "these are five tracks to dance to". Connect with Marc Houle:

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19. POPOF Feat. Arno Joey - Words Gone (Marc Houle Remix) | Hot Creations | 2015

POPOF Feat. Arno Joey - Words Gone (Marc Houle Remix) | Hot Creations | 2015

VINYL: Juno - Phonica - (Germany) - Hot Creations deliver ‘Words Gone’, the first single from the forthcoming artist album ‘Love Somebody’ by Parisian luminary Popof. Featuring the handsome voice of Arno Joey, ‘Words Gone’ is a stunning slice of electronic music with crossover appeal, giving us a taster of what is in store for the album. Cadenza boss Luciano’s remix dives into tribal percussion, while main man Jamie Jones flips into a new gear, introducing a new melody, deep pads and emotive keys. Canadian techno legend Marc Houle is last to remix, using a bright synth melody to add a new groove. Voted Best Newcomer artist at the Ibiza DJ Awards in 2009, Popof has gained notoriety for his work with Cocoon, and remixing the likes of Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, and Moby. One of the most downloaded artists in techno music, he was appointed the official mentor of the Paris Techno Parade 2013's fifteen year anniversary, a great honour he shared in front of 300.000 participants. One of the biggest names in dance music, Luciano has released on labels such as Perlon, Transmat and Lo-Fi Stereo. Aside running Hot Creations, Hot Trax and Paradise, Jamie Jones is this year launching his new imprint Emerald City alongside Lee Foss. Another huge name in the business, live artist Marc Houle can be found on imprints such as Richie Hawtin’s Minus and his own Items & Things. Press contact: [email protected] Connect with Marc Houle:

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