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2. Eradication Lyrics

Eradication Lyrics

Leading the tables turn As we fail not to create A false sense of eradication To revel in, separation I detest this life Inching but seeming to end this life Surprising your neurons its all with time

3. Reborn Lyrics

Reborn Lyrics

I am walking through your streets, I am looking in your windows I am elemental now, you'll never even know I'm there I am watching over you, I am living in the shadows I am just a word to you, but I a

4. Always the Hard Way Lyrics

Always the Hard Way Lyrics

Self raised, self made Nothing was ever handed to me I tasted pain, the gutter hugged me Till I stood up and embraced the flames Always pushing, always searching Always crossing the line Try to hold

5. Serial Killer Lyrics

Serial Killer Lyrics

Something's going on inside my head Keeps me awake every night I'm in my bed Everybody looking for a man Something I find hard to understand Could it be so easy? Everyone is looking for me Ain'

6. House of Straw Lyrics

House of Straw Lyrics

Hold the hand of a liar (liar), it must be easier Dreams he fought to conquer (conquer), was there ever anything? Years weighed upon my mother's face every single day (every single day) Memories that

7. K.I.N.G. Lyrics

K.I.N.G. Lyrics

Bloodshot eyes - metal skin Serpents tongue - dagger claws Dragon wings - crooked horns KING Beholding the might In its dawn of grace In its beauty and light In its pride and glory Rushing torrent -

8. Headbanger Face Rip Lyrics

Headbanger Face Rip Lyrics

He's goint to he concert He's full of thrashing rage He's going to rip his face off and throw it at the stage! Headbanger Face Rip She's putting on her makeup She's teasing out her hair She's going

10. Last Look at Eden Lyrics

Last Look at Eden Lyrics

I'm calling out tonight. I wanna feel his might And I won't be quiet. Cause I've seen the truth Wanna fight for you. And we just can't buy it. This is your life. Are you gonna stand by. And take On

11. Diesel Uterus Lyrics

Diesel Uterus Lyrics

Adrenaline rising, twisting and crawling Implanted inside, this chemical imbalance turns us to lifeless puppets March in hordes, assembled as components for the new world Screenlines dancing in our ey

12. Baphomet's Throne Lyrics

Baphomet's Throne Lyrics

Each blaspemy is another stone to the edifice of your glory I want to be the rock on which you'll build your church Am I the son you've been waiting for? Am I the chosen one? To be your messiah on ea

13. Take Me Away Lyrics

Take Me Away Lyrics

The black that bleeds the dreams she leaves And open veins that stain her sleeves And now the lonely street’s her only friend tonight But the lights are cold, the lies are old And all she wants is

15. Ausgebombt Lyrics

Ausgebombt Lyrics

We've drudged many decades to live free from care The war began it was enough to drive us to despair A time when bread was more worth than pure gold We missed the warmness saved us from the wintry col

16. Ov Fire and the Void Lyrics

Ov Fire and the Void Lyrics

I the Sun ov man The offspring ov the stellar race My halo fallen and crushed upon the earth So that I may bring balance to this world I son ov perdition From sheer nothingness transgressed Unto the

17. Hold the Heathen Hammer High Lyrics

Hold the Heathen Hammer High Lyrics

Heathen heart Pagan pride Faring far Sword by Side Tribal times Northern nights Hidden high Runic rites I was told Hold the heathen hammer high Hold the heathen hammer high Hold the heathen hammer h

18. Nobody Leaves Lyrics

Nobody Leaves Lyrics

They cut away The sickness Out of all of us They wash away The pain Wash it away Now everyone Is dead There's nothing To regret As the world goes Down the drain Into the pit Into the fire They shall

19. Keelhauled Lyrics

Keelhauled Lyrics

My friends I stand before you To tell a truth most dire. There lurks a traitor in our midst Who hath invoked the captain's ire. He don't deserve no mercy We ought to shoot him with a gun. But I am no

20. Everything Remains (As It Never Was) Lyrics

Everything Remains (As It Never Was) Lyrics

Who will measure the dimensions of antumnos? Who can tell the gauge of it's veil? Who can manifest the size of it's maw? And infer the value of it's stones? Yet the glowing wick will not be quenched