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1. James Bay - Hear Your Heart (James Carter Remix)

James Bay - Hear Your Heart (James Carter Remix)

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2. Michl - Kill Our Way To Heaven

Michl - Kill Our Way To Heaven

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3. The Citrus Clouds - Nature [Mellow Uploads Premiere]

The Citrus Clouds - Nature [Mellow Uploads Premiere]

Also on YouTube: Follow Mellow Uploads @mellowuploads Follow The Citrus Clouds Artwork ® The Citrus Clouds Lyrics: I've tried so hard but I can't get you out of my mind I feel like I'm still untangling your lies - your lies You put this poison in my pen - you did, you did Took the heart beat straight out of my chest I'm soaked in the ashes How can I breathe in this smoke? You watched the fire burn out You left the cold, you left the cold I'm lost out here I can't run from this storm I've never felt wounds like this How do I heal if I'm torn? If I could change how the river flowed I'd drift straight back to you Even if I could hold back this rain I know your love will never stay I need to face this waterfall [young hearts run free] I'll face this waterfall I't's my only escape - from you I watched the colours fade from this place Until everything washed away, away If I stay here I know I'll suffer - i know, i know I'm a hostage in this thunder I'm struggling in my surrender This love is so far gone I can't withstand this weather I've been here for too long I'm lost out here I can't run from this storm I feel the change in the wind I can't feel you no more If I could change how the river flowed I'd drift straight back to you Even if I could hold back this rain I know your love will never stay I need to face this waterfall [young hearts run free] I'll face this waterfall I't's my only escape - from you

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4. Natty Reeves - Soul Drive

Natty Reeves - Soul Drive

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5. KiND - Left Without Talking (feat. Zekt)

KiND - Left Without Talking (feat. Zekt)

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6. Pastel - Make It Slow [Mellow Uploads Premiere]

Pastel - Make It Slow [Mellow Uploads Premiere]

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7. "Summer 2015 Deep House" Mixtape by Michael Amani

Subscribe to our YouTube channel here: Click the "buy" button above for a free download! Follow Mellow Uploads on social media :) » » » » Follow Michael Amani on social media :) » soundcloud: @djmichaelamani » » » Big shoutout to all the artists who made this Summer Deep House mixtape possible! Support the artists by downloading or purchasing their work! Tracklist 1. OHD - Priorities 2. James Bay - Scars (Alex Brandt Bootleg) 3. Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Won't Back Down (Boehm Remix) 4. Kenny B - Parijs (Brad Braxton & Jay Latune Bootleg) 5. Kav Verhouzer & De Hofnar - ID 6. Oh Wonder - Lose It (Jerry Folk Remix) 7. Conrad Sewell - Hold Me Up (Throttle Remix) 8. Gianni Kosta - Tom's Diner 9. Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk (Shap & LRX Cover) 10. Saint WKND x Saint Motel - My Type 11. Ben Sollee - Letting Go (Thomas Jack Remix) 12. Ed Sheeran - Coco (Hitimpulse Remix) — For copyright issues or any other inquiries, please e-mail to [email protected]

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8. PREP - Cheapest Flight (AlunaGeorge Remix)

PREP - Cheapest Flight (AlunaGeorge Remix)

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9. Summer Lovin' Mix by Michael Amani

Summer Lovin' Mix by Michael Amani

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10. Mellow Uploads

Mellow Uploads

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11. ALOKA - Stay

ALOKA - Stay

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12. Elènne feat. Mothica - Between Us (Delusion Remix)

Elènne feat. Mothica - Between Us (Delusion Remix)

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13. Dezaulait - Cinema Noir ft. Courtney Beavers [Mellow Uploads Premiere]

Dezaulait - Cinema Noir ft. Courtney Beavers [Mellow Uploads Premiere]

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14. Endaf - Envious [Mellow Uploads Premiere]

Endaf - Envious [Mellow Uploads Premiere]

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17. Best Of Kygo Mix - FREE DOWNLOAD

Best Of Kygo Mix - FREE DOWNLOAD

This mix includes the 10 most famous remixes of the young and talented artist Kygo. Click ''Buy'' to download for FREE! Kygo on Facebook: Kygo on Soundcloud: Tracklist: Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Shine (Kygo Remix) Passenger - Caravan (Kygo Remix) Ellie Goulding - High For This (Kygo Remix) Kyla La Grange - Cut Your Teeth (Kygo Remix) Ed Sheeran - I See Fire (Kygo Remix) Passenger - Let Her Go (Kygo Remix) Seinabo Sey - Younger (Kygo Remix) Syn Cole feat. Madame Buttons - Miami 82 (Kygo Remix) Ed Sheeran & Passenger - No Diggity vs. Thrift Shop (Kygo Remix) Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko - Stay (Kygo Remix) Enjoy!

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18. Inochi No Namae (Remix)

Inochi No Namae (Remix)

⊙ Album - A June & J Beat - For miyazaki hayao [Free] ● Korean & Colombian Hiphop Production Duo ⊙ Produced by A June & J Beat ⊙ A&R : A June of Link6 / 에이준 앤 제이비트 ● Contact - [email protected] film by - @Miyazaki hayao ( My Fav' Movies , must watch!! ) R.I.P 保田道世 Jazz hiphop / Chillhop / Mellow Hiphop/ Sibuya Music/ Introducing ! Production / GoonTrax / J-Indie / K-Indie / Hisaishi Joe / miyazaki hayao / 바람이 지나간 자리 / Path of the Wind / Remix / 이웃집토토로 If any thing has an issue with any of the uploads please get in contact with me via the "about" tab of our channel and we will delete it immediately

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19. Hip Hop Beats "Feel" /

Hip Hop Beats

Download link: =============== =============== E-MAIL:[email protected] FB: YT: Feel free for record onto this beat "Feel"and send me a song that you are record in. Im starting makeing a compilation with rappers from all round the globe and Im looking talented rappers from around the globe for my upcoming international project 5!Also please share this composition if you like it! Let me know what you think in the comment section! E-MAIL:[email protected] FB: YT: Dj Zel - Feel 15112014 ( Classic Old School Rap Beat Hip Hop Beat 2014) TOP 20 Dj Zel Beats/Prod. RPS feat. Glaca & Ana Herrero : "Pozwól mi żyć (Są chwile)" Ascetoholix : Suczki (prod. Dj Zel, Doniu) RPS feat. Gandzior & Kobra : "Gruba impra z Rysiem 2" Liber : "Skarby" RAP ONE SHOT odcinek 4 : Bosski Roman Prod.DJ ZEL : Nie Daj Się Wciągnąć W Letarg RPS feat Pih "Zbyt duzo bólu" (prod: DJ. Zel) RPS feat. K8 & DJ. Zel : "Szczęście" (prod: DJ. Zel) Bosski Krak4 : Czym Jest Sukces (Dj Zel,Sokół & Marysia Starosta) Tadek Firma Solo : "Kresy" gościnnie Lukasyno(prod.DJ Zel) POPEK MONSTER feat.Borixon,Słoń : Sławy Szczyt (Dj Zel) DM2 - Kwas, Dj Zel : "Życie Na Nas Się Odbija" (skrecz Dj Luter) Maskot - : " Wariat" Bosski ft.Abradab : "Kwestia Wyboru (prod.DJ ZEL)" DZW : "CZAS POKAŻE" Roman Bosski : "Chory Kraj (prod. Dj Zel)" ŻETON (PAPU BAND) feat.DONO/TEWU & ANGELA WYNAR -„ZABIORĘ TO DO GROBU"/ prod Dj Zel Kwas/Dj Zel (DZW) - Dzień wolny dzień Żeton & Emuody ref. Dono/Tewu -- „ Jeszcze Świat się nie skończył " (prod.DJ ZEL) Dj Zel Beats Genres Beats Types Category : djzelbeats dj zel beats zel dj zel dj zel beat beat dj zel prod dj zel old school dj zel bit dj zel prod beat dj zel production dj zel beat hip hop beats 2014 hip hop instrumental free hiphop beats 2014 2015 free rnb beats 2014 free R&B beats download beats asian beats rnb instrumental kpop beats instrumental v pop beats vietnam beats instrumental 2013 luve beats Rap-Instrumental Rap-Beat Rap-Instrumentals Rap-Beats HipHop-Beat HipHop-Instrumental HipHop-Instrumentals HipHop-Beats YourRapBeats hip hop instrumental hip hop rap instrumental beat 2014 2014 2014 2014 2014 2014 instrumental beat rap hip hop Gangsta Instrumental Gangsta Beat Piano Beat Piano Instrumental Choir Beat Choir Instrumental Soulful Beat Soulful Instrumental Happy Beat Happy Instrumental Epic Beat Epic Instrumental Sad Beat Sad Instrumental Inspiring Beat Inspiring Instrumental Dark Beat Dark Instrumental Aggressive Beat Aggressive Instrumental Angry Beat Angry Instrumental Relaxed Beat Relaxed Instrumental Sick Beat Sick Instrumental Hard Beat Hard Instrumental New Beat New Instrumental New Beat 2014 New Instrumental 2014 Free Beat Free Instrumental Free Free Beat 2014 2014 Free Instrumental 2014 Relaxed Beat Hard Beat Hard Instrumental Hard Extreme Beat Extreme Instrumental sample beat sample instrumental boombap beat boombap instrumental old school beat old school instrumental eminem type beat eminem type instrumental Inspiring Beat Inspiring Instrumental Sad Beat Sad Instrumental Angry Beat Angry Instrumental Dark Beat Dark Instrumental Relaxed Beat Relaxed Instrumental Epic Beat Epic Instrumental Happy Beat Happy Instrumental Rap Beat Hip Hop Instrumental Rap Beat Hip Hop Hip-Hop Instrumental Instrumental 2014 Rap Beat Rap Beat 2014 Hip Hop Beat Hip Hop Beat 2014 Rap Instrumental Rap Instrumental 2014 Hip Hop Instrumental Hip Hop Instrumental 2014 YourRapBeatsTV YourRapBeats YourRapBeatsTV - Entertainment YourRapBeatsTV - Entertainment / Rap Beats - Hip Hop Instrumentals Aggressive Beat Aggressive Instrumental Gangsta Beat Gangsta Instrumental Underground Beat Underground Gangsta Happy Angry Sad Relaxed Inspiring Epic Underground Instrumental Scary Beat Scary Instrumental Scary West Coast Beat West Coast Instrumental West Coast Rap-Instrumental Rap-Beat Rap-Instrumentals Rap-Beats HipHop-Beat HipHop-Instrumental HipHop-Instrumentals HipHop-Beats YourRapBeats hip hop instrumental hip hop rap instrumental beat instrumental beat rap hip hop Gangsta #HipHop #HIPHOPMUSIC #SoundCloud #Beats #RapMusic #Beat #Instrumental #NP #MusicVideo #Video #Instrumentals #BANGER #YouTube #HipHopBeats #WestCoast #Gangsta #NewMusic #RapBeats #Song #GangstaRap Big up For Rap Hiphop HipHop Rap Muzyka Music Production Beast Beat Kwas DjZel djzel djzelbeats Album Hip Hop HH Polski Hip Hop Polski Rap DZW hip hop pl hiphop pl polski rap ragarap Oldschool Boombap Reggae/Rap GiM Rap Groups 2 Chainz 40 Cal. 40 Glocc 50 Cent 60 Second Assassin Ab-Soul Ace Hood Afrika Bambaataa Afroman Afu-Ra Ahmad (raper) Akinyele Akon AMG (raper) Anybody Killa Apathy Arabian Prince Attitude (raper) AZ (raper) B-Tight B.G The Prince of Rap B.G. Knocc Out Birdman Baby Bash Bad Azz Bad Meets Evil André 3000 Benzino Anthony Ian Berkeley Big Boi Big Daddy Kane Big Hawk Big K.R.I.T. Big L Big Mike Big Moe Big Noyd Big Pun Big Sean Bizarre Bizzy Bone Black Thought Blaze Ya Dead Homie Block McCloud Blood Of Abraham Kurtis Blow Blu Boondox MattyBraps Brisco Bronze Nazareth Brotha Lynch Hung Egyptian Lover Buckshot Joe Budden Bun B Stack Bundles Bushwick Bill Busy Bee Starski C-Bo C-Murder Joe C. Ca$his Scott Caan Cam'ron Canibus C cd. Nick Cannon Cappadonna Cazwell Chali 2na Chamillionaire Chingy Chino XL Chuck D CL Smooth Davis Cleveland Cold 187um Sean Combs Common Consequence Coolio Cormega Cory Gunz Crooked I Crunchy Black Currensy Daddy Long Legs Sean Daley Darryl McDaniels David Banner Phife Dawg Daz Dillinger Mos Def Defari Devin the Dude Diamond D Michael Diamond Robert Diggs DJ Kool DJ Laz DJ Paul DJ Quik DJ Unk DJ Yella DMX Dom Pachino Dorrough Drag-On Dr. Dre Dresta Drumma Boy Dudley Perkins Daniel Dumile Dungeon Family Jermaine Dupri E-40 Eminem Eric B. & Rakim Eric Singleton Everlast (muzyk) Evidence Fabolous Fashawn Fatman Scoop David Faustino Kevin Federline Roshon Fegan Lupe Fiasco Fiend Polow da Don Sticky Fingaz Flavor Flav Flo Rida F cd. Fo' Clips Sage Francis Freddie Foxxx Fredro Starr Freeway French Montana Frukwan Ganksta Nip Ghostface Killah Freddie Gibbs Tyrese Gibson Gift of Gab Glasses Malone Gorilla Zoe Grand Puba Grandmaster Flash Cee Lo Green Warren G Gucci Mane Guru (raper) GZA H•A•M Havoc (raper) Heavy D Hell Razah Hell Rell Logan Henderson Hi-C Hi-Tek DJ Hollywood Hopsin Huey (raper) Hurricane Chris Ice-T Vanilla Ice Ill Bill Immortal Technique Infamous Mobb Inspectah Deck J-Bo J-five J-Kwon J. Cole Otis Jackson Jr. Shar Jackson Jadakiss James Yancey Jay Z Wyclef Jean Young Jeezy Carlon Jeffery Jeru the Damaja Jibbs Jiggolo Fat Joe Joey Badass Jim Jones (raper) Juicy J Juvenile K-Dee Keak da Sneak R. Kelly Kendrick Lamar Kid Cudi Kid Frost Kid Ink Killa Sin Killah Priest KJ-52 Knoc-turn'al Kon Artis Kool G Rap Kool Keith Kool Moe Dee Koopsta Knicca Krayzie Bone KRS-One Kuniva Talib Kweli La the Darkman Daniel Curtis Lee Lil Boosie Lil Jon Lil Scrappy Lil' Flip Lil' Keke Litefoot LL Cool J Lloyd Banks Loon Lord Finesse Lord Infamous Lord Jamar Ludacris Mack 10 Craig Mack Macklemore Static Major Mann (raper) Mannie Fresh Biz Markie Masta Ace Masta Killa Master P MC Eiht MC Hammer Kevin McCall Meek Mill Memphis Bleek Method Man MGK Mic Geronimo Michael Franti Mickey Factz Miilkbone Mike Jones Mac Miller Mims Mistah F.A.B. Large Professor Mopreme Keith Murray MURS Nas Necro Nelly (raper) Nine (raper) Nottz Nu Jerzey Devil O.G. Style Shaquille O'Neal O cd. OJ Da Juiceman Ol' Dirty Bastard Organized Noize Joell Ortiz Otis (singel) Unikkatil Papoose Paul Wall Petey Pablo Jazze Pha Pharoahe Monch Pimp C Pitbull (raper) Bugz Plies Pras Michel Prodigal Sunn Prodigy (raper) Project Pat Proof (raper) Prozak (raper) Q-Tip R.A. the Rugged Man Raekwon Rahzel Rakim Ras Kass Ray Luv RBX Redman Busta Rhymes Rick Ross Pete Rock A$AP Rocky Lil' Romeo Asher Roth Royce da 5'9" Agrim Rugova Ja Rule Sadat X Sonny Sandoval Juelz Santana Scarface (raper) SchoolBoy Q Schoolly D Gil Scott-Heron Sean P Sen Dog Erick Sermon Tupac Shakur Doc Shaw Sheek Louch Mike Shinoda Shock G Shyheim Beanie Sigel Joseph Simmons Sirah Sisqó Slick Rick Slim Thug Smoke DZA Smoothe Da Hustler Snoop Dogg Solomon (raper) S cd. Sonsee Soulja Boy Tell 'Em Bubba Sparxxx Spider Loc Stat Quo Styles P Suga Free Swift (raper) Swizz Beatz T-Pain T.I. Taboo (raper) Camu Tao Tech N9ne Termanology Tha Alkaholiks Tha Trademarc The D.O.C. The Notorious B.I.G. The R.O.C. Tim Dog Timbaland Tragedy Khadafi Tray Deee Obie Trice Trick Daddy Trick-Trick Turbo B Twista Tyga Tyler, The Creator U-God Uncle Murda Vado Vinnie Paz Waka Flocka Flame Wale (raper) Lil Wayne WC (raper) Webbie Kanye West Pharrell Williams Saul Williams Tyler James Williams Wish Bone Wiz Khalifa Bow Wow Xzibit Ya Boy Yaki Kadafi Tony Yayo Yelawolf YG Yo Gotti Young Buck Young Dre the Truth Young Dro Young Maylay Yukmouth Yung Joc Yung L.A. Yung Wun Z-Ro Zaaki Hip hop Breaking DJing Graffiti MCing Culture Battle Rap Dance Fashion Music Production Theater Albums Genres History Golden age Old school New school Electro Subgenres Alternative hip hop Bounce music Chicano rap Chopped and screwed Chopper Christian hip hop Cloud rap Comedy hip hop Conscious hip hop Drill East Coast Industrial hip hop Freestyle rap Gangsta rap Hardcore hip hop Horrorcore Indie hip hop Instrumental hip hop Midwest hip hop Nerdcore hip hop Political hip hop Pop rap Snap music Southern hip hop Trap Turntablism Underground hip hop West Coast Fusion genres Baltimore club Country rap Crunk Crunkcore Cumbia rap Digital hardcore Experimental hip hop G-funk Ghetto house Ghettotech Glitch hop Grime Hip hop soul Hip house Hiplife Hipster hop Hyphy Igbo rap Jazz rap LGBT hip hop Merenrap New jack swing Neo soul Psychedelic hip hop Rap metal Rap opera Rap rock Rapcore Urban Pasifika Wonky By nationality African Algerian Gambian Ivorian Kenyan Moroccan Nigerian Senegalese Tanzanian Togolese Zimbabwean North American Canadian Native American Greenlandic Asian Bangladeshi Burmese Chinese Filipino Hong Kong Indian Indonesian Japanese Korean Malaysian Nepalese Pakistani Taiwanese Thai European Albanian Azerbaijani Belgian Bosnian/Herzegovinan British Bulgarian Czech Dutch Finnish French German Greek Hungarian Icelandic Irish Italian Macedonian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Scottish Serbian Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish Swiss Turkish Ukrainian Latin American Brazilian Cuban Dominican Haitian Mexican Salvadoran Middle Eastern Arabic Egyptian Persian Israeli Lebanese Palestinian Yemeni Oceanian Australian New Zealand Films Wild Style Style Wars Beat Street Bomb It Battle of the Year 112 1200 Techniques 213 2 In A Room 2 Live Crew 2nd II None 2 Skinnee J's 2XL 3Live Kru 3rd Bass 504 Boyz 69 Boyz 7L and Esoteric 7 Notas 7 Colores 99 Posse Above the Law Achozen Advanced Chemistry Afro-Rican Tha Alkaholiks Analog Brothers Anjel Another Bad Creation Anticon Antipop Consortium Army of the Pharaohs The Arsonists Arrested Development Articolo 31 ASAP Mob Assassin Atmosphere Atoms Family A Tribe Called Quest Audio Two Andy Mineo Bad Meets Evil Basehead Beastie Boys Beat Junkies Beatnuts Beginner Bell Biv DeVoe Big Bang Big Brovaz Big Tymers Binary Star Black 47 Blackalicious Black Alien & Speed The Black Eyed PeasBlack Hippy Black Moon Black Noise Black Sheep Black Star Blazin' Squad Blood of Abraham Tha Blue Herb Body Head Bangerz The Bomb Squad Bomfunk MC's B.O.N.E. Enterpri$e Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Boogie Down Productions Boot Camp Clik Boyz n da Hood Brand Nubian BrassMunk The Bravehearts Brother Ali BS 2000 B.U.G. Mafia Camp Lo Cannibal Ox Capone-N-Noreaga Cartel Cartel de Santa The Cat Empire The Cataracs C.I.A. Citizen Cope City High Clipse CLOUDDEAD Cocoa Brovaz The Cold Crush Brothers Collapsed Lung Commodore 64 Company Flow Compton's Most Wanted The Conscious Daughters Control Machete The Coup Crime Mob Crooked Stilo The Cross Movement Crown City Rockers Cunninlynguists CYNE Cypress Hill D12 D4L D.I.T.C. Da Band Da Bush Babees Dangerdoom Dark Lotus Das EFX Dc Talk Dead Celebrity Status Dead Prez Deep Puddle Dynamics Deepspace5 Def Con Dos De La Soul Delinquent Habits The Delinquents Deltron 3030 Dem Franchize Boyz Demon BoyzDie Fantastischen Vier Digable Planets Digital Underground Dipset Dilated PeoplesDisciplinska komisija The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy Disturbing tha Peace DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince Tha Dogg Pound The Dove Shack Dragon Ash Dragon Fli Empire Dream Warriors Drunken Tiger Dubmatique Dynamic Duo Earatik Statik The Eastsiders Eightball & MJG El pus EPMD Eric B. & Rakim Eyedea & Abilities Fannypack Far East Movement Farm Fresh Fast Crew The Fat Boys Fatty Koo Fearless Four Federation Fettes Brot Field MobFila Fresh Crew Fintelligens First Words Fischmob Flatbush Zombies Flipmode Squad Flipsyde Floetry Fonky Family The Force M.D.s Foreign Exchange Fort Minor Freestyle Fellowship Freundeskreis Friday Hill The Frontline The Fugees Full Force Funk Volume Funky Four Plus One Funky Fresh Few Furious Five Fu-Schnickens Gangsta Bitch Barbie Gambino Family Gang Starr Geto Boys Ghetto Concept Ghetto Commission The Ghost Town DJs Giant Panda The Goats Goldie Lookin' Chain Goodie Mob Gorillaz Grand Analog Grand Buffet Grandwizard Theodore & the Fantastic Five Grave Plott Gravediggaz Greenthink Gröup X GRITS G-Unit Gunshot Gym Class Heroes Handsome Boy Modeling School Hardnoise Headset Heartsdales Heavy D & the Boyz Heiruspecs Heltah Skeltah The Herd Hieroglyphics The High & Mighty Hijack Hilltop Hoods Hip Hop Hoodíos Hobo Junction Hot Boys House of Krazees House of Pain The HRSMN Hurby Azor Hypnotize Minds IMx Infinite Mass INI Inner City Posse Insane Clown Posse Invisibl Skratch Piklz The JJ Boys J J Fad Jedi Mind Tricks Joe & Joey Records Juice Crew Jungle Brothers Junior M.A.F.I.A. Jurassic 5 Just D The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu K7 Kaliber 44 Kane and Abel Kid 'n Play Killarmy KJ-52 KMD Kris Kross La Cliqua La Familia La Fossa LA Symphony The Latin Kings Latyrx Lazy Mutha Fucka LBC Crew Leaders of the New School Les Nubians Lifesavas Liricas Analas Limp Bizkit Little Brother Living Legends London Posse Looptroop Lords of the Underground The Lost Boyz Low Profile The L.O.X. L'Trimm Lecrae Machas With Attitude Madvillain Made Men Main Source Malos Cantores Manau Mantronix Marginal Prophets Mars ILL Massive Töne Masta Ace Incorporated Masters of Illusion Maybach Music Group MC Frontalot M.O.P. MC Tunes Me N Ma Girls MellowHype Migos Ministere AME Mobb Deep Monsta Island Czars Mood Moorish Delta 7 MUD FAMILY Murat & Jose Mutual Concepts MVPMystik Journeymen N.W.A Nappy Roots Native Deen Native Tongues Posse Naughty by Nature NB Ridaz Newcleus Nice & Smooth Non Phixion Non-Prophets Northern StateO.G.C. Odd Future Omega 1ne Onyx Organized Konfusion Organized Rhyme Orishas Osdorp Posse OutKast Outlawz Oxide & Neutrino P.A. P.M. Dawn Paktofonika Paraziţii Paris Party Fun Action Committee People Under The Stairs Pete Rock & CL Smooth Petey Pablo Pharcyde Pigeon Hole Poor Righteous Teachers Prime Suspects Primer 55 Primitive Lyrics Pro Era Prophets of Da City Proyecto Uno P-Square Psycho Realm Psychopathic Rydas Psycopathic Rydas Public Enemy Purple Ribbon All-Stars Quad City DJ's Rahzel Rappers Rapp Group Raptori Rascalz Rip Slyme RJD2 Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock Rock Bottom Entertainment Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt Roll Deep Run-D.M.C. The Neptunes The Outhere Brothers The Perceptionists The Randy Watson Experience The Roots Ruff Ryders Run the Jewels Rusty Ps Ruthless Rap Assassins Sa Razza Saian Supa Crew The Saint Lunatics Salt-N-Pepa Sans Pression Scapegoat Wax Screwball Screwed Up Click Sens Unik The Sequence Shabak Samech Shape Shifters She Rockers Shop Boyz Slum Village Slaughterhouse (group) Smif N’ Wessun Sniper Social Deviantz Soul-Junk Soul Militia Souls of Mischief The Sound Providers Source of Labor Spooks Starflam State Property Stereo MCs Stetsasonic St. Lunatics Suspekt Styles of Beyond The Sugarhill Gang Supreme NTM Sweatshop Union Sweet Sensation Swollen Members Tag Team Taskforce Tefla and Jaleel Terror Squad 't Hof van Commerce Themselves Three 6 MafiaThree Times Dope Thug Life Timex Social Club TLC Travail Trillionaire$ Trillville TRU TTC Tuff Crew Tulenkantajat The Twinz Twiztid TZU UGK Ugly Duckling Ultra Ultramagnetic MCs The Underachievers US3UTFO Violadores del Verso The Visionaries Westside Connection Whodini World Class Wreckin' CruWu-Tang Clan X-ClanThe X-Ecutioners Xero X Plastaz Ying Yang Twins YoungBloodZ Young GunzYoung Money Zentrifugal Zion I 100s 116 Clique 12 Gauge 2 Chainz 2 Live Crew 2 Pistols 213 2Mex 2nd II None 3rd Bass 3X Krazy 360 (rapper) 40 Glocc 415 43zla 4th Avenue Jones 50 Cent 504 Boyz 5th Ward Boyz5th Ward Juvenilez 615 69 Boyz The 6th Letter 7L & Esoteric 808 Mafia 8Ball & MJG 95 South 9th Wonder A+ A-1 A-Q Ab-Soul A Tribe Called QuestAbove the Law Abstract Rude Ace Hood Action Bronson Adnan Hamidović Aesop Rock Afrika Bambaataa Afroman Afu-Ra Agallah Ajs Nigrutin Akala Akon Alfamega Afro-Rican The Alchemist Ali & Gipp Ali Vegas Tha Alkaholiks All Star Cashville Prince Allfrumtha I The Almighty RSO AMG Amadeus Amil Ampichino André 3000 Andre Nickatina Andy Mineo Angel Haze Angie Martinez Ant Banks Antoinette Apache ApathyArmy of the Pharaohs Arrested Development Artifacts ASAP Ferg ASAP Mob ASAP Nast ASAP RockyAsher Roth Atmosphere Audio Push Audio Two AZ Azealia Banks Bas B.G. B.G. Knocc OutB-Legit B.o.B[1] B-RealB-Rock and the Biz Baby Bash Baby Boy da Prince Baby D Baby Dubb Bad Azz Bad Copy Bad Meets Evil Bangladesh Battlecat Beanie Sigel Beastie Boys[1] The Beat Bullies The Beat Bully The Beatnuts Beenie Man Benny Blanco BenzinoBeogradski Sindikat Big Boi Big Daddy Kane[1] Big Ed Big Gipp Big Hawk Big K.R.I.T. Big Kuntry King Big L Big Mello Big Mike Big Moe Big Noyd Big Pokey Big Pun Big Reese Big Scoob Big Sean Big Shug Big Syke Big Tymers Bigg D Birdman Biz Markie Bizarre Bizzy Bone BJ the Chicago Kid The Black Diamond Band The Black Eyed Peas Black Hippy Black Market Militia Black Milk Blac Monks Black Moon Black Rob Black Sheep Black Star Black Thought Blackalicious Blade Icewood Blaq Poet Blaze Ya Dead Homie Bliss n Eso Blood Raw Bloods & Crips Blu Blue Scholars Bobby Creekwater Bobby Shmurda Bohemia Boi-1da Bone Crusher Bone Thugs-n-Harmony Boo & Gotti Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. Booba Boogie Boys Boogie Down Productions Boldy James Boondox Boot Camp Clik Boss Boss Hogg Outlawz Botany Boyz Bow Wow Boyz n da Hood Braille Brand Nubian Brandun DeShay Bravehearts Brianna Perry Brisco Brotha Lynch Hung Brother Ali Bubba Sparxxx Buckshot Buckwild Bun B Busdriver Bushwick Bill Busta Rhymes Busy Bee Starski Butch Cassidy C C-Bo C-Murder C-Note C-Rayz Walz Cash Money Millionaires Cash Out Cashis Cage Cali Swag District Camp Lo Cam'ron Canibus Cannibal Ox Capital Punishment Organization Capital Steez Capone Capone-N-Noreaga Cappadonna Cardiak Carvin & Ivan Casey Veggies Caskey Cassidy Cee-Lo Green Cellski Celly Cel Celph Titled Cesar Comanche Ces Cru Ceza Chamillionaire Chance The Rapper Chanel West Coast Channel 7 Channel Live Charli Baltimore Chase N. Cashe Chevy Woods Chi Ali Chiddy Bang Chief Keef Childish Gambino Children of the Corn Tha Chill Chill Rob G Chingy Chino XL Chinx Drugz Chip Choice Choppa Chopper City Boyz Chris Brown Chris Webby Chubb Rock Tha City Paper CL Smooth Classified The Click Clinton Sparks Clipse Clyde Carson Cold 187um The Cold Crush Brothers Common Company Flow Compton's Most Wanted The Conscious Daughters Consequence Cool Breeze Cool & Dre The Cool Kids Coolio Copywrite Cormega Cory Gunz Craig Mack Crime Boss Crime Mob Crooked I Crooklyn Dodgers The Cross Movement Cru Crucial Conflict CunninLynguists Currensy Curtiss King Custom Made Cyhi the Prynce Cypress Hill Casper Nyovest D D-Nice The D.O.C. D-Pryde D12 D4L Da BackWudz Da Band Da Beatminerz Da Brat Da Bulldogs Da Bush Babees Dazzie Dee Da Lench Mob Da Youngsta's Daddy-O Damu Ridas Damu the Fudgemunk Dana Dane The Dangerous Crew Danny Boy Danny Brown Dappy Dark Lotus Das EFX Da'unda'dogg David Banner David Dallas David Rush David Stones Daz Dillinger D'banj De La Soul Dead Prez Deadly Venoms Death Grips Deceptikonz Dee Barnes Def Jef Def Squad Dej Loaf Del the Funky Homosapien Deltron 3030 Dem Franchize Boyz Deniro Farrar The Demigodz Demrick Derek Minor Detail Dev Devin the Dude DFC Diabolic Diamond Diamond D Diddy – Dirty Money Dido Die Antwoord Digable Planets Digital Underground Diggin' in the Crates Crew Diggy Simmons Dilated Peoples Dillon Cooper The Diplomats Dis-n-Dat Disco D Disco King Mario Dizzee Rascal Dizzy Wright DJ Cash Money DJ Clue? DJ Drama DJ Felli Fel DJ Fuze DJ Green Lantern DJ Head DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince DJ Kay Slay DJ Khaled DJ Krush DJ Mustard DJ Paul DJ Pooh DJ Premier DJ Quik DJ Screw DJ Shadow DJ Yella DMX Do or Die Doap Nixon Doe B Tha Dogg Pound Doggy's Angels Dolla Dom Kennedy Dominique Young Unique Domino Domo Genesis Don Cannon Donnis The Doppelgangaz Dorrough Doseone Double Dee and Steinski Doug E. Fresh Doughbeezy Downtown Science Dr. Dre Drag-On Drake Dres Dresta Drew Deezy Driicky Graham Droop-E Dru Down Drumma Boy Dubb Union Dumbfoundead Duncan Mighty E E-40 E.D.I. Mean E.S.G. Earl Sweatshirt Tha Eastsidaz Easy Mo Bee Eazy-E Ed O.G. Edo Maajka El Da Sensei El-P Elitni Odredi Elephant Man Eminem EPMD Eric B. & Rakim Erick Sermon Eric Biddines Esham Eve Evidence Eyedea F The Fab 5 Fabo Fabolous Facemob Fam-Lay Far East Movement Fashawn Fast Life Yungstaz The Fat Boys Fat Joe Fat Pat Fatboi Father MC Fearless Four Federal Moguls Fergie The Federation Field Mob Fiend Fingathing The Firm Flatbush Zombies Flavor Flav Flavour N'abania Flo Rida Flobots Focus... Foesum Fonzworth Bentley Fort Minor Foxx Foxy Brown Frank n Dank Frank Ocean Frankie J Frayser Boy Freak Nasty Freaky Tah Freddie Gibbs Fredo Santana Fredro Starr Fredwreck Free Freekey Zekey Freestyle Fellowship Freeway French Montana Frenkie Froggy Fresh Frost Fu-Schnickens Fugees Full Blooded Funkmaster Flex Funky Four Plus One Future The Futuristiks G G-Eazy G-Unit Gambino Family The Game Gang Starr Gangrene Gangsta Blac Gangsta Boo Ganksta N-I-P General Woo Get Busy Committee Geto Boys Ghetto Commission Ghetto Twiinz Ghost Town DJ's Ghostface Killah Giggs Gilbere Forte Git Fresh Glasses Malone GLC The Godfathers Goldie Loc Goodie Mob Goon Sqwad Gorilla Zoe Gospel Gangstaz Grafh Grandmaster Flash Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Grand Puba Gravediggaz Greydon Square Grieves Group Home GS Boyz Gucci Mane Gudda Gudda Guerilla Black Guilty Simpson Gunplay Guru Gza H Half a Mill Handsome Boy Modeling School Hard Kaur Hasan Salaam Havoc The HBK Gang Heavy D Heltah Skeltah Hi-C Hi-Tek Hieroglyphics Jackie Hill-Perry Hilltop Hoods Hit-Boy Hit Squad Hodgy Beats Honey Cocaine Honey Singh Hoodie Allen Hopsin Hot Boys Hot Dollar Hotstylz House of Krazees House of Pain Huey Hurricane Chris Hurricane G Hush Hussein Fatal I I-20 Iamsu! Ice Cube Ice-T II Tru Ill Al Skratch Ill Bill Illegal Illmind Illuminati X ILoveMakonnen Immortal Technique Imran Khan Indo G Infamous Mobb Insane Poetry Inspectah Deck Intense Method Isaiah Rashad Iyanya Iyaz J J. Cole J-Diggs J Dilla J. J. Fad J-Kwon J.R. Rotem J.R. Writer J-Son J. Stalin J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League J. Valentine Ja Rule Jack Parow The Jacka Jadakiss Jae Millz Jahlil Beats Jake Miller Jake One Jam Master Jay Jamal Jamal Woolard James Drew Jamie Foxx Jarren Benton Jay Electronica Jay Rock Jay-Z Jayo Felony Jaz-O Jazze Pha Jedi Mind Tricks Jermaine Dupri Jeru the Damaja Jet Life Jewell Jibbs Jim Jones Jim Jonsin Joe Budden Joell Ortiz Joey Badass John Cena Johnny "J" Johntá Austin Jon Connor JT the Bigga Figga JT Money Juelz Santana Juice (Đus) Juice Crew Juicy J Juju Mob Jungle Brothers Junior M.A.F.I.A. Jurassic 5 Jus Allah Justus League Juvenile K K Camp K-Dee K.E. on the Track K-Rino K-Solo Kafani Kam Kane & Abel Kanye West Kardinal Offishall Kastro Kat Dahlia Kausion KB Keak da Sneak Keith Murray Kendrick Lamar Kerser Kevin Gates Kevin McCall Khia Khleo Kia Shine Kid Capri Kid Cudi Kid Frost Kid Ink Kid 'n Play Kid Sister Kidd Kidd Kidz in the Hall Killa Tay Killah Priest Killarmy Killer Mike Kilo Ali King Chip King Gordy King L King Tee Kirko Bangz Kitty KMD K'naan Knoc-turn'al The Knux KO Kokane Kool G Rap Kool Keith Kool Moe Dee Kottonmouth Kings Krayzie Bone Kreayshawn Kris Kross Krizz Kaliko KRS-One Kurtis Blow Kutt Calhoun Kurupt Kwamé Koolade L LROC L.T. Hutton La Chat La the Darkman Lady Luck The Lady of Rage Lakey The Kid Lakim Shabazz Large Professor Laroo T.H.H. LBC Crew Leaders of the New School Lecrae Left Brain Lex Luger A Lighter Shade of Brown Lil' 1 Dead Lil B Lil Bibby Lil Boosie Lil' Cease Lil Debbie Lil Durk Lil Eazy E Lil' Fizz Lil' Flip Lil Herb Lil Jon Lil' Keke Lil' Kim Lil Mama Lil' O Lil Phat Lil Reese Lil Ric Lil' Ronnie Lil Ru Lil Scrappy Lil Snupe Lil Soldiers Lil' Troy Lil Twist Lil Wayne Lil' Wil Lil Wyte Limp Bizkit Lin Que Lisa Lopes Little Brother Live Squad LL Cool J Lloyd Banks Logic LoLa Monroe The Lonely Island Loon Lootpack Lord Finesse Lord Have Mercy Lord Infamous Lord Jamar Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz Lords of the Underground Los Lost Boyz The Lost Children of Babylon Louis Logic LoveRance Low Profile Lowkey The Lox L'Trimm Lumberjacks Ludacris Luis Resto Luni Coleone Luniz Lupe Fiasco M M-1 M.I.A. M.O.P. M Trill Mac Mac Dre Mac Lethal Mac Mall Mac Miller Mac Minister Machine Gun Kelly Mack 10 Mack Maine Macklemore Mad Lion Made Men Madlib Madvillain Maejor Ali Magic Magnolia Shorty Main Source Maino Major Figgas Major Lazer Mann Mannie Fresh Mantronix Marčelo Marley Marl Mars Ill Marvaless Marz Masai Bey Mase Masspike Miles Masta Ace Masta Ace Incorporated Masta Killa Master P Master Shortie Matt Toka Max B MC Breed MC Eiht MC Hammer MC Jin MC Lyte MC Ren MC Serch MC Shan MC Solaar MC Trouble Meek Mill Memphis Bleek Menace Clan Messy Marv Method Man MF Doom Mia X Mic Geronimo Migos Mike Dean Mike G Mike Jones Mike Posner Mike Shinoda Mike Stud Mike Will Made It Mike Zombie Mims Missy Elliott Mista Grimm Mistah F.A.B. Mister Cee Mitchy Slick Mo B. Dick Mo Thugs Mob Figaz Mobb Deep Molemen Money-B Monie Love Mopreme Shakur Mos Def Mr. Capone-E Mr. Collipark Mr. Criminal Mr. Lif Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire Mr. Porter Mr. Serv-On Mr. Short Khop Ms. Jade Murphy Lee Murs Mystikal Myzery N N.O. Joe N.O.R.E. N.W.A Napoleon Nappy Roots Nas Natas Nate Dogg Nationwide Rip Ridaz Native Tongues Nature Naughty by Nature Necro Needlz Nelly The Neptunes New Boyz Newcleus Next Nice & Smooth Nick Cannon Nicki Minaj Nicole Wray Nikki D Nipsey Hussle Nitty Nitty Scott, MC No Malice Noah "40" Shebib Non Phixion Nonchalant The Notorious B.I.G. Northstar Nottz Nujabes Nump Numskull Nyzzy Nyce O O.G.C. Oaktown's 3.5.7 Obie Trice Odd Future Oh No OJ da Juiceman Ol' Dirty Bastard Olivia Omega Red Omillio Sparks One Shot Oneya Onyx Organized Konfusion OuterSpace Outkast Outlawz Outsidaz P P.A. P$C P.M. Dawn P. Reign P-Square Pac Div The Pack Papa Reu Papoose Partners-N-Crime Pastor Troy Paul Wall Peedi Peedi Penthouse Players Clique People Under The Stairs Percee P Pete Rock & CL Smooth Petey Pablo The Pharcyde Pharoahe Monch Pharrell Phat Kat Phi Life Cypher Phife Dawg Philthy Rich Phyno Pill Pimp C Pitbull Planet Asia Planetary Playaz Circle Plies PNC Poison Clan Polyrhythm Addicts Poor Righteous Teachers Positive K Potluck Pras Pretty Ricky Prime Suspects Prince Ital Joe Prince Paul Pro Era Problem Prodigy Project Pat Proof Prozak Psycho Realm Public Enemy Purple Ribbon All-Stars Pusha T Q Q-Tip Quad City DJ's Quan Quazedelic Queen Latifah Queen Pen Quincy Jones III Quo R R.A. the Rugged Man Rae Sremmurd Raekwon Rah Digga Rakim Rampage Rappin' 4-Tay Rapsody Ras Kass Rasheeda Raw Fusion Ray Cash Ray J Ray Luv Rayne Raz Fresco RBX The Real Roxanne Really Doe Rebel Diaz Red Café Red Spyda Redfoo Redhead Kingpin and the F.B.I. Redman Reef the Lost Cauze Reema Major The Regime The Rej3ctz Reks Remy Ma Rhymefest Rich Boy Rich Homie Quan Rich Kidz Richie Rich Rick Rock Rick Ross Rico Love Riff Raff Rittz Road Dawgs Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock Rob Sonic Roc Marciano Rock City Rockie Fresh Rocko Roger Troutman Romeo Miller The Roots Roots Manuva Roscoe Roscoe Dash Rottin Razkals Rowdy Rebel Roxanne Shanté Royce da 5'9" Run–D.M.C. Run the Jewels Rydah J. Klyde Rye Rye Rza S Saafir Sabac Red Sacario Sadat X Sadistik Sage Francis Sage the Gemini Saigon Salt-n-Pepa Sam Sneed Sammy Adams San Quinn Sarkodie Sauce Money Savage Scapegoat Wax Scarface Schoolboy Q Schoolly D Scott Storch Scotty Scram Jones Screwed Up Click Scrilla SD Sean Combs Sean Price Sean T Serius Jones Sha Money XL Shabazz the Disciple Shad (rapper) Shade Sheist Shady Nate Shawnna Shawty Lo Sheek Louch Shing02 Sho Baraka Shock G Shop Boyz Shorty Shorty Mack Showbiz and A.G. Shwayze Shyne Silkk the Shocker Sir Jinx Sir Mix-a-Lot Škabo The Skinny Boys Skatterman & Snug Brim Skee-Lo Skeme Skittles (rapper) Skull Gang Skyzoo SL Jones Slaughterhouse Sleepy Brown Slick Pulla Slick Rick Slim Burna Slim Thug Slug Slum Village Smashproof Smif-n-Wessun Smitty Smoke DZA Smooth Smoothe da Hustler Sniper Snoop Dogg Snootie Wild Snow Tha Product Snowgoons Soce, the elemental wizard Sonny Digital Sonsee Soopafly Soulive Soulja Boy Soulja Slim Souls of Mischief Soulshock and Karlin South Central Cartel South Park Coalition South Park Mexican Southside SpaceGhostPurrp Special Ed Spice 1 Spoonie Gee Sporty Thievz Spose Spot St. Lunatics Stalley Stat Quo Static Major Steady Mobb'n Stetsasonic Stevie Joe Stevie Stone Stezo Sticky Fingaz Stoka Strange Fruit Project Street Radio StreetRunner Stretch Strong Arm Steady Styles of Beyond Styles P Swollen Members Success-n-Effect Suga Free The Sugarhill Gang Sunz of Man Sweet Tee Swizz Beatz SwizZz Substantial T T-Bone T.I. T La Rock T. Mills T-Nutty T-Pain Tabi Bonney Talib Kweli Target Tay Dizm TD Cruze Teairra Marí The Team Tech N9ne Tedashii TeeFlii Tekitha Tela Termanology Terrace Martin Terri & Monica Teriyaki Boyz Terror Squad Teyana Taylor Theodore Unit Three 6 Mafia Three Times Dope Thug Life Tiffany Foxx Tiffany Villarreal Timaya Timbaland Timbaland & Magoo Timbe Tinie Tempah Tone Loc Tone Trump Tonedeff Toni Blackman Tony Yayo Too Short Torch (Kevin Belnavis) Torch (Frederik Hahn) Tracey Lee Trackmasters Tha Trademarc Trae tha Truth Tragedy Khadafi Tram 11 Travis Porter Travis Scott Traxamillion Tray Deee Tre-8 Treach Treacherous Three A Tribe Called Quest Trick Daddy Trick-Trick Trillville Trina Trinidad James Trip Lee Triple C's Tristan Wilds Troy Ave TRU Tupac Shakur Turf Talk Turk Tweedy Bird Loc The 6th Letter The Twinz Twista Two-9 Ty Dolla Sign Tyga Tyler, The Creator Tyra Bolling U U-God The U.M.C.'s U.N. U.N.L.V. U.S.D.A UGK Ultramagnetic MCs Uncle Murda The Underachievers Unk UTFO UTP V V.I.C. V-Nasty Vado Vakill Val Young Vanilla Ice Vast Aire Vic Mensa Vince Staples Vinnie Paz The Visionaries VL Mike Valete W Waka Flocka Flame Wale Warren G Watsky WC We Are Toonz Wee Papa Girl Rappers Webbie Westside Connection Who See Whodini The Whooliganz Wikluh Sky Will Smith Willie D Willie the Kid Willow Smith Willy Northpole Wisemen Witchdoctor Wiz Khalifa World Class Wreckin' Cru Wreckonize Wreckx-n-Effect Wu-Syndicate Wu-Tang Clan Wyclef Jean X X Clan X-Raided The X-Ecutioners XV Xzibit Y Y?N-Vee Ya Boy Yaggfu Front Yaki Kadafi YC Yelawolf YG Ying Yang Twins Yo Gotti Yo-Yo Young Bleed Young Buck Young Chop Young Chris Young Dre the Truth Young Dro Young Gunz Young Jeezy Young Maylay Young MC Young Noble Young Paperboyz Young Scooter Young Soldierz Young Stunna Young Thug YoungBloodZ Yukmouth Yung Berg Yung Joc Yung L.A. Yung6ix Yung Wun Z Z-Ro Zane Zaytoven 2pac 11/5 187 Fac 213 2Mex 2nd II None 3X Krazy 40 Glocc 4th Avenue Jones A Ab-Soul Above the Law Ahmad Alchemist Andre Nickatina Anotha Level Ant Banks Arabian Prince Audio Push B Bad Azz Beautiful Eulogy B.G. Knocc Out B-Legit B-Real Big Syke Bishop Lamont Black Eyed Peas Black Hippy Bloods & Crips Blu Blu & Exile Bobby Creekwater Braille Brainwash Projects Brotha Lynch Hung Brownside Butch Cassidy Bohemia (musician) C C-Bo Capital Punishment Organization Casey Veggies Cashis Celly Cel CJ Mac Cold 187um a.k.a Big Hutch College Boyz Compton's Most Wanted Coolio Cool Nutz Cypress Hill Crooked I Chanel West Coast D D-Shot Da Lench Mob Darkroom Familia Daz Dillinger Defari Delinquent Habits Del the Funky Homosapien Digital Underground Dilated Peoples Dizzy Wright DJ Flash DJ Muggs DJ Mustard DJ Pooh DJ Quik DJ Yella Dom Kennedy Domo Genesis Dresta Dr. Dre Dubb Union E E-A-Ski Earl Sweatshirt Eazy-E E.D.I. Mean Egyptian Lover Evidence E-40 F Foesum Funky Aztecs Funkdoobiest Fashawn G Gabe Rosales Game Glasses Malone Goldie Loc Greydon Square Guerilla Black Get Busy Committee Gospel Gangstaz G-Eazy H Haiku D'Etat Havoc Hed PE Hi-C Hieroglyphics Hodgy Beats Hopsin Hot Dollar House of Pain Husalah Hussein Fatal I Iamsu! Ice Cube Ice-T Imani Insane Poetry Illmaculate J J-Flexx J Stalin J.J. Fad J. Wells Jake One Jay Rock Jayo Felony Johnny Richter JT the Bigga Figga K K-Dee Kam Kastro Cox Kausion Keak da Sneak Kendrick Lamar Kid Frost Kid Ink Kid Sensation Killa Tay Knight Owl Kingspade King Tee Kitty Pryde Kokane Kreayshawn Krondon Kurupt Knoc-Turn'Al Kottonmouth Kings Kung Fu Vampire L Lady of Rage LA Dream Team L.A.M.B L.A. Posse LA Symphony LBC Crew Left Brain Lifesavas Lighter Shade of Brown Lil' 1 Dead Lil B Lil Debbie Lil eazy-e Lil Ric Lil Rob Likwit Crew Living Legends Locksmith Loki Lootpack Lords of Lyrics LoveRance LPG Luckyiam Luniz M Mac Dre Mac Mall Mac Minister Mack 10 Macklemore Mann Mars Marvaless MC Eiht MC Hammer MC Smooth MC Ren Mellow Man Ace Menace Clan Menajahtwa Messy Marv Mike G Mitchy Slick Mistah F.A.B. Mopreme Shakur Mr. Capone-E Mr. Doctor Mr. Malik Murs Mr. Criminal N Nate Dogg NB Ridaz Nationwide Rip Ridaz Napoleon N2Deep N.W.A. Nipsey Hussle Numskull NoClue O Oaktown 3.5.7 Odd Future One Block Radius Outlawz P Playa Hamm Pac Div Paperboy Penthouse Players Clique Proper Dos Paris Peace 586 People Under The Stairs Psycho Realm Pigeon John Planet Asia Potluck Propaganda PSD Psychosiz Problem Q Quo R Rasco Ras Kass Ray Luv Rappin' 4-Tay RBL Posse RBX Richie Rich Rodney O & Joe Cooley Rydah J. Klyde S Saafir Saint Dog Sam Sneed San Quinn Schoolboy Q Seagram Sen Dog Shock G Shade Sheist Sir Jinx Sir Mix-a-Lot Skee-Lo Slim the Mobster Smooth Smoov-E Snoop Dogg Souls of Mischief South Central Cartel Soopafly Spice 1 Spider Loc Stat Quo Steady Mobb'n Storm (rapper) Strong Arm Steady Stunnaman Subnoize Souljaz Suga Free Suga T Sunspot Jonz Swollen Members Sylk-E. Fyne Snow Tha Product Sage The Gemini T Tash T-Bone Tha Alkaholiks Tha Dogg Pound Tha Eastsidaz The Game The Conscious Daughters The Click The Coup The Dangerous Crew The Dove Shack The D.O.C. The Federation The Grouch The Jacka The Pack The Pharcyde The Realest The Real Richie Rich The Team The Unknown DJ Techniec Thurzday Tone Loc Too $hort Totally Insane Tray Deee Trackademicks Traxamillion Tunnel Rats Turf Talk Tweedy Bird Loc Twinz Tyga Tyler, The Creator Tydolla$ign T. Mills U U-n-i V Volume 10 W Warren G WC WC and the Maad Circle Woodie World Class Wreckin' Cru Westside Connection X Xzibit X-Raided Y Yaki Kadafi YG Yomo & Maulkie Young Lay Young Maylay Young Noble Young Soldierz Yo-Yo Yukmouth Young De Z Zion I RapHiphopHipHopMuzykaMusicProductionBeastBeatKwasDjZeldjzeldjzelbeatsAlbumHipHopHHPolskiDZWhip-hop.plhiphopplHip HoppolskirapragarapOldschoolBoombapReggae/RapGiM

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