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1. Siesta (demo) featuring Edan & Mr. Lif

Siesta (demo) featuring Edan & Mr. Lif

Siesta (demo) "This is the demo version of the song Storm featuring Edan and Mr. Lif. In the 11th hour of making The Audience's Listening, I swapped the music out from this funky break beat to a psychedelic post punk drum machine. At the time I was looking to reinvent myself and I saw this as the perfect opportunity to do so. I couldn't be happier with how the final product turned out. It's fun to go back and listen to what Edan and Lif actually recorded their verses to. This is more of a "classic" Cut Chemist production that one might recognize from the late 90s/early 2000s." -Cut Chemist THE AUDIENCE'S FOLLOWING will be released on July 11th, 2016 on the ten year anniversary of Cut's debut album, THE AUDIENCE'S LISTENING. This follow-up is filled with never before heard music, alternate versions, instrumentals and outtakes from the original 2006 session reels. "It's the follow up and the audience is still following and listening and ... whatever else"

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3. Possibilities (STS9 feat Mr. Lif)

  • Published: 2014-09-17T04:54:41Z
  • By Mr. Lif
Possibilities (STS9 feat Mr. Lif)

(Thought Wizard Productions, 2006)

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5. Выпуск 33. Cut Chemist, James Blake, Редина Усы

Выпуск 33. Cut Chemist, James Blake, Редина Усы

Привет! Сегодня в гостях у Артёма Моргунова я и Артём Stolen Forest, вместе мы послушали новую музыку от Cut Chemist, Edan, Mr.lif, Laura Darlington, Myka 9, Deantoni Parks, Hymnal, James Blake, Редина Усы и даже немного обсудили её. 0:00:00 история от Артёма 0:01:49 заставка 0:01:59 приветствия 0:02:33 как дела у Артёма 0:03:17 как Артём занимался гоустрайтингом для свадьбы 0:04:37 про Оксимирона, клинское и Кореша 0:05:10 Артём не путает Кореша и Пусси Райот 0:05:32 придумываем имя для дочки девятиклассницы 0:05:56 ещё немного про Пусси Райот 0:06:45 переходим к Cut Chemist 0:08:27 придумываем имя для сына девятиклассницы 0:09:10 я забыл достать жёсткий диск, Артём рассказывает своё жизненное кредо 0:09:45 возвращаемся к Cut Chemist 0:11:48 Cut Chemist - Metalstorm (feat. Edan & Mr.lif) 0:14:15 обсуждение трека 0:17:37 я вспоминаю про приготовленную шутку 0:19:40 переходим к следующему треку Cut Chemist 0:21:23 Cut Chemist - Home Away from Home (feat. Laura Darlington) 0:24:42 обсуждение трека 0:29:53 перехоим к следующему треку 0:31:57 Cut Chemist - Die Cut (Wrap) [feat. Myka 9 & Deantoni Parks] 0:37:35 обсуждение трека 0:41:40 переходим к последнему на сегодня треку Cut Chemist 0:42:08 Cut Chemist - You Want It, I Got It (feat. Hymnal) 0:46:19 обсуждение трека 0:53:09 переходим к James Blake 0:56:16 James Blake - If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead 1:00:48 обсуждение трека 1:07:13 переходим к группе "Редина Усы" 1:08:45 Редина Усы - Сникербум 1:11:54 обсуждение трека 1:29:40 переходим к гостевой рубрике и прощаемся

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6. WiscoJazz-Cast: Episode 110

  • Published: 2018-08-06T13:44:04Z
  • By WiscoJazz
WiscoJazz-Cast: Episode 110

WiscoJazz-Cast Episode 110 mixed by dj lukewarm Episode One Hundred and Ten features Beats, Hip Hop, Remixes, & more... 01 - Flamingosis - She Loved Me [KEATS//COLLECTIVE] 02 - Freddie Joachim - That Girl [] 03 - Nas feat The Dream - Adam And Eve [Def Jam Recordings] 04 - ?????THOUGHTS - Visions Of You [Business Casual] 05 - Dolson Beats - Bloom [WeGrowWax] 06 - Michael Jackson - Butterflies (Mndsgn Remix) (Dj Dynamite Edit) 07 - Noiseshaper - Dunk (Adrian Sheerwood Remix) [Echo Beach] 08 - The Black Seeds - What We Need (Rhian Sheehan's Selenophobia Remix) [KUFALA Recordings] 09 - D'ubserver - Dial 999 [Terralogica Recordings] 10 - Rodney Hunter - I Wanna Know [Emarcy] 11 - Cut Chemist feat. Edan & Mr. Lif - Metalstorm [A Stable Sound] 12 - The Beat Broker - Burning Love Meltdown [Hands of Time] 13 - Happy Mondays - W.F.L. 'Think About The Future' (The Paul Oakenfold Mix) [Factory] 14 - Dr Packer - Don't Really Wanna Stop [Hot Digits Music] 15 - Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - Right & Wrong [Editorial] 16 - Kenny Loggins - This Is It (Mad Mats Rework) [G.A.M.M.] 17 - Bruce Springsteen - Missing (The Starkiller Remix) 18 - Bob Dylan - Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Anomura Remix) 19 - David Bowie - Man, Who Taught The World (V edit) [Vehicle] 20 - Stevie Nicks - Stand Back (Eli Escobar Disco Mix) [Money Studies Records] 21 - Club House - Do It Again (The Apple Scruffs Edit) 22 - Fleetwood Mac - Big Love (The Starkiller's Buckingham Palace Remix) 23 - Kenny Summit - Pharaoh Of King Street (Kenny's Paradise Garage Mix) [Good For You Records] 24 - Queen - Cool Cat (V4YS Tropical Edit) Hope you enjoy. -dj lukewarm RSS:

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