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1. The Grid (Remix of Tron: Legacy by Daft Punk)

The Grid (Remix of Tron: Legacy by Daft Punk)

"Mindbuffer takes you deep into the abyss of the grid, a world of binary coding and microscopic detail. like a single electrobe traveling through a plethora of imagination, Mindbuffer grinds there way through a myriad of textures, forging what we are coming to know and feel as a highly innovative and expressive brand of experimental music, which always keeps us on the edge of our seats.." - Enig'matik Records Alternative Download Links: 320 Mp3: Mastered by Fahad ૐ Abdulaal NOTE: This is an unofficial, completely free remix. We do not make any commercial gain on this release and do not consent to it's commercial use in any way whatsoever.

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2. Nightrun (feat. MindBuffer)

  • Published: 2012-11-18T19:42:28Z
  • By trifonic
Nightrun (feat. MindBuffer)

Track 1 from Trifonic's second album, "Ninth Wave" (2012, Trifonic Music LLC). Lossless audio download, full stems, and bonus content: iTunes: Amazon:

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3. PanFM


Hope you all enjoy this one! It's been around since the beginning of MindBuffer (almost 3 years) and has grown with us ever since. We're shedding a tear as we finally set her free!

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4. Ghost In The Shell

Ghost In The Shell

"Deep, thoughtful, and experimental, ‘Ghost in The Shell’ from Mindbuffer explodes an IDM vibe like non-other. A heart wrenchingly soulful expedition, it grooves deep into a carefully created chaos, with hiccups of noise and distortion thrown across the listener, much like a fresh splattering of multicoloured paint over a canvas. Confronting expectation mindbuffer still delivers a poignant narrative that is sure to send goosebumps crawling up your spine." Review by Interval. Track released on Enig'matik Records' "Painting Pictures on Silence VOL.1" compiled by Sun in Aquarius. Enig'matik > Compilation previews / purchase > PS that sweet track picture is by our close friend Nicholas Yochum aka Anemone -

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5. Nightrun (collaboration w/ Trifonic)

Nightrun (collaboration w/ Trifonic)

Here's the result of our collaboration with long time inspiration and close buddy Brian Trifon! Grab it as the opener for the new album here -

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6. Digital Silhouette

Digital Silhouette

This one really defines a milestone for us.

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7. [FREE] Mindbuffer - PanFM (Fine Cut Bodies' indian summer melancholy)

[FREE] Mindbuffer - PanFM (Fine Cut Bodies' indian summer melancholy)

My latest remix for the mighty guys!

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8. Si Begg - In It Together (MindBuffer's Transcendent-Step Remix)

Si Begg - In It Together (MindBuffer's Transcendent-Step Remix)

Here's our contribution to Si's huge OST remix project. We've been a fan of his stuff for a lloooonnnngggg time - so stoked to be on board! Check out the previews for the other contributions here - Not too sure when the film and OST are coming out just yet, but you can watch the trailer here -

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9. Mr. Bill - Balance (MindBuffer Remix)

Mr. Bill - Balance (MindBuffer Remix)

Our remix of Balance, from Mr. Bill's new album Focus, coming soon on Adapted Records. Grab it from Addictech here! -

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10. Capybara


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11. Mindbuffer - PanFM (Circuit Bent Remix)

Mindbuffer - PanFM (Circuit Bent Remix)

Our remix of Mindbuffer's Pan FM. Bandcamp exclusive release:

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12. MindBuffer- Pan FM (Whitebear Remix)

  • Published: 2011-12-14T09:03:15Z
  • By Whitebear
MindBuffer- Pan FM (Whitebear Remix)

It is with great pleasure that Enig'matik Records welcomes you to engage in the first taste of something monumental. Something dynamic, diverse, and ever-defiant of the boundaries of electronic music. An accumulation of experience, reinterpreted through sound and digitally documented. We welcome artists both local and abroad who have chosen to share their aural appropriations of the opening track for MindBuffer's debut album, due for release later this year. With the news of this coming release now shared globally, we present the first of four remix chapters for MindBuffer's 'Pan FM'. The cinematic indian summer melancholy of Fine Cut Bodies and organic gangster-hop grooves of Whitebear, coupled with Mr. Bill's euphoric electro-anthem of the pink toothbrushes and Sun In Aquarius' post-rock liquid behemoth stir the pot of anticipation respectively. It is also appropriate that such high-quality audio should be complimented by visual work of the same calibre. Thus, we welcome Archan; the first of four artists to share their adaptation of the newly-made MindBuffer logo. Each chapter will feature the work of a skilled visual artist, with the fourth and final chapter coupling its adaptation with another visual feature, though we can't share too much about this just yet. Distribution of the chapters will be maintained through Bandcamp exclusively with a name your price no minimum. Stay tuned via the MindBuffer and Enig'matik Records Facebook pages for information on the MindBuffer album, remix chapters and other releases over the coming months.

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13. Mindbuffer-PanFM (Sun In Aquarius's Revolution Remix) [FREE D/L]

Mindbuffer-PanFM (Sun In Aquarius's Revolution Remix) [FREE D/L]

Taken from the compilation: & Remix Chapers from Mindbuffer: Enig'matik is set to catapult listeners into a glitch fuelled daze of aural anti-gravity, with the highly anticipated second volume of their eclectic compilation series "Painting Pictures On Silence". a 22 track journey encompassing some of the most original and unique producers from vast corners of the globe. From respected pioneers such as Si Begg and Fine Cut Bodies to artists such as Mindtree who represent an exciting new brand of youth wizardry, v2 is a release that will cement Enig'matik at the forefront of intricate and eclectic glitch based productions. A place to get lost in the details, to imagine a world that doesn't exist and to catapult your senses and imagination skyward, Enig'matik and its ever growing collective of artists constantly push boundaries with cutting edge digital technology, choosing to jack into a digital world where their fingertips create unfathomable expanses, exploring and ever reaching into a limitless world of sonic creation. as a collective, Enig'matik is a breed of producers staying true to their own individual journeys into the unknown territories of sound exploration, whilst expressing themselves in a pure form of energy vibration. Intertwining personal experiences and distant memories with experimental lashings of abstract frequencies on their sonic canvas's, each individual artist has their own unique stories to share, presented alongside likeminded artists in a future fuelled environment of microscopic life. in a world of aural experimentalia where words can often be superfluous, Enig'matik invites you to strap in and make your reality what you CHOOSE to believe. credits Tracklisting: 1.Mindtree - The Owl And The Penguin 2.Auma - Blue Skin Reflect 3.Mindbuffer - PanFm (Sun In Aquarius Remix) 4.Fine Cut Bodies - Sweet Fall (From La Petite Mort) 5.Si Begg - When He turned Around It Was Gone 6.Whitebear - Smaller Things 7.Zunzagi - Glitched Night 8.Access To Arasaka - Cartridge 9.Sensient - Broken Interplay 10.Faithfull - I Dream King 11.Mindbuffer - Digital Silhouette 12.In:terlaken - Depone 13.Frank Riggio - Ten Aura 14.Geskia - Seppaku 15.KiloWatts - Resonant Weasel 16.Birds of Paradise - Urge To Purge 17.Circuit Bent - Slurm 18.Chris Komus - A Life All Pair Shaped 19.Quanta - Center Of The Lamp 20.Kalya Scintilla - Dance Of The Dragonfly 21.The Cogent Project - She Finds The Meaning 22.Squeaky Lobster - Rock It (Bonus Track) Released 31 May 2012 Artwork by Shift ( Mastered By Fahad Abdulaal

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14. Mr. Bill - Balance (MindBuffer Remix)

Mr. Bill - Balance (MindBuffer Remix)

“Re-Focused - Part 1” is a finely plucked combination of remixes from artists who truly know how to compliment the twisted intricacy of Mr. Bill. The release kicks off with a warped and funkadelic remix of “Router” by Circuit Bent, presenting a strange beauty over a solid beat, with abstract sample manipulation and a smooth analogue sounding bass line. Synaecide then re-routes the same tune in many different directions, steering the soundscape seamlessly from an ambient introduction through to a demanding dubstep sector into beastly breaks territory, and finishing with a funky flat four criscendo, with orchestral harmonies sneaking their way through the tune. Next in line is Blatwax\'s sinister take on “Tubes”, an enticing accumulation of breaks and tech styles with rhythmic and spacial arpegios gliding through the track, driving forward with delicate precision. Whitebear then proceeds to break ground with his remix of “Shatter”, delivering an atmospheric crunch of sounds that deeply infiltrates every sense and instigates naturally flowing bodily movements. Kalya Scintilla glows with his interpretation of “Blush”, a bouncy adventure of depth and inspiration, an insatiable composition of spacial bass and pounding percussion. The EP then concludes with Mindbuffer\'s epic remake of “Balance”, a captivating journey of pristine audio manipulation, omitting vibrations of both wonder and intense brutality, in a concise combination of dubstep, breaks and jungle, resulting in a realisation of the sheer wizardry of this duo. “Re-Focused – Part 1” exhibits some of the most admired masterminds of sound production in the country, who all share with Mr. Bill the traits of penetrating basslines and extremely innovative abilities in sound design. Pre sale here :

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15. Glitchmachines BioMorph Demonstration

Glitchmachines BioMorph Demonstration

About a month ago Ivo ( approached us about putting together a demo for his sample pack - here it is!

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16. Interview with MindBuffer

Interview with MindBuffer

Audiovisual artists MindBuffer, who illuminated Storey Hall in 2016 with their custom projection mapping technology have teamed up with world renowned digital artist Andy Thomas to create Ectoplasm, which will be projected onto Storey Hall at White Night 2017. Digital design lecturer Dr Joshua Batty and MindBuffer partner RMIT alumni Mitchell Nordine speak about their creation with Andy Thomas in this interview with Evelyn Tsitas. Read more:

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17. The Flow

The Flow

Created entirely from one original two bar break using re-sampling / hyper-edit techniques.

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18. Brush


Exploring brushes.

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