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2. Ma Spaventi - Missing Sunlight (forthcoming MOS024)

Ma Spaventi - Missing Sunlight (forthcoming MOS024)

Marco Spaventi is back on his homebase MOS Recordings. This is a teaser for what's coming in the next few months. His long awaited MOS LP is nearly there.... Balla!

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3. Nehuen - Personal Conflict (forthcoming COS_MOS_005)

Nehuen - Personal Conflict (forthcoming COS_MOS_005)

Upfront whitelabel copies available here: And in the physical Rush Hour Store Amsterdam during the Dekmantel Festival week, as long as the stock lasts... Full EP coming early September 2018. @nehuen

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4. Aroy Dee @ La Machine du Moulin Rouge _ 28-09-2013

Aroy Dee @ La Machine du Moulin Rouge _ 28-09-2013

Tracklist Aroy Dee @ La Machine du Moulin Rouge - september 2013 60 + 606 - Interstellar Funk Running Late - Vernon Felicity I'll be right there - Monarch Walker - ASOK We held on - Deep Space Orchestra Tortured Journey - Le Melange feat. China Sex-N-R-001 - K-Alexi Open your eyes - Marshall Jefferson The Old Villagers - Gerstaffelen Cosmic Vibes - Rick Wade Let me be - The Other People Place Stinger - K Soul & Mute Oscilator Circumflex - Circular Rhythms Making Love - Ron Trent PMA - Greg Beato Paranoid London 5 Precipitate - Ike Release When a thought becomes u - Blake Baxter Never giving up - H-men Running out of time - Cliff Lothar Lost Again - Yello Disorder - R-A-G Secret Project - MaSpaventi Distant Drums - N.A.D White Material - DJ Richard

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5. The Twins - Can't Keep Us Apart (Komes Remix) [MOS Clubbers Guide 2014] [HUSSLE Recordings]

  • Published: 2013-11-29T05:45:48Z
  • By KOMES
The Twins - Can't Keep Us Apart (Komes Remix) [MOS Clubbers Guide 2014] [HUSSLE Recordings]

Fresh from their triumphant Canadian Tour, The Twins unleash fury with their newest main room anthem Can’t Keep Us Apart. This weapon contains all the winning elements of a compelling peak time ballad; melodic supersaw chords, heavy electro drops and the breathtakingly powerful vocals from songstress Amy Rose. QLD’s craziest b-boy Komes brings his signature slice of bounce with a bubbling electro rework and Adelaide’s men of mayhem Dirt Cheap take us on a bone-shattering ride full of distorted basslines and heavy electro drops. This package is a definite #Twinner in our books! Coming soon to Beatport! www.facebook,com/komesmusic

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6. Ma Spaventi - Isola Sommersa (MOS-LP4)

Ma Spaventi - Isola Sommersa (MOS-LP4)

Ma Spaventi - Isola Sommersa - MOS Recordings - MOS-LP4 a1. Ma Spaventi - Tape Noodles a2. Ma Spaventi - Simple Mind b1. Ma Spaventi - Missing Sunlight b2. Ma Spaventi - Bruiloft (Aroy Dee Percussion Mix) c1. Ma Spaventi - Best Regards c2. Ma Spaventi - Undisclosed Intermezzo (feat S. Thuraya) c3. Ma Spaventi - Luna Piena d1. Ma Spaventi - Smooth Professor d2. Ma Spaventi - Titanic Moments A year after his debut album "Viaggi", Amsterdam based italian Marco Antonio Spaventi is back with another fine full length statement. Entitled "Isola Sommersa" and landing on M>O>S Recordings, it follows up after many great EPs on the label over the last five years.

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8. D'Marc Cantu - Long Weekend

D'Marc Cantu - Long Weekend Release date: March 31st 2014 D'Marc Cantu - Long Weekend a1. Long Weekend b1. 1Lb Of Flesh b2. Acid Test Incredibly this is already D'Marc Cantu’s third EP of the year following efforts on new label One Electronica and Ansatz. Of course, he has released on MOS many times before, including 2012’s full length A New World. This new EP, Long Weekend, features three new tracks of fully formed house and techno with more than a touch of acid along the way. The title track opens the EP with a lively house jam that has proud kick drums, plenty of muffled and deeply buried chords and a busy bassline that darts about like a kangaroo on hot rocks. It’s propulsive and emotive as it surges along, taking you with it every step of the way. Next up, ‘1Lb Of Flesh’ is a much more jagged and serrated track, mainly because of the manic acid squiggle that runs right through the heart of the slapping snares and icy cold hi hats. Full throttle and as ever delightfully frayed and analogue sounding, it’s a real face melter. Last but by no means least, ‘Acid Test’ is the quickest of the lot, coming over like a slick, powerful fusion of electro and techno that whips and snaps as Dance Mania style snares flap about above a grilling bassline and acid wiggles in and out. It’s a busy, fulsome track but never feels cluttered and rounds out another exceptional EP from both MOS and main man D'Marc Cantu.

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9. Andrew Red Hand - For My Mother EP Promo Mix (MOS Recordings)

Andrew Red Hand - For My Mother EP Promo Mix (MOS Recordings)

Fresh promotional mix from Romanian Andrew Red Hand to celebrate the release of mosdeep023: Follow him here: Full tracklist Andrew Red Hand - Mourning My Mother Andreas Gehm - I Don't Care Drvg Cvltvre - No Jvstice No Peace Gerstaffelen - Invisible Ghosts Privacy - New Wake Trace Voiron - Ghetto Elegance Jean Nipon - I Owe You So Much Mutant Beat Dance - Polyfonikdizko Virgo Four - I've Loved You Before Jared Wilson - Grave Stalking Aroy Dee - Until The Music Dies Andrew Red Hand - My Guarding Angel Massiande - The Future (Is Now) Andrew Red Hand - Shattered Soul Neville Watson - Songs To Elevate Pure Hearts (Extended Remix) Andrew Red Hand - Never Be The Same

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10. Stephen Lopkin - Live M>O>S Promo Recording - April 2016

Stephen Lopkin - Live M>O>S Promo Recording - April 2016

Live recording to celebrate the second Stephen Lopkin EP on MOS Deep. Live recorded in Glasgow. Stephen Lopkin - Meall a' Bhùiridh (mosdeep027) is out now:

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11. AroyDee_OnASundayMorning


Tracklist - Aroy On A Sundaymorning - recorded on a cold sundaymorning in december 2013 An odd combination of songs I always loved playing on those cold-Dutch-winter-sunday-mornings. sometimes Moody and melancholic, sometimes happy but always extremely Sundaymorning. There's even a Christmas-song hidden in there. 1. Slow Water - Brain Eno (edited out because of Soundcloud's copyright Dispute :( ) 2. Evensong (Evening Star) - Robert Fripp (edited out because of Soundcloud's copyright Dispute :( ) 3. A short Story (The Sitting Room) - Anne Clarke 4. How winter kills - Yazoo 5. Stumble (Six)- Soft Machine 6. Ghosts (Tin Drum) - Japan 7. Dael (Tri Repetea++) - Autechre 8. Warsawa (Low) - David Bowie & Brain Eno 9. Forbidden Colors - Riuicho Sakamoto 10. On the Dancefloor - Janitor of Lunacy 11. Untitled 1 - Alex Cortex 12. Starlight - Risque 13. Sixtyniner (Twoism) - Boards of Canada 14. Power of Love - Frankie Goes to Hollywood 15. Ascending (R.I.P) - Actress 16.Sunday Morning - Velvet Underground 17. Touched (Loveless) - My Bloody Valentines 18. Carveres Ex Novum (Bytes) - Black Dog 19. Blue - Wham 20. Untitled #4 - Alex Cortex 21. Totem - Klaus Schulze 22. Set Fire to me (inferno dub) - Wille Colon 23. This is not America - Pat Menethy & David Bowie 24. Blue Room -Kirlian Kamera 25. Tedra - kenny Larkin 26. The Eternal (Closer) - Joy Division 27. Valley of the Kings (The End) - Nico & John Cale

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12. Ike Release - Noir (MOS-LP3) Sampler

Ike Release - Noir (MOS-LP3) Sampler

Ike Release - Noir (MOS-LP3) a1. Ike Release - Lost Cities a2. Ike Release - Precipitate b1. Ike Release - Vapor b2. Ike Release - Solace b3. Ike Release - Faded c1. Ike Release - Fallen c2. Ike Release - Marant c3. Ike Release - Uprise d1. Ike Release - Noir d2. Ike Release - Sierra MOS Recordings is proud to present its next album project, namely a debut solo full length from Chicago's Ike Release. Ike is an accomplished solo producer as well as being one half of acclaimed duo Innerspace Halflife with Hakim Murphy, and has a long and fruitful relationship with MOS Recordings. For the last five years or so, Ike has been releasing a mind-expanding brand of analogue rich music that continues in his native Chicago's fine traditions without resting on the usual tired tropes. Labels like MOS, Machining Dreams and his own Episodes have released it to date and now this full length, Noir, comes as a fully formed artistic statement that lays out his sound in all its glory. Says Ike of the LP… "The aim with the album evolved since the time it was initially proposed. I was being pretty diligent about sending [the MOS boss] tracks I was working on, and really all I wanted to do was showcase who I am musically. 'Noir' is what came about in the end - the title plays into a theme that runs through much of my work, which Steven helped me identify." Across ten tracks, Ike unleashes his array of machines (Microkorgs, a machinedrum, MPCs, iPad Apps, cracked soft synths, borrowed Nord Leads, field recordings) and explores deep, textural house, ramshackle percussive grooves, the darkest corners of the galaxy and lots more besides. Opener 'Lost Cities' is an underwater rhythm with gloopy synths and stiff drum hits that eases you into the ride. From there, there's the raw, deep jack of 'Precipiate' with its soft acid line, the disheveled house of 'Vapor' and the gluey synth layers and dreamy pads of 'Solace'. 'Faded' is a more subliminal and ambient interlude but then the second half of the album kicks again with the celestial soundscapes of the title track, which mange to sound both heavenly and yet aggressive at the same time. Always managing to coax maximum feeling and atmosphere out of his tools, Noir is a true journey into the deep that will leave you feeling somewhere altogether different.

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13. ASOK - Future Wars EP (MOS Deep 024)

ASOK - Future Wars EP (MOS Deep 024)

ASOK - Future Wars EP - MOS Deep (mosdeep024) a1. ASOK - Future Wars a2. ASOK - Final Battle b1. ASOK - Interaction b2. ASOK - Abandoned Places After EPs on M>O>S Recordings and his own well formed Scenery label, Liverpool producer Stu Robinson aka ASOK now steps up with a solo release on M>O>S Deep. With an analogue sound full of nostalgia, emotion and subtle shades Chicago, he perfect fits on this most considered underground label.

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14. Aroy Dee - Sketches MOS Promo Mix 2014

Aroy Dee - Sketches MOS Promo Mix 2014

New Aroy Dee mix showcasing his new album and some influences. Aroy Dee is celebrating the release of his debut album in Trouw during Planet Delsin together with Delta Funktionen and John Heckle live on May 24th Read the interview about his album here: More about the album:

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15. [email protected]_London_july2013


Tracklist Aroy Dee @ Deepvibes - London - july 2013 Outskirts - MaSpaventi (MOS upcoming) Cold Earth - Boards of Canada Focus Mel - Black Dog Pain - R-Zone Pure - Aroy Dee & R-A-G (MOS upcoming) Song to elevate - Neville Watson Night Drive to Bolland - Sabre Granny Bag - Gerry Read Motor - Delta Funktionen Smallville- track 5 - Steven Tang Blossom - Aroy Dee (MOS upcoming) Seven Stars - Quasar Gates of Heaven - +8 Rave (dirt mix) - Head High Redbrook - Truss Club Use - Delroy Edwards SEG - D'marc Cantu (MOS upcoming) Eutow - Autechre Clubkids - DJ Rush Outro by Melvin Oliphant

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16. Ma Spaventi - The Jungle

Ma Spaventi - The Jungle

In the last 12 months, Marco Antonio Spaventi has produced alongside James Priestley on Secretsundaze as well as with Aroy Dee on MOS, and here he returns to said deeper than deep label with two tracks all of his own entitled 'The Jungle' and 'Insanity'. 'Insanity' is, as you'd expect, a mad melange of fizzing electronics, ticking cowbells and swirling atmospheres all pinned to a chugging deep house beat. Raw drum fills and squelchy modulated synth sounds fill nearly every gap, taking you to a place as intense you could imagine for the duration. On the flip, Spaventi’s lo-fi aesthetic gets even more fucked up as he delves deep into the recess of house music with 'The Jungle'. Crunchy hits, echoing hi hats and a tightly coiled melody all race along next to each other with a slapping drum combination keeping energy levels up down below. Raw and brash yet totally beguiling, it might be some of his best work yet on the ever excellent MOS Deep.

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17. Innerspace Halflife - Wind

Innerspace Halflife - Wind

Americans Hakim Murphy and Ike Release are two Chicago house addicts who produce solo and as a duo under the name Innerspace Halflife. Here they turn up on one of Europe’s finest deep house labels in MOS Deep with a two-track 10” vinyl release. “Wind” is the a-side the pair turn in – a main room house banger with icy hi hats dangling above a forceful acid bassline that repeats over and over as thin pads sing about above and have you look to the future. It’s wholly analogue as you’d expect, and as atmospheric as it is fierce. Ike Release goes solo on the flip with “Phazzled”, a much more laid back deep house jaunt with long legged, rubbery kicks and all sorts of busy sci-fi FX filling in the gaps. The harmonic chords add plenty of warmth and invite you to get lost in their midst – classicist house with a future perspective.

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18. Gerstaffelen - The Old Villagers - MOS Deep 017

Gerstaffelen - The Old Villagers - MOS Deep 017

Mysterious producer Gerstaffelen here debuts on Dutch label MOS Deep with The Old Villagers, a four track EP of grainy analogue house. If you’ve heard label boss Aroy Dee DJ recently you may well have heard one of the tracks, which has already proven a success on knowing dancefloors around Europe. The title track opens things up at a mid tempo house pace. It’s a dense, multi-layered track with plenty of squiggly synths, bobbling analogue basslines and radiant pads. ‘Game On Major’ is slightly more frenzied, with dusty hi hats looping over fairly frenzied synth sounds and some hints of acid are buried deep within this hazy sound world. ‘Little Green Munchkin Men’ gets even more unhinged and techno leaning with the sounds of various analogue machines all meshing together into a nebulous brew of off killer melody and curious metal hooks, before last track ‘When The Mind Stops’ brings a bit of raw old school house flavour to the table. The beats jack, some muffled vocals add an important human element and like everything on the EP the track invites you to lose your shit in the most beguiling of ways.

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19. Life's Track - Stone

Life's Track - Stone Interesting little label COS_MOS follows up an EP from Clendon Toblerone with a new one by Italian duo Life's Track. Previously the pair have released together the Bosconi label and always favour a raw, analogue house sound that is physical as well as emotive. The first track here is 'Stone', a hurried house jam with raw and splintered hi hats racing over broken sounding drums as urgent synth stabs fill in the spaces left behind. It's live sounding and loose, ghetto in texture and truly arresting in nature. The b-side starts with 'Velocity', another over-driven bit of house with non-stop claps chattering over slower, purposeful kick drums deep down below. Nagging synths slowly shape shift and draw you attention away from the physical percussion, making for a nice duality to the track. Lastly, 'Invisible Symphony' is a stripped back techno banger with heavy kicks, a great little hook at its heart and turbo charged synths slicing through it like lasers. This is no nonsense, high impact house and techno that takes no prisoners.

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