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VB EXCLUSIVE DEAD PREZ INTERVIEW at Jazz Cafe London. Special Thanks to Caro Marshell. Interviewed by Mr. Dex Music mixed by Mr Dex Edited, graded and mastered by Shepherd Manyika Co Editor by Mr Dex VisionBombing 2014

2. Kontra y Rebeca Lane - Dulce Muerte

Kontra y Rebeca Lane - Dulce Muerte

Outstanding 2015 Créditos: Idea original y guion: Francisco Chang, Mr Krazy Man y Rebeca Lane Producción y dirección: Francisco Chang & Kryss O'Dex Asistente de Producción y catering: Karla María de los Angeles Coreografía y reparto: Kryss O'Dex Cámara e iluminación: Francisco Chang Maquillaje y Vestuario: Pooky Vargas Agradecimientos especiales: Agradecemos a todas las personas que voluntariamente aportaron su habilidades artísticas para la realización de este vídeo: Rashida Joshua y Allison Matus Giancarlo Garrido El Zupa Picho Puac Alfonso Espinoza Pooky Vargas y Camila Lopez.


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VisionBombing Season 3 | Episode 25 00:00 1. Theme 00:44 2. Intro- MadFlow* 01:07 3. Angry Birds Friends: Here Comes The Birds feat Dres- Sidney Max 05:28 4. Spittin' The Racket- Ocean Wisdom 09:44 5. Who U? Feat Slick Rick- Dyna & Tony Galvin 13:57 6. Straight Gutta feat Redman, Hanz On & Streetlife- Method Man 17:50 7. Skit- Tin Mantis (B.Better)* 18:05 8. What'd I Do - The Mouse Outfit & Bam (Jungle Brothers) 20:30 9. Dark Streets feat R.A. The Rugged Man and Amalie Bruun - Malik B and Mr. Green 24:25 10. Maiden Harlem - Cab Cabernet 26:24 11. Hard To Choose - Rapsody 30:30 12. Skit- MadFlow* 30:45 13. Ending Beginning feat XP, Ragin, Junia-T & Grimace Love- SepTo 35:30 14. This Iz Tha Time- First Division 39:52 15. Mothership Intro- Krondon & Shafiq Husayn are White Boiz 42:01 16. Figure More feat Illa Ghee- Sean Price 44:42 17. Skit- Sam Stealth* 44:50 18. Tourists - Bobby Stone & Gran Fortune 47:51 19. Be Sure- James D Brown 3rd 50:00 20. Fishscale - Fly Anakin & Koncept Jack$on 53:17 21. Original - Big Cakes 57:45 22. Outro- MadFlow* 58:10 23. Fin: Knxwledge- Flyinglizds Hosted by MadFlow Music videos mixed by Psykhomantus & Mr Dex *Additional music productions by Adam Rock of Jazz Re:freshed Edited, graded and mastered by Shepherd Manyika Image Design by Glen Stone VisionBombing 2015


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VB Exclusive Interview Junia T Interviewed by Mr. Dex Camera, Edited and Mastered by Shepherd Manyika Special thanks to Rough Trade East


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VISIONBOMBING (Season 1 Episode 1) 00:00 1. Theme Music 00:44 2. MadFlow Intro* 01:15 3. The Ultimate- Soundsci 04:28 4. On Smash- Camp Lo ft. Styles P 06:49 5. Turn It Up- Nottz X & Pete Rock 09:10 6. Beats Rhymes & Life - Clear Soul Force 13:02 7. Skit: MadFlow & Malik MD7* 13:17 8. Steady Mobbin- Torae 15:48 9. Bang Exclusive - Kid Tsunami ft. Sean Price 18:25 10. Unorthodox - Joey Bada$$ 21:44 11. Back N Forth Scrambler - Large Professor & Yu Mamiya 24:49 12. Skit: MadFlow* 25:08 13. This, That & The 3rd Spectac & Amiri 29:15 14. Ahabetical Slaughter Pt 2- Papoose 35:07 15. Swank Sinatra - Dyme-N-Duzin ft. Joey Ba$$, Capital Steez & CJ Fly 38:42 16. Extra Extra - Rapsody ft. Mac Miller 42:00 17. Skit: Mikey Don of Krispy* 42:28 18. Best of Times - Strong Arm Steady ft. Phonte 45:40 19. Forever- Slum Village 48:08 20. Home Sweet Home - Masta Ace ft. Pav Bundy 51:00 21. Spike Lee Was My Hero - Skyzoo ft. Talib Kweli 54:56 22. End Credits* Hosted by MadFlow Music videos mixed by Psykhomantus & Mr Dex Edited, graded and mastered by GJIGGY Graphics by Glen Stone VisionBombing 2013

6. Chernobyl: Le Cheval | Exploited

Chernobyl: Le Cheval | Exploited

Get the whole release here (including mixes by YOLANDA BE COOL, LORCAN MAK, HORATIO, CAVALO HORSE): Videocredit: Moritz Stumm / Ultramoodem EXPLOITED Records provide another multi-faceted mix of genres, eras, beats and cultures. Brazilian producer Chernobyl sets his focus on Southern Brazil's tango-influenced sounds, creating a mix of house and cumbia here that he calls "Le Cheval." That track is pretty busy, but remixes from Cavalo Horse, Horatio, Lorcan Mak and Yolanda Be Cool all settle things down, taking things into a more dubby, cumbia-techno direction (think Samim's "Heater"). You also get a nice tech-house-meets-baile-funk b-side here, titled "Hooli-Gun-Yo," which features raps from Russian trio Bazooka Boom. Supported by RITON, SINDEN, ROUND TABLE KNIGHTS, DJ ZINC, JULIO BASHMORE, MOWGLI, CAMEL, MALENTE&DEX, RUEDE HAGELSTEIN, KISSY SELLOUT, BENI, DJ GORKY, EDU K, BENI, ACT YO AGE, DETBOI, HANNAH HOLLAND, HIGHBLOO, JOYCE MUNIZ, STEREO MCS, VILLA DIAMANTE and many more. RITON: "Horse Music all night long." SINDEN: "original is the best although mixes are great here." ROUND TABLE KNIGHTS: "YESSS! Horatio Remix!" BLACK VAN: "Yolanda did it! Sure play!" CAMEL: "Another winner from Exploited!!!Cool ep mr. Chernobyl. Full support!!!!" RUEDE HAGELSTEIN: "Horse remix for me.. very yihaa ;)" BENI: "Cool!" GORKY: "loved the package! sounds really fresh! :D" EDU K: "HAHAH, Halterofilelvis is back in full effect! Chernobyl is def one of the biggest names comin' out of Brasil these days! Sweeeeet!!!!! N' Hooli-Gun-Yo is def one of the best trax Chernobyl ever produced!! N', hats off to YBC remix as well!!!!" VILLA DIAMANTE: "Escuchando..." HANNAH HOLLAND: "feelin the vibe in Lorcan Mak Is Stranded remix!!" DETBOI: "Lorcan Mak remix is my it." JULIO BASHMORE: "Neeeeeeey i like." MALENTE&DEX: "lorcan mak turns this into a banger, right for our sets! original is good too." HIGHBLOO: "original track " le cheval " and remixes are awesome ! exactly what i need to put on some mixtape ... " CHRIS JAMES: "Exploited fast becoming one of my favourite labels, thats the last 2 promos both in my wallet :) Loving the Lorcan Mak mix & Yolanda Be Cool :)" NEOTERIC: "Cool stuff, original is really interesting. i think horatio remix is my pick but shouts to Lorcan and YBC too!" KATO: "It's great to see Chernobyl developing as an artist - each release gets better and better! Carvalo Horse and Yolanda Be Cool bring the fire too." JONTY SKRUFF: "I like the YBC mix!;-) will roadtest in brazil tonight;-)))" KJELD TOLSTROP: "What a nice departure for exploited, i love this ep and will play it again and again." CRACK MAGAZINE: "Another folk-house dance-floor detonator! Those accordians are deadly!" IDJ: "Dancing around my campfire to this one... :)" TSUGI: "weird but nice."


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VisionBombing Season 2 Episode 11 Part 1 00:00 1. Theme 00:44 2. Intro 1- MadFlow* 01:05 3. Blue Yankee Fitted - Skyzoo & Torae 04:49 4. Power Stricken - Fel Sweetenberg 07:39 5. Equinox - MindsOne & Kev Brown 11:00 6. Familiar Names - AKD & DEEPSTAR 15:23 7. Skit- Hobbit* 15:48 8. Smash feat O.C. & Pharoahe Monch- Prince Po & Oh No 19:00 9. White Girl- Dyme A Duzin 22:35 10. Party Dave- I Am Many 26:15 11. Definition Of A Rap Flow (Albee 3000) feat Amalie Bruun- R.A. The Rugged Man 30:08 12. Skit- MadFlow* 30:22 13. Betty Shabazz - Rhapsody 34:22 14. Body The Beat - Verbal Kent 37:35 15. Queens Cat - Shirt 41:21 16. Ball on D'Or - NIKO IS 46:04 17. Skit- Chima Anya* 46:23 18. F.Y.I- Drtynus/Substance 50:33 19. What The World Needs Now feat Caxton Press- Crown 53:45 20. The Who? feat David Banner- Sa Roc 59:36 21. My Valentines Day- Chima Anya 1:02:43 22. Outro- MadFlow* 1:02:57 23. Fin- Watch The Sound- Rhettmatic Hosted by MadFlow Music videos mixed by Psykhomantus & Mr Dex *Additional music productions by Adam Rock of Jazz Re:freshed Edited, graded and mastered by Shepard Manyika Graphics by Glen Stone VisionBombing 2014


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VisionBombing Season 3 | Episode 29 00:00 1. Theme 00:43 2. Intro- MadFlow* 00:54 3. Soul Inscribed- Soul Inscribed 04:13 4. Karma- Cappo/Remulak 07:53 5. Heaven Help Me- T.O.R.F 11:19 6. The System- J.Littles 14:30 7. Skit- The Cornel West Theory 14:49 8. My Mind - Agallah the Don & DirtyDiggs 17:21 9. Nothin But Love - BJ The Chicago Kid feat Joey Bada$$ 21:05 10. Slippin feat Illa J - Frank Nitt 23:32 11. Crutches, Crosses, Caskets - Pusha T 26:29 12. Skit- MadFlow* 26:35 13. LiveYaLife- Amiri 29:34 14. Growing Up feat Logic- Amy True 32:24 15. Universal Sean feat Rock & Stuck B- Ruste Juxx & Kyo Itachi 34:53 16. Young Grasshopper- Reverie 38:21 17. Skit- Juga-Naut* 38:51 18. Royalty feat Cyhi The Prynce - Nick Grant 42:15 19. Hear My Beats Rattle feat Upfront & Res One - Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon 45:47 20. Lost In My World feat Reks - MoSS 48:43 21. Revolver - Phat Kat aka Ronnie Euro 51:57 22. Outro- MadFlow* 52:24 23. Fin: David Bowie Tribute Let's Dance by Skratch Bastid Hosted by MadFlow Music videos mixed by Psykhomantus & Mr Dex *Additional music productions by Adam Rock of Jazz Re:freshed Edited, graded and mastered by MadFlow Image Design by Glen Stone VisionBombing 2016

9. Episode 1 - "The Cover Up!"

Episode 1 -

He’s NOT a Wizard and he’s NOT an Alien...but he’s saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost! Dex Davis is just a regular 11-year old kid that lives in a regular neighborhood just like you. There’s one thing that makes him special...Dex Davis is a born-again Christian! He’s saved, he’s sanctified, and he’s filled with the Holy Ghost! Somebody spray-painted graffiti all over crazy Mr. Slater’s chalkboard...and nobody’s gonna tell who did it. Will the whole class get in big trouble for something they didn’t do? Watch as Dex, Adam, Kisha, and Jimmy learn an important lesson from the Word of God about telling the truth. So c’mon and get ready for another power-packed episode of “Dex Davis: Child of God!”...the ground-breakin’, history-makin’ Christian animated series! Check out more at

10. House Party - 25th Anniversary (AV Mixtape)

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  • By Mr. Dex
House Party - 25th Anniversary (AV Mixtape)

Where has the time gone?!?!?! March 9th 1990 Kid n' Play introduced the world to a frequent party scene that is seldom seen in this day and age - the HOUSE PARTY. A session where dress codes weren't an issue, but you still came looking (and smelling) your freshest. Drinks were on tap, the DJ's were king, people danced(!) and there were vibes aplenty until the music faded or you couldn't handle anymore. Set to a back drop New Jack Swing and Hip-Hop the film set the perfect balance of the Coca-Cola 80s with the colourful tones and carefree essense of the 90's. Due to the impact this film had on me in my youth I felt compelled to celebrate the occasion with a video tribute celebrating the music of that year (plus a few earlier cuts) with a few skits thrown in for good measure. If you were present during that era I hope you enjoy this throwback…If you weren't do yourself a favour and get familiar…If you liked and know others that might, please, post, share or blog. MP3 version (downloadable): TRACKLIST 1. En Vogue - Hold On (Seven Inch Edit) (1990) 2. Samuelle - So You Like What You See (1990) 3. LL Cool J - Around the Way Girl (1990) 4. Bobby Brown - Don't Be Cruel (1988) 5. SKIT: Kick It Pops 6. EPMD - So What'cha Sayin (1989) 7. Gang Starr - Take A Rest (Video Remix) (1990) 8. K-Solo - Spellbound (1990) 9. D-Nice - Crumbs On The Table (1990) 10. Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance (1990) 11. Eric B. & Rakim - Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em (1990) 12. SKIT: Don't bump the table 13. Wreckx-N-Effect - New Jack Swing ft.Teddy Riley (1989) 14. Guy - Groove Me (1988) 15. Guy - Wanna Get With U (1990) 16. Bell Biv Devoe - I thought It Was Me (1990) 17. Bell Biv Devoe - Poison (1990) 18. SKIT: Ain't My Type Of Hype 19. Full Force - Ain't My Type of Hype (1989) 20. SKIT: SWITCH! 21. Janet Jackson - Alright (1990) 22. Today - I Got the Feeling (1990) 23. Today - Why You Get Funky On Me (1989) 24. Johnny Gill - Rub You The Right Way (1990) 25. SKIT: Don't bump the table_2 26. Tony! Toni! Tone! - Feels Good (1990) 27. Monie Love - Monie In Middle (1990) 28. SKIT: Kid vs Play 29. Kid 'N Play - Funhouse (1990) 30. Big Daddy Kane - It's Hard Being The Kane (1990) 31. Public Enemy - Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man (1990) 32. SKIT: Public Enema

11. Love'in Farm - Superfarmers : Mr Dust

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Love'in Farm - Superfarmers : Mr Dust

Studio Local has just completed a family of ads for Stardust / JWT Vietnam for LIF milk. We shot the plates up Mt Eden Volcano, Waiheki Island and a farm shed outside Waipu Cove then art-worked the footage to appear like the Vietnam highlands. The result is very photographic for CGI but also huge fun with a small robot army , lasers and big explosions. Each Villain has their own 30 sec ad - this one is called Mr Dust. Please excuse the lipsync as the ADR was recorded after we delivered the ad we didn't have any VO to work with ! Director : Pete Circuitt TD + Animation supervisor : Dan Brown Character design : Wanchana Intrasombat Producer : Penny Foster Agency : JWT Vietnam. Prod Co : Stardust / Producer : Sabrina Elizondo / EP : Dex Deboree Animation / VFX + Grade : Studio Local Storyboards : Brian McKissick, Chris Bivins modeling /surfacing : pavel zoch , Leigh Bamforth, Macca wood fracture work : Vlada Miklus compositing : Pete Circuitt / Jared Kahi Animators : Leonardo, Paulo, Hamid, Pete and Dan Matte Painting : Eachen Chen / Pete Additional Editing : Gentleman Gary Sims Sound : Francis Linehan


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VB EXCLUSIVE MASEO (DE LA SOUL) INTERVIEW at Hare & Hounds, Birmingham. Special Thanks to Adam Regan, Matthew Beck, Tom Hopkins and Caro Marshell. Interviewed by MadFlow Music mixed by Mr Dex Edited, graded and mastered by Gjiggy Graphics by Glen Stone VisionBombing 2013

13. Trick or Treat

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  • Duration: 54
  • By Stanley OK
Trick or Treat

2 sp0oky 5 me Music: Rainbow Highway by Gentlemen Thank you Nathan, Derek, Mark, and Hewitt for being in my video. Foodfight! takes place in the "Marketropolis" supermarket. After closing time, the supermarket transforms into a city in which all the citizens are personified well-known marketing icons, A.K.A. "Ikes". The story opens with the protagonist Dex Dogtective (Charlie Sheen) saving kittens before he tells his friend, Daredevil Dan (Wayne Brady), that he is about to ask his girlfriend Sunshine Goodness (Hilary Duff) to marry him. However, Dan attempts to draw a picture of Dex proposing in the sky using the smoke exhaust from his plane but crashes and Sunshine goes to assist Dan before Dex can propose. Dan returns, but has no idea of what happened to Sunshine. Six months later, Mr. Clipboard (Christopher Lloyd), the Brand X representative, arrives at Marketropolis to persuade the manager (Edward Asner) to stock products made by a large parent company known as Brand X. While there, he crushes some potato chips, which becomes a large topic of discussion with the Ikes. At the Copabanana, Dex's club, Dex talks to the Ike whose chips were stomped, before meeting the Brand X detergent Ike, Lady X (Eva Longoria). A fight breaks out, forcing Dex to order everybody out of his club. Lady X leaves with Dan. Later, back in Dex's home, Lady X drops in on Dex where she attempts to seduce him while using him as an alibi for when they find a group of Ikes dead in the street, which causes their respective products to expire. Dex is asked to investigate but doesn't want to get involved until he finds out Dan is missing. New Brand X products and Ikes quickly replace the destroyed products, which causes Dex to suspect Lady X, who tries to bring him over to her side. He refuses and gets locked into a dryer with Dan to be melted, but they escape. Dan and Dex find out that the secret ingredient in Brand X is addictive and toxic to humans and decide to send for a recall with the owner's computer. They get to the computer and find out that Sunshine and the Ugly Prune brand were recalled and the computer gets shut off by a Brand X Ike before they can be sure their recall went through. They decide to fight, and Dex has a plan where everyone puts lightning rods on their buildings while one Ike goes to cut the power while the Brand X Ikes are distracted in a massive food fight. The cut power somehow causes a lighting storm that destroys Brand X buildings because they don't have lightning rods. Dex goes inside a Brand X tower to find that they have Sunshine and are holding her hostage. They escape the building with the help of Dan to see that Mr. Clipboard has entered their world, but it's soon revealed that he was just a robot with Lady X inside (as it was hinted by his stiff and bizarre movements). Lady X reveals that she was the Ugly Prune Ike. She had grown jealous of Sunshine and had them both recalled. She got a makeover and was able to make a new brand using Sunshine's essence. Lady X tries to kill Dex, but Sunshine fights Lady X and reverts her back to the Ugly Prune Ike. Lady X is then taken to the expiration station. The Ikes find a cure for the poison, and then Dex and Sunshine get married.


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VisionBombing Season 2 Episode 16 00:00 1. Theme 00:44 2. Intro: MadFlow 01:09 3. X Seminar - Camp Lo 03:52 4. Thunder Bells feat Royal Flush, Tragedy Khadafi & illa Ghee- Psycho Les 06:53 5. Left Field - Choosey 10:27 6. First Step - Diamond District 13:50 7. Skit: Jehst 14:00 8. Power feat Sparkz & Truthos Mufasa- The Mouse Outfit 17:20 9. Chanthem feat Gyver HYPMAN-Vaitea 21:57 10. S.K.A.L.I.B.R.E- S.Kalibre 25:49 11. Days zZz's- CJ Fly 28:33 12. Skit: MadFlow 28:40 13. Sniper Scope feat Rustee Juxx - Jason Dean 31:30 14. Nothin' Alike- Ea$y Money 34:16 15. 1st Word To What Was Last Said - Prince Po & Oh No 37:05 16. Raponomics - Verbal Kent 40:40 17. Skit: King Kashmere IV from Strange U 40:58 18. Three's Company feat Tese Fever & Maria J- Erik Jerrod 44:51 19. Y'All Ready Know feat DJ Premier- Slaughterhouse 48:38 20. Dolph Lungren- Jesht X Strange U 52:45 21. The Set- Axel F (J.Rocc & M.E.D.) 55:46 22. Outro: MadFlow 56:19 23. Fin: Watch The Sound- DStyles Hosted by MadFlow Music videos mixed by Psykhomantus & Mr Dex *Additional music productions by Adam Rock of Jazz Re:freshed Edited, graded and mastered by Shepherd Manyika Graphics by Glen Stone VisionBombing 2014

15. WOO HAH! 2014 official festival trailer

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  • Duration: 80
  • By 013 Poppodium
WOO HAH! 2014 official festival trailer

WOO HAH! is a new hiphop festival in the Spoorzone Tilburg in The Netherlands. The complete music line-up is as follows: METHOD MAN & REDMAN - Celebraging 15 years of Blackout! | CHANCE THE RAPPER - exclusive Dutch show | MOS DEF - exclusive EU show | EARL SWEATSHIRT | MR. PROBZ | YG | DANNY BROWN | DE JEUGD VAN TEGENWOORDIG | ISAIAH RASHAD | GREAT MINDS | DRET & KRULLE | TYPHOON + band | HEF & CROOKS | DIGITZZ | REAZUN | DIGGY DEX | ARES | TIMMIETEX | AER | EIGEN MAKELIJ presents: SAFI & SPREEJ x DIAMANTAIRS x TIEWAI Spoken word, skate, urban culture and more will be added to the line-up soon. Animation: Dennis Danen Music: Dr. Moon (Great Minds) WOO HAH! is a festival by 013 Poppodium and Mojo Concerts.


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VisionBombing Season 2 Episode 11 Part 2 00:00 1. Theme 00:44 2. Intro 2- MadFlow* 01:00 3. True School- KRS One 03:40 4. Real Hip Hop feat Papoose & Vado Ransom- DJ Kay Slay 06:25 5. Charly Murphie- eMC 10:07 6. Snake Chamber 3 feat AG, Kurious, Dave Dar- LUV NY 12:50 7. Skit- Urban Monk* 13:00 8. Flute feat Joey Bada$$ and CJ Fly- Buckshot & P Money 16:38 9. Russell Westbrook - The Action Figures 19:27 10. For You - The Legion 23:10 11. Too Smoove - Junia T 26:46 12. Skit-MadFlow* 27:03 13. Chamber 30 feat MyVerse- DJ Kaoticblaze 29:35 14. Blind Swordsmen feat Soloman Child's & Strang Wondah- Babylon Warchild 33:35 15. What feat Shabaam Sahdeeq & Cash Bilz- Skanks 36:20 16. Yui Brynner- Cappo 40:06 17. Skit- Billy Biz Nizz* 40:26 18. Hold Your Applause - Reks & Hazardis Soundz 43:55 19. Untouchable - JMega The God 46:30 20. Colors - M9 49:40 21. Back In The Day - Termanology 52:50 22. Outro 2- MadFlow* 53:00 23. Fin- Watch The Sound- Melo D Hosted by MadFlow Music videos mixed by Psykhomantus & Mr Dex *Additional music productions by Adam Rock of Jazz Re:freshed Edited, graded and mastered by Shepard Manyika Graphics by Glen Stone VisionBombing 2014


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  • Duration: 551
  • By Avery Miller

Find Mr. Scott, the donator of this fine Nick Wilde bootleg, on twitter here ( Speaking of which, you can also find me on Twitter (! Watch this same video on Vimeo here (, and any Amazon purchases done 24 hours after clicking this link ( will help support me at no extra cost for you! Talk soon! ❤️ Avery Miller :3 Want to support my videos? or Want to watch my videos on another place besides YouTube? Follow me on twitter! :3 Credits: Written, Produced, Directed, Animated, and Edited by Avery Miller Also Produced by ChipFlake, The Ocelot 4000, Magic, Jamie Jarman, Empathy Nighter, Dex the Wulfaz Huge thanks to @M0NSTERMutt for drawing my profile picture (, and GlitchMutt for making my banner! Also, thanks to SeaSickSquid ( and Cravinnie (!) for making profile pictures for me in the past! (All credits are accurate as of the upload date!) Music: Other music by Kevin MacLeod (From; Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0) or Epidemic Sound My gear (Affiliate links): YI M1 4K Camera - Blue Snowball iCE Microphone - Adobe Premiere Pro - Adobe After Effects - *stay fluffy lol :3* (This video will be released into the Public Domain on September 25th, 2028.)


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  • Duration: 3523
  • By VisionBombing

VisionBombing Season 3 | Episode 22 00:00 1. Theme 00:47 2. Intro- MadFlow* 01:09 3. ForestReal- God's'Illa 03:44 4. Street English- Union Blk 06:30 5. Pump Ya Brakes ft. Rapsody, Boog Brown & Stacy Epps- Diamond D 10:50 6. I'm All About Everything- Joker Starr 14:39 7. Skit- Isabella Red (Freestyle)* 16:04 8. Ice Cold- The Know 18:25 9. P's & Q's- Mick Jenkins 20:45 10. Chillin'- King RA & Bunty Beats 22:33 11. Bring It feat The Lox- The Rapfest 27:34 12. Skit- MadFlow* 27:52 13. Sidewalk Show- Curren$y 30:14 14. The Monologue- eMC 33:50 15. Nobody's Safe ft. Jarren Benton & Madchild- Demrick & DJ Hoppa 38:05 16. Rice Tourture- The Four Owls 42:14 17. Skit- Oracy & Xidus Pain* 42:35 18. Mango Juice- Juga-Naut 44:30 19. Will Power- Venomous2000 48:25 20. Imma Smokah- Lord Digga 51:49 21. Copycat feat Fashawn- 20syl 55:31 22. Outro- MadFlow* 56:00 23. Fin- Watch The Sound: DJ Manwell Hosted by MadFlow Music videos mixed by Psykhomantus & Mr Dex *Additional music productions by Adam Rock of Jazz Re:freshed Edited, graded and mastered by Shepard Manyika Image Design by Glen Stone VisionBombing 2015


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VisionBombing Season 1 Episode 5 00:00 1. Intro- MadFlow 00:07 2. Theme 00:51 3. Exhale ft. Que Hampton- Bishop Nehru 04:05 4. Hunger- Caxton Press 08:32 5. I Do Not Fail ft. Hannibal Stax- Wyld Bunch 10:46 6. Summer With Asakala- Lewis Parker 15:21 7. Skit: Kimba (of Union Blak)* 15:46 8. Do What You Love feat Slot A- Neak 18:22 9.The Fun Razor- J Live. 21:44 10.The Feeling- DJ Format & Phill Most Chill 22:54 11. Killer Tofu- OverDoz 25:00 12. Never Too Much feat Nitty Scott MC- Tanya Morgan 28:49 13. Skit: MadFlow* 29:17 14. Countdown To Def- Rustee Juxx 32:53 15. Yield Of Labour (Elysian Fields Pt. 2)- Cappo 35:58 16. Own Appeal- Oddisee 39:48 17. Gold Chain- Rapper Big Pooh 43:07 18. Skit: Marco Polo* 43:19 19. Continue- Clear Soul Forces 46:03 20. Something To Prove feat Mickey Factz- Quest 48:59 21. The World Is Yours- BMC 51:07 22. Coke And Pepsi- G Milla 52:00 23. G.U.R.U feat Talib Kweli & DJ Premier- Marco Polo 57:49 24. End Credits Hosted by MadFlow Music videos mixed by Psykhomantus & Mr Dex *Additional music productions by Adam Rock of Jazz Re:freshed Edited by Psykhomantus Graphics by Glen Stone VisionBombing 2013

20. Consistent: Aint no Bump | Exploited

Consistent: Aint no Bump  | Exploited

Get it here: "Videocredit: ULTRAMOODEM/Moritz Stumm" ( Label: EXPLOITED Artist: CONSISTENT Title: AINT NO BUMP Format: EP" Vinyl (4 tracks) + Digital LC: 15799 Barcode: 5060120871688 Cat: GH-18 Releasedate: 26.03.2010 Vinyl Distribution: [email protected] Digital Distribution: Finetunes From the desk of EXPLOITED RECORDS we present you the current house bomb by CONSISTENT. Previously having released on FRONTROOM ('MIDNIGHT BLEND') and TFE ('PROPER BALANCE'), CONSISTENT - the anonymous crew of well-known producers - puts the focus back on straight up house with their 'AINT NO BUMP'-EP. Having had recent success with remixes for DANIEL HAAKSMAN's 'DEIXA TOCOR' on MAN RECORDINGS and TOMSKI&FREDBOY's 'DO THE TARTELET' (one of the club anthems at COOKIES Club Berlin in 2009) on TARTELET, this new installment on EXPLOITED now brings you 4 slices of modern jacking house. CONSISTENT proceed to amaze, combining sexy vocal samples lurking deep in the mix, cut up heavy house chords and moody late night swings, seamlessly cycling through Mr Skruff-style trouser jazz, never stopping the addictive beats and bassline bounces. Joyously funky, it will reassure you that, thank God, CONSISTENT are not from Chicago, but from Berlin. This 4 track-EP on EXPLOITED is designed to be a microcosm of a night out. Sizzling! ARTWORK EXPLOITED blend quality dance music with quality packaging and trendsetting design aesthetics. The current artwork is the kick-off to a new design series on Exploited. Expect more paintings from JANI LEINONEN who is probably one of the most intriguing artists in Helsinki. His work 'UNDRESS ME' (featured on Exploited) took inspiration from retro saucy/pornographic magazines. Get ready to feel used to enjoy exploitation. SUPPORT Supported by RIVA STARR (Made to Play), BRODINSKI (Turbo), JIMPSTER (Freerange), JOHNNY D (Oslo), CATZ N DOGS (Mothership), DJ T (Get Physical), JAMIE ANDERSON (Rekids), DJUMA SOUNDSYSTEM (Get Physical), DJ W!LD (Robsoul), ANJA SCHNEIDER (Mobilee), OPTIMO (Espacio), PHILLIP SHERBURNE (Pitchfork), ANTHONY COLLINS (Cecille), ACIDPAULI (Console), KAROTTE (Cocoon), GARY MARTIN (Teknotika), RAINER WEICHOLD (Great Stuff), NILS OHRMANN (Hula Hoop), P.TOILE (Mothership), AEROPLANE (Eskimo), TELONIUS (Gomma), DISKOKAINE (Diskokaine), TONY NWACHUKWU (Plastic People), RUB-N-TUG (Rong), DANCE DISORDER (Bpitch), FREEFORM FIVE (Perspex), TOMBOY (Tartelet), SINDEN (Counterfeet), SEIJI (Computer Love), DANIEL HAAKSMAN (Man Rec), LEE MORTIMER (Dubsided), DONK BOYS (Dirty Bird), SHIR KHAN (Exploited), PATRICK PULSINGER (Cheap), CROWDPLEASER (Mental Groove), TODD SINES (Peacefrog), DAVID KENO (Kindisch), HORATIO (Snatch!), H30H (30porumalinha records), BRETT JOHNSON (Classic), PAUL FRICK (Brandt Brauer Frick), MATT WALSH (Turbo), TOMMIE SUNSHINE (Brooklyn Fire), KOWE SIX (Moonbootica), JAMES FRIEDMAN (Throne of Blood), HANNAH HOLLAND (Batty Bass), SOMEONE ELSE (Foundsound), AMIR&BUTCH (Bouq), JET PROJECT (Extended Play), TONY SENGHORE (Anonym), UNTOLD (Hemlock), KISSY SELLOUT (BBC Radio1), BIRD PETERSON (Flamin Hotz), MOWGLI (Deadfish), SOLO (Deadfish), ROUND TABLE KNIGHTS (Made to Play), CAMEL (Deadfish), ZOMBIE DISCO SQUAD (Made to Play), RENAISSANCE MAN (Sound Pellegrino), NEOTERIC (Dubsided), DCUP (Sweat it out!), MALENTE&DEX (Exploited), JOYCE MUNIZ (Ku Bo), JACOB LONDON (Classic), LORCAN MAK (Anabetic), FREDSKI (Tartelet), JOE GODDART (Hot Chip), COSMO VITELLI (I'm a Cliche), MASON (Animal Language), FEMME EN FORRURE (Discobelle), DOUSTER (Sound Pellegrino), ZINC (Bingo), DRE SKULL (Mixpak), TEKI LATEX (Sound Pellegrino), TRG (Tempa), TOP BILLIN (Top Billin)...and many many more...