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1. Emanative, Earl Zinger & Valerie Etienne - Music Is The Healing Force Of The Universe

Emanative, Earl Zinger & Valerie Etienne - Music Is The Healing Force Of The Universe

Emanative’s latest body of work comes in the form of this incredible collaborative piece of art all in the name of the charity, the Steve Reid Foundation. With features from Four Tet, Collocutor, The Pyramids, Earl Zinger, Jessica Lauren, Finn Peters, Rocketnumbernine, United Vibrations and Steve Reid collaborator Ahmed Abdullah! This will be a limited edition release of 500 2xLP on 180g-heavyweight vinyl. This whole double album was conceived from the beginning as a way to raise both money and awareness for Gilles Peterson's Steve Reid Foundation. Orchestrated by Nick Woodmansey/Emanative, but not without the generosity, help and contribution of every musician and collaborator involved. All of the effort and countless hours invested by all; from the musical, recording and mastering to the organisational and administrative; including the record's art and design, have been given with the sole intention of flowing towards this cause - in the knowledge that all proceeds are going to The Steve Reid Foundation. “I couldn’t be more thrilled to have Emanative’s ‘The Light Years Of The Darkness’ album be our first release for the Steve Reid Foundation. In Keeping with Steve’s open ended approach and his musical history Nick Woodmansey has delivered a knock out Jazz and beyond album.” Gilles Peterson

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2. 1 is the universe

  • Published: 2014-12-01T17:49:45Z
  • By asheres
1 is the universe

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4. Deep Bogota - Podcast #1 (Mixed By ***m*****)

Deep Bogota - Podcast #1 (Mixed By ***m*****)

Author - ***m***** Release - 6/04/2017 Direction - unknown Booking - unknown Web Page - unknown

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5. Goddess Is The Universe

Goddess Is The Universe

Inspired by: Matt Kahn's Youtube Video,The Most Important Spiritual Decision:, this song came through as a simple way to remember the teaching in this video. This rendition is when the song was just written and I am singing with a group of friends.

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6. This Is the Universe

This Is the Universe

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7. This Is The Universe

  • Published: 2017-06-30T11:44:40Z
  • By Brimstone
This Is The Universe

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8. Law of the Universe

Law of the Universe

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10. Consciousness is the Universe

  • Published: 2016-09-11T11:26:48Z
  • By Mawn
Consciousness is the Universe

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11. City is the Universe

City is the Universe

Ampex Frequency EP Now Available: BMOODY+Dan Matic

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12. What Is The Universe !?

What Is The Universe  !?

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13. God is the Universe

  • Published: 2011-06-17T08:29:28Z
  • By Drumsynth
God is the Universe

Crystal Trees 4th Album is more of a Drumsynth solo work than a complete work by the group. Bamboon's loop making skills are in full effect on this one though, and Drumsynth's rapping attempts to define his lyrical style more than on previous recordings. Released alongside The Chronicle in 2011, it was created during the summer of 2010 at Soul Channel Music, Sacramento, Ca.; though it's tentatively unfinished.

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14. Origins Of The Universe

Origins Of The Universe

"A buzz and multicolored strata which get deform according to their tones open the ambiences decor of "Origins of the Universe". The slow waltz of the sound effects gives a feeling of slow motion to the 90 seconds of the opening where are added breaths of voices and more aggressive sound elements, including tears of synth (guitar?) which seem to put the brakes so as not to crush the origins of the universe. White noises, pulsations and organic whispers fill these moods while moving towards a very lively pulsating beat, but the race is significantly slowed by the mass of very colorful sound effects and the roars of a synth to sharp colors. It's on the edge of the 4 minutes that the rhythm runs away in a semi-dance approach with its sequences, its percussion and its rattling. The melodic skills fill the second portion of "Origins of the Universe". Always wrapped in orchestral arrangements which make it twirl, the rhythm hosts not 2 melodic strategies, but 3 with keyboard chords, orgasmic voice sings and synth sighs. These elements converge into a beautiful earworm that sticks to our eardrums and intertwine their magnetizing charms in a rhythmic whirlwind well surrounded by multiple orchestral arrangements, it's like in the days of Giorgio Moroder, and by that Elven siren voice who will bewitching in several places in “The Vast Expanse”. "Origins of the Universe" set the tone for a high-pitched album in tonal colors with catchy and sometimes magnetizing rhythms where chills for dreamy souls are at the turn of each title. The structures are in evolutionary modes, passing from openings paved with atmospheric elements to embryonic rhythms which progress towards a Berlin School a la Erik Wollo or a music which will bring your feet back to life". - Sylvain Lupari, Synth & Sequences "THE VAST EXPANSE, Sverre Knut Johansen’s third release on the Spotted Peccary Music label, offers a fantastic sci-fi themed electro-symphonic trek through the human awareness and contemplation of the Universe and its origin. Joined by acclaimed ambient guitarist David Helpling, Johansen shapes intriguing musical meditations, delicately crafting organic and synthetic environments that effortlessly underscore the grandeur of the album’s magnificent theme. Driven by compelling rhythmic elements, the music is always in motion as orchestrated arpeggios and pulsing bass lines wind their way through rich atmospherics and heavenly dreamscapes. Johansen’s soaring melodies and detailed sequences, supported by Helpling’s spacial guitar textures and deep layered atmospheres, evoke finely tuned soundspaces filled with mystery and awe." SPOTTED PECCARY MUSIC REVIEW HEADLINES; "Space ambient enthusiasts are guaranteed to have a wonderful trip with this one". - Steve Mecca, Chain D.L.K. "To these ears, The Vast Expanse is the most perfectly realized of Johansen's Spotted Peccary releases to date, which is saying something when its predecessors are also standout collections (his discography extends further back, however, with his first electronic album having appeared in 1994). But the new release finds Johansen bringing his music to an even higher level of refinement where all of its abundant sounds work together to support the album concept". - Ron Schepper, Textura "MELODIOUCE WITH A CINEMATIC VISION" - Sylvain Lupari, Synth & Sequences

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15. Where is the universe

Where is the universe

all guitars are mine the drums were a loop

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16. Spirit Is The Universe

Spirit Is The Universe

Starts light gets really big as it moves through it's space. Symphonic in nature but not too heavy.

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