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2. Martin Miller presents Gin Fizz Nov '16

Martin Miller presents Gin Fizz Nov '16

Martin Miller Gin presents Gin Fizz Nov '16 at Nuevo & Sur in Alhaurin el Grande, Spain. Another night with the best street food, cocktails and house music. This recording is like all previous sets: all new tracks, never played before, mixed live and on the go.... I hope you enjoy this mix set. Follow me on Facebook and Soundcloud under DJ TIMO ALEKSI to stay updated on new mix releases. Keep on dancing, keep on sharing....

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3. Only One (Inst) rt

  • Published: 2013-12-05T15:37:00Z
  • By Nov Gin
Only One (Inst) rt


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4. Gọi Anh - Nguyên Thảo - Rt

  • Published: 2013-12-05T15:22:52Z
  • By Nov Gin
Gọi Anh - Nguyên Thảo - Rt


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5. Dose De Gin - Persistentes - Nov14

Dose De Gin - Persistentes - Nov14

Ensaio 10.11.14

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6. Gin-in-the-Lift (Lift^Party mix Nov '11)

Gin-in-the-Lift (Lift^Party mix Nov '11)

Second of my mixes for Lift^Party. Tracklist below. See you in the lift, Friday 11th November. Big lurve x 1 // PillowTalk -Soft (Life and Death remix) [Life and Death] 2 // Trickski ft. Ernesto - Good Time To Pray (Axel Boman Remix) [Suol] 3 // Urulu - No Need [petfood] 4 // George Fitzgerald - Reset [Aus] 5 // Vakula - You Can Do It [Firecracker] 6 // Ed Davenport (feat. Mama) - Take Heart [Figure SPC] 7 // Roberto Bosco - Good Lover (Steffi remix) [Falkplatz] 8 // AFMB - The Far Side [Drumpoet Community] 9 // Dirt Crew – New York (String Version) [Dirt Crew Recordings] 10 // Scott Grooves - Coco Brown [Clone Records] 11 // Axel Boman - The Best Ever Made Ever [Studio Barnhus] 12 // Mano Le Tough - Baby Let's Love (Midland Remix) [Dirt Crew Recordings]

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7. Live at Red Clay Theatre - Duluth, GA - Nov.8, 2012

  • Published: 2012-11-09T14:22:23Z
  • By Gin House
Live at Red Clay Theatre - Duluth, GA - Nov.8, 2012

Recorded live @ Red Clay Theatre - Duluth, GA, Nov. 8, 2012 by Shalom Aberle

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8. nov


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9. VOMITO NEGRO Hungry Cannibals

VOMITO NEGRO Hungry Cannibals

VOMITO NEGRO - Black Plague Label: SCANNER / Dark Dimensions Label Group CD Album - SCAN 134 EAN : 4250137211916 Release Date : 24.11.2017 Vomito Negro returns with there New Masterpiece "Black Plague" Arisen from the Darkness, Gin Devo & Sven Kadanza, take you Down to the ultimate Playground of there fellow Demons. Murderers, Monsters and Evil Spirits are knocking on the Gates of Hell. Black Plague unleashes the most Haunted Ghosts inside you. Vomito Negro's new Black Plague, once Infected there is no way Back... Real Analogue instruments driven to the Limit by the Vintage Masters of Dark Electronics. Black Plague will be released on the 24th of Nov. 2017 via Scanner / Dark Dimensions. Tracklist : 1.Constantine's Death 2.Inside Your Brain 3.Black Plague 4.Sister Voodoo 5.Pagan Epitaphs 6.Thorn 7.Bone Cutter 8.Hungry Cannibals 9.Unleash my Demons

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10. Episode 92: Leslie Jamison

  • Published: 2014-12-16T20:42:14Z
  • By Longform
Episode 92: Leslie Jamison

Leslie Jamison has written for The Believer, Harper's and The New York Times. Her latest book is The Empathy Exams. "I sort of love imagining a small army of 22-year-old men who are just like, 'Fuck that book, I wish it was never published.'" Thanks to TinyLetter and Harry's for sponsoring this week's episode. Show notes: @lsjamison Jamison on Longform [9:00] The Empathy Exams (Graywolf Press • Apr 2014) [12:15] "La Plata Perdida" (A Public Space • Nov 2009) [sub. req'd] [13:15] "Grand Unified Theory of Female Pain" (Virginia Quarterly Review • Apr 2014) [17:00] "Is It Harder to Write About Happiness Than Its Opposite?" (New York Times • Mar 2014) [18:15] The Gin Closet: A Novel (Free Press • Feb 2010) [27:30] Autobiography of a Face (Lucy Grealy • Harper Perennial • Mar 2003) [43:00] "The Devil's Bait" (Harper's • Sep 2013) [49:00] "The Empathy Exams" (The Believer • Feb 2014)

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11. LL Coogi - Jumpman (Freestyle)

  • Published: 2015-10-13T05:53:57Z
  • By LL Coogi_
LL Coogi - Jumpman (Freestyle)

Milwaukee rep LL Coogi is back with some new sounds and it is a remix of Drake & Future’s “Jumpman” track.LL Coogi definitely shows out over the beat 93 OG Music Group Artist LL Coogis Gears Up For New Ep highly new anticipated 4th release this year from LL Coogi "Screw 2". Features include New Orleans Rapper Curren$y, Gin$u Brew Jae Ace & more! Follow @TheRealLLCoogi @Currensy_Spitta Project Will Be Available For Free Download NOV 1st My Mixtapez Spinrilla Mixx Mobb Certified Mixtapez DatPiff

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12. Mein Leben - TANZVERBOT (Cover by Lex Lewis ★)

Mein Leben - TANZVERBOT (Cover by Lex Lewis ★)

---------- MEIN LEBEN - TANZVERBOT ------------------ --------------------- Lyrics transcripted by Lex Lewis ★ --------------------- gannamala wayvor namalana wayzor kennamalla wuav inna moume in razorg cat amma low met the shawn in my way fug kinnamadda nor milla one in my nazar _hello wavar tille mala rezorn kinnamala vorn namma con namma nazar can numba love fik a dorn in vegan _hello one nemma lawn number say cunt nemma let you does in the moa wake a does say _elle mander rigga saume illa warr think kinna matta sick in mof in the warsayn ninnamalla worn in ma gen in my last say _ellen one time _and a two time mende wende free time in the wocket tooth zy gren in ma karve in the one on the soobky _hello one in my ditch in my move fy oh yea, hello mon in my carsy _hello one in my nov in the waffy cannamala win in ma jorn in my love fake cannamanda sawn in my cone in my love fake yeah and a cone in the scene in ma na layg can namana worn in my gone in my na kay ----- _hello war numba seen numba noooo _hello war numba key numba no wibbit dust say wenna malla wuav fake kinamadschasing days in the more villa and is are way sick can the mowl an ass szen annamalagga haun in my gin in ma naffee heste naukey halla wauvee, henne monday to the john in my law say canamalla in one time every the gossa monda willa are fick'em not dicka tossa can amalla orsaw hello warsaw hello mother break a chin in mana no sock cannamala a fow winda matha cheer zone nonnamala con in my fear in sowo hello water it regiert the north fuck cannamala win in my con in my awaya. in the sticke dorsay alla morfay helle sitamala a con in my sockay hello (wuava af sten a malat et worn kaff fake) warfa tinda mollate one kaffee cannamala one in my sawn in my love fake _hell one my ass in my jizz zone numma get the sorn numma lawn namma disso kayo kennamala way fow winna matte knorn in my lawn in my neeso. hellet hausse inamog kitt all lay, hello hawn numba con numba so ray I canas in ma na can wayfom wenna catcha john in lawn in my A fog cannamana han in my does in el kay? sunna ticket join in lawn in my way, ey yo when the card tt the door nammalow hennama kitch get norsicka doh hanna mcKarm in my shawn inma caffalook wo no I can in my la dickadow wicket darsay wakka na say cannamala warsay minda what your ar say, alla are say Alla none take a dorn in my luv fay hello got dicka no ella affay, hello nortase cinema the war kay nematschka no elle cRoMM in ma war day ello wayd aya malla can adorse onna one in my can in haufe yea ho woh alla no so hello corn on my knees shella wou fou, hello gannamana the gin then key scene nummalaka door when the wake in the wifi, in a one time in the one the two time when the wakka jor number la take tos say, hoe oh yea, its youtube you you you you you you tube boah sinna karn time walla wanna are fine manna get you dorse in a morn whende aren't time, annakin war fime hello war sign I can cannamala whick ida warsign, hennamala wars stick a knafe on wartake cannamala one numba john in my lost say, hello koff in walka digga door say hello hunnama the can in my nor fake, canna witha war fy cannamala one type hello war digga gin in my nor fight, hello horn time mettakitch a drawn sign hallo draw nigga norsicka one time, I can coffee, cannamala war say and a korn there where gin in my norsake, cannamala one time everyone the q time and the kitchen gorse in my ma when the contime, way ho...., and the warfy and the gimme con in my are fake, cannamal Ah pay sinnamalle what pay muddawagge henne hogge demachick last say yaaaou we can no wartay gonna malla wuavay _honno hord dika chee in my nasay _hello horn in my lost in my nee see _hello korn in ma john in my wifi

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13. Rats


Spirit Of John's debut album Recorded Nov 2011 - Feb 2012 at Gin House Studio Mastered at Greenmount Studio Official release - June 2012 Gin House Records

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14. Snakes


Spirit of John's secondnd album Recorded Nov 2012 at Gin House Studio Mastered at Greenmount Studio Official release - Feb 2013 Gin House Records

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15. "Caroline" - Pre-Willy

"Caroline" is the first single off of the upcoming 'Gin & Joose', due out Nov 13th via Sad Cactus.

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